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MCLEAN, VIRGINIA, January 26, 2001 - PRC Inc., a subsidiary of Litton Industries today announced that it had added Storage on Demand Services (SODS) on its GSA Information Technology (IT) Schedule. The SODS offering provides flexible and scalable storage solutions to meet high-growth, storage intensive business environments. Enterprise storage becomes a service on your network that is operated, maintained and upgraded by the service provider, thereby removing all ownership and management worries. Incremental storage capacity is delivered rapidly as it is needed, providing predictable and controlled costs.

The Litton PRC solution will include Hewlett-Packard's HP SureStore E Storage Systems. This offering positions Litton PRC and HP to capitalize on recent studies suggesting that government clients are searching for alternatives to buying and supporting high cost enterprise storage solutions.

"The government clients will reap the benefits of a ten year relationship between our two companies," said Lou Kirby, vice president of Standard Systems Integration Programs at Litton PRC. "Through the GSA Schedule, we are the first to provide this creative solution for an enterprise with high growth demands for storage." Bruce Klein, federal sales manager for HP's Public Sector Organization, said federal agencies will benefit from the cost-savings and convenience of the SODS offering. "As federal agencies continue to downsize and to seek ways to cut operating costs, solutions like SODS will allow them to do more with less," Klein said. "This offers them a unique way of paying only for the storage capability they need." ...Hewlett-Packard Company profile, ...Litton PRC profile

Oslo, Norway, January 26., 2001 - Tandberg Data ASAtoday announced that their wholly owned subsidiary O-MaSS (Opto-Magnetic Storage Systems) are on track in developing the company's patented technology for "opto-magnetic data storage". This technology enables the storage of far larger amounts of data than today, at a lower price, and will offer very high transfer rates and rapid access to data. O-MaSS will develop a new class of storage products that will fill the gap between disk-based systems and tape systems. The characteristics of the new products are rapid retrieval and high transfer rates of data in combination with high capacity and low cost. Preliminary forecasts show that such near-line solutions can become substantially cheaper than today's hard disk based online solutions. The goal of the development project, which was first presented in October, is to develop new products for the rapidly growing storage marked. These can provide up to 10 terabytes of storage capacity on a single removable cartridge. The new technology combines magnetic writing and optical reading of data on standard magnetic media, such as tape.

IDC, a well renowned research organization, have carried out an extensive study of the marked potential for Tandberg Data's new solutions. Bob Peyton, IDC's Director of European Storage Research, states "IDC believes that Tandberg Data's MO tape technology development schedule will set a new standard in terms of capacity and performance at a competitive price. Timely introduction will help to meet the rapidly growing data storage requirements, which continue to double, every 15 months. Through an active licensing program, others can share in the rewards of this technological innovation to the benefit of the customers in broader availability and to the benefit of Tandberg Data in business terms".

The development period for the first generation product is estimated at 2-3 years (subject to final product specification and choice of partners) and product development will move into high gear towards the end of Q2 this year. The specifications of the first generation product will depend of the choice of strategic partners and aligned to future marked developments, but a preliminary specification for a near-line product is 600GB native, 64MB/s transfer rate and a less than 3.5 second access time. This storage unit will be a building block in solutions that will offer far higher system performance and lower cost than present day solutions. ...IDC profile, ...Tandberg Data profile

LOUISVILLE, Colo., Jan. 25, 2001 - StorageTek Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Patrick J. Martin recently announced changes in the management team designed to align with the company's strategy which was unveiled in New York City. StorageTek reaffirmed its strategic direction with key executive appointments. This organizational infrastructure will allow the company to focus on its core competencies of tape and tape automation, disk storage and storage networking, three disciplines that enable its customers to efficiently manage their storage growth.

Martin tapped 24-year StorageTek veteran Gary Francis to lead the Tape and Tape Automation business unit as vice president and general manager. Roger Archibald has been named vice president and general manager of the Disk business unit. Archibald was most recently vice president and general manager of the Enterprise business group, and has 25 years of experience in research and development, marketing and management, in high tech. To augment its growing leadership in the storage area network (SAN) arena, Martin assumed the role of general manager while the company seeks to fill the Storage Networking business unit role.

With 90 percent of the world's digital data stored on removable media, Martin said the company would emphasize its core competency of tape and tape automation. StorageTek customers know the company for its tape and automation leadership and Martin said he plans to make the company a faster, more responsive organization by bringing to market new products and technologies every 12 to15 months. In recent meetings with financial analysts, Martin laid out the strategy for capitalizing on the recent boom in the storage market. "I'm committed to taking an engineering-driven company and making it a market-driven company," Martin said. ...StorageTek profile

SAN JOSE, Calif. - January 25, 2001 - TrueSAN Networks, Inc. today announced the appointment of Vincent M. Occhipinti to its Board of Directors and Paul von Stamwitz as Vice President of Engineering. Vincent M. Occhipinti, who immediately joins TrueSAN's Board of Directors, is currently a Managing Director, and a founding member of Woodside Fund.

Mr. Occhipinti has been intimately involved in the management and success of the Woodside Fund and its portfolio companies since 1983. He is well known in the industry for his ongoing role as chairman of the Early Stage Venture Capital Alliance, a federation of 150 seed and early stage funds.

Paul von Stamwitz, newly recruited to the position of Vice President of Engineering, brings over 20 years of extensive engineering and management experience, particularly in the fields of I/O technologies and IP networking. As TrueSAN's chief engineering strategist, Paul will use his leadership and technical acumen to continue building an industry-leading engineering organization. Prior to joining TrueSAN, Paul spent 15 years with Adaptec and managed key initiatives in the software development and support of their PCI-SCSI host adapters. Most recently, as Principal Engineer, Paul led a team in spearheading Adaptec's Ethernet storage initiative. Working with other industry leaders, Paul helped pioneer IP storage and the iSCSI protocol. ...Adaptec profile, ...TrueSAN profile

FREMONT, CA — January 25, 2001 — SYNNEX Information Technologies, Inc has entered into an agreement with Eastman Kodak Company's Digital and Applied Imaging Group to distribute Kodak's line of CDR Media and DVD Media as well as Kodak's line of Professional DCS Digital Cameras. The new agreement allows SYNNEX to offer a complete family of product offerings in CDR Media, including Inkjet Printable CD Media, Thermal Printable CD Media, 80/minute CDRs, and Rewriteable CDRs, as well as a host of DVD Media products. Additionally, SYNNEX will offer its resellers the full line of Kodak's Professional DCS Digital Cameras, which include the 300, 500 and 600 series products.

"Signing on with Eastman Kodak allows us to offer two new product categories to our resellers," stated David Liscom, Vice President of Storage Products for SYNNEX. "The Kodak media offerings will be very complementary to the host of CD-ROM and DVD devices we currently carry. Entering this market allows SYNNEX to provide accessible products for data storage, recording music, and software replication and duplication. In addition, the digital cameras will be a new product line we're excited to offer. It potentially opens new channels of distribution for SYNNEX." ...Eastman Kodak profile, ...SYNNEX profile

Haifa, ISRAEL - January 25, 2001. StoreAge Networking Technologies announced to day the completion of its second round financing totaling $25 million. Participating in the round were Cisco Systems, Genesis Partners, IIS Intelligent Information Systems (NASDAQ: IISL), Koonras Technologies, Morgan Keegan & Company (NYSE: MOR), Ophirtech as well as others. The round was divided into two phases the first of which ($14 million) was concluded in late December 2000.

Steve Duplessie a senior analyst with the Enterprise Storage Group, an independent consultancy commented: "Virtualization will be the single most important technology area in the storage market this year. SAN appliances have finally arrived and will have a huge impact on increasing SAN adoption rates. StoreAge technology provides the user much more flexibility and will make their life significantly easier moving forward." ...StoreAge Networking Technologies profile

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.- Jan. 24, 200l - Optical storage manufacturer Drexler Technology Corporation, of Mountain View, California, and Sony Corporation, of Japan, are pleased to announce that they have amicably resolved their pending patent infringement litigations. Drexler had asserted that certain of its patents were infringed by Sony and users of Sony's SDDS digital sound system for motion pictures. The terms of the settlement are confidential. ...Drexler Technology profile, ...Sony profile

Ottawa, ON. January 23, 2001 - KOM NETWORKS today announced its support of Sony Electronics' new 14X magneto- optical (MO) storage drive to its storage software line, while maintaining total backward compatibility with Sony Electronic's MO line. At 9.1GB, this fifth generation Sony drive offers 14 times the capacity of the first generation 650MB MO drive, and nearly double the capacity of its popular 5.2GB MO drive, while maintaining high-level data integrity. KOM NETWORKS supplies vendor-neutral optical storage software that maximises network performance by seamlessly integrating storage hardware devices, such as optical jukeboxes for magneto-optical (WORM and Rewritable) disk drives and media. Its software products are completely scalable and guarantee seamless integration of network storage devices allowing system operators to manage multiple storage devices in the same way as standard magnetic hard drives.

"KOM NETWORKS' software compatibility with Sony Electronics' latest technological development allows us to bring KOM's clients unparalleled archival capabilities," said Toshi Kawai, MO Drives Marketing Manager of Sony Electronics Inc. "This generation of MO technology offers increased capacity, higher speed retrieval and exceptional reliability, making it an ideal storage product for heavy duty jukebox applications. It's an important advancement for many data-intensive industries that rely on storage area networks and network attached storage in their daily operations, such as medical imaging, telecommunications and multimedia design." ...KOM NETWORKS profile, ...Sony profile

DUBLIN & SANTA CLARA, Calif. - January 23, 2001 - Sanrise, Inc. a subsidiary of Sanrise Group, Inc., a privately-held provider of advanced, global managed storage solutions, today announced it has acquired certain assets of, and is assuming operations for, the service delivery and customer support of the Exodus Communications®, Inc. DataVault™ tape back-up and restore service business. The functionality and support of sanrise's storagetone(sm) product suite in combination with DataVault will accelerate the delivery of cutting edge back up and restore technology to Exodus® customers. Terms of the agreement include an Exodus equity investment in sanrise and further expansion of an already close global alliance between the two companies.

The DataVault service provides a dedicated system for safeguarding mission-critical data on tape for customers worldwide. Integral components of the DataVault service include hardware and software provided by Sun Microsystems. DataVault offers full management of customers' data backup process for individual files, file systems, databases and applications, backing up more than 120 terabytes of data per month. The relationship with sanrise will enhance the performance of DataVault while allowing for easy customer migration by sanrise to next-generation storage offerings. ...Sanrise profile

SUNNYVALE, CA, January 23, 2001 - Amdahl Software today announced that its industry leading data migration and replication storage management product, TDMF™ (Transparent Data Migration Facility) software, has been awarded a U.S. patent (#6,145,066).

"The patent award combined with our recent market successes are proof that we are continuing to build mind share, as well as market share, as the leader in replication and migration storage management market," said Amdahl Software President Steven F.X. Murphy. "This data migration and replication product leader has, in a short time, generated more than $100 million in revenue, making it one of the top 10 software revenue generating mainframe products in the industry. Some 40 percent of the world's largest corporations are using TDMF software with an unprecedented degree of satisfaction."

Introduced in 1997, TDMF software is the industry's first independent, non-disruptive data migration tool. It is a software-based storage management product that moves data from one storage volume to another allowing simultaneous read/write access and unimpaired response time. TDMF software has been successfully installed and utilized by a number of businesses and institutions, in almost every industry, including government, financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, transportation and manufacturing. In addition, Amdahl Software has licensed TDMF software for resale to two other information technology companies....Amdahl profile

Hopkinton, Mass. - Tuesday, January 23, 2001 - EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) today reported that revenue growth continued to accelerate and net income increased 49% for the fourth quarter of 2000. Information storage revenue for the fourth quarter grew 50% compared with the fourth quarter of 1999 to $2.5 billion. This accelerated quarterly growth was achieved by strong performance across all geographies and major product areas, including more than 250% year-to-year revenue growth in networked information storage systems and 72% year-to-year revenue growth in software. Information storage-related revenue represented 95% of EMC's total consolidated revenue during the quarter.

Mike Ruettgers, EMC's Executive Chairman, said, "We closed an extraordinary year with a bang - four straight quarters of accelerating growth rates, and our highest quarterly storage growth rate in nearly six years. It's clear we gained share in every major segment of our addressable market, and our competitive lead has never been stronger. Customers are investing in EMC solutions in record numbers because our complete networked information storage infrastructures are by far the most interoperable, functionally rich, scalable and reliable solutions available." ...EMC profile

Editor's comment:- as I mentioned in my recent article analysing this market's long term prospects, the effect of the web will be to magnify the growth rates of the winners in this market, which will get growth rates much higher than the market average. That will be at the expense of competitor oem's which lose market share, and will eventually exit the market or redploy as resellers of other companies' storage products.

CARLSBAD, Calif.- January 23, 2001 - Dot Hill Systems Corp has entered into an OEM agreement with Comverse Network Systems, a division of Comverse Technology, Inc., the world's leading supplier of software and systems enabling network-based enhanced services. Under the agreement, Comverse will integrate Dot Hill's SANnet storage systems into its TRILOGUE INfinity™ line of telecommunications systems. SANnet provides the unparalleled performance, reliability and availability required for data-intensive applications such as voice-controlled voice mail, voice-activated dialing and unified messaging.

"The SANnet solution is of the same carrier-class quality and reliability that Comverse customers have come to expect from the market leader in telco service platforms," said Richard Search, senior vice president of marketing and product management, Dot Hill. "Our agreement with a global leader such as Comverse positions Dot Hill as the preferred OEM partner for telecom infrastructure, and validates our ability to help businesses maintain customer loyalty and market share by ensuring 24/7 access to mission-critical information and applications." ...Dot Hill profile

January 23, 2001-Redmond, Washington USA and Paris, France. - Advanced Digital Information Corporation announced today the appointment of Eric Merjagnan as Director of Marketing for ADIC Europe. Mr. Merjagnan will be responsible for marketing and communications strategies across Europe, the middle East, and South Africa, managing marketing activities in ADIC offices and cooperative efforts with ADIC's distributors and channel partners. Mr. Merjagnan comes to ADIC from CPR Online, the fast-growing online brokerage services offering of the Groupe Crédit Agricole Indosuez, where he served as Director of Marketing. ...ADIC profile

Austin, Texas - January 22, 2001 - Dell today announced new storage systems and software that comprise its fourth-generation SAN offering, designed to provide critical data protection and storage management features at a much lower price than many traditional storage vendors. Dell's next-generation SAN integrates a powerful, new Fibre Channel array with enhanced software for managing storage resources. By linking multiple storage arrays, customers can now integrate up to 20 servers and manage up to 70 terabytes of storage on one SAN.

At the center of this next-generation SAN is the Dell PowerVault 660F, a new rack-optimized storage array based on Fibre Channel technology for fast data transfer and advanced data protection features. The PowerVault 660F offers SAN customers Fibre Channel storage priced at 4.5 cents per megabyte which is less than half the price-per-megabyte of many major competitors. With over seven terabytes of storage capacity in one standard rack, the PowerVault 660F offers one of the most rack dense options in the industry.

IDC estimates that the disk array portion of the SAN market will grow to more than $19.8 billion in annual sales by 2004 1. Dell achieved 73 percent growth in year-over-year sales of external storage products in the third quarter of this year and reported overall storage sales approaching $1 billion annually. ...Dell profile

HOUSTON, January 22, 2001 - Compaq Computer Corporation is setting an industry milestone by increasing the capability of its SANs five-fold to 20 switches and 320 ports. StorageWorks SANs now allow customers to bridge the gap from SAN islands to single, centrally managed SANs providing design flexibility and seamless integration in heterogeneous computing environments. The delivery of large scale SAN capability is a significant step in the fulfillment of Compaq's Enterprise Network Storage Architecture (ENSA). Compaq's expanded SAN switch and port count in various server and storage array combinations, depending on enterprise-specific requirements, provides the flexibility to deliver up to 280TB of online, upgradable, modular storage.

"We can give our enterprise customers the large SANs they need for a rapidly growing storage environment," said Pete Korce, Director, Multivendor Storage, Compaq Computer Corporation. "This large scale expansion allows users to extend their SAN to cost-effectively meet the full demands of enterprise-class computing." ...Compaq profile

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - January 22, 2001 - NetConvergence Inc. and Accton Technology Corp. have signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly develop and market a high-performance IP Storage Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC), supporting the iSCSI open standard. The combination of NetConvergence's industry-leading expertise in IP Storage software and Accton's outstanding network hardware capabilities will enable the companies to fill a critical need in the rapidly developing IP-based Storage Area Network (SAN) market.

Under the terms of the agreement, NetConvergence will license its iSCSI software architecture to Accton and the companies will jointly develop the NIC based on this architecture. Accton will handle hardware and back-end design, while NetConvergence will be responsible for iSCSI protocol-specific enhancements. The card will make possible a partial offload of TCP/IP networking functions to maximize storage network performance and efficiency. The NIC is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2001. ...Accton profile, ...NetConvergence profile

BETHESDA, Md., January 22, 2001 – OTG Software announced today it has been chosen by as one of the Top 50 Tech Places to Work in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. This annual award recognizes companies that make high technology the industry of choice in the Washington, D.C. area. chose OTG based on the Company's dedication to employee satisfaction and success through benefits such as stock options for all employees, employee stock purchase plan, quarterly bonus program, employee referral program, and new technology training.

With over 60 percent growth in head count last year and plans for continued growth in 2001, OTG is continuing to recruit qualified new employees. To further this growth, OTG recently unveiled its new recruitment program, which offers a $3,000 referral reward to anyone in the world who refers a new employee to OTG. In addition, OTG is relocating its headquarters to The Preserve at Tower Oaks in Rockville, MD, in the spring of 2001 to accommodate the Company's expansion.

"We are very pleased with the initiatives that OTG is implementing to meet the needs of existing employees and to attract new, high caliber employees," said Ronald Kaiser, Chief Financial Officer of OTG Software. "Given today's tight job market and economic environment, successfully recruiting and retaining talented employees at OTG continues to be a top priority." chose the Top 50 Tech Places to Work through nominations submitted from high tech companies in the Washington, D.C. area. To be eligible, companies were required to have a workforce of at least 25 percent information technology professionals and have a major presence in the Washington, D.C. area. ...OTG Software profile

See also:- 2001 Top 50 Tech Places to Work, Sun resellers in Washington State

Munich/Germany – January 22, 2001 – Infineon Technologies announces that it is sampling the highest-density 1-GB DDR module, a registered DIMM organized 128Mbit x 72. The PC1600 module is made using 36 components of 256 Mbits each, and employs stacking to achieve the highest density available today for DDR modules. Infineon also announced that its 256MB DDR SDRAM module has been validated for use in DDR platforms based on devices from Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

"Infineon's world-class 0.17µ DRAM technology has enabled us to be among the first companies to bring the 1-GB DDR DIMM to the market," said Peter Schaefer, Vice President Memory Products of Infineon Technologies Corp. in San Jose, CA. "At the upcoming Platform Conference in San Jose on January 23 and 24 we will demonstrate a DDR system with two 1-GB DDR DIMMs based on an AMD Athlon™ processor. With four of these DIMMs, this system can support the unprecedented DDR memory density of 4GB per PC."

Samples of 256-Mbit DDR parts in the DDR200 and DDR266 versions are available immediately, along with samples of the related 256-MB unbuffered and 256-MB and 512-MB registered DIMMs. Samples of the 1-GB DDR registered DIMM will become widely available in the course of the second quarter 2001. ...Infineon Technologies profile

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.- January 22, 2001 - VERITAS Software Corporation today announced it has made a strategic investment in Sanrise Group, Inc. together with sanrise, inc. and its other subsidiaries (sanrise™), a privately-held provider of global, advanced managed storage solutions. This investment is part of VERITAS Software's $100 million commitment to invest in development-stage companies that provide strategic opportunities in the data availability market and is part of sanrise's $100 million Series B round. To date, sanrise has raised more than $161 million since its inception in May 2000.

"sanrise is at the forefront of the storage service provider (SSP) market with a powerful new alternative to global managed storage," said Neal Ater, senior vice president, Data Protection Product Group, VERITAS Software. "Through our investment in sanrise, we can provide our customers with a compelling managed storage approach that uses a combination of best-of-the-industry products from VERITAS Software and its key partners." ...Sanrise profile, ...VERITAS profile

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The Future of Storage

by:- Farid J. Neema - President of Peripheral Concepts, Inc

The future of storage networking is contingent upon the evolution of SAN and NAS architectures, the distribution model for storage, and the advances in telecommunications techniques. These in turn will create new applications demanding higher levels of performance, very scalable interoperable systems, and universal data access. Storage beyond 2003 will inter-operate with the rest of the IT and IP environment

SAN and NAS Architectures

The frontiers of SAN and NAS are rapidly growing and evolving making it increasingly difficult to identify separate markets. Ultimately, much of the differing functionality of the two architectures will merge. NAS will find a way to overcome the slow nature of TCP, and take advantage of the higher Ethernet speeds, as NAS appliances scale and layer in additional software functionality SAN will overcome its interoperability problems, will incorporate both caching and heterogeneous data sharing, while moving to easy-to-install, low-cost products. The road to NAS and SAN convergence will go through some "SAN over IP" solution

The exact outcome of SAN and NAS merger is not clear at this point. The most likely outcome is that FC prevails in the mid-term for the metropolitan area, a SAN file system emerges as a standard, and bridges are built to either encapsulate FC (or SCSI) over IP or to translate FC into IP for WAN connections. IP protocol will prevail in the long term with the advent of 10-gigabit Ethernet, its advantages override FC merits, and many SAN products will be implemented based on IP.

Just like in any major new development, there won't be one technology that fits everyone's needs. There will be complementary technologies that address different market segments. The proper solution will likely differ by application, connectivity requirements, scalability, performance, and price sensitivity. Fibre Channel SAN has acquired enough momentum to ensure its continued high acceptance rate for the next three to five years. For any architecture to be successful, it will have to guarantee continuity/ integration with Fibre channel.

Storage Distribution

The profile of distribution channels is changing, driven by service providers. Service providers represent a very significant discontinuity in the way storage is distributed and the way vendors interact with their users and channels. They will constitute a great market opportunity and create a new business model for storage. A data tone model will prevail. Storage will be provided as a utility by service providers, except for larger corporations that will be very reluctant to give away all of their data to someone else to manage. To succeed, a VAR will need to offer a complete solution and service.


The Internet revolution is causing businesses to rethink every interaction with customers, suppliers and partners. While the Internet is merely the trigger, the real effect lies in the better use of corporate information, leading to broader market reach and additional business. Corporations will aggressively invest in the development of more efficient and optimized IT infrastructures to leverage new and existing data. Mobile business, consumer retail purchase, entertainment, combined with multi-media support, will drive the creation of an infrastructure where content is independent of the data format and the storage location. In such an environment, data security will grow to a become a vital necessity.

Industry and Industry Leaders

The storage leader in year 2003-2005 will:

  • Provide reliable, scalable solution to open storage that is easily managed
  • Stay closest to his customers
  • Execute in a timely way
  • Offer a high Quality of Service
  • Have very high software, system and network skills

Industry consolidation will continue, many storage vendors will disappear, and a new breed of companies will emerge as storage leaders.

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