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With a 28-plus year history of technical leadership, Bridgeworks is a global provider of connectivity solutions for the Data Storage market. We design, manufacture and market products for both OEMs and end users. From our UK base, we have already helped organisations worldwide in government, education, financial, and many other sectors to reap the benefits of new connection technologies by making their existing storage systems and servers compatible with the latest protocols without disruption and with minimal additional investment. We are now using our wealth of experience in this field to solve one of the long standing issues of how to transmit data vast distances over both private and public networks using TCP/IP with little or no impact on performance.

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  • Editor's comments:- May 2010 - Bridgeworks is almost invisible to most storage end-users due to a combination of deliberate business choices (routes to market) and inadvertant choices (sub-optimal web marketing and stealth mode PR).

    Its main business is designing interface products which fill technology gaps in the product ranges of big oems.

    Sales Director, David Trossell told me they have been very busy working on a project for DELL ( in partnership with BDT) to supply the TL2000/4000 (tape libraries) with iSCSI to SAS bridges.

    He went on to say - "Probably the most significant thing we have released over the last year has been the SANSlide product. We have had some very remarkable feedback for this product."

    According to the company's PR about this product - SANSlide maximises the transfer of storage data over vast distances with performance levels once thought impossible by using Artificial Intelligence to monitor and adjust the network setting to maintain the optimum performance at times without needing skilled engineers to install and maintain it.

    But what about SSDs?

    Google site search couldn't find any mention of SSDs on Bridgeworks' web site. But mystery meat navigation on the company's history page reveals that in 1997 the company founders designed an SSD. It was a RAM SSD with hard drive backup. David Trossell told me - "It was a little ahead of its time and the company dropped it after poor sales."
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This way to the Petabyte SSD.........................
Editor:- in the future there will be just 3 types of SSD in the datacenter.

One of them doesn't exist yet. But it will be the biggest consumer of nv memory in the whole SSD market. With a bigger installed SSD capacity than the notebook SSD market, and much bigger than the PCIe / Infiniband and SAN SSD markets.

A lot of technical problems have to be solved first. The semiconductor problems are evolutionary. But the storage architecture problems are revolutionary
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