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THOUSAND OAKS, CA - March 21, 2001 - Two gigabyte files can now be compressed to six megabytes without loss of data or quality, thanks to breakthrough video compression technology just announced by Digital Focus Media (DFMI). When fully released, DFMI's compression products will provide full screen, audio/video synched viewing from full motion pictures via the web.

"We're currently in beta release of our compression products," explains Joseph Stratter, CEO and President of Digital Focus Media. "What is available for public release at this time is this same compression/decompression (codec) for hard media."

Utilizing state-of-the-art "Fractal Compression" technology, DFMI has recently launched a sub-division, that will author and produce the highest-quality video content on Media Rom cards (a.k.a. digital business cards). Shaped like a hockey rink, these small CDs contain 50 megabytes of data. "The industry standard for this style of card can contain approximately four to six minutes worth of rather poor quality video," says Stratter. "Our codec can compress enough raw video to allow up to 28 minutes worth of video on a single Media Rom card."

Depending upon the client's needs, Stratter says the video compression can be heightened in quality and reduced in size, thus providing 15 minutes of DVD quality. A packaged multi-media presentation on a mini CD-ROM, each card is customized with the client's company logo, message and product information. The credit card-sized device plays on any standard CD-ROM drive, and it takes customers directly to the client's business via direct web access. Each card is unique and can offer a simplistic message in an innovative format. Or, utilizing the interactive features, customers can be encouraged to use "hands-on" interfacing with the hosting company's products. The Media Rom card's unique format is designed to capture customers' attention, give them a tour of the hosting company and its products, and transport them to the hosting company Web site using a fully interactive presentation.

"Online sales will total more than $55 billion this year alone, but the typical ad medium is losing its influence," explains Stratter. "By implementing this new technology, our clients are staying ahead of the curve. In essence, they're giving customers the key to their website." ...Digital Focus Media profile

REDMOND, WASHINGTON – March 21, 2001 – ADVANCED DIGITAL INFORMATION CORPORATION (ADIC) today announced that sales and bookings to date for the current quarter ending April 30, 2001 remain consistent with the previously announced target of approximately 40 percent annual revenue growth. The Company noted that it may be growing faster than underlying economic trends would suggest because of the impact of new products, expansion of existing OEM sales channels and payback on investments made in branded sales channels over the past several months.

The Company noted that all three of its largest OEM customers are in the process of rolling out extensions to their existing product lines based on ADIC products and that ADIC-branded versions of several of these products are just beginning to expand their share in the marketplace. In addition, the Company noted that it has been aggressively expanding its internal and external sales resources over the past few quarters and that those investments in additional headcount appear to be paying off despite a modest reduction in the frenzied sales activity that has been experienced over the past 18 months. Lastly, large libraries and European business continue to perform at expected levels while two-tier distribution business in the United States is somewhat behind expectations, according to the Company. ...ADIC profile

Editor's comment:- in my next Squeak article, real soon, I will be discussing the 2 Economies which are now emerging in the US computer market. The first - asscociated with the desktop market and PC's is going to have a really miserable year in 2001. The second - associated with enterprise storage and (mainly SPARC) servers is growing at phenomenal rates and may actually speed up as a result of the recession. That's because these technologies can automate and replace many non computing functions in traditional businesses, displacing sales, marketing and other white collar knowledge workers and replacing inefficient hangovers from the pre-electronic economy which companies have found hard to let go.

Eden Prairie, Minn., March 20, 2001 - XIOtech® Corporation announced today that the XIOtech MAGNITUDE SAN has been verified by Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. as interoperable with Brocade-based SAN infrastructures. The testing was conducted through the Brocade Fabric Aware™ Program, an end-to-end interoperability initiative for enterprise SANs. The program is a comprehensive testing and configuration initiative designed to foster end-to-end SAN interoperability in multi-vendor, heterogeneous environments. ...Brocade profile, ...XIOtech profile

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March. 20, 2001 - Intel today announced it has acquired privately held ICP vortex Computersysteme in a cash-for-stock transaction. The Germany-based company is a leader in intelligent storage solutions. Specific terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

ICP vortex's storage solutions will complement Intel's existing business of providing input/output (I/O) building blocks for the networked storage market segment. These products include Intel I/O processors, Intel integrated RAID reference designs, software and controller cards. These solutions are part of the Intel® Internet Exchange Architecture, an end-to-end family of high-performance, flexible and scalable hardware and software building blocks enabling faster development, more cost-effective deployment and future upgradability of network and communications systems.

"Over the past few years, Intel has built a very successful I/O building block business based on the Intel® i960® I/O processor, and more recently the IOP310 I/O processor based on the new Intel® XScale™ microarchitecture," said Wendy Vittori, general manager of Intel's I/O and bridges division. "With the addition of ICP vortex, we are enhancing Intel's ability to meet the needs of our computer and storage OEM customers with a broader range of intelligent storage building blocks."

"ICP vortex has been very successful in recent years in creating intelligent storage solutions, particularly for the European market segment," said Monika Armbruster, ICP vortex managing director. "Together with Intel, we can bring products to market more quickly, and expand the portfolio of storage building blocks available to Intel customers." ICP vortex will continue selling and supporting its storage solutions to existing customers. ICP vortex, with headquarters in Neckarsulm, also has operations in Phoenix. The company has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel, operating within Intel's Networking and Communications Group. ...Intel profile

Editor's note:- Phoenix is close to Intel's RAID design group location, in case you were wondering.

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. - March 20, 2001 - IDG's Computerworld and the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) today announced the implementation of a comprehensive Interoperability Lab at Storage Networking World, which is being held April 9-11, 2001 at the Marriott Desert Springs, Palm Desert, Calif. The Storage Networking World Interoperability Lab, a unique resource open to all conference attendees, allows a first-hand look at how storage solution providers, often competitors, are living up to the promises of interoperability by collaborating in this unique program. This comprehensive, on-site software and hardware installation will provide the opportunity for attendees to see real-life environments involving more than 50 vendors, plus the chance to meet the product engineers and system architects who make it all possible.

"Interoperability is one of the hottest concerns of IT managers deploying storage technologies today," said Ron Milton, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Business Solutions at Computerworld. "Computerworld and the SNIA have joined forces to give IT managers at Storage Networking World the unique opportunity to witness interoperability across more than 50 different vendors in a live environment. This squarely addresses one of the hottest topics in one of today's hottest technology industries."

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Cherry Hill, NJ, March 20, 2001 – Tacitus Systems announces details of Wide Area StorAge VIirtualization (WASAVI) technology. Whereas most SSPs (Storage Service Providers) require you to be strategically located near their servers or to co-locate your servers at the SSPs data center you are no longer bound to these limited options, thanks to an innovative new Wide Area StorAge VIirtualization (WASAVI) technology from Tacitus Systems that allows businesses to improve efficiency and better control their data storage budgets. Tacitus' servers use WASAVI technology to replicate data to off-site storage centers. This technology is designed to tolerate low bandwidth and network disruption—meaning the system will continue to work, even if a server connection is severed, so you never lose access to your data. When a user makes a change to data it is dynamically and seamlessly transferred between your location and our remote data center. By housing your data through a redundant storage network in several different locations, you eliminate any risk of losing information.

"We have developed a system that lets you pay only for what you need, and at the same time is (continually) accessible and totally secure," explains Tacitus CTO and Chief Software Architect, Shirish Phatak, PhD. "Our 'pay as you go' billing model more closely resembles your water or electric service provider, as opposed to the fee scale of a traditional data storage company. You can increase or decrease your level of storage usage with the ease of a two-minute phone call, which is particularly important if your company's data storage needs are constantly changing." ...Tacitus Systems profile

DUBLIN, Calif., March 20, 2001 – sanrise™ announced today that it received a significant strategic investment from Hitachi, Ltd. Terms of the investment were not disclosed. This announcement comes on the heels of another cash investment by Hitachi Data Systems Corporation (HDS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. As part of a growing partnership between sanrise and the Hitachi family of companies, sanrise has chosen the HDS Hitachi Freedom Storage Lighting 9900™ as the primary disk storage subsystem for its storagetone portfolio of next generation storage services.

"Hitachi, Ltd.'s additional investment in sanrise demonstrates that the Hitachi family of companies has confidence in our business model and ability to deliver state of the art, mission critical managed storage solutions to the global enterprise market," says David Schneider, sanrise president and CEO. "Strategic partnering with leading technology companies, such as the Hitachi companies, is a key differentiator that allows us deliver the most technically advanced managed storage solutions to more customers and, at a guaranteed 99.999% service availability, one that is unbeatable in the marketplace." ...Hitachi profile, ...Sanrise profile

ATLANTA, March 20, 2001 - American Megatrends Inc. (AMI) today announced it is shipping AMIDiag® Suite, which contains the both AMIDiag 6.11 for DOS and AMIDiag 7.0 for Windows. American Megatrends continues to offer industry standard diagnostic software solutions for both DOS and Windows®. AMIDiag 6.11 offers the most robust feature set of any DOS diagnostic software on the market. AMIDiag 7.0 is the first release of a Windows diagnostic software for AMI. AMIDiag 7.0 advanced features include system information for major components, Trouble Ticket™ in HTML format and several interactive diagnostics including mouse, keyboard, video resolution, 3D video and audio tests, which enable the user to view results as they run. Designed with the consumer in mind, the AMIDiag 7.0 interface is easy to navigate and allows for user-friendly interaction and comprehension.

''AMI continues our commitment of offering industry standard diagnostic software at low-cost to our customers. Offering the Windows version to our customers who purchase the DOS version will give AMI the opportunity to introduce AMIDiag to customers who are not comfortable working in DOS,'' said Stefano Righi, Engineering Manager, Utilities Division. ''By offering the bundled software package, AMIDiag users will have the benefit of the enhancements made in version 6.11 as well as the user-friendly Windows version of AMIDiag.''

AMIDiag software solutions are Windows® ME enabled. AMIDiag 6.11 is the only diagnostic software that runs in DOS mode, which is capable of running on a Windows ME system without the need for a DOS floppy. ...AMI profile

COSTA MESA, Calif., March 19, 2001 - Emulex Corporation announced today the Emulex GN9000/SI iSCSI host bus adapter, its first product to support the iSCSI standard. The GN9000/SI, part of Emulex's Giganet® family of Internet protocol (IP)-based storage networking HBAs, provides the connectivity solution that allows servers to communicate directly with storage devices over IP networks. With the addition of the GN9000/SI HBA, Emulex is now well positioned to enable the creation of the industry's first end-to-end storage networking infrastructures built upon both Fibre Channel and IP technologies. ...Emulex profile

Mountain View, CA, March 19, 2001 - Legato Systems, Inc. today announced that Legato NetWorker® 6.0.1 and Legato NetWorker® Module 3.1 for Oracle now support Turbolinux 6.0, the latest shipping product from Turbolinux, Inc. Legato NetWorker 6.0.1 is the only storage management product to support Linux at the server, storage node, client level and the critical application level. It is also the only storage management product that provides enterprise, service provider, and e-commerce customers with increased flexibility for protecting their Linux data. Product features of NetWorker 6.0.1 for Linux include, but are not limited to: advanced backup/restore operations such as saveset level browse and retention policies, saveset consolidation, backup staging, remote recovery and directed cross-platform browse. Legato NetWorker Module 3.1 for Oracle now provides support for Oracle on Turbolinux and other key Linux platforms, delivering the same advanced capabilities to Linux users that traditional NetWorker and Oracle users have come to rely on.

"We have witnessed phenomenal growth in the Linux marketplace and anticipate that trend to continue as more vendors like Legato deliver the solutions that Linux users need to keep their business critical data protected and available," said Jerry Greenberg, senior vice president of marketing, Turbolinux, Inc. "Legato NetWorker for Linux offers a significant advantage to Turbolinux users who require a reliable and scalable data protection solution." ...Legato Systems profile

Minneapolis MN, March 19, 2001 - Plasmon has announced shipping of its new automated 5.25-inch magneto optical library line, the G-Series. Based on a newly designed architectural platform, the series' automation features introduce a fundamental change in removable storage automation by allowing a common platform to support multiple media formats. Incorporating 14X-9.1GB magneto optical drives from long-time partner SONY, G-Series libraries are currently available in four models ranging from 164 slots to 638 slots and from 4 to 12 drives. The library scales from 1.5 TB up to 5.8 TB with a standard feature set that includes a bar code scanner, a 10-slot bulk load import/export magazine and hot swappable drives.

Plasmon's G-Series sets a new industry standard for reliability with greater than two million MSBF (mean swaps between failure) at 90 percent confidence. In addition, the high level of performance and serviceability result in a two-year automation warranty. Priced starting at $50,730 for a 164-slot, four-drive library.

"Plasmon is confident that this new family of optical automation is the ideal storage solution for data-intensive applications requiring near-line access speeds, around the clock data availability and long term archiving," said Kelly Scharf, director of product marketing, Plasmon IDE. "Based on input from our customers, we have implemented new features such as a bar code scanner, remote library management, fibre connectivity, and hot swap drives to provide solutions that solve customer storage needs today and for future applications." ...Plasmon profile

Chantilly, VA – March 19, 2001 – Network Storage Solutions (NSS), a leading provider of high-performance NAS systems, today announced the opening of new offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, and Knoxville, Tennessee. The new offices will enable the company to accelerate its strong growth in enterprise and mid-market data storage sales and customer service. The company also announced the addition of six new sales engineers as well as the appointment of industry veteran Andrew MacRae to lead Product Marketing.

NSS' new Knoxville office will primarily focus on spearheading new product development and technology enhancement efforts. Atlanta will serve as both a product development and sales office while the San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Boston, and Chicago offices will focus on aggressively extending NSS ' reach into strategic markets and helping new clients address their storage requirements.

"We targeted the seven regions in response to booming market demand for affordable, highly scalable and robust storage solutions. Our expansion will allow us to propagate on a national scale the success we've experienced in our current markets," said Bill Rick, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for NSS. "We're also delighted to add Andrew MacRae to lead our product marketing efforts. We plan to add more staff as we continue to grow and anticipate further expansion into Europe in the near future."

Andrew MacRae, a 20-year veteran in the high-tech industry, will head up product marketing at NSS. A recognized leader in the information storage industry, MacRae will be responsible for identifying new markets and other sales opportunities for the company. MacRae has a wide background in data processing including stints at Xerox PARC and Sun Microsystems, where he managed one of Sun's artificial intelligence labs and served as a market segment manager for storage solutions. MacRae has also hosted SCSI developer's conferences and launched and managed an ISP and web hosting service in the San Francisco Bay Area. ...Network Storage Solutions profile

Munich, Germany - March 19, 2001 - Infineon Technologies today announced that the company is providing software application storage cards for Palm™ m500 and m505 handheld computers, introduced today by Palm, Inc. Infineon's 16 Megabyte capacity MultiMediaCard™ storage cards will provide Palm handheld users with access to applications and data programs.

Infineon has contracted to provide MultiMediaCard storage cards directly to Palm, which will add applications and resell the cards under the PalmPak® brand. Palm plans to market the cards containing a wide variety of software, including games, reference and travel applications. Additionally, Infineon will establish an e-commerce sales channel to provide third-party developers of Palm OS® applications with access to small lot orders of MultiMediaCard media and the services required to make applications available in this format. ...Infineon Technologies profile

Armonk, N.Y. March 16, 2001 - IBM today announced that it will deliver the broadest portfolio of Linux-enabled storage products in the industry including high to low end disk and tape systems. With this announcement, customers running Linux applications will be able to store and integrate data in a variety of formats on any platform throughout their e-business infrastructure. Customers will have application flexibility,scalability, and the ability to share files from several different platforms across their storage environments.

"Storage networking and Linux are both disruptive technologies that are having major impacts on the Internet and e-business," said Linda Sanford, senior vice president and group executive, Storage Systems Group. "Unlike our competitors, IBM has moved beyond a simple acknowledgement of the Linux movement by embracing the open source and open standards philosophy into our storage networking solutions. By enabling all of our storage products for Linux we gain prove our ability to translate industry leading technologies into open, standards-based solutions for customers."

Today's announcement includes:
  • For a highly scalable Linux solution, an Enterprise Storage Server-- code-named Shark---now can be connected to IBM eServer z900 or an S/390 mainframe running Linux.
  • Linux compatibility for the Modular Storage Server as a mid-market disk storage solution.
  • Linux support for the IBM FAStT200 and FAStT500 disk storage servers connected to Intel-based servers.
  • Linear Tape Open (LTO) Ultrium(tm) drives supporting Linux for tape back-up solutions.
  • The entire line of Tivoli storage management software is to be Linux-enabled as part of its open storage networking vision. Tivoli Storage Manager,Tivoli SANergy and Tivoli Storage Network Manager will work with the open-source operating system. Tivoli Storage Network Manager will become fully Linux-enabled later this year.
Storage products compatible with Linux are available today with Shark on the eServer z900 and S/390. For the FAStT200 and FAStT500, Linux support is planned to be available in June 2001; and Linux capability for the MSS is due later this year for Intel-based and Alpha platforms. The LTO Ultrium and Magstar 3590 tape products are set to offer support for Linux this year. ...IBM profile

Princeton, NJ—March 16, 2001 — Dataram Corporation [NASDAQ: DRAM], today reported that it has reached an agreement to purchase the assets of Memory Card Technology A/S (MCT), a leading European designer and manufacturer of memory upgrades, headquartered in Denmark. At the present time, the seller is in suspension of payments under Danish law. Under the terms of the agreement, Dataram will purchase certain assets, including MCT's subsidiaries in Europe, Australia, Latin America and the Pacific Rim, for approximately $32 million, which will be funded through its cash and credit facilities. The acquisition significantly expands Dataram's product line and market presence throughout Europe, Latin America and the Pacific Rim.

Memory Card Technology, which reported revenue of approximately $158 million in its most recent fiscal year ended June 30, 2000, designs and manufactures memory from its facilities in Denmark and Australia, and has sales offices in Argentina, Columbia, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Chile and Mexico. MCT's products include Rambus, DDR, SDRAM, DRAM, SRAM, SGRAM and EDO memory plus flash memory, video memory and cache memory.

"With the acquisition of MCT, Dataram is advancing its penetration of the European, Latin American and the Pacific Rim markets with state-of-the-art manufacturing and extensive sales presence, while broadening its product line," commented Robert Tarantino, Dataram's chairman and CEO. "The potential synergies of the two companies through cross selling, expanded worldwide sales resources, increased manufacturing capabilities, global purchasing and product diversification present exciting opportunities for Dataram." ...Dataram profile

WALPOLE, MA – March 16, 2001 – Creative Expos and Conferences, a leading conference and trade show organizer in the Information Technology field, recently announced that they will be producing the third annual SAN and Clustering / Load Balancing Summits. The Summits will again be co-located with PC EXPO and will be held on Monday, June 25, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. 2001.

The one-day Summits will feature industry experts, solution providers and end users presenting in-depth information that corporate IT and storage managers and professionals need to know NOW. They will explore the key issues of these complementary technologies, including Load-Balancing, Storage Over IP, SAN / NAS convergence and fibre channel. The Summits will also directly address management issues including using storage and application service providers and identifying and calculating storage ROI.

"The face and role of storage are changing dramatically, as businesses tie their internal systems to the Internet for both public and private access", says Cherif Moujabber, President of Creative Expos. "Technologies like SANs, NAS and virtualization all can offer storage solutions but aren't really compatible in today's world. The corporate IT community needs to understand what works together, what's coming in the near future, and what they can do today to provide the critical features of real storage solutions: reliability, functionality, scalability, performance and management. These are the holy grails of storage and what every system needs to deliver."

For conference and registration information, please contact Creative Expos and Conferences at 28 Bubbling Brook Road, Walpole, MA 02081; Phone: (508) 660-7099; Fax (508) 668-2416; Email: For Sponsorship and Speaking opportunities, please contact Ray Fix at (781) 251-0252.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. and PARIS, France - March 15, 2001 - Quadratec today announced that Fortuneo, the first Paris Stock Exchange on-line broker, has chosen Time Navigator® to protect its e-business operations data, accessible by its European B-to-B and B-to-C investors. Time Navigator was also chosen because of its great scalability: the solution implemented empowers Fortuneo to easily cope with high growth in data volume, mainly financial web-based transactions, while meeting future IT infrastructure needs.

"The data backup solution was considered very early on in the process when we started the company," said Stephane Bertin, Fortuneo's IT Director. "I could not imagine IT production without data being secured using a powerful, reliable automated backup solution like the one proposed by Quadratec. We did not want to find ourselves alongside other dot-coms that folded after their first fatal IT disaster." ...Quadratec software

SOUTH NORWALK, CT. - March 15, 2001, ITIS Services announced today that it will carry QLogic's line of storage networking products through a QLogic-authorized distributor, allowing ITIS to include QLogic products as part of its "Trusted Solutions" packages, heterogeneous storage networking offerings that feature "best-of-breed" technology. ITIS Services, LLC is a leading consulting and integration firm exclusively focused on storage networking.

"Adding QLogic's product line strengthens our Trusted Solutions packages, which are the core of ITIS' business," said F. William Tilt, executive vice president of ITIS Services. "Because QLogic's HBAs are interoperable with every other major hardware manufacturer, and support multiple topologies, they work as a component of our Trusted Solutions offerings. ...ITIS Services profile, ...QLogic profile

MINNEAPOLIS, March 15, 2001 - As this year's tax season begins shifting into high gear, Minneapolis-based ONTRACK Data International, Inc. offers several tips to help electronic tax preparers protect themselves from computer data loss, and provides tactics for cost-effective and quick data recovery in the event of a computer crash. With more than 35 million taxpayers using the IRS' e-file option to submit income tax records via the Internet, and more than 3.8 million filers self-preparing their returns on home computers using do-it-yourself tax preparation software, the possibility of data loss due to viruses, hard drive crashes and human error is a reality that cannot be ignored.

According to Greg Olson, director of worldwide data recovery for Ontrack, information stored on personal computers is always vulnerable. "As more people prepare and submit taxes online they need to be mindful of preventive measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of data loss," he said. "Although it's impossible to guarantee protection, data loss is not necessarily a disaster, since there are several ways to get it back."

Independent tax consultant Sue Dearborn experienced such a data loss last tax season. "While upgrading my personal computer with new software, I inadvertently deleted the C drive and lost all the data and nearly all of my work," said Dearborn. "Fortunately, the data recovery specialists at Ontrack were able to fully recover my data within three days, enabling me to meet all of my deadlines."

Since this time, Ontrack has introduced Remote Data Recovery(tm) services that enable customers like Dearborn to connect to Ontrack by Internet or modem connection to have a data recovery engineer recover the data in a much shorter time frame - sometimes even in a few hours. Experts at Ontrack outlined the following prevention and recovery tactics:
  1. Keep your computer in a dry, cool, controlled environment that is dust- and static-free. Placing it in a low-traffic area will protect your system and storage media from harmful jarring or bumping.
  2. Back up data often using reliable discs or tapes, removable cartridges, a separate hard drive or other storage devices.
  3. Use an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or a surge protector.
  4. Run a virus scan regularly and update it often. A virus scanner is included in Ontrack SystemSuite(tm) 3.0 and Fix-It Utilities (tm) 3.0
  5. Perform periodic diagnostic checks on your hard drive. Products such as Data Advisor(tm) software are available free on the Ontrack Web site at
  6. Be aware of strange noises in your computer. If you hear a strange noise or grinding sound, save your file, turn off the computer immediately and call an expert. Further operation may damage your hard drive beyond repair.
  7. Seek support from a data recovery service, such as Ontrack, if you've lost significant work.
...Ontrack profile

Editor's note:- I would add #8 - "When you've got a visiting 7 year old who wants to use your PC to play online computer games, let him/her use a spare portable to do this, and not the legacy machines which you use to run your business.

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Baughurst UK - March 15, 2001 - ACSL, publisher of this directory, is offering $1,000 as a discount off selected new advertising orders, to any company which can reproduce the front covers of related print directories, which covered the Sun market during the period 1992 to 1997. The specified directories, which qualify for the discount include:-
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by Active Communications International

In today's world of constantly evolving technologies, more and more organizations are finding themselves being invited to attend seminars, conferences, trade shows and expositions. How should companies and individuals keep abreast of the new and ever-changing knowledge?

There are numerous resources available today. One leading source is the Internet, as it is an extremely useful and expedient way to obtain information. However, what usually happens when surfing the Net? Log on. Search the subject. See what comes up. 1,019,876 different Web sites with the key words entered. Narrow the search. Still, enough Web sites to take days to sift through. Is anything missing? Maybe. Have all possible grounds been covered? Maybe not.

How can attending a conference be more beneficial?

Successful conferences developed today are produced with three key purposes in mind. One, a conference must provide the audience with new knowledge and information on the particular topic of interest. The industry's leading experts, companies and trade media are presenting their experiences.

Two, the event must have the necessary resources available for hands-on learning. A variety of vendors, all with the various tools, services and products are available for questions and demonstrations.

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Be sure not to fall out of the race. Don't let the competition gain the edge because a lack of information.

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