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Storage news - October 8-14, 2003

SSD history
high availability SSDs
are Sun's days numbered?
A Day in the Life of a CIO
flash wars in the enterprise
how fast can your SSD run backwards?
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The Convergence of SAN and NAS

by Geoff Barrall, CTO and Founder, BlueArc

In the press covering the storage industry today, there is no hotter topic than the foreseen convergence of the two key storage networking technologies - SAN (Storage Area Networks) and NAS (Network Attached Storage).

Yet while much has been said about this convergence, very little has been said about the driving forces behind it, and what this convergence will deliver to storage purchasers and storage vendors alike.

Customers Seeking Convergence

The reasons why convergence appeals to storage customers are clear. While there will always be companies who need enormous amounts of storage, most do not need as much as you might expect. The average Fortune 100 company has approximately 22TB of storage distributed throughout their enterprise.

In a previous article, I stated that the key goal for many of these enterprises is the centralisation of this storage, and this is still true. However, a mainstream NAS appliance today can host around 6TB of storage and an enterprise storage array can host around 40TB. Given this comparison, it is clear that in order to consolidate an enterprise's storage, it won't take that many separate devices to achieve the desired level. As a result, it will be the most versatile devices that win in the market, namely those that can supply most of the enterprise's storage needs in a single product or system. Of course, storage capacity won't be the only key metric in accelerating the convergence of SAN and NAS. Storage services (or virtualisations if you prefer) and performance will also be very important factors in the success of this new consolidated market. Good file caching will also be required if files are to be brought back to a central data centre from the network edges.

Vendors Rush In

One interesting thing for me in regards to this planned convergence is that the vendors involved in the delivery of these enhanced services form three distinct market segments who are simultaneously moving into this space.

First, you have the storage array vendors, such as EMC, Hitachi Data Systems, and LSI Logic, who have traditionally provided enterprise-class storage into direct-attached or SAN environments. Almost without exception, these companies have added NAS heads to their offerings, allowing NAS services to be provided from their standard storage arrays.

Secondly, there are the NAS vendors who have recognised the need for adding block-level services to their products, initially over Ethernet, using proprietary protocols (although most are now moving to iSCSI) and ultimately offering true Fibre Channel services.

Finally, new entrants to the SAN/NAS convergence party are network infrastructure vendors, including old players like Cisco and newer entrants, such as Pirus Networks, who are attempting to move file-level services onto the network itself, separate and distinct from block-level storage.

In May 2002, I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to chair a session at the JP Morgan Technology Conference, discussing the topic of SAN/NAS convergence. The event was a great opportunity to talk to my peers (and superiors) from all of the largest storage companies (Network Appliance, EMC, LSI Logic, Brocade etc.) and hear their views on this topic. What was made very clear from the session was that no vendor had any doubt that the convergence of SAN and NAS would occur and for them, the main impetus was to increase their market share.

Vendors and market share aside, in a market as competitive as the storage market is today, I think we can soon count on storage features being integrated as a single cohesive solution from a single vendor. NAS and SAN convergence is a certainty, but its form, whether network-centric, storage array-centric or file-centric (NAS), still remains to be decided. ...BlueArc profile

See also:- NAS, SAN, an introduction to enterprise SSD silos
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"...the SSD market will be bigger in revenue than the hard drive market ever was."
How will hard drives fare in an SSD world?

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Agere Systems' Chip Technology Hastens Arrival of 10Gbps SANs

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - October 14, 2003 - Agere Systems today became the first company to announce that it is providing an advanced serializer/deserializer core that can address all the necessary high-speed I/O protocols for SAN infrastructure equipment on a single chip.

Agere's new SDM4G13 SerDes core is being designed into ASICs using TSMC's 130-nanometer process technology. Agere's breakthrough SerDes addresses the immediate market opportunity for 1, 2 and 4 gigabits per second Fibre Channel while offering customers an easy evolution to 10 Gb/s all in the same core.

The new SerDes core also supports 1.5 and 3 Gb/s serial ATA and serial attached SCSI and PCI Express standards for high-speed serial storage interconnects. This integration allows systems designers the flexibility of being able to design chips for storage networking systems using any speed and any protocol. Agere's solution also provides the added advantage of being able to reuse the SerDes intellectual property in multiple chips and multiple systems, saving time and money in the design process.

"The integration of SerDes technology will continue to be a popular design trend going forward, especially as SAN disk array and infrastructure OEMs look to reduce real estate, lower power and reduce costs," said Sean Lavey, an analyst at IDC. "Having a SerDes core that can provide a broad variety of necessary speeds and protocols all on one device is a significant step in providing the capabilities SAN providers need to quickly and affordably roll out their next-generation systems."

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Snap Appliance's new NAS Breaks the $5/GB Barrier

SAN JOSE, Calif. - October 14, 2003 - Snap Appliance breaks new ground in scalable, affordable NAS technology with the introduction of the Snap Disk 10 - a 1U, 1 terabyte expansion array engineered for use with the award-winning Snap Server 4500.

By providing up to 3TB of native capacity in only 3U of rack space, this unbeatable combination offers businesses an affordable way to scale storage infrastructure, without increasing management complexity. The Snap Disk 10 leverages the architecture of the 4500 to deliver high performance, cross-platform data storage, backup and recovery. With four hot swappable disk drives, RAID and antivirus protection, the Snap Disk 10 offers continuous availability of business-critical data, along with benefits such as Snapshot technology and data replication for reliable backup and recovery. ...Snap Appliance profile

ATTO Improves Diamond Storage Array

Amherst, NY- October 14, 2003 - ATTO Technology, Inc. announced today that its Diamond Storage Array is now available with new high-end storage features.

The product provides an industry-leading 7.2TB of enterprise-class disk storage in a 3U form factor at a very aggressive price point. Applications include near-line backup, business continuance, imaging, broadcast/video editing, disaster recovery and primary storage. Enhanced features include:- ECC memory, GUI interface and hot spares. In the event of a drive failure the Diamond hot spare will automatically be placed on-line as a replacement for a failed drive.

"These new features set the ATTO Diamond Storage Array apart from other arrays in its class," states Ed Tierney, director of Product Management for ATTO Technology. "It's a mid-range array with all the capabilities of a high-end storage system but without the cost." ...ATTO Technology profile

LSI Logic Storage Systems certifies Cloverleaf Communications

MILPITAS, Calif. - October 14, 2003 - LSI Logic Storage Systems announced today that Cloverleaf Communications' intelligent storage networking system has achieved compatibility certification.

The LSI Logic Storage Systems Certified Compatible process requires extensive testing to assure stability, interoperability, and fault tolerance using real loads and real traffic. The certification makes it possible for LSI Logic Storage Systems' partners to take advantage of Cloverleaf's technology for comprehensive consolidation of heterogeneous storage networking services and resources. ...Cloverleaf Communications profile, LSI Logic Storage Systems

EMC Announces Plan to Acquire Documentum

Hopkinton, Mass., and PLEASANTON, Calif. - October 14, 2003 - EMC Corporation and Documentum, Inc. today announced a definitive agreement for EMC to acquire Documentum in a stock transaction valued at approximately $1.7 billion.

Documentum's enterprise content management platform offers the most extensive modular suite of content management and collaboration software in the industry, providing customers with automated document management, records management, Web content management, digital asset management, and collaboration in a single, integrated content platform and repository. Documentum and EMC have successfully worked together since the April 2002 introduction of EMC's Centera. Documentum's enterprise content management software platform is one of more than 65 leading applications that have integrated with Centera's open CAS platform under the EMC Developers Program.

Joe Tucci, EMC's President and CEO, said, "Information is one of the most strategic assets in any organization, and EMC technology has helped store, manage and protect vast amounts of information for our customers. Software is central to our strategy of delivering comprehensive information lifecycle management solutions that allow customers to select the appropriate levels of availability, protection and speed of access at every point in the information lifecycle, at the lowest total cost. EMC, Documentum and LEGATO have achieved a combined total of more than $2 billion in software license and support revenues in the most recent 12 months." ...EMC profile

AppIQ Expands into UK

BURLINGTON, Mass., – October 14, 2003 - AppIQ Inc. today announced that it has expanded its international market reach to provide its industry-leading SAN management, SRM, and storage operations management software to customers throughout the UK and Europe.

AppIQ has opened an office in the UK and will offer AppIQ StorageAuthority Suite through leading systems integrators and resellers that specialize in storage solutions. AppIQ has also named storage industry veteran David Nortier vice president and general manager of EMEA, and has signed a VAR agreement with leading UK storage solution provider Source Consulting. ...AppIQ profile, ...Source Consulting profile

A Day in the Life of a CIO - article by VERITAS

Editor: - October 14, 2003 - a new article is published today on STORAGEsearch, by VERITAS Software called - A Day in the Life of a CIO.

Here's what author, Lindsey Armstrong, SVP EMEA, at VERITAS says in the intro...

"It seems like only yesterday that the IT community was arguing the case for the board-level IT director. Since then, the CIO has come a long way and he probably now feels that he is carrying the weight of the company on his shoulders. Today, the CIO is tasked with delivering more with so much less - working with reduced budgets whilst under orders to improve overall IT performance and capability." the article, ...VERITAS Software profile

Xiran to Demonstrate iSCSI+ technology at Storage Networking World

IRVINE, Calif. - October 14, 2003 - Xiran will demonstrate its iSCSI+ DPA-1200i Evaluation Kit for the first time publicly at the Storage Networking World conference in Orlando, FL from October 27-30.

Xiran's end-to-end iSCSI+ Evaluation Kit is designed to accelerate server, storage and networking platforms. Based on its patented, high-performance DirectPath Engine, Xiran offers flexible, programmable and compatible iSCSI-based accelerator adaptors. The flexible nature of iSCSI+ IP Storage technology supports initiator, target and bridge functions plus additional protocols and software applications. Xiran's iSCSI+ Evaluation Kit, priced at $1500, includes the DPA-1200i DirectPath accelerator, CD-ROM and documentation for Windows- and Linux-based platforms. Deliveries of the iSCSI+ Evaluation Kit are scheduled to commence in November. ...Storage Networking World, ...Xiran profile

Bakbone and Bridgeworks Collaborate to Provide Affordable Fibre Channel Connectivity

POOLE, UK - October 14, 2003 - BakBone Software today announced that it has successfully completed integration and testing activities between BakBone's NetVault 7.0 data backup and recovery software and Bridgeworks' new Tamar family of Fibre Channel bridges.

The partnership builds on both companies' commitment to open storage architectures and heightened compatibility by collaborating on the development of affordable Fibre Channel connectivity solutions. ...BakBone Software profile, ...Bridgeworks profile

Are Sun's Days Numbered? - new article

Editor: - October 14, 2003 - a new article published today in the SPARC Product Directory - Comeback Strategies for a Faded Rock Star - examines the strategic options for Sun Microsystems at a time when its fortunes seem to have hit rock bottom.

Are Sun's days numbered? Should users and partners be thinking about bailing out? This is a major article which Sun users, partners, employees and even Sun's competitors - can't afford to miss. the article, SPARC Product Directory, ...Sun Microsystems profile

LeftHand Networks Announces iSCSI Support

Boulder, Colorado - October 13, 2003 - LeftHand Networks today announced support for the iSCSI protocol.

Integration with iSCSI will allow LeftHand to rapidly expand the list of supported platforms, making full-featured SAN technology based on Ethernet available to a broad audience. The first initiator to be supported by LeftHand Networks will be the Microsoft iSCSI software initiator, providing customers a standards-based protocol for IP SAN implementations supporting Windows 2000 and 2003-based applications.

The LeftHand Networks IP SAN provides a full set of SAN services, including centralized storage management, virtualization, non-disruptive scalability, automated failover, local and remote replication, snapshot, and automated data migration. Complete SAN functionality will be available to customers who choose to utilize iSCSI as the communication protocol. The LeftHand SAN includes SAN/iq Distributed Storage Matrix software and the Network Storage Module (NSM) hardware platform. Pricing for a LeftHand SAN starts below $20,000 for a complete, fully featured solution.

"As the pioneer in IP SANs, we're pleased to see iSCSI approved as a standard," according to Tom Major, vice president of marketing at LeftHand Networks. "Ratification of the standard will result in more rapid market adoption of IP storage, a technology with many substantial benefits for end users. With over 200 customer installations, LeftHand is well positioned to have a major impact in the IP storage market." ...LeftHand Networks profile

Intel Aims at Network Storage Performance

IDF, TAIPEI, Taiwan - October 13, 2003 - Intel is taking aim at network storage bottlenecks with a new series of highly integrated building blocks including I/O processors, chipsets, optical transceivers and bridges aimed at reducing development time and costs.

"Satisfying increasing I/O performance demands is critical to equipment makers designing next-generation storage, networking and telecommunications applications," said Mike Wall, general manager for Intel's Storage Components Division. "But they also face rising development costs, narrow market windows and design considerations, such as limited board space and excess heat. Intel's new I/O products provide highly integrated building blocks that address all of these problems."

The Intel IOP331 processor integrates DDR memory and a PCI-X bridge, which makes it the first complete Intel XScale architecture-based I/O system on a chip. This integration simplifies the design effort and cuts development costs for such I/O applications as RAID controllers, security NICs and high-performance iSCSI adapters.

The Intel IOP315 I/O processor chipset is designed to enhance the performance of disk arrays in SAN and NAS applications. The chipset integrates dual Gigabit Ethernet controllers, a PCI-X bridge and enhanced error detection that accelerates iSCSI operations. The iSCSI standard enables storage networks to utilize standard Ethernet networks to transmit storage data for lower-cost SAN implementations.

Intel also demonstrated its next I/O storage processor, code-named Dobson, which integrates PCI Express and Intel XScale technologies to make high-performance RAID on motherboard (ROMB) an integral feature of Intel's next-generation Lindenhurst server chipset, and provides data protection for SCSI, SATA and Fibre Channel disk arrays. ...Intel profile

Emulex Named One of Deloitte & Touche's 50 Fastest Growing Companies

COSTA MESA, Calif. - October 13, 2003 - Emulex Corporation was recognized as number 15 on Deloitte & Touche's 2003 Orange County Technology Fast 50, up from number 43 in 2002, with a five-year growth rate of 328%.

The Fast 50 is a ranking of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in the area by Deloitte & Touche. The renowned Annual Deloitte & Touche Technology Fast 50 ceremony was held at the Sutton Place Hotel in Newport Beach, marking the ninth year of the program. Each year the Technology Fast 50 seeks and recognizes the county's high-growth technology companies with the drive to succeed. The program has reached over 500 of Orange County's fastest growing technology companies through its criteria, nomination and rigorous review process.

"The Deloitte & Touche Technology Fast 50 is viewed as an elite community of the region's leaders in growth, and Emulex is honored to be ranked among this group," said Paul Folino, chairman and chief executive officer for Emulex. "I'm proud of the entire Emulex team - whose continued leadership, vision, and innovation have helped make this recognition possible." ...Emulex profile

Dot Hill will be at UK Storage Expo

CARLSBAD, Calif. - October 13, 2003 - Dot Hill's SANnet II storage solutions will be featured at the UK Storage Expo 2003, Wednesday and Thursday this week at National Hall, Olympia, London.

The SANnet II Fibre Channel storage system will be demonstrated in a configuration with Qlogic's SANbox2-64 fabric switch. The SAN demonstration will be ongoing throughout the Expo at Dot Hill's stand 118. The demonstration will span both the Dot Hill and Qlogic stands and the equipment will be connected between the booths via Fibre Channel simulating a real-world SAN. Four servers will each be running a different operating system to present a heterogeneous environment. Dot Hill's storage software suite, SANpath and SANscape, will be used in this environment. Dot Hill's Axis Storage Manager will also be attached to demonstrate replication and synchronous mirroring between the two stands. ...Dot Hill profile, ...Storage Expo 2003

Bridgeworks and DSM Make Storage Libraries More Intelligent

Christchurch, UK - October 13, 2003 - IT managers concerned with the escalating costs of data storage are beginning to see the benefits of the recent alliance between two European storage solutions specialists: Bridgeworks and DSM.

The fruit of this ongoing collaboration has seen customers being offered a series of more intelligent, flexible storage libraries that can result in incredible cost savings. By integrating the Bridgeworks' Library Partitioning Module (LPM) into their TERASTORE range of Tape and Optical libraries, DSM now offer to their customers the ability to share a single storage library across a number of host servers. This means that customers are able to realise considerable cost savings because they no longer have to purchase individual libraries for each server.

"DSM is very excited by the LPM. We are convinced of the benefits that it has to offer. The equation is simple. Purchase a new tape library for each server in the network or purchase a single more intelligent unit that will deal with each server individually," said Michael Lück at DSM.

"The partnership with DSM demonstrates how strong a force European manufacturers can be in a previously American dominated market. The LPM really enhances the functionality of data libraries. No company in the current climate can afford to waste valuable budgets and that's exactly where the benefit of the LPM lies. Effectively it enhances the functionality of the library and thus saves the cost of further investment," said David Trossell, Managing Director of Bridgeworks. ...Bridgeworks profile, ...DSM profile

Article on Web Security by KaVaDo

Editor:- October 13, 2003 - a new article from KaVaDo, Inc. published today on STORAGEsearch poses the question - Is Your Site Being Hacked Without Your Knowledge?

It's written by Yuval Ben-Itzhak, Co-Founder & CTO of KaVaDo. For most companies, their web site is their public interface to potential customers. But it can open the door to hackers too. They can do worse things than merely stopping a site working.. Restoring the data after it's been corrupted is part of the job of a storage administrator, sure, but keeping hackers out is also becoming a new imperative. the article, ...KaVaDo profile

FalconStor Strengthens Support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

MELVILLE, N.Y. - October 10, 2003 - FalconStor Software, Inc. today announced its support for the new Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 platform.

IPStor software's snapshot services work with Volume Shadow Copy Service, as a provider of volume level snapshots while utilizing VSS writers to ensure application data integrity. IPStor also complements Exchange Server 2003 through block and file level replication, multipathing over Fibre Channel and iSCSI, and complete system restore from serious hardware failures.

IPStor also embraces a host of other Microsoft technologies, including Windows Server 2003, Microsoft SQL Server and the iSCSI initiator. IPStor has been tested and is 100% compatible with Microsoft's iSCSI initiator, delivering excellent performance in addition to fully supporting its authentication method. FalconStor will also be providing a management GUI, using Microsoft Windows Management Instrumentation interfaces, for the iSCSI client hosts using Microsoft's iSCSI initiator. With IPStor, the iSCSI client hosts can be stationary application servers, as in a Fibre Channel paradigm, or mobile user, as in a network paradigm.

"FalconStor is intelligently utilizing Microsoft technology to provide replication, backup and scheduled snapshots of Exchange Server 2003 systems with data integrity," said Chris Baker, group product manager for Exchange at Microsoft Corp. "Microsoft is pleased to be working with leading storage vendors such as FalconStor to deliver breakthrough capabilities that enable companies to manage their data stores more effectively for Exchange Server 2003." ...FalconStor Software profile

Neartek Gets $8 Million Funding

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. - October 10, 2003 - Neartek, Inc. today announced that it has received an additional $8 million in funding from Benchmark Capital, Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures and Magnum Telecom.

The funding will be used to expand U.S. sales and marketing efforts, to continue support of Neartek's growing international customer base and to expand the company's European presence for its Virtual Storage Engine, a virtual tape software solution that reduces storage infrastructure costs by consolidating tape resources and increasing backup performance.

The opportunity for Neartek is vast as tape storage continues to thrive in IT environments. According to Enterprise Storage Group total worldwide tape unit shipments is expected to grow through 2005 to 364.9 million units from 201.8 million in 2001. Storage software is also expected to grow from $6.2B in 2001 to $13.6B in 2007, according to IDC. ...Neartek profile

VERITAS Software Establishes Regional Headquarters in Singapore

Singapore - October 9, 2003 - VERITAS Software today announced the establishment of its regional operations headquarters to support its growing businesses in Asia Pacific and Japan.

The regional headquarters, which will be based in Singapore, will support the operational needs of its key regional offices in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand, as well as research and development facilities in Pune, India.

"Over the past five years, VERITAS has been committed to expanding geographically and has significantly grown its Asia Pacific and Japan operations to more than 1,100 employees, offices in 17 major cities, and revenues approaching $160 million," said Gary Bloom, chairman, president and CEO, VERITAS Software. "The opening of VERITAS' new Asia Pacific operations headquarters marks a significant milestone in the company's history that will allow VERITAS to further expand its presence in the Asia Pacific and Japan regions." ...VERITAS Software profile

Hitachi Data Systems Previews New Modular Storage Technology

SANTA CLARA, California - October 8, 2003 - Hitachi Data Systems today introduced a major shift in the modular storage market with its announcement of the Hitachi Thunder 9580V, an ultra high-end modular storage system that the company claims outperforms all competitive products.

The Thunder 9580V offers upto 64TB of raw capacity, and 7.4 GigaBytes per second of cached bandwidth, with 1,024 Virtual Storage Ports. Hitachi QuickShadow copy-on-write snapshot software reduces storage requirements for data protection while Hitachi HiCopy cross-system replication facilitates data movement between Thunder 9500 V Series and Lightning 9900 V Series storage tiers.

"Customers have three major areas of concern," said Hu Yoshida, Chief Technology Officer, Hitachi Data Systems. "The growth of distributed services and applications, which require greater storage capacity and throughput to perform as needed; the accelerating move from DAS to networked storage at all levels of the enterprise, which calls for greater performance and connectivity; and the ever present concern around disaster recovery and business continuity, which requires the ability to replicate and restore data quickly and efficiently. The Thunder 9580V is the only modular storage system to fully address these concerns and will change the way storage is used in the enterprise."

The Hitachi Thunder 9580V will be available in November, 2003. Prices range from $110,000 to $1.6 million, depending on configuration. HiCopy and QuickShadow software will be available within the next 90 days. ...HDS profile

Fujitsu Siemens selects LSI Logic for next-generation storage adapters

MILPITAS, Calif. - October 8, 2003 - LSI Logic Corporation extended its first-to-market Ultra320 SCSI technology to Europe's leading server OEM as Fujitsu Siemens will ship LSI Logic chips and MegaRAID storage adapter boards in its next generation server platforms.

During the next three years, LSI Logic expects revenue from this design win to exceed $80 million. Of the Ultra320 SCSI sockets up for design win in the past two years, LSI Logic has captured the majority of the worldwide business. Customer migration to Ultra320 SCSI technology continues to accelerate as performance and signal integrity benefits are demonstrated.

"LSI Logic's commitment to providing our customers with a viable Ultra320 RAID technology transition path after their acquisition of Mylex was critical to the success of this new business engagement," said Dieter Herzog, vice president of the Fujitsu Siemens PRIMERGY Server Product Division. "With LSI Logic's advanced RAID software feature set and superior Ultra320 SCSI silicon, Fujitsu Siemens Computers is well positioned to meet customers' business critical performance and data redundancy requirements."

LSI Logic expects storage product solutions to be a $1 billion dollar business this year. ...LSI Logic profile

Emulex to Acquire Vixel

COSTA MESA, Calif. and BOTHELL, Washington - October 8, 2003 - Emulex Corporation and Vixel Corporation announced today that the two companies have signed a definitive agreement for Emulex to acquire Vixel.

Under the terms of the agreement, Emulex will acquire Vixel for $10 per share in cash, for a transaction value of approximately $310 million. The board of directors of Vixel has unanimously approved the acquisition and has voted to recommend that Vixel's stockholders accept the tender offer and tender their Vixel shares. The tender offer is expected to be completed in November, subject to regulatory approvals and certain closing conditions, including the tender of a majority of shares of capital stock of Vixel on a fully-diluted basis.

"The acquisition of Vixel provides Emulex with their award-winning lineup of InSpeed embedded storage switching products and technologies, which clearly complement Emulex's existing OEM business model and HBA technology," said Paul F. Folino, Chairman and CEO of Emulex. "A key objective for the acquisition is to accelerate Emulex's revenue growth by tapping into the incremental market for embedded storage switching solutions."

Vixel's InSpeed storage switching business has delivered double digit sequential revenue growth in each of the past four reported quarters, driven by design wins with 13 storage OEMs including HP, Network Appliance, Fujitsu, NEC, Apple, Xyratex and BlueArc. ...Emulex profile, ...Vixel profile

Memtech Solid State Flash Drive Endurance Surpasses 8 Million Erase/Write Cycles

Livermore, CA - October 8, 2003 – Memtech announced today completion of extensive quality testing of the AT2550 Wolverine that established a minimum of 8 Million Erase/Write Cycles.

The Wolverine, with impressive endurance, 8 year warranty, military temperature range, greater performance, and 30 Gigabyte capacity is clearly the most cost effective high end solid state flash drive product in the market today.

The Wolverine delivers advanced features such as the Kicker Hold Up Circuit, and Active Remap Data Reliability.

Designed for use in laptop and networking applications that require extremely rugged and reliable small form factor storage, the AT2550 delivers capacities of 4.8 Gbytes within 9.5mm, 8.7 Gbytes within 12.5mm and a total capacity of 30 Gbytes. Memtech drives are designed for low power consumption in critical operating conditions and are built to withstand extreme temperature, pressure, moisture, shock, vibration and power loss. Each drive is guaranteed for life and goes through a rigorous five-step EnduroTest temperature and ruggedness test process. This includes read-writes at temperatures as low as -45°C and as high as +87°C. Military Temperature (-55°C to +125°C) is also available as an option.

The AT2550 Wolverine, with an UDMA-66 compliant IDE interface, delivers 9.5 Mbytes/sec sustained Read throughput, 5.0 Mbytes/sec sustained Write throughput and a Burst transfer rate of 66 Mbytes/sec. Memtech drives are in use in submarines, space vehicles, aircraft carriers, high altitude balloons, high-speed locomotives, oil and gas pipelines, drilling rigs, weapons systems, mining equipment, combat aircraft, manufacturing and smelting plants, digital switching, routing and networking systems, as well as scientific expeditions to remote regions of the world.

"Memtech continues to set the standard for reliability, high performance, quality and capacity in rugged solid state flash drives while minimizing form factor, cost, and power consumption, " said Larry Schuster, V P Sales & Marketing of Memtech. "As the need for reliable storage extends to networking and laptop environments, we are delivering the same durable and extreme features that were previously relegated to only industrial and military applications. The endurance of NAND Flash in the Wolverine enables us to broaden the reach of Memtech products to new quality sensitive markets." ...Memtech profile

EMC Announces Appointment of Industry Veteran Howard Elias to Management Team

Hopkinton, Mass - October 8, 2003 - EMC today announced that Howard Elias, a veteran IT executive who helped build Compaq's successful storage business, has joined the company as Executive Vice President of New Ventures.

Elias will manage emerging business initiatives, including EMC's CAS operations, and help identify new growth opportunities in information lifecycle management. Elias will report to Joe Tucci, EMC's President and CEO. Elias, 46, joins EMC from HP, where he was most recently Senior Vice President of Business Management and Operations for the Enterprise Systems Group. He was previously HP's Senior Vice President and General Manager of Network Storage Solutions. Prior to the acquisition of Compaq by HP in 2002, Howard spent a year as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Compaq's Business Critical Server Group and three years as Vice President and General Manager of the company's Storage Products Division, during which Compaq became a leader in mid-tier storage systems. He has also held various senior business and product management positions at Digital, AST Research and Tandy Corporation. ...EMC profile

Beyond 0-5, Risks and Rewards of the New RAID Technologies

Editor:- October 8, 2003 - looking ahead on STORAGEsearch... Next week we will publish an article which looks at the risks and rewards of the new 21st century RAID technologies. Classic RAID technology (characterised by levels 0-5) was developed to suit the disk storage and interface economics of the 1980s, and fit in with a "mostly available" database server culture. It has endured surprisingly well into its teenage years of deployment. This year, however, we've started to see a new wave of RAID algorithms announced by OEMs which make better use of the interface power now available and which suit the capabilities of serially connected disk drives. RAID architecture in the next couple of years has to accomodate the greater performance demands of the "always available" web server culture while at the same time offer the hope that it can one day be cheap enough for use in the home. What are the risks and rewards that storage users face by switching too soon? Or too late? Come back next week and see. See also:- RAID controllers
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