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Founded in 1998 and having over 500 patents, ShenZhen Longsys Electronics Co ., Ltd is a Chinese company which designs NAND flash based products and modules for various embedded markets including the industrial market, mobile storage, wireless storage, smart payment cards, and IOT.

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Longsys was ranked #29 (its highest position ever) in the Q3 2016 edition of the Top SSD Companies which was published in November 2016.

Who's who in SSD? - Longsys

by Zsolt Kerekes - editor - - June 16, 2015

In June 2015 a company spokesperson told me that- "Longsys is the biggest buyer of Samsung flash in China, and our revenue is $800 million /year."

But despite their size, and appearance at many past consumer related electronic trade shows - I have to admit that I hadn't heard of Longsys before.

Longsys is a new name for the company.

Prior to 2015 Longsys was known as Netcom.

But the difficulty of trademarking "Netcom" as a brand in some countries (probably due to it consisting of commonly used elements) led to the company making the change. (See also:- naming products, companies and services from a marketing persepctive)

One of Longsys's distinctive products (compared to most other embedded SSD companies) is an NFC micro SD (flash card with built in antenna - used for mobile digital signature and authentication.

Longsys also have a range of what they call "airdisk" storage modules - which enable Android and iOS devices to share data wirelessly with these wi-fi compatible flash modules.

Their SSD products also include a range of M.2 compatible SSDs.

The FORESEE AIR SSD is specifically designed for the Macbook Air and Pro models - see datasheet (pdf) for more details.
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"We looked at where the large corporates failed to satisfy their clients, such as when low profits and inconvenience caused those big companies to be disinterested, we then approached the clients with customized solutions"
Kevin Wang, VP Sales - Longsys - talking about business growth tactics in the blog - Longsys taps into IoT market with custom-made solutions (June 14, 2016)

See also:- customization vs standardization - SSD push-me pull-yous (and other SSD ideas in 2015/16)
Longsys capabilities video

Editor:- July 15, 2015 - the image above shows part of the SSD burn-in test facility at Longsys - which is part of a new corporate capabilities video.

After showing pictures of buildings and employees - the 6 minute video reveals some impressive production capacity statistics, about Longsys including the ability to process:-
  • 100K 12" flash wafers / month
  • over 1 million micro SD cards / day
  • over 100K embedded SSDs / day

"SSD is going down! - We're going down!"
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