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storage history - 2002, March week 1

Tricord Systems Announces Cluster-to-Cluster Replication
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View from the Hill:- It's M & A Time Again

Editor:- March 6, 2002

Mergers and acquisitions activities in the storage market seem to have picked up pace again recently.

Just in the last couple of weeks we've had announcements about tape backup companies LAND-5 merging with Tandberg Data, and in the web storage market Xdrive acquired Freedrive. Meanwhile in the storage software market Legato Systems said it wanted to acquire OTG Software. Later this month we have shareholders voting on one of the biggest of all, the proposed HP-Compaq merger... If such things interest you can see our very long list of who's been acquiring storage companies.

When you see more of these announcements it's a sign that somebody (in the acquiring company) is optimistic about future market prospects, which you may read as a plus vote for the market picking up. But most mergers aren't successful, and the storage market is no exception. If we look back at some of the more than 100 storage company acquisitions in the last year or so, we can see that the management running very large corporations are often no better at seeing a vision of the future and executing than you or I.

Here are just a few examples:-

  • Quantum's HDD Unit merged with Maxtor. But in the 12 months ending December 29, 2001, the new "enlarged" company reported revenues more than $2 billion lower than the two companies achieved separately the year before. In addition to losing market share in 2001, the new company racked up losses of over $646 million.
  • Sun Microsystems bought a bunch of companies including Cobalt Networks, HighGround Systems and LSC. But that didn't stop Sun losing storage market share probably just as fast as it would have done without these acquisitions, just as we predicted before all this buying started. No one believed Sun was a serious storage company then, and they don't now.

    But Sun has recently tried to leverage the HighGround business as a credible launching pad for Sun's new Linux business. If you haven't heard of it, don't worry. I don't think many people believe that Sun is a credible Linux/Pentium server company either, no more than you would believe Microsoft if it launched into the Linux /SPARC business. But Sun's in a bit of a mess at the moment, so it's got to try some new tricks, which don't cost too much.
  • Exabyte is in the "still to be decided category". Exabyte thought it was a good idea to acquire Ecrix, when Compaq decided last year to drop Exabyte's tape drives and replace them with Ecrix's VXA. Similarly the Ecrix managers were looking at the prospect of running a bigger publicly owned company with a bigger VAR channel. But if the HP-Compaq merger does go ahead this month, then it's most likely that HP will drop Exabyte tape drives ASAP and the new Exabyte will most likely speed into bankruptcy by the summer.

I hope you'll stay tuned to this news page to see what happens next.

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Squeak! - Animal Brands and Metaphors in the Storage Market
Squeak! - Animal Brands and Metaphors in the Storage Market
Animal marketing metaphors are popular in service industries, but you'd be surprised how many companies have used animals in their marketing of data storage products and services.

The storage market was worth over $150 billion in 2005, and as it gets bigger - more companies will turn to animal brands to help differentiate their otherwise bland products and lend them artificial (or deserving) characters and virtues.

The idea behind this type of marketing is to suggest positive connotations so it's unlikely that anyone will choose to associate their products with gremlins. But you may be surprised by the population of the storage ark.

This reference articles lists all known companies who have furry marketing brands, and also includes some which are slimy, scaly and scary too. the article, Mice in storage
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - March 7, 2002 - Tricord Systems, Inc today announced enhanced protocol support and the general availability of a replication feature in Illumina that will allow customers to use Lunar Flare appliances for business continuance and online backup.

Tricord replication enables customers to maximize their business continuity by distributing their data between two Tricord clusters. In the event of a disaster, user access can be switched to the mirrored cluster within minutes, allowing business operations to continue almost uninterrupted. Cluster-to-cluster replication can also be used for online backup. Lunar Flare clusters are priced affordably, making it realistic to support disk-based backup as the first stage of a multi-tiered backup environment.

Tricord's near real-time mirroring is supported between clusters separated by a LAN or WAN. Replication performance is optimized to take advantage of the highly parallel nature of the Tricord clustered architecture. The feature is built upon an enhanced version of the internet-standard rsync protocol. The current cluster-to-cluster replication offering represents the initial phase of Tricord's comprehensive disaster recovery/business continuance efforts; a subsequent release will support cross-platform replication to Tricord clusters.

"Business continuance is a leading concern for IT departments today," said Keith Thorndyke, president and CEO, Tricord Systems. "Our replication feature offers customers the peace of mind of off-site, mirrored storage, at a much more affordable price than the enterprise vendors. Tricord can now allow customers to be back up and running within a matter of minutes, as opposed to hours or even days." ...Tricord Systems profile

BakBone Appoints Fred G. Moore to Board

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - March 6, 2002 - BakBone Software™ announced today the appointment of Fred G. Moore, president Horison Information Strategies, located in Boulder, Colorado, to its board of directors.

Moore, a data-storage expert with more than 20 years in the industry, founded Horison Information Strategies as an information technology executive consulting firm specializing in long-range strategic planning. In addition, Moore will also serve as chairman of BakBone's Strategic Advisory Board, to assist the company in shaping its long-term objectives.

Moore began his career at StorageTek as the company's first systems engineer and advanced to corporate Vice President of Strategic Marketing. He is an award-winning keynote speaker sought after by storage conferences worldwide. In addition, Moore is also editor-in chief of Storage for West World Productions, Hollywood California.

"We are pleased to welcome Fred to our board of directors," said Keith Rickard, President and CEO. "Fred is an acknowledged and respected expert in the data-storage field. He has authored numerous white papers and his extensive industry expertise and perspective on key components of the storage networking industry will be a great asset to BakBone, its customers and its shareholders." ...BakBone Software profile, ...Horison Information Strategies, Storage People

Grau Data Introduces Entry-Level Storage

LOUISVILLE, Colo. ­ March 6, 2002 ­ Grau Data Storage today unveiled its newest member of the award-winning Infinistore® Virtual Disk (IVD) family, the IVD-E.

The IVD-E is a complete entry-level storage system that includes storage management software, policy-based storage administration, RAID-5 data cache server and tape automation. With the addition of an application server within the IVD-E's chassis, the IVD-E can grow to become a turnkey appliance for application-specific computing.

The IVD-E offers all the features and functions of the original Infinistore in capacities from 1 to 6 TB, and a compact, rack-mountable 22U enclosure. Unlike traditional network attached or RAID storage, the IVD-E incorporates all the key components required to efficiently and reliably manage and store data ­ at a price less than $0.02 per MB. The IVD-E can also serve as a complement to provide additional capacity in multiple IVD environments or automatic data replication to remote IVD units.

"In addition to providing full-featured managed storage in smaller capacities, the IVD-E gives Grau the ability to package vertical solutions, significantly expanding opportunities in the channel and options for end users," said Mike Holland, President of Grau Data Storage. "For resellers, integrating data management applications within the IVD-E allows us to custom-design IVD-E for a host of environments and uses."

The IVD-E is available now. Pricing starts as low as $76,000 including a full 12-month, same-day, on-site warranty plus 24-hour help desk support. ...GRAU Data Storage profile

Dataram and GE Access Announce European Partnership

Princeton, NJ - March 6, 2002 - Dataram Corporation today announced that it has extended its distribution agreement with GE Access to cover the European market.

The agreement, which originally covered the US, has been designed to significantly reinforce Dataram's presence in the European memory market for servers and workstations, currently estimated at US$345 million. Under the terms of the agreement, GE Access will focus primarily on Dataram's memory products for Sun Microsystems and Silicon Graphics servers and workstations. The move is also part of GE Access' commitment to providing a consistently high level of service and product to its customers across the globe.

Dataram and GE Access share similar business philosophies as it relates to joining forces with reliable, experienced business partners," said Lars Marcher, vice president of Dataram. "Our goal is to expand Dataram's penetration of overseas markets with the support of highly respected partners, known for the same level of commitment to customer satisfaction. GE Access' market strengths, combined with Dataram's existing marketing presence in most European countries, will make for a formidable partnership." ...Dataram profile, ...GE Access profile

Infinity I/O Offers Storage Training in Australia

Reading, UK and Melbourne, Australia - March 6, 2002 - Infinity I/O announces the opening of a new joint venture in Australia based in Melbourne.

Infinity I/O has been the market leader in providing this vendor neutral networked storage training, through its facilities in the USA and Europe, since 1998 and has launched an aggressive program to widen the geographic coverage it offers. Infinity I/O delivers storage network training throughout the world via a combination of regional partnerships, joint ventures and direct offices.

The impetus behind this global expansion program has been the industry's first Open System certification program. This certification program, which has been developed and is delivered by Infinity I/O, has been endorsed by the SNIA as their Fibre Channel SAN Certification - a vendor neutral qualification for industry professionals. In order to meet the anticipated demand for Networked Storage training generated by the certification program and the explosion in data storage capacity, Infinity I/O is now seeking to establish coverage with partners throughout the world.

Infinity I/O Senior Vice-President of Corporate Development 'Sam' Samuel, "This is a major new step for us as a company. We recognise the importance of the Asia Pacific market. This move puts a vital piece in place to extend our program for having global infrastructure for training delivery"

Jon Pope who already has an unsurpassed reputation for delivering networked training in the Asia Pacific area will head Infinity I/O Pty Ltd.. Jon Pope said, "This is an exciting move which brings the Infinity I/O training directly to the Asia Pacific region for the first time. The market for networked storage continues to boom and one of the main threats is a lack of skills in the workforce. Our training addresses this and prepares students to obtain an internationally recognised qualification. We have already delivered training throughout Australia and in Singapore and we are now starting to deliver in Japan." ...Infinity I/O profile

Overland and Emulex Secure 2Gb/s SAN Interoperability

March 6, 2002 - Overland Data, Inc. today announced that it has certified Emulex Corporation's LightPulse 2Gb/s LP90002L host bus adapters (HBAs) for use in 2Gb/s SAN environments featuring Overland tape libraries.

During certification testing, the 2 Gb/s SANs were powered by Emulex LP90002L HBAs, Overland's Fibre Channel Option (FCO) card and a 2 Gb/s switch, all run on Computer Associates' BrightStor Enterprise Backup for Windows NT/2000 software. All configurations utilised Overland's 2 Gb/s Fibre Channel Option card, and backed up data to Overland's Neo LXN2000 and Neo LXN4000 modular nonstop tape libraries.

Overland and Emulex have worked together before to provide connectivity solutions utilising VERITAS Backup Exec for Windows NT/2000 in a 1 Gb/s SAN. Overland has previously certified Emulex Fibre Channel HBAs, including the LP8000, LP850, and the 2Gb/s LP952L, to diversify its 1-2 Gb/s SAN offerings in Windows NT/2000 and Solaris environments.

"Working with Emulex to certify its Fibre Channel HBAs certainly helps solidify our already strong position in the 2 Gb/s arena," said Dave Morton, director of product management, Overland Data. "Working closely with Emulex brings another dimension to our 2 Gb/s and serverless backup leadership, and will help us deliver to our customers the most comprehensively tested and interoperable solutions available." ...Emulex profile, ...Overland Data profile

Editor's note:-
Emulex has been busy qualifying tape library companies recently. See also:- yesterday's news about StorageTek.

Nexsan to Show at CeBIT

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. - March 6, 2002 - Nexsan Technologies today announced that it will join three of its strategic partners in exhibiting at CeBIT 2002 in Hannover, Germany, March 13-20.

Nexsan joins Cristie Data Products in Hall 8, Stand B 03; Topmedia in Hall 16, Stand C 22; and LSK Storage in Hall 21, Stand D05 in their exhibits to showcase the company's innovative line of disk-based storage systems. ...Cristie Data Products profile, ...LSK Storage, ...Nexsan Technologies profile, ...Topmedia, Storage Events

StorageTek Selects Emulex LP9002L Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters

COSTA MESA, Calif., and LOUISVILLE, Colo. - March 5, 2002 - Emulex Corporation announced today that StorageTek has selected its LightPulse® LP9002L Fibre Channel HBA to provide FICON connectivity in its enterprise storage disk array system.

After successfully completing a rigorous testing and evaluation period, StorageTek qualified the Emulex 2Gb/s LP9002L PCI host bus adapter based on its ability to provide maximum performance, reliability and support for a broad array of operating systems.

"Our storage solutions are designed to protect customers' mission critical information while achieving the highest levels of performance, and we selected the Emulex 2Gb/s LP9002L host bus adapter to ensure maximum scalability, reliability and robustness," said Tim Steadman, StorageTek director of Corporate Alliances. "Emulex has risen to the challenge of providing a solid connectivity solution to meet the needs of our enterprise storage customers, and we are looking forward to further expanding our technology partnership with Emulex as new product generations emerge." ...Emulex profile, ...StorageTek profile, Fibre-channel adapters

BiTMICRO and CENATEK collaborate on PCI SSD

FREMONT, Calif. - March 5, 2002 - BiTMICRO Networks, Inc. and CENATEK, Inc. announced today, a technology and marketing partnership to investigate developing a hybrid solid state disk storage solution that brings together the best in flashdisk storage and PCI bus-attached SSD technology.

The companies plan to deliver a unique and highly efficient storage solution with the best price/performance ratio possible. CENATEK and BiTMICRO hope their ongoing partnership will be the first example of how the storage industry is focused on delivering products that serve the needs of their customers. They are working together to make the highest performance SSD storage more affordable and its availability a reality.

"CENATEK is excited about the opportunity to partner with BiTMICRO," noted Dustin Bogue, Executive Vice-President at CENATEK. "Coupling our strengths through this partnership allows us to combine our efforts to raise industry awareness about high speed, high availability, and affordable solid state storage."

Both companies expect the pricing for this solution to be consistent with each of their existing storage offerings, BiTMICRO's high-availability E-Disk® and CENATEK's high speed, PCI bus-attached Rocket Drive™, SSD products respectively. Prices are likely to range between $1000 to $2000 per gigabyte. ...BiTMICRO NETWORKS profile, ...Cenatek profile, the Fastest SSDs

Editor's comments:-
if you think that your business could benefit from using 4GHz Pentiums or 2GHz SPARC processors in your servers, and don't want to wait to get that kind of performance, then SSDs will give you that kind of speed-up right now. The 20 year old SSD industry was the fastest growing segment in the storage market in 2001, and STORAGEsearch predicts that the number of manufacturers offering these products will more than double in the next 18 months. Most of the new entrants will most likely start by badging products from established vendors.

Plasmon Announces Ultra Density Optical

Melbourn, UK - March 5, 2002 ­ Plasmon today announced the development of Ultra Density Optical, the next generation 5.25-inch optical drive technology.

UDO will be the world's first blue-violet laser optical disk drive developed for professional data storage markets and will deliver the performance of 5.25-inch MO, the longevity of 12-inch TrueWORM and the cost effectiveness of DVD solutions. UDO will utilize 405nm blue-violet laser and phase change technology from the recently announced consumer DVD type products. UDO media cartridges will be dimensionally identical to current 5.25-inch MO to provide compatibility with existing 5.25-inch library automation and both WORM and rewritable media will be available. The first generation product will provide 30GB capacity and a fast data transfer rate of up to 8MB/s. Future generations will increase capacity to 60GB and 120GB and backward read capability will be maintained throughout the product roadmap. Target markets include archiving, document imaging, call centers, email archiving, GIS, medical, telecom, banking, insurance, legal and government.

"Due to its compelling cost per gigabyte and WORM support, IDC believes UDO will quickly replace ISO MO in storage solutions," said Wolfgang Schlichting, Research Manger Removable Storage at IDC. "With the support of the major ISO 5.25-inch optical drive, library, and media vendors, we believe UDO will have sufficient momentum to transition current users and possibly widen its user base," he added.

UDO is the future standard in professional optical storage and Plasmon is developing both drives and media in-house. The $25 million development program is fully funded and has been underway since June 2000. Plasmon has over 80 engineers engaged on its UDO development program and first product shipments are scheduled for August 2003. Plasmon is partnered with Asahi Pentax who is developing the opto-mechanical assembly for the drive based on their existing 5.25-inch MO platform. Mitsubishi Chemical is the second source development partner for UDO media.

"UDO is a convergent technology designed to work in a variety of storage applications that have historically depended on multiple optical technologies such as 5.25-inch MO, 12-inch TrueWORM, CD and DVD," said Nigel Street, CEO of Plasmon Plc. "UDO provides the performance and benefits of the most robust optical technologies, at the price point of low-cost solutions such as DVD." ...Plasmon profile

Genuity Unveils Black Rocket Storage

WOBURN, MA . - March 5, 2002 - Genuity Inc. today announced the availability of Black Rocket Storage™, a suite of storage solutions that enables companies to continuously access critical data during planned and unplanned outages.

The new suite supports business continuity by combining storage devices and management, Internet access services, and optional managed Web hosting services.

Black Rocket Storage, which is the first end-to-end managed storage solution run over IP offered by a service provider, consists of a number of services including Remote Data Replication, On-Demand Capacity and Remote Site Failover. These new services can be used standalone, or as part of Genuity's Black Rocket™ hosting platform. A key element of Black Rocket Storage is Remote Data Replication, the first IP-based mirrored storage solution offered by a service provider. This highly flexible service places transaction data in two data centers, and on one or more physically separate storage systems using EMC's SRDF™ software. By outsourcing storage and remote data replication over IP, companies won't incur the costs associated with data center build-out, and can better leverage circuit costs by further utilizing existing Internet access lines to transport data.

"Not having an adequate business continuity plan is dangerous. It can cost a company millions of dollars, and even place a business at risk. For this reason, companies need to ensure that their data is backed up, secure, and retrievable," said Jim Freeze, Genuity's senior vice president and chief marketing and strategy officer. "We have taken our years of experience in managed hosting environments and parlayed that into a suite of services that includes data replication over IP. Black Rocket Storage provides customers with valuable business continuity options." ...Genuity profile, online backup and storage

Editor's comments:-
it's good to know that even in the cynical 21st century, the ghost of Buck Rogers is alive and well. Adding the word "Rocket" to your product name is perceived as a positive go-faster thing (unlike the word "dotcom" - which is now seen as a way to burn your investments - but that could change again with the recovery). I checked how many rocket brands there are on STORAGEsearch, and found "Rocket Drive" from Cenatek, and Rocket Builders (a marketing promotion company which was mentioned in a press release.) Our mice pics have nearly had rockets included a few times, but it's only 4 years since Megabyte was building rafts, so I'm not sure if such a fast rate of technical advance would be credible to our readers.

LSI's Fibre Channel HBAs Qualify for SANmark 2003 Standard

MILPITAS, Calif. - March 5, 2002 -LSI Logic Corporation today announced that its LSI44929, LSI40919, ITI7004G2, and LSI7202CP Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) have successfully met the FCIA SANMark qualification and logo criteria for SCD-2001 and SCD-2003.

LSI Logic's 2 Gigabit HBAs adhere to the latest FCIA SANmark conformance documents, which focus on key standards that impact interoperability and compatibility. The FCIA recently released SANmark Conformance Documents (SCD) for public devices operating on Arbitrated Loop (SCD-2001) as well as Fabric Attached Devices (SCD-2003) LSI Logic's 2 Gigabit HBAs are the first HBAs to achieve SANmark qualification for the 2003 Fabric Attach Device standard. ...LSI Logic profile

INRANGE Showcases Industry's First 256-Port Fibre Channel Director

LUMBERTON, NJ - MARCH 5, 2002 - INRANGE Technologies will present the industry's first 256-port Fibre Channel director at CeBIT 2002 (Hannover, Germany, March 13-20).

With 4x the capacity of any director or switche product currently shipping, the newest model of the IN-VSN FC/9000TM provides users with a fully redundant, non-blocked switching core on which to manage and expand storage networks simply. In addition to its SAN solutions, INRANGE will feature networking solutions that address the growing storage challenges facing today's IT organizations, while providing investment protection and a proven foundation for future growth. The 256-port Fibre Channel director will be on display at the main INRANGE booth in Hall 1, Stand 7i3. ...INRANGE profile

SBS Technologies Acquires Assets of InfiniBand Solution Company

March 4, 2002 - SBS Technologies today announced it has completed the acquisition of certain assets of Essential Communications, a division of publicly held Intrusion Inc. (Nasdaq: INTZ) of Richardson, TX.

Founded in 1992, Essential develops and is currently delivering early stage InfiniBand products. SBS will utilize Essential's InfiniBand product expertise and industry relationships to build on its current InfiniBand efforts in the enterprise server and storage markets.

"Essential brings products and knowledge that will further advance SBS' development of next generation technologies and complement SBS' existing portfolio of products," said Grahame Rance, Chairman and CEO of SBS Technologies, Inc. "This strategic acquisition positions SBS to become a market leader in the high speed connectivity products arena and allows us to meet the performance needs of our customers."

The purchase price for the acquired assets was $1.0 million, paid in cash at closing. The asset acquisition is expected to result in accretion in CY2002. This business will operate under and become part of SBS' Commercial Group. According to Dave Greig, President of the SBS' Commercial Group, "In connection with the Essential asset acquisition, SBS will hire certain core employees, including a talented team of hardware and software engineers."

Essential's operations will be integrated into SBS' facilities in Albuquerque, New Mexico. ...SBS Technologies profile

STORServer Introduces New Backup Appliance for the Small Business

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - March 4, 2002 - STORServer®, Inc. has announced the introduction of the first of the S Series of its Backup Appliance, called the S10000.

The S10000 Backup Appliance is a much smaller and lower cost version of the company's signature product, the STORServer® Backup Appliance-an all-in-one backup solution that offers 3 distinct products in one package: backup, archive and disaster recovery. The new S10000 contains all the functionality of the larger STORServer® Backup Appliances in a much small footprint. Starting at only $19,900, the S10000 offers an economical and compact solution to small business environments ranging in size from 90Gbytes to 270Gbytes. ...STORServer profile

Growing SAN market to benefit from new IDEAS research offering

SYDNEY, Australia - 4th, March, 2002 – Ideas International Limited, today announced the release of a new industry research service, which focuses on the fast growing market for SAN products.

The new IDEAS CPSAN offering provides a unique tactical product feature and pricing insight for this market segment. CPSAN provides comprehensive coverage of SAN hardware connectivity devices such as hubs, switches and directors from the major players in the market including Brocade, Emulex, Gadzoox, InRange, McData, Qlogic, Vixel, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, IBM and Sun Microsystems for various countries around the world.

CPSAN will be of interest for vendors and users alike. Vendors for the first time can provide their sales and marketing staff with access to an independent source of tactical SAN competitive intelligence and end user organisations can use the information to assist them with their SAN purchasing requirements. CPSAN is available on a subscription basis with single and multi-user annual subscriptions, multi-currency research options and features daily updating of research content. ...Ideas International profile

Imperial Technology Pushes SSDs into SAN Arena

El Segundo, Calif. - March 4, 2002 ­ Imperial Technology today announced it has begun a major push into the SAN and storage virtualization environments.

The move comes as an increasing number users shift from DAS to SANs.

"We see delivery of an enabling SAN solution as an important growth factor in the coming year for Imperial," said Robert David, President and CEO at Imperial. "We're very excited about the enhancements now in development that will allow users to maximize the flexibility and performance of their multi-vendor heterogeneous SANs." ...Imperial Technology profile, Fibre-Channel SSDs

Editor's comments:-
last November STORAGEsearch announced that reader interest in using state state disks had increased by a factor of 500% (year on year) as a percentage of readers, and over 1,000% measured by pageviews. SSD technology has changed from a niche product used by the military in the 1980's to becoming a mainstream accelerator for SANs and large servers. The declining price of memory during 2001 has been a helpful factor, but the need comes from the increasingly real-time nature of digital business. many of the long term suppliers in this market will be unfamiliar to most readers, but Imperial has been making its MegaRam brand storage accelerators since 1978.

Bocada Announces BackupReport Release Ver 1.5

Bellevue, WA - March 4, 2002 - Bocada Inc. today announced the release of Version 1.5 of BackupReport.

BackupReport, the industry's first cross-vendor backup reporting, analysis and billing solution, provides IT professionals with the critical data necessary to efficiently troubleshoot data protection issues, improve system performance and determine compliance with enterprise policies and service level agreements. BackupReport V1.5 includes enhanced analysis and reporting of backup windows, system throughput and reliability. This latest version of BackupReport also introduces Error Filtering; a reliability analysis tool that enhances system diagnostics by allowing IT professionals to selectively eliminate non-critical errors irrelevant to individual storage environments. ...Bocada profile

TrelliSoft Delivers SRM for NetWare

Glen Ellyn, IL – March 4, 2002 – TrelliSoft, Inc. announced today that StorageAlert is the first SRM solution to achieve Novell "Yes, Tested and Approved" certification for Novell NetWare.

TrelliSoft StorageAlert helps organizations reduce storage costs, forecast future growth, charge back for storage usage, and prevent application downtime by monitoring and managing Unix, Windows, and NetWare storage resources from a single web-based interface. Having completed rigorous testing ensures 100% compatibility and reliability with NetWare.

"Because Novell NetWare is present in 80% of the Fortune 500 customers," said Steve Donovan, TrelliSoft president and CEO, "certifying StorageAlert for Novell is an important part of our strategy to support the heterogeneous enterprise. As the first Novell-certified SRM solution, StorageAlert will play a key role in helping organizations manage their storage resources and their related costs. We're excited and proud to be the first vendor to bring a certified Novell SRM solution to the market."

"For organizations that want to manage their storage costs, implementing an SRM solution to inventory and understand their current environment should be number one on their priority list," said Jamie Gruener, Senior Analyst for Storage, Yankee Group. "And because many organizations have a large number of Novell servers, finding a solution like StorageAlert that is Novell certified and can also monitor and manage Unix and Windows storage resources is essential."

"In order to control data storage growth and costs while maintaining high performance, organizations need to understand, manage, and maximize the resources they have already invested in," said Carleton Watkins, director of Novell's worldwide developer support. "Deploying an SRM solution that is certified for Novell is a key component of managing the vast amounts of data storage currently on NetWare systems. We're excited to have TrelliSoft addressing this critical need." TrelliSoft will leverage its position as the first certified SRM solution for NetWare to grow market share directly to customers and through its growing network of channel partners. ...TrelliSoft profile

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