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Maxell Now Shipping LTO Ultrium 2 Media.......................................................
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Maxell Now Shipping LTO Ultrium 2 Media

IBM Announces World's First 10-Terabyte Business Benchmark

BakBone Software Ranked in Top 10 Storage Software Companies

Exabyte Names Bill Hake Vice President of oem Sales

New Dataram Memory for HP Proliant Dl580 & Ml530 Servers

Storage Visions 2003 Conference Announces Keynote Speakers

Top 10 Storage Software Companies 2002/3

New EMC OnCourse Software

Storactive LiveBackup Speeds Real-Time Data Protection

Crossroads May be Delisted from Nasdaq

Rigid Disk Drive Component Demands Hit 5 Year Low

Gadzoox Expands OEM Partner Relationship in Germany

MTI's Vivant 400 Certified with IBM's FAStT700

MySQL & BakBone Forge Partnership

FalconStor's IPStor Affirmed by Novell

Novell and EMC Team to Keep Corporate Data Safe

Spinnaker Networks Joins Oracle PartnerNetwork

YottaYotta Sets Record for Disk-to-Disk Transfer

Micron Samples 128 Megabit Q-Flash Memory

Symantec Announces AntiVirus for NAS

TrueSAN Integrates Emulex's HBAnyware

iLumin Extends Archival Solution

Sony Serves up Storage for Video Editors

Silicon Storage Tech Unveils Low Fat Flash for Mobiles

earlier news (archive)
RAID systems
on STORAGEsearch
Megabyte found that tying lots of barrels together to cross the data stream worked well. And if one of them got punctured, the raft didn't sink.

View from the Hill

STORAGEsearch looks back on 2002

uring the worst days of the US IT recession in 2001, most optimistists were looking forward to a recovery in 2002 which would solve all their business problems...

Well, the recovery came, if you believe the economic data, but this didn't mark the end of storage company woes. When I looked at the financial results of the top 1,000 storage companies for my May article the fastest growing profitable STORAGE companies in the US - I found it difficult to find many companies which were actually making money, so the choice was limited. And I concluded that because of competitive pressure, storage prices in most cases were reflecting the aspirations of companies to grow market share rather than achieve profitability. I commented that for many vendors in the storage industry the recovery could be as bad as the recession.

If we needed any clearer confirmation of this, it came loud and clear from a series of financial results from EMC, the darling of the dotcom boom era, which showed that the company was reporting quarterly revenues at a run rate less than half its $9 Billion FY 2000 peak. So in 2002, EMC lost its leadership role as the model of a successful storage company. But was the recession the sole cause? Or were there underlying changes in the way that buyers were viewing storage vendors? My interpretation was that many of EMC's problems could be traced to the hundreds of other storage companies which were nibbling away at its target markets, and that it would never recover its once pre-eminent market share unless it could become the lowest cost supplier.

Still in the land of the giants, the month of May saw the merging of HP and Compaq into the world's largest storage company. By year end the only positives which had come out of the merger were the optimistic sounding aspirational pronouncements in HP press releases. But these sentiments belied the economic data coming out of the company and its partners. If shareholders and users were going to see benefits arising from the merger, they would have to wait another year to find out.

2002 was also the year in which we discovered that the number one emerging technology of 2001, iSCSI, was still mostly vaporware. Although dozens of companies announced their plans for TCP/IP Offload Accelerators, FCIP and iSCSI accelerators during the course of 2002, there was very little shipment of real tangible hardware products to users, something which we discovered when our advertising sales person knocked on the doors of the companies in the industry in the summer. As several distributors neatly summarised:- "If we can't ship it, because the manufacturer hasn't made it, then there's no point in us advertising these products." Manufacturers who were shipping products were shipping so few that they mostly reported they had little or no marketing funds to do any advertising at this stage in the market cycle.

However, the software side of the internet storage market continued growing apace. iSCSI and related software became the fuel for the holy grail of real-time offsite backup and data replication. RAID manufacturers found that by partnering with the right software company, they could find a new theoretical need for their boxes as disk to disk backup systems. The D2d niche originally pioneered by Nexsan Technologies was joined by a growing pack of other companies including Globalstor Data and ASACA. I wasn't sure whether users really would adopt the D2d network backup paradigm in large numbers until StorageTek announced its BladeStore disk subsystem in October. StorageTek, founded in 1969, has been around long enough to see many passing fads and in recent years the company has not the fastest off the starting block. So I reckon that their market research must have confirmed that disk to disk backup really is something that big storage users want to do.

There are no doubts about the #1 emerging storage technology in 2002. It was Serial ATA. We first started running news stories about Serial ATA in February 2001, and created a special directory page, featuring Megabyte's Auntie Wanda in November that year. But interest in Serial ATA remained low. As with most new emerging technologies, it's mainly marketers and systems developers who are interested until there's an imminent prospect of real products appearing. In July, it entered the top 10 directory subjects on STORAGEsearch, and in August hit #1, where it has been parked ever since.

The companies of the year in 2002, measured by STORAGEsearch reader pageviews on their company profile pages, were LSI Logic in the #1 slot, followed closely by Maxtor, IBM, Adaptec and Sony respectively.

That was the upside. On the downside the number of top 1,000 storage companies which had been acquired or gone bust since the millenium passed the 130 mark. Despite that venture capitalists continued to pour funds into even more storage start ups.

Surprisingly this year the number of storage related events didn't seem to drop off. Our events archive for 2002 looks just as packed as it did the year before. I can only assume that in a market where everything seems to be changing so fast, a lot of people value the insights they get from talking to other people in the same predicament and being able to touch and feel products to get an idea how real they are. As a leading publication in the industry this year we were proud to have sponsored the following storage expos and conferences:- IDC Storage Forum , Network Storage 2002, Storage World Conference 2002, Storage Expo 2002, Storage Visions 2003 and Server I/O 2003 (the latter two events take place next month in January 2003).

2002 was also the year when the rest of the IT publishing market finally caught onto the importance of the storage paradigm, and you could say it was the year of the storage portal bubble. The number of significant web based storage publications carrying advertising grew from a few dozen in 2001, to more than a hundred in 2002. It's hard to believe that there will be enough advertising dollars to sustain all this frantic activity, but it's going to be a big market, so there are many hopefuls out there.

And how did this affect the mouse site? It was hard to notice any significant change as our readership patterns as our readership once again doubled compared to the year before. And as we ended our 11th year as an IT directory publisher and 7th year as a dotcom, we were pleasantly surprised to see that once again we had achieved double digit revenue growth and were still profitable. Of course, we couldn't do this without the help of the thousands of you readers who contribute articles, ideas and raw content to the site, and without the help of our loyal and growing base of advertisers who have stuck with us in good times and in bad.

To all of you, thanks for taking the time to read STORAGEsearch. We hope you find it useful and will bookmark this web site so you can rejoin us after the holiday in the new year ahead. When, who know? The recovery might be for real.

BakBone Software
BakBone is a global company that develops high-performance storage software solutions including data backup/restore to tape and disk as well as optical storage management
FAIR LAWN, NJ - December 13, 2002 ­ Maxell Corporation of America today announced the immediate availability of its Maxell-branded Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Ultrium 2 data cartridges in North America.

With a native transfer rate of 20-40MB/sec and native capacity of 200 GB (40-80 MB/sec and 400 GB compressed), Maxell Ultrium 2 is only the second generation of a migration path which extends to native capacities of 800GB. LTO Ultrium 2 technology is backward compatible with earlier generations, allowing end users continued access to Ultrium 1 tape archives and providing investment security for years to come. The Maxell LTO Ultrium 2 data cartridge is capable of being used in all generation 2 Ultrium drives. Anticipated end user pricing is expected to be $130 - $135. ...Maxell profile

IBM Announces The World's First 10-Terabyte Business Intelligence Benchmark Result

SOMERS, NY - December 13, 2002 - IBM today announced the world's first 10-terabyte performance benchmark for business intelligence applications using IBM's DB2 database software running on a cluster of IBM eServer and IBM disk storage systems.

Based on the data warehouse industry standard TPC-H benchmark, IBM set the worldwide record, delivering a 10-terabyte business intelligence performance benchmark. Ten terabytes of data is equal to the size of the entire printed collection of the U.S. Library of Congress, or three billion pages of single-spaced text, which laid end-to-end, would encircle the earth 20 times.

With these benchmark results, IBM demonstrates DB2 combined with the pSeries eServer and storage has the ability to keep up data growth, providing rapid response for complex query workloads on a very large scale. The TPC-H benchmark result was achieved with five IBM eServer p690 systems with 32 POWER4 microprocessors each, 89.9-terabytes of IBM TotalStorage disk systems and IBM's DB2 database version 8.1. The result signals a new milestone in enterprise data warehousing and demonstrates the extreme scalability and speed of a p690 cluster and TotalStorage systems running with DB2. ...IBM profile

BakBone Software Ranked in Top 10 Storage Software Companies

Poole, UK - December 13, 2002 - BakBone Software is delighted to annouce that it has been ranked 4th place in STORAGEsearch.com's annual poll of storage software companies, beating rivals Legato Systems and Computer Associates.

Commenting about the company's second year in our top 10 storage software companies list, Andrew Unsworth, Managing Director EMEA, BakBone Software said "In an economic environment proving difficult for many storage companies, BakBone has shown yet another year of continued growth. 2002 has showed significant customer wins and continued success in markets throughout the world. We are thrilled that this success has been recognised by the industry and are proud to be listed in STORAGEsearch.com's top 10." ...BakBone Software profile

Exabyte Names Bill Hake Vice President of oem Sales

BOULDER, CO - December 13, 2002 - Exabyte Corporation today announced that Bill Hake has joined the company as Vice President of OEM Sales. In this role, Hake will be responsible for strengthening and expanding Exabyte's relationships with OEMs, a key element of Exabyte's business plan. Hake brings 25 years of experience in OEM sales, sales management, product line management, marketing and strategic planning to Exabyte's executive team.

Hake joins Exabyte from Iomega Corporation where he was Vice President of Americas and General Manager for the region. In that role, Hake was responsible for all sales and channel marketing activities, including OEM sales. Prior to this role, Hake was Vice President of Worldwide OEM Sales at Iomega where he was responsible for strategic management of key OEMs such as Apple, Compaq, Dell, Gateway and IBM. Prior to Iomega, Hake worked for Seagate and Maxtor, where he held Vice President-level positions in sales and marketing. Hake began his career at Motorola after earning an M.B.A. at Northwestern University and a B.B.A. at the University of Notre Dame.

"Building a strong relationship with the OEM community is a critical part of the Exabyte's corporate strategy, and Bill is the ideal person to build on the momentum we generated in 2002," said Tom Ward, president and CEO of Exabyte. "Bill brings tremendous experience in OEM sales to our team, and he will be an enormous asset to Exabyte as we strengthen our relationship with existing partners such as IBM and expand our relationships with other strategic OEMs." ...Exabyte profile

New Dataram Memory for HP Proliant Dl580 & Ml530 Servers

Princeton, NJ - December 12, 2002 - Dataram Corporation today announced immediate availability of an 8GB memory kit for the HP ProLiant DL580 G2 and a 4GB memory upgrade for the HP ProLiant ML530 G2.

The high-capacity memory kits, based on a new 2GB DIMM design with DDR technology, enable users to upgrade HP's popular servers to their maximum capacity while saving over 50%. ...Dataram profile

Storage Visions 2003 Conference Announces Keynote Speakers

December 12, 2002 - The Storage Visions 2003 Conference, held in Las Vegas January 7 -8, 2003, addresses data storage requirements for companies involved in creating multimedia content and distributing it to consumers through high speed data transfer systems.

The conference contains 16 in-depth sessions, panels and keynote talks. These include three sessions on Home Gateway technology organized by the Multimedia Research Group, Inc. To date, over 70 companies are involved in the sessions, exhibits and keynote addresses. The latest media delivery devices are explored in the Home Gateway sessions, showing how new video services, video storage technologies and delivery devices like PVRs, Home Gateways and Home Media Centers will make consumption of video content easier, faster and more user friendly.

Keynote speakers include Scott Burnett of the IBM Digital Media Group; George Wiley of Qualcomm, Ken Morse of PowerPC, Rob Pait of Seagate, and Lowell Moulton of Sony.

Storage Visions 2003 chairman, Tom Coughlin, stressed the technical focus of this year's conference and the unique networking opportunities, "Increased corporate revenues are linked to the uninterrupted flow of huge digital media files to a growing market of digital entertainment and information systems. There are radical changes in the storage networking market supporting content creation and content distribution. Also on the consumer-side rich content creation, mobile consumer electronic products, and home content sharing are becoming established as a market drivers and these products have their own data storage capacity and architecture requirements. Our mission is to bring together the entire content value chain to focus on new standards, products, and requirements for data storage in these applications. This allows productive and stimulating discussions among all stakeholders in this dynamic market"

The conference is sponsored by 24 companies and organizations including Seagate Technology, NDS, Computer Technology Review, United Entertainment Media, FCIA, MPEG-4 Forum, SMPTE, iVDR Consortium, Jobstor.com, and STORAGEsearch.com. To encourage registrations we are offering an early registration of $695, good until December 20, 2002. For groups of 7 or more registered together this drops to $595. Early bird exhibitor registration of $995 including one free conference pass is available until December 20, 2002. For on-line registration, agenda, and additional conference information please check the web site or call 805-898-3845 ...Coughlin Associates profile, ...Storage Visions 2003

Top 10 Storage Software Companies 2002/3

December 12, 2002 - STORAGEsearch.com today published the new edition of the "Top 10 Storage Software Companies" list and reference article.

There are four new companies on the list, which is ranked by reader pageviews during the last 6 months.

"This is the definitive list of which storage software companies our 0.5 million readers are most interested in" said Zsolt Kerekes, editor of STORAGEsearch. "After our venture capital readers have digested this article, I expect a number of companies not mentioned in this list, to be put on the block for sale. The hardening of the top slots in two successive years shows that many well funded storage startups are not going to break through the glass ceiling and that the market is maturing at the same time as adapting to important new technology trends." ...Squeak! - the Top 10 Storage Software Companies

New EMC OnCourse Software

Hopkinton, Mass.- December 11, 2002 - EMC Corporation today announced EMC OnCourse™, a new EMC Celerra software solution that enables organizations to centrally manage and automate the movement of files and data across geographically dispersed locations.

The new software delivers increased organization - and partner-wide information sharing efficiency and reduced operational costs. EMC OnCourse represents an automated, policy-based alternative to the time-intensive, unreliable methods of manual and scripted file distribution most companies employ today. OnCourse allows secure peer-to-peer file transfers between the Celerra family of NAS solutions, Windows powered NAS devices and servers, Unix servers, and Linux servers. OnCourse also integrates with existing infrastructure applications, such as CRM and ERP, to simplify and automate current manual data flows, while offering improved file transfer processes. OnCourse is available immediately and starts at $33,000. ...EMC profile

Storactive LiveBackup Speeds Real-Time Data Protection

MARINA DEL REY, Calif. - December 10, 2002 - Storactive Inc. today announced version 2.6 of Storactive LiveBackup®, the industry's only backup software that provides up-to-the-moment protection for critical workstation and mobile system data.

Designed to operate transparently to the user, administrator and network, the newly enhanced LiveBackup now offers even faster performance for automatic backups and simple-to-administer disaster recovery.

"With version 2.6, we have raised the performance bar for laptop and workstation data protection even further with real-time backups at lightning-fast speeds," said Tony Bautista, president and CEO, Storactive. "LiveBackup lets users and administrators know that their organization's critical client machine data is automatically protected in its most recent form for swift, reliable recovery." ...Storactive profile

Crossroads May be Delisted from Nasdaq

AUSTIN, Texas - December 10, 2002 - Crossroads Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: CRDS) received a Nasdaq Staff Determination on December 6, 2002 informing the company that it failed to comply with the $1.00 per share minimum bid price requirement for continued listing on the Nasdaq National Market and the company's common stock is, therefore, subject to delisting.

The minimum bid price requirement is the only Nasdaq listing requirement with which Crossroads is not in compliance.

Crossroads will request a hearing before a Nasdaq Listing Qualifications Panel to review the Staff Determination. According to Nasdaq procedures, the hearing date will be set, to the extent practicable, within 45 days of the request, and Crossroads will continue to trade on the Nasdaq National Market pending the panel's decision. If Crossroads is de-listed from the Nasdaq National Market, the company plans to apply for a listing on the Nasdaq SmallCap Market. ...Crossroads Systems profile

Rigid Disk Drive Component Demands Hit 5 Year Low

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - December 10, 2002 - Peripheral Research Corp. says that the demand for critical components (Magnetic Heads, Disks, Motors) for Rigid Disk Drives hit a five-year low in 2002 in their just released "2002-2003 Rigid Disk Drive Components Market and Technology Report".

The reduction in demand has occurred because the demand for Rigid Disk Drives has flattened out to about 195 million units per year for the past three years, and the industry effort to reduce the cost of these products with higher technology and lower component counts. This year's magnetic head shipments are expected to be approximately 640 million units industry wide, down from close to 900 million units in 1998. The rigid disk media numbers are similar with an expected shipment level of 330 million in 2002, down from approximately 500 million in 1998.

"It's a domino effect," stated Dennis Waid, President of Peripheral Research Corp., who has followed these markets since 1981. "The PC and Server markets have been slow, which has slowed the demand for storage products, which has slowed the demand for components."

In addition, the industry has been on a 60-100% per year increase in areal densities, which by nature reduces the number of Magnetic Heads and Disks in each drive. Today, the average number of Heads per disk drive is approximately 3.1, compared to 5.0 just a few years ago. The slowly growing Consumer Electronics market is expected to provide growth in the disk drive storage markets beginning in 2003-2004. The Consumer Electronics markets are today consuming about 20 million drives per year, which has allowed the industry to avoid mass reductions in shipment rates, but no growth. The growth should begin within the next few years.

The "2002-2003 Rigid Disk Drive Components Market and Technology Report" (185 pages) forecasts component levels from 2001 through 2005, and is available for $975.00 for the first copy and $150.00 for additional copies. ...Peripheral Research profile

Gadzoox Expands OEM Partner Relationship in Germany

Santa Clara, Calif. - December 10, 2002 - Gadzoox Networks, Inc. announced today that Transtec (one of Europe's top 10 distributors) has chosen Gadzoox Networks' 2Gb Slingshot Open Fabric Fibre Channel (FC) switches to offer as part of transtec's storage solutions.

"The economy has pushed customers to closely review their buying decisions and focus on two key requirements - value and technology - this is where Gadzoox Networks has always excelled," stated Steve Dalton, President and CEO of Gadzoox Networks. "We are expanding our partnerships with industry leaders like Transtec who recognize these requirements and can provide solutions to answer the market demand."

"Transtec has a reputation of building solutions with proven and leading edge technology," said Dieter Weißhaar, CEO of transtec. "We are looking to Gadzoox Networks to provide both proven Fibre Channel connectivity and the fastest speeds available for storage networking with their Slingshot switch product line." ...Gadzoox Networks profile, ...Transtec profile

MTI's Vivant 400 Certified with IBM's FAStT700

Anaheim, Calif. - December 10, 2002 - MTI Technology Corp. announced today it now has interoperability and long-term customer support certified by the SNIA Supported Solutions Forum (SSF).

With the signing of mutual support agreements by MTI, IBM Corp., Brocade Communications Systems, Inc., FalconStor Software, Inc. and Veritas Software Corp., customers of MTI Vivant 400 and IBM FAStT700 storage solutions have best-of-breed options for local heterogeneous mirroring and data migration between heterogeneous systems (MTI-to-IBM or IBM-to-MTI), as well as long-distance remote replication via an IP network, including heterogeneous replication (IBM-to-MTI) and homogeneous mirroring (MTI-to-MTI).

The capabilities are part of a new interoperability solution – registered by SNIA's SSF and aimed at midrange storage customers – enables users to combine and easily support multi-vendor storage systems in their data networks and protect their vital corporate data with offsite backup. The solution resulted from cooperative testing by MTI, IBM, Brocade, FalconStor and Veritas. The MTI-IBM combination is an ideal fit for the two companies' mutual storage customers, with IBM's FAStT700 and MTI's Vivant 400 both providing fast 2 gigabits-per-second Fibre Channel technology and utilizing Brocade fabric switches.

"We're happy to be part of the SSF and the climate of cooperation that fosters such interoperability," said Phil Ruff, MTI's vice president of engineering. "Most cooperative certifications are very point-in-time specific, but here you have multiple vendors working together and guaranteeing the support and serviceability of the solution, both now and ongoing." ...MTI Technology profile, ...SNIA profile

MySQL & BakBone Forge Partnership

POOLE, UK - December 10, 2002 - BakBone Software and MySQL GmbH have formed an alliance partnership in Germany with the aim of identifying joint sales and marketing opportunites.

BakBone Software is the only backup software company to provide a backup application plugin module for MySQL databases running on Linux, FreeBSD and Microsoft Windows NT/2000. The new alliance provides NetVault customers with a high performance, reliable and easy to use hot backup and recovery solution for protecting corporate data running on a MySQL database. MySQL databases are attracting interest not only from the open source community but also from many larger organisations.

This news represents an extension of MySQL and BakBone's ongoing commitment to provide application-specific support to the Linux community and shows that Linux is rapidly gaining presence within the enterprise community. BakBone's MySQL application plugin module is a full-feature solution offering online backups of MySQL databases.

"This is particularly of interest to ISPs. They can't afford to let their servers go down to carry out backups. They have to have their systems up and running around the clock. BakBone's MySQL APM will let them do that". comments BakBone's Sales Account Manager in Germany, Michael Stanscheck.

BakBone's complete line of NetVault APMs ensure continuous availability of data by providing fast online backup and recovery for a wide range of business-critical applications including MySQL, DB/2, SAP R/3, MS Exchange, MS SQL, NDMP, Oracle, Informix, Lotus Notes and many more. BakBone supports these APMs on a vast array of operating systems. ...BakBone Software profile, ...MySQL

FalconStor's IPStor Affirmed by Novell

MELVILLE, N.Y. - December 10, 2002 - FalconStor Software, Inc. today announced that IPStor has received Novell's "Yes, Tested and Approved" compatibility designation.

As a partner in the Novell DeveloperNet Program, FalconStor provides Novell with storage products for certification. Through its "Yes, Tested and Approved" compatibility certification program, Novell tests and approves third-party products as compatible with Novell's product line. FalconStor's IPStor complements Novell Cluster Services, Novell Storage Services and Novell NetDevice (now part of Novell Nterprise Branch Office) products, and also helps NetWare customers consolidate their storage while providing business continuity.

With IPStor, storage resources for NetWare servers deployed both in clustered mode and individually can be centralized in the primary data center, replicated to an off-site location, and be mirrored over a Fibre Channel or iSCSI network. IPStor fully supports Novell Cluster Services by allowing multiple servers to have access to the same, shared storage devices. In addition, IPStor brings its own level of storage protection to the Novell environment by providing synchronous data mirroring for aggregated and provisioned devices. If a primary volume fails, the IPStor Server continues to function using its mirrored copy. IPStor's TimeMark option can also be leveraged to create point-in-time images of any NetWare virtual drive, while IPStor's Zero-Impact Backup Enabler option allows NetWare servers on the IPStor SAN to benefit from performance increases and the elimination of overhead associated with backup/restore operations, since the command and data paths are rendered exclusively local to the IPStor Server. ...FalconStor Software profile, ...Novell profile

Novell and EMC Team to Keep Corporate Data Safe

Provo, Utah & Hopkinton, Mass. - December 10, 2002 - Novell and EMC today announced a joint solution to help customers secure the valuable information stored on their corporate PCs, particularly laptops that are especially vulnerable to being lost or stolen.

The combination of Novell® iFolder™ and EMC Automated Networked Storage enables business continuity and avoids costly data loss by backing up and securing corporate data without relying on action by the end user. Many companies rely on end users to back up data, but research indicates that up to 92% of all business PCs are not being backed up at all. Novell iFolder automatically backs up critical data to EMC Symmetrix® and CLARiiON® networked storage systems, providing worry-free protection and ensuring user files are always secure and up to date.

In addition to backing up a user's files, Novell iFolder makes those files always available, anywhere, on any Internet-enabled machine. It also synchronizes those files across all types of networks and on any computer the user chooses, meaning a user truly has access to the latest information wherever he or she may be. Novell iFolder runs on Linux, Solaris and Windows NT/2000 as well as Novell NetWare. ...EMC profile, ...Novell profile

Spinnaker Networks Joins Oracle PartnerNetwork

PITTSBURGH, PA - December 10, 2002 - Spinnaker Networks, Inc. today announced that it has joined the Oracle PartnerNetwork to provide network attached storage for Oracle users.

The Spinnaker SpinServer 3300 is a revolutionary NAS solution that eliminates the complexities of storage management inherent in traditional NAS architectures, while offering unprecedented capacity and performance. Oracle PartnerNetwork is a global business network of more than 12,000 companies who deliver innovative enterprise software solutions based on Oracle software. Through access to Oracle¹s premier products, education, technical services, marketing and sales support, the Oracle PartnerNetwork provides partners with the resources they need to be successful in today's Internet economy.

"The Oracle PartnerNetwork strengthens Spinnaker¹s relationship with Oracle, and demonstrates Spinnaker¹s commitment to our growing customer base of Oracle users," said Deborah Jones, director of Strategic Alliances at Spinnaker Networks. "Through our collaboration with Oracle, Spinnaker is creating validated storage solutions for our joint customers, ensuring a reliable NAS platform that addresses Oracle users¹ demands for data reliability, scalability and performance." ...Oracle profile, ...Spinnaker Networks profile

YottaYotta Sets Record for Disk-to-Disk Transfer

KIRKLAND, Wash - December 10, 2002 - YottaYotta today announced a new world record for TCP disk-to-disk data transfer using the company's NetStorager System.

The bulk data transfer used a Storage Wide Area Network architecture consisting of conventional fiber channel over TCP/IP encapsulation. The record-breaking demonstration transferred 5 terabytes of data between Chicago, Illinois to Vancouver, British Columbia and Ottawa, Ontario, at a sustained average throughput of 11.1 gigabits per second. Peak throughput exceeded 11.6 gigabits per second.

These results are more than 15-times faster than previous records for TCP transfer from disk-to-disk. The average utilization of available bandwidth was in excess of 93%, with available WAN bandwidth being the primary constraint on transmission. This record was achieved in conjunction with seven key partners: CANARIE, WestGrid, BCNET, StarLight, Netera Alliance, The Logistical Computing and Internetworking Laboratory at the University of Tennessee and The Physics Department at Carleton University.

"This is a new world record, equivalent to transferring all printed collections from the Library of Congress within two hours time," said Wayne Karpoff, vice president and CTO for YottaYotta. "It's proof that YottaYotta uniquely enables the global sharing of massive amount of information in ways that today's business applications and recovery schemes require. Additionally, emerging GRID computing schemas will demand the type of data accessibility and transfer that YottaYotta is delivering today." ...YottaYotta profile

Micron Samples 128 Megabit Q-Flash Memory

Boise, Idaho - December 9, 2002 - Micron Technology, Inc., today announced sample availability of 128 Megabit (Mb) Q-Flash™ memory, a competitive, fully pin-and-function compatible, alternative source to Intel's StrataFlash® devices.

This product is part of the Q-Flash family of high-density, even-sectored Flash devices; adding the 128Mb version to the already available 32Mb and 64Mb densities. Micron anticipates volume production in Q3-2003. ...Intel profile , ...Micron Technology profile

Symantec Announces AntiVirus for NAS

Cupertino, CA - December 9, 2002 - Symantec Corp. today announced Symantec AntiVirus for NetApp Filers and Symantec AntiVirus for Network Appliance NetCache.

Based on the award winning technology in Symantec AntiVirus Scan Engine 4.0, the solutions provide IT Administrators with the fast, scalable, and reliable virus protection required to confidently safeguard network resources and information stored on Network Appliance storage and content delivery appliances.

Symantec AntiVirus for NetApp Filers allows for one scanner to support multiple filers. The solution reduces hardware and administrative costs while providing real-time protection of valuable data from damage or deletion due to virus infection, and decreasing the probability of an expensive data recovery operation if an outbreak occurs. In addition, the Central Quarantine feature allows administrators to redirect all irreparable, virus-infected files to a safe area on a centralized server for further inspection.

Symantec AntiVirus for Network Appliance Net Cache can safely and more efficiently accelerate information access and distribution reducing threats to the network. The use of the Internet and corporate Intranets to access and distribute information presents dangerous conduits for virus infection within an enterprise. For example, viruses such as Code Red and Nimda enter into corporate networks as attachments to web pages and as part of downloadable files. Web-based e-mail can pose an additional threat to enterprise networks if not subjected to the same scanning policy in use for the enterprise's e-mail systems. When deployed at the Internet gateway, Symantec AntiVirus for Network Appliance NetCache provides high-performance virus protection for both HTTP and FTP traffic passing through the NetCache appliances. Via seamless integration using Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) 1.0, Symantec AntiVirus for Network Appliance NetCache scans this traffic and repairs infected files and data before they are stored on the NetCache appliance and served to multiple users. ...Network Appliance profile, ...Symantec

TrueSAN Integrates Emulex's HBAnyware

Costa Mesa, CA and San Jose, CA - December 9, 2002 - Emulex Corporation today announced TrueSAN will integrate Emulex's centralized HBA management suite, HBAnyware™, into its Cloudbreak software platform to provide enhanced SAN management functionality. TrueSAN will utilize HBAnyware to streamline the discovery and management of Emulex host bus adapters across multiple operating systems and the servers in which they operate.

Emulex's HBAnyware complements third party management applications by providing full visibility to the SAN, enabling dynamic access to critical SAN information, such as port attributes, link status and discovery information. Additionally, HBAnyware leverages Emulex's unique HBA architectural capabilities by enabling firmware upgrades to any or all HBAs in the SAN from a single console. In addition, HBAnyware is fully backwards compatible with more than 800,000 Emulex Fibre Channel HBAs which have been deployed in customer networks.

"Emulex's HBAnyware management suite is an exceptional tool, and provides the critical intelligence that is required to help simplify management of large-scale SANS," said Tom Isakovich, TrueSAN President and CEO. "Emulex's APIs enable quick and seamless integration of HBAnyware functionality into our Cloudbreak software solution." ...Emulex profile, ...TrueSAN Networks profile

iLumin Extends Archival Solution

RESTON, VA - December 9, 2002 - iLumin Software Services, Inc. today announced its newest product, Assentor Enterprise, a revolutionary enterprise message management solution.

Assentor Enterprise is built to integrate seamlessly with core components of Assentor Compliance, iLumin's industry leading message surveillance and compliance solution, and is an enterprise level solution for managing, monitoring, archiving, searching and controlling the delivery and expiration of information communicated through corporate messaging systems.

In the wake of recent investigations by the New York State Attorney General, SEC, NASD and NYSE regarding communications that exposed conflicts of interest between published research and internal conversations, financial services firms are faced with the very real possibility that failure to manage and archive all electronic communications (i.e. email and instant messages) can result in highly publicized corporate exposure with significant fines levied against offenders.

Like a good insurance policy that protects a firm against unexpected disasters and devastation, Assentor Enterprise has been developed to protect firms from unexpected exposure and misconduct fines and allegations due to the failure to supervise and archive all inbound, outbound and internal messages. Designed to handle the ever-growing amount of electronic communications produced by financial services firms, Assentor Enterprise can accommodate more than 2 million messages per day and archive more than 100 GB of data per day in a high availability and high performance fashion.

Assentor Archive combines automation of inbound, outbound, and internal message collection and integrated support for mass storage with the ability to intelligently index content and manage the retention period of messages and attachments.

Personal Mailbox Manager – automatically archives individual mailbox messages and provides individual mailbox owners access and management of their mail from the Assentor Archive repository without burdening the Enterprise mail system or risking the loss of business intelligence or exposure caused by locally stored .pst files. ...iLumin profile

Sony Serves up Storage for Video Editors

LOS ANGELES - December 9, 2002 -Sony Electronics is simplifying the workflow process for Mac-based video editors with its new Rough Cut Advanced Video Editing Storage kit, a complete solution built around the AIT data storage format.

The Rough Cut kit lets editors collect, back up and archive their work throughout the editing process by storing all their project elements together as data files. If an editing project is interrupted or requires revisions - even years later - the project can be restored on the editing station with all the source elements, time coding, and work intact, eliminating the need to collect, load or re-digitize any material. Because the materials are stored in data formats, there is no loss in quality - the project is literally just as the editor left it!

The first releases of the Rough Cut video editing storage kits are designed specifically for post-production workers using Apple Macintosh-based systems. They are compatible with not only Apple's Final Cut Pro editing software, but also selected software from AVID, Adobe, Media 100 and DigiDesign, among others. The solution has minimum requirements of Mac G3 computers or higher, as well as Mac OS X, version 10.2, or earlier to Mac OS 9 operating systems.

"Sony is in a unique position because we can use our expertise in both A/V and IT to deliver a true solution for video storage," said Kevin Handerson, director of marketing for Sony Electronics' Business Solutions and Systems Company. "The Rough Cut kit is an engine to reduce re-work and help satisfy clients. Managers will value the way this solution boosts productivity and streamlines workflow. Editors benefit because they can focus on delivering their most effective and creative work - not on re-digitizing, re-loading and re-creating files."

The kit includes an AIT-2 drive with i.LINK IEEE 1394 and USB 2.0 interfaces, Mezzo ES Generation 4 backup software for Macintosh, an assortment of 10 AIT cartridges, and all necessary cabling for simple installation with existing Mac platforms. As an additional bonus, initial shipments will include two sample writable Sony DVDs. For reliable tape archiving, and fast file retrieval, the Rough Cut video editing storage kit relies on AIT technology. Sony's initial AIT-2-based Rough Cut video editing storage solution, identified by the model number RCUT210A/MAC, will be available in April 2003. ...Sony profile

Silicon Storage Tech Unveils Low Fat Flash for Mobiles

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - December 9, 2002 - Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. today announced a new packaging solution that will enable the company to deliver a wide range of flash products in the industry's smallest and thinnest form factors.

Available in 4 mm x 6 mm, 48-contact footprints, SST's new Micro-Package offerings include a 0.73-mm-height Ball Grid Array and a 0.52-mm-height Land Grid Array form factor. Both Micro-Packages have been optimized for space-restricted applications such as Bluetooth modules and mobile devices, where size is of critical importance. These packages represent a new paradigm in packaging for flash memory products. According to SST, the new lightweight Micro-Packages provide the thinnest flash packages and, in most densities, also the smallest platform size available in the flash industry today.

The two Micro-Packages are 50% smaller than SST's industry-leading 6 mm x 8 mm BGA packages. In addition, SST's Micro-Packages both have the same 0.5 mm contact pitch and the same pin outs spanning all the way from 1 to 32 Mbits. This density-independent pin out means that customers can easily migrate device density, get to market more quickly and take advantage of any future die shrinks or other cost reductions without redesigning their board-level products. ...Silicon Storage Technology profile

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