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editor's notes from SSD Market History.

This archived page shows details of the MegaRam-35 (a 3.5" SSD) as it looked here on in June 2002.

3.5" SSDs

MegaRam-35 solid state disk from Imperial Technology

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Imperial Technology MegaRam-35

3.5" Solid State Accelerator

The compact MegaRam-35 is a complete solid state subsystem cleverly packaged in a 3.5" format that was designed for interchangeability with standard 3.5" disk drives. As a result, the MegaRam-35 can be deployed inside a server's peripheral bay or externally positioned in its own independent enclosure.

In spite of its diminutive size, the MegaRam-35 benefits from many of the same industry-leading features of the larger MegaRam solutions including automatic power-down protection with auxiliary battery standby, built-in recovery disk for non-volatile operation, advanced error correction and detection for high availability, and local management and notification features.

The MegaRam-35 is a perfect format for OEM needs and moderate solid state accelerator applications.

  • connectivity (mix and match):- UltraSCSI / SE
  • capacity:- 134M to 4G bytes
  • access time:- 0.05 milli-seconds
  • throughput:- 40M bytes/sec
  • package:- 3.5" disk footprint, 1.65" high, or desktop

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The compact MegaRam-35 is an especially cost-effective solution for entry to mid-sized server configurations where high performance is needed but capacity requirements are small.

One example is the Detroit Institute of Arts where a 2GB MegaRam-35 is being used on an NT Server running SQL Server 7.0 for temp DB and index files. Overall productivity increased 30% and query time decreased as much as 90%.

"The run times were incredible. A 45 minute query was done in 20 seconds - a 95% reduction." Edward Podorsek, Manager Membership Acquisition & Technology, Detroit Institute of Arts

Budgetary pricing is under $10k.

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