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This week in storage history (on March 22, 2001 - see bottom of this page) revealed that the #1 search term had been "iSCSI" and we published the world's first dedicated iSCSI directory page - which for many years chronicled the growing pains in this part of the market. 10 years later - as part of our transition to the solid state storage future - that page was being changed to focus simply on iSCSI SSDs.
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Procom Provides Quantum Step in Jukebox Disc Caching

Stockholders Agree Maxtor/Quantum HDD Business Combo

Network Appliance Certified with Rational ClearCase

ONTRACK's New DIY Software for Recovery

Vendors Demo Interoperable ISCSI

Eurologic Welcomes StoreAge into LINK Alliance Program

Auspex and ProactiveNet Develop NAS Performance Analysis Announces the Launch of

Maxtor's Disk-to-Disk Backup NAS

Fujitsu's New Storage Software Company

SANavigator Signs New Integrators

NSI Software Supports eServer xSeries

CNT Unveils UltraNet IP Storage Architecture

Legato's New Chairman of the Board

Ikadega secures $8 million in funding

ADVA Provides New Guidance for 2001

Ideal Hardware Announces UK SAN Seminars

INRANGE Announces 128-Port FC Director

Tandberg milestone 3 million SLR tape drives sold

Cisco Sponsors Network Storage Conference

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storage news - 2001, March week 4

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Procom Provides Quantum Step in Jukebox Disc Caching

IRVINE, Calif. - March 30, 2001 - Procom Technology, Inc. today announced that it will be releasing in late April a robust new DataFORCE software platform that provides a quantum step in jukebox disc caching by supporting 1,000 disc titles and managing 1 TB of storage.

Procom's new DataFORCE Software 3.1 delivers high-performance technology with all the benefits of NAS in a unit that provides greater title capacity in a fraction of the space of comparable jukebox units. It allows the production of caching units that can store more discs than most jukeboxes without the usual jukebox drawbacks of complicated, expensive robotics; the need for environmentally sealed cases; and a dedicated server ­ all of which add cost and failure points.

"In the past, the biggest advantage of a jukebox was that it was the only choice for companies that needed to have network access to a large number of discs," said Procom's Optical NAS Manager, Kevin Judd. "With DataFORCE 3.1, Procom has created a jukebox killer. Its significantly better performance and higher disc capacity will change the way companies store their mission-critical data."

In a jukebox configuration, users are often limited to four read drives, meaning only four users can access information at any given time. In contrast, the DataFORCE 3.1 lets multiple users access multiple discs simultaneously with better performance and no robotics - more - to interfere in the process. Procom's DataFORCE line operates in the 200x range, while jukeboxes generally operate in the 30x range ­ a performance boost of nearly 700 percent. DataFORCE eliminates the five to eight seconds it takes for a jukebox to swap discs ­ a delay that can seem like an eternity in today's high-speed information society. ...Procom Technology profile

Stockholders Agree Maxtor/Quantum HDD Business Combo

MILPITAS, Calif., March 30, 2001 — Maxtor Corporation (Nasdaq: MXTR) and Quantum Corporation (NYSE: HDD and DSS) announced today that stockholders of both companies have approved Maxtor's proposed business combination with Quantum HDD, as well as certain related proposals.

The companies anticipate that the transaction will close within the week. ...Maxtor profile, ...Quantum profile

Network Appliance Certified with Rational ClearCase

Sunnyvale,CA - March 29, 2001 - Network Appliance, Inc. today announced that NetApp filers have successfully completed certification testing with Rational's ClearCase software for UNIX® and Interop environments.

NetApp filers offer global storage solutions that will enable the design industry to utilize e-development software such as Rational ClearCase to shorten software development cycles.

This certification expands NetApp solutions supported by Rational in the ClearCase environment. In addition to the previously supported configurations, NetApp filers may be used for UNIX hosted ClearCase 4.x Versioned Object Base (VOB) and View databases with storage pools, for mixed UNIX and Windows NT® clients. Customers will be able to use the NetApp multiprotocol support, enable opportunistic locking in mixed environments, and use filer Snapshot™ capability to ease backups and administration. NetApp filers, based on the easy-to-deploy, easy-to-manage, appliance concept, deliver data availability, scalability, and reliability to the software development market, enabling enterprises to protect crucial design materials.

NetApp filer solutions are the first network-attached storage platforms to offer Rational ClearCase support, further demonstrating Network Appliance's ongoing leadership in the technical applications segment of the storage market. ...Network Appliance profile

ONTRACK's New DIY Software for Recovery

MINNEAPOLIS, March 29, 2001 - ONTRACK Data International, Inc. today announced a new edition of its popular EasyRecovery(tm) "do-it-yourself" data recovery software.

EasyRecovery Personal Lite Edition recovers up to 25 files from a single PC for just $29.95, providing an inexpensive means for PC technicians and computer enthusiasts to recover critical data.

"Data recovery doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing proposition," said Greg Olson, Ontrack director of worldwide data recovery services. "In some cases, users want the ability to recover a smaller number of critical files without having to pay for a full recovery. The introduction of EasyRecovery Personal Lite Edition addresses this need by enabling users to select and recover up to 25 key files for a nominal fee." ...Ontrack Data International profile

Vendors Demo Interoperable ISCSI at Storage Networking World

SANTA CLARA, Calif. ­ March 28, 2001 ­ NetConvergence, Inc., a leading developer of IP Storage solutions, announced today that following the first live multi-vendor, interoperable demonstration of Internet SCSI, or iSCSI, which took place at Intel's Enterprise Architecture Laboratory in Beaverton, Ore. on March 20th, the company will once again join with Ciprico Inc., Intel Corp. and Mountain View Data Inc. in a similar demonstration.

The upcoming demonstration will showcase a multi-host, multi-target, interoperable iSCSI solution comprised of independently developed components, and will be live at Storage Networking World in Palm Desert, April 8-11.

Hundreds are expected to be in attendance at the SNW demonstration, where NetConvergence will provide an integrated iSCSI target driver and SCSI gateway. The Ciprico and Mountain View Data targets both leverage an iSCSI target driver and bridge to Fibre Channel and SCSI RAID devices and to arbitrary block devices such as tape, disk, CD-ROM, respectively. A collection of streaming videos, to be stored on the iSCSI targets and viewed from the iSCSI hosts drives at the demonstration, focuses on the interoperability of iSCSI. ...Ciprico profile, ...Intel profile, ...Mountain View Data profile, ...NetConvergence profile

Eurologic Welcomes StoreAge into LINK Alliance Program

BOXBOROUGH, MA March 28, 2001 - Eurologic Systems today announced that StoreAge has become a member of its LINK Alliance Program.

Through the LINK program, the companies will continue their joint efforts to ensure the interoperability of Eurologic's network storage systems and StoreAge's Storage Virtualization Manager appliance in SAN environments. Eurologic's LINK Alliance Program focuses on ensuring interoperability with all technologies resident within each layer of the SAN from hardware and software to emerging technologies and applications. As more enterprises deploy virtualization solutions in their storage networks, assuring the seamless interoperation of the network storage devices and the virtualization technology within the network environment is crucial.

Virtualization solutions enable network administrators to arrange multiple storage devices into a storage pool, allowing servers to go outside the direct, one-on-one server-to-disk connection and access data regardless of its location within the network. As a result, network administrators can allocate and reallocate storage much more efficiently and without unnecessary downtime. Storage virtualization also helps to improve network performance by reducing the opportunity for data traffic bottlenecks. ...Eurologic Systems profile, ...StoreAge Networking Technologies profile

Auspex and ProactiveNet Work on NAS Performance Analysis

Santa Clara, CA, March 28, 2001 - Auspex Systems, Inc. and ProactiveNet, Inc. today announced a strategic relationship designed to enhance businesses' ability to quickly pinpoint the source of performance problems in their e-business infrastructure.

The alliance will allow ProactiveNet's e-business performance management software to be integrated with Auspex file servers, thereby expanding the list of discrete components that ProactiveNet is capable of viewing as it monitors the transaction delivery chain. Auspex's data servers will be the first storage devices from any vendor that ProactiveNet is able to track, thanks to metrics available from Auspex's robust implementation of the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) that make it possible to assess a given filer's status. Many other filers are not capable of capturing the required performance data.

With the integration, ProactiveNet will be able to detect any performance degradation in the Auspex system as well as the bridges, routers, firewalls and other hardware and software through which an Internet transaction must pass on its way to and from the end user. ProactiveNet will also be able to determine whether a given NFS error message is caused by the operating system, the network or another component rather than the file server that is usually blamed for NFS problems. ProactiveNet expects to complete the integration this month in preparation for the new release of its software, scheduled for April 2001. ProactiveNet's software will then support the current Auspex NS2000 series of file servers as well as future systems.

"Our ability to add Auspex servers to the extensive list of infrastructure components we monitor is a tribute to Auspex's sophisticated instrumentation and an important step in our ability to give customers a full performance analysis of their Internet transaction processing operations," said Bill Martinson, ProactiveNet Vice President of Business Development. "It is imperative that we cover everything from the Web and applications server to the network, mail service, firewall and enterprise database, and the Auspex integration is a significant advance in our effort to help e-businesses run smoothly."

The ProactiveNet solution monitors all aspects of a company's e-business infrastructure down to the device and buffer level, including an unlimited number of URLs, back-end servers and extranet partners. It then determines the root cause of any performance degradation and sends an alarm to the designated administrator, allowing the specific source of a malfunction to be quickly identified and targeted for corrective action. ...Auspex Systems profile, ...ProactiveNet profile Announces the Launch of

NEW YORK - March 28, 2001 - Corporation today announced the launch of a new internally developed Web site:-

The launch of is sponsored by Veritas and StorageTek.

"When a new vertical market opportunity arises within the Internet industry, we can develop and serve the needs of these communities almost immediately," said chairman and CEO Alan M. Meckler. "The launches of (and - also launched today) continue's expansion of business and technology coverage of the Internet industry and information technology and will be valuable resources for our user audience as well as for"

Editor's note:- because the market is so large, there are going to be hundreds of storage portals, and many of them go deeper than we do into specific subject areas. It can be confusing, because they all have "storage" somewhere in the name. But remember, if you don't see the mice, then it's not STORAGEsearch

Maxtor's Disk-to-Disk Backup NAS

Mountain View, CA, March 27, 2001 - Legato Systems, Inc. and Maxtor® Corp. today announced a disk-to-disk data protection solution utilizing Legato NetWorker® that delivers fast, reliable backup and recovery for business critical information.

The Legato and Maxtor solution enables disk-to-disk backup from Windows-based desktops and servers to Maxtor MaxAttach NAS 4100, a Windows-based file server. This solution also simplifies centralized data management by transferring data from disk to disk instead of from disk to tape, and significantly reduces storage space requirements and increases performance.

"Maxtor is pleased that the MaxAttach NAS 4100 is the first NAS device certified by Legato as a backup target," said Victor Jipson, president of Maxtor's Network Systems Group. "The integration of Legato's NetWorker with Maxtor's high-density MaxAttach NAS 4100 reinforces our mutual commitment to provide cross platform, enterprise data protection solutions that support disk-to-disk backup up to Gigabit Ethernet speeds."

Because NetWorker features native support of disk-to-disk backup, the solution simplifies operations and reduces cost while increasing the speed of backup and recovery operations. Traditionally, tape storage has been used for data backup because it is the least expensive option. However, restoring data from tape is a cumbersome process, because the tapes must be read sequentially.

"With the introduction of cost-effective, highly-interoperable NAS devices such as the MaxAttach NAS 4100, Legato recognized the opportunity to provide small/medium-sized businesses and corporate departments with a fast data backup and restore previously found only in more costly solutions," said George Symons, vice president, product management and development, Legato Systems."

As the first vendor to offer off-the-shelf, disk-to-disk backup capability, we're building on our expertise in enterprise data protection to be first to market with a solution that can be easily deployed into customer environments." ...Legato Systems profile, ...Maxtor profile

Fujitsu's New Storage Software Company

Tokyo/Sunnyvale, March 27, 2001 - Fujitsu Limited today announced the launch of Fujitsu Software Technology Corporation (Fujitsu Softek), a new U.S.-based company designed to capitalize on the rapidly growing worldwide storage management software market.

Formed as part of the overall realignment of Fujitsu's North American IT infrastructure and services strategy, Fujitsu Softek combines intellectual property and operational resources from Fujitsu Limited and its wholly owned subsidiary, Amdahl Corporation. The new company will develop and market world-class, vendor-independent storage management software, adding to its industry leading products, such as Softek TDMF and Softek DR Manager software products, carried over from Amdahl's portfolio.

"Fujitsu's international business focus has been on investing in those business operations and markets that represent very high growth potential," said Fujitsu Limited's Junji Maeyama, Senior Vice President and Group President, Software Group. "The storage management software sector fits this profile and is an area where we are extremely well positioned to take a global leadership role."

Editor's comment:- As a long time observer of Fujitsu in the SPARC systems market, I have always been puzzled by the fact that a company which develops such excellent products, has often been not very good at marketing them. Or maybe it's just been difficult for any server company to compete head to head with Sun. Amdahl had some world leading storage software products, and the reorganization may be an attempt to let the software product people do their own thing without being slowed down by the rest of the organization.

...Later:- Softek was later spun off and then in 2007 was acquired by IBM

SANavigator Signs New Integrators

SAN JOSE, Calif. ­ March 27, 2001 ­ SANavigator Inc announced today that it has signed 3 new high-end integrators who will offer the company's vendor- and platform-independent SAN management application SANavigator in SAN installations. have all signed up to offer SANavigator.

SANavigator's latest version, SANavigator 1.6, is a Java-based storage management application that is vendor- and platform- independent, provides integration features for a variety of applications and operates as a host for other storage management applications, utilities and tools from major storage vendors. Its AutoDiscovery feature can perform a complete inventory of all SAN resources, even if the administrator is geographically remote from those resources. A manager can establish new zones, create redundant paths and conduct other management routines with just a few clicks of the mouse; a process that previously took several hours to accomplish.

"The response we have received to our SANavigator product, and the support from integrators, has been phenomenal," said Robert Wright, president and COO of SANavigator Inc. "These companies are renowned for their quality of service and innovative technology solutions, and by selecting SANavigator, can offer even more wide-ranging SAN/NAS hardware options to their customers."

"We were impressed by the combination of sophisticated functionality and simple, intuitive management of SANavigator," said Charlie Henke, alliance manager at Maryville Technologies. "We're offering SANavigator to our customers who are looking for the advantages of implementing a SAN without the frequent challenges in multi-vendor, multi-platform environments."

"Since we specialize in SANs, it is only natural that we offer the best possible SAN management applications to our customers," said Rich Baldwin, president and CEO of Nth Generation Computing, Inc. "SANavigator helps us fulfill our mission to provide the tools necessary for our customers to face the sometimes daunting task of managing mid-range to enterprise data storage networks."

Mike Flannery, President of SanOne, Inc., said, "SanOne is dedicated to maximizing return on our customers¹ storage investment. SANavigator is the natural complement to our DAMstor solutions, with easy deployment, vendor-neutral operation and a remarkable ROI value proposition."
...SANavigator profile

NSI Software Supports eServer xSeries

HOBOKEN, NJ – March 26, 2001 - NSI® Software today that its Double-Take® software solution will provide business continuity support, including high availability and disaster recovery capabilities, for IBM's new high-end eServer xSeries® 4-way and 8-way Intel® -based servers.

Double-Take® is the first business continuance product for the IBM Datacenter Solutions Program. Capturing and replicating only byte-level changes as they occur, Double-Take replicates selected files or entire storage devices from one or more source servers to one or more target servers across existing IP local or wide area networks. Its patented technology provides high availability for network servers, reduces or eliminates downtime and data loss with automatic failover, while enhancing the capabilities and performance of existing backup systems. Double-Take's failover capabilities allow network operations to resume immediately after a disaster, without user intervention, disruption or the complexities of restoring from tape.

Double-Take's modular architecture is designed to take full advantage of topologies ranging from intermittent WAN connections to high speed Fibre Channel-based SANs. For local and campus environments with high-speed server connections such as virtual interface architecture (VIA), Double-Take provides high-speed, real-time data replication with no impact on the production network.

"Data availability and recovery are crucial to ensuring business continuance for large enterprise mission-critical environments," said Nancy Williams, Director World Wide Solutions Marketing for IBM eServer xSeries. "We are confident that Double-Take meets the enterprise requirements for ensuring uninterrupted data availability for our xSeries customers." ...NSI® Software profile

See also:- ARMONK, N.Y.—March 23, 2001—IBM today solidified its position as a leader in high-end servers by introducing four new IBM systems based on the latest Intel® technology, completing the world's only single Intel server line offering customers scalability from one to 64 processors.

CNT Unveils UltraNet IP Storage Architecture

MINNEAPOLIS, March 26, 2001 - CNT® has announced its UltraNet® Internet Protocol Storage Architecture - core software technology embedded in the company's UltraNet hardware products that helps organizations take advantage of high-capacity data storage from within the open IP networking environments prevalent in today's enterprise-class businesses.

CNT claims that their IP Storage Architecture not only delivers the most efficient data movement in the industry, but also shifts the intelligence to the network for more effective management of storage.

Companies actively implementing an IP Storage environment face several issues - many of which only arise well into the installation. According to Mark Knittel, vice president of worldwide product operations at CNT, users need to look beyond the simple act of moving data over the network, and consider both the impact on performance and the ability to run business applications like disk mirroring, content distribution, backup/restore, and data migration.

"Simple 'bit-racing' technology vendors can't address these issues," he added. "We pioneered disk mirroring with our partner EMC back in 1997, and have since added several other industry 'firsts,' including remote disk mirroring over existing IP and Fibre Channel networks. We've spent years building experience in storage networking and understand the challenges companies face as they move to IP Storage."

"FCIP and iSCSI are both essential approaches to IP storage," said Greg Brashier, vice president of industry development, Strategic Research Corporation. "However, for IP storage to really take off, providers must solve performance problems and ensure high levels of data integrity. CNT's IP storage architecture is a major step toward meeting those goals."

"The UltraNet IP Storage Architecture leverages our leadership in storage networking and our pioneering efforts in providing solutions for IP Storage, including Fibre Channel IP (FCIP), and our upcoming support for iSCSI solutions," added Mark Knittel. "Most products move storage across IP without regard for the impact it might have on the storage application. Our architecture doesn't just move the data - it provides the tools and intelligence to manage network efficiency, guarantee data integrity, and assure optimum performance in local-, metro-, or wide-area networks," he added. ...CNT profile

Legato's New Chairman of the Board

Mountain View, CA, March 26, 2001 - The Board of Directors of Legato Systems, Inc. today announced the election of CEO David B. Wright as Legato's new Chairman of the Board.

Wright's election fills the vacancy created by the recent resignation of Louis C. (Lou) Cole.

"Lou Cole joined Legato as CEO more than 12 years ago, less than a year after the company was founded. Lou is responsible for the foundation of a strong and growing business at Legato today. Lou also personally led the recruitment of David Wright as his successor as Chairman and CEO, and leaves the Company with a strong and capable leadership team." said David N. Strohm, a founding investor and current Board member. "We are all grateful for the commitment and integrity which Lou has brought to the leadership of Legato over the past dozen years." ...Legato Systems profile, Storage People

Ikadega secures $8 million in funding

NORTHBROOK, Ill. — March 26, 2001 — Ikadega, Inc today announced it has secured $8 million in its first institutional round of funding, led by Chicago-based Kettle Partners with participation from BlueStar Ventures, Leo Capital Holdings and OCA Ventures.

This round of funding, which brings the total to $15 million Ikadega has received to date from various corporate and angel investors, will be used to expand senior management and engineering and to expedite the development of the suburban Chicago company's rich media content and data storage and delivery solutions.

"The underlying architectures of today's servers are data processing-oriented and not data transfer-oriented," said Michael Cahr, Ikadega president and CEO. "Ikadega's new technology, however, is designed from the ground up to overcome existing solutions' inherent weaknesses. It will be the first to provide the throughput content providers require, while at the same time enabling them to store massive amounts of rich media content and large data files closer to the user, which they've never be able to do before, with an unprecedented low total cost of ownership. This technology, along with the funding we just received and our extremely talented employees, will position Ikadega to become a dominant provider of high-performance, low-cost rich media content storage and delivery appliances."

Ikadega has developed a completely new, patent-applied-for, versatile fabric-based server architecture called DirectPath that is designed for economically storing and efficiently delivering rich media content and other large data files over the Internet and in other content distribution applications.

"With processor speeds doubling every 18 months, and disk drive capacity doubling at twice that rate, it was clear that processor-based data delivery architectures, with their inherent bus bottlenecks, were increasingly incapable of delivering the huge quantities of data already required by the expanding Internet," said Robert Phillips, Ikadega co-founder and CTO. "We took an entirely new approach to data transfer and created DirectPath, a unique, ultra-fast architecture that starts small, but is designed for massive expandability and scalability." ...Ikadega profile

ADVA Provides New Guidance for 2001

March 26, 2001. Martinsried/Munich, Germany; Ramsey/New Jersey, USA - ADVA Optical Networking (German Neuer Markt: ADV), a leading global provider of optical networking solutions, today announced new financial guidance for the year 2001.

The Company expects to generate sales of between EUR 110 to 120 million, as well as pro forma EBIT levels of breakeven. ADVA also rescheduled announcement of its 2000 earnings results, due to a delay in completing the final audited statements. In particular, the Company's four acquisitions and current six foreign subsidiaries extended the time frame required to reach completion. These results will be published on April 28, 2001. Due to the postponement of reporting audited 2000 financial results, ADVA has cancelled its annual press conference, originally to be held today at 10:00 a.m. CET at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany.

"Although we are seeing increasing demand for our solutions from service providers, ADVA is now expecting slower growth rates in customer spending for 2001 due to continued economic uncertainty and capital constraints particularly for our enterprise customers. We now expect to generate sales of between EUR 110 to 120 million," said Andreas G. Rutsch, ADVA's Chief Financial Officer. "We will continue to invest in our service provider sales and service team, but confirm earlier guidance for pro forma EBIT levels of breakeven. We will achieve breakeven by immediately stepping up further cost-saving initiatives." ...ADVA profile

Editor's note:- although we list ADVA in this directory as a storage company, their products are communications infrastucture, the same kind of companies which resulted in Cisco's stock downgrade recently.

Ideal Hardware Announces UK SAN Seminars

UK, March 23 2001 - Ideal Hardware has announced the launch of a series of open storage solutions events across the UK supported by more than 20 of its top vendors.

Bringing together the biggest ever collection of vendors in the SAN market, 'SANblast' will showcase a fully interoperable Open SAN using a variety of vendor components and will also feature a SAN master class to give an overview of Open SAN.

The 'SANblast' day-long events will be open to both resellers and corporate end-users. Commenting on the announcement Ian Lockhart, Ideal's enterprise business manager, said:

"SANs is a strategic issue which cannot be ignored. We realised that despite the significance of SAN to the corporate environment, there is a massive lack of awareness on selection and implementation of both software and hardware environments. With more than 20 major vendors participating, this will be a unique opportunity for resellers to understand the crucial points in selling and implementing SANs solutions. Additionally, a limited number of corporate end-users will be invited to the event." ... Ideal Hardware profile

See also:- Events & trade shows for details.

INRANGE Announces 128-Port FC Director

LUMBERTON, N.J., March 22, 2001 - INRANGE Technologies today announced general availability of the 128-port model of its IN-VSN™ FC/9000™ Fibre Channel Director, the industry's most scalable technology for building SANs.

The new FC/9000-128 SAN switch supports at least twice the capacity of its closest competitor, and offers users the highest-performance switching infrastructure on which to centrally manage and add storage resources, without interruption to business. FC/9000 technology has established great traction and driven rapid growth of INRANGE's Open Storage Networking line of business, which is expected to grow on the order of 175% in 2001, following 179% growth in 2000.

"The key letters in Storage Networking are R-O-I," noted INRANGE President and CEO Greg Grodhaus. "This comes from reduced management cost, non-disruptive growth strategies, and full, non-decreasing-throughput storage networks that are always on, always available. Director-based solutions are best suited to deliver that, enabling existing levels of IT staffing to manage exponentially growing storage resources most efficiently." ...INRANGE Technologies profile

Tandberg milestone 3 million SLR tape drives sold

Oslo, Norway, March 22, 2001 - Tandberg Data ASA today announced that it has shipped its third million SLR tape drive to the market.

This milestone reflects the proven, wide acceptance of SLR tape drive technology, SLRtape media and automation products. Over the past two decades, SLR technology has established itself as the industry standard in price-performance, reliability, scalability and backward compatibility in the tape storage market. In addition, Imation Corporation, Tandberg Data's media partner and co developer of SLR Technology estimates that over 20 million SLR cartridges have been shipped world-wide. SLR tape drives offers capacities from 525 MB to 100GB and up to 4TB with SLR automation. ...Imation profile, ...Tandberg Data profile

Cisco Sponsors Network Storage Conference

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.- March 22, 2001- Peripheral Concepts announced today that Cisco Systems will be a "platinum" sponsor at the Network Storage 2001 conference in Monterey, California from June 11 to June 14, 2001.

In its 8th year, the annual Network Storage conference has established itself as a premier forum for storage and storage networking topics. Over 300 leading industry experts, IT professionals, and vendors will attend to discuss the issues pertaining to storage system products, applications and solutions.

"Cisco's participation in important venues such as Network Storage 2001 is further proof of our increasingly active role in the storage industry," said Mark Cree, general manager of the storage router Business Unit and a panelist on the Executive Roundtable at NS 2001. "Our goal is to promote open, industry standards-based storage networking solutions and having a forum such as NS 2001 is a critical part of our communication strategy." ...Cisco Systems profile, ...Network Storage 2001 info

iSCSI is top storage search - new vendor directory

Editor - STORAGEsearch news, March 22, 2001 - iSCSI was the #1 term readers searched for during the first 3 weeks in March.

In February, it was #3. Although most of our readers prefer to use the directory, the site search-engine can be a good way for readers to defragment thousands of strands of data which appear in news stories, articles etc, which aren't all hard coded in the directory. The surge in user queries was significant, and we will add a new iSCSI directory page soon to reflect this interest. The top search terms were:
  • iSCSI - up from #3 in February
  • EMC - which is down from #1
  • NAS
  • RAID
  • SAN
  • DVD RW
  • LTO
iSCSI is a software package which emulates SCSI protocols, but the connection method is via an IP network instead of a direct SCSI compatible cable. SCSI is an intelligent protocol which enables data blocks to be read from or sent at high speed to a storage device such as a disk or tape drive. Early implementations of SCSI used ribbon cable and industry standard logic levels. The promise of iSCSI is that storage management software which was orginally written for the well established SCSI standard, can now be used to make a remote disk or tape drive on a network operate just like a local disk. The network can be a local area network such as ethernet, or even the Internet. The potential benefit is that users can connect to remote storage devices to replicate data without having to invest in writing huge amounts of new (buggy) software.

See also:- the new index page - iSCSI
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