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MILPITAS, Calif. - April 15, 2004 - LSI Logic Storage Systems, Inc. today announced that the Sanbolic Melio File System and LaScala Volume Manager software have achieved compatibility certification with the company's SANtricity Storage Manager software and storage controllers. Sanbolic's software solutions provide the capability to meet the requirements of high performance applications such as High Definition video and clustered file sharing environments requiring concurrent read and write access to files on a SAN. Melio and LaScala enable applications to utilize multiple storage subsystems to deliver data in a shared infrastr ucture at rates not previously available. ...LSI Logic Storage Systems profile, ...Sanbolic profile

Milpitas, CA - April 14, 2004 - Audavi Corporation expanded its HardTape product line with the availability of its new 20GB mini -HardTape cartridge. Mini-HardTape is a high capacity, high performance, portable, 1.8-inch hard drive that has been ruggedized to withstand 5,000G shock and features a flexible interface that can be used with FireWire, USB2.0 or PCMCIA. The rapid increase in multimedia content and the focus on convergence make all of these features a "must have" in selecting a portable storage solution.

"As demands for storage capacity and speed increase, HardTape is proving to be an ideal solution for replacing legacy removable solutions such as the floppy drive, tape and optical recording (CD/DVD/MO) for military, government, public safety, medical imaging, enterprise disaster recovery, and now consumer electronics applications. HardTape provides a flexible platform that set s a new standard for removable storage," according to Steven Kaczeus, President of Audavi.

Featuring an aluminum casing for additional durability, the 20GB mini - HardTape cartridges are pocket -sized, measuring just 90mm x 80mm x 17mm and weighing only 4 ounces. A 40GB model will be available later this year. The whole family of HardTape products including the new mini -HardTape model will be being showcased at NAB 2004 in Las Vegas next week. Suggested retail price for the mini-HardTape 20GB cartridge is $199 and is available through the company's Web site. ...Audavi profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - April 14, 2004 - NeoScale Systems, Inc. greatly expanded its Pan-European presence today by teaming with European value-added distributor ACAL Storage Networking.

"We have recognized the need for securing stored data, and therefore have made security one of our key initiatives for this year," said Andy Litherland, director, ACAL Storage Networking. "CryptoStor is the premier solution for providing storage security for compliance, data recovery and the overall storage security needs of our customers. NeoScale will play a vital role as our first security partner and we look forward to introducing their products to Europe through our exclusive network of storage reseller partners." ...ACAL profile, ...NeoScale profile

SAN DIEGO - April 14, 2004 - Overland Storage, Inc. today introduced REO 4000 high-performance disk-based backup and recovery appliance. The REO 4000 is specifically designed to optimize both backup and recovery, resulting in near-instantaneous restores and significantly shorter backup windows. The REO 4000 is a preconfigured, easy-to-install appliance incorporating high-capacity serial ATA disks, specialized software, both iSCSI and Fibre Channel connectivity, and RAID 5 capabilities. With data transfer rates of up to 300 GB per hour, REO significantly reduces the time it takes to backup and recover, and performs up to 300% faster than many other disk-based products. In addition, the REO 4000 is capable of operating as either disk or virtual tape ( LTO-2 emulation), enabling it to easily integrate into existing backup and recovery processes. The Overland REO 4000 is available now. MSRP for the iSCSI configuration is $13,500.

"In a recent survey of U.S. IT managers, IDC found that 60% are, or soon plan to be, leveraging disk-based backup systems to reduce backup windows and speed application recovery," said Richard Villars, vice president of storage systems, IDC. ...Overland profile

COLLEGE PARK, Md. - April 14, 2004 - ActionFront Data Recovery Labs today announced SignalTrace technology. This technological breakthrough is designed to recover data from media that is so badly damaged it cannot be recovered by any current means. SignalTrace is being introduced on the exhibit floor of the 2004 NASA/IEEE Conference on Mass Storage Systems and Technologies. A review of SignalTrace technology is being presented at the work-in-progress session of MSST04 by Charles H. Sobey, Chief Scientist of ChannelScience who assisted with the development.

In conjunction with the conference demonstration, ActionFront is releasing a technical white paper entitled "Recovering Unrecoverable Data - The Need for Drive-Independent Data Recovery." In the paper, commissioned by ActionFront, Mr. Sobey, an internationally respected authority of hard disk drive technology and data detection provides a rare insight into current data recovery methods, explains the reasons some media are unrecoverable, and identifies the need for a new class of drive-independent data recovery techniques. The paper then proceeds to describe ActionFront's SignalTrace technology in some detail.

The white paper also calls for an independent data recovery trade association to be formed to certify data recovery companies and to verify claims of extraordinary data recovery capabilities.

Nick Majors, President of ActionFront, highlights these points saying "Despite the urban myth that data recovery companies have 'magic machines' for retrieving data from crashed hard-drives, the most sophisticated, commercially successful recovery techniques today actually consist of careful part-replacement in a cleanroom environment. This process yields average recovery success rates below 60% for physically damaged drives, and in too many cases the data simply cannot be recovered by any known commercial or scientific method. As the data density of the newer 'hyper-tuned' hard disk drives continues to increase, 'drive-independent' data recovery methods are needed to read current and future models of damaged drives." ...ActionFront Data Recovery profile, the article

ORLANDO, Fla. - April 14, 2004 - Arkeia Corp. announced at the MySQL Users Conference & Expo today that the company's online backup solutions include new options for administrators who need affordable protection for MySQL database servers. Now incorporated in Arkeia's MySQL plug-in is the ability to run incremental database backup based on the MySQL binary log data. Each incremental backup includes only the log of the operations since the last backup: when the database needs to be restored, Arkeia restores the last total backup of the database information as well as the MySQL binary logs. The system administrator then replays the log up to the desired date of database state. This incremental backup method is the fastest way to backup an online MySQL server. In addition to the new plug-in version, Arkeia also added support for MySQL on the HPUX/Itanium 2 platform. ...Arkeia profile

SAN DIEGO, CA - April 13, 2004 - BakBone Software today announced BakBone's NetVault software will be supported across all IBM eServer pSeries systems running 64-bit Linux on IBM's Power Architecture processors. Beta will be available June 3 with general availability on August 15. This announcement follows IBM's recently announced support for BakBone's Linux Advantage program, a joint marketing and development initiative. ...BakBone profile

MINNEAPOLIS - April 13, 2004 - Datalink Corporation announced today that it has added virtual tape software from Diligent Technologies to its portfolio of data recovery solutions. Using Diligent's VTF Open software, Datalink will deploy open system disk products to emulate tape libraries, providing customers with a high performance solution that can be easily and seamlessly integrated it into their tape-based environment. VTF Open greatly improves the reliability and performance of customers' backup and recovery operations. Because the solution leverages existing backup applications, it eliminates the need to reengineer backup policies, practices, and procedures.

"By deploying Diligent's VTF Open software to augment our customers existing tape-based environments, we will help them realize significant data recovery speed and reliability improvements" said Charlie Westling, president and COO, Datalink. ...Datalink profile, ...Diligent Technologies profile

IDF, TAIPEI - April 13, 2004 - Helping to enable adoption of the advanced features of Serial ATA into the market, Intel Corporation today released the Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) v1.0 final specification. AHCI is developed by a broad industry group chaired by Intel. The AHCI Contributor Group, more than 40 members strong, consists of hardware developers, software developers, hard drive manufacturers and OEMs. AHCI is intended to alleviate multiple controller implementations that traditionally fragment advanced capability development in traditional ATA storage environments. These features are expected to build on the momentum of the Serial ATA v.1.0 specification in those segments.

"AHCI enables host software to take advantage of the new native command queuing technology," said Mike Alexenko, senior director of Product and Technical Marketing, Maxtor. "With NCQ, Serial ATA devices can provide sophisticated command reordering optimizations for multi-threaded applications previously only available with higher-end storage interfaces." ...Intel profile

COSTA MESA, Calif. - April 13, 2004 - Emulex Corporation today announced availability of the Emulex MultiPulse HBA load-balancing and failover technology in conjunction with its centralized management framework, HBAnyware, for use with IBM eServer pSeries systems running Linux. MultiPulse enables pSeries solutions to offer robust, end-to-end failover when connected to Fibre Channel SANs. MultiPulse utilizes critical information residing in the driver layer, such as detailed link status and configuration information, to intelligently reroute network traffic around a failed element in as little as two seconds, ensuring the continued operation of critical data center activity. ...Emulex profile

Sunnyvale, Calif. - April 13, 2004 - Network Appliance, Inc. announced that it has passed a critical industry milestone with the completion of its 100th iSCSI deployment in a production environment at Cross Country Healthcare, Inc. Cross Country Healthcare stores and constantly updates a current database of approximately 200,000 registered nurses and other healthcare professionals in order to provide medical professionals with temporary employment at hospitals and healthcare facilities across the nation. iSCSI provides Cross Country Healthcare significant savings over its old direct-attached storage environment, as well as the greatly improved availability, manageability, and performance that come with networked storage solutions. Supporting its iSCSI-enabled servers, Cross Country Healthcare utilizes a NetApp unified storage solution for its consolidation of Windows storage, SQL Server, and Exchange application data.

This 100th production deployment further reinforces NetApp leadership in the iSCSI market. According to IDC's Worldwide Disk Storage Systems Quarterly Tracker for CY2003, Network Appliance had the highest penetration of the iSCSI disk storage system market, as measured by both market share in factory revenue and the number of terabytes shipped for calendar year 2003.

"Although the market has heard discussion of iSCSI solutions and future strategies, only Network Appliance has delivered the benefits of iSCSI to over 100 real-world customer environments," said Rich Clifton, VP of SAN/iSAN at Network Appliance. "As a pioneer in iSCSI storage, Network Appliance will continue leading the iSCSI space as the proliferation of the technology continues and enterprise customers realize the real-world benefits of iSCSI." ...Network Appliance profile

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - April 13, 2004 - VERITAS Software Corporation today highlighted the details of its upcoming seventh annual worldwide user conference, VERITAS VISION 2004, May 3-7 at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. Executive keynotes from VERITAS, Network Appliance, Sun Microsystems, Novell and StorageTek are scheduled to address this year's theme, "UTILITY.NOW." New to this year's show are the deep-dive demo sessions and the VERITAS Tech Fest, which will provide the thousands of attendees with an unparalleled opportunity to learn from VERITAS experts who have pioneered the key building blocks that enable utility computing: availability, performance and automation. ...VERITAS profile, ...VERITAS VISION

Orlando, Florida - April 13, 2004 - BiTMICRO Networks today announced at the Defense & Security Symposium being held at Orlando, Florida this week that Speel Praha, Ltd., a provider of avionics and aircraft diagnostics, has standardized on BiTMICRO's E-Disk for their Aircraft Monitoring System designed for the Czech Republic's L-159B Advance Light Combat Aircraft. Speel designed the Aircraft Monitoring System (AMOS) that performs remote data acquisition, fuel data control and management of inflight refueling and audio/video recording on board the L-159B. Since all of this information is stored in the system, AMOS becomes an invaluable tool when flight and maintenance crew manage information for safer aircraft--getting the job done easier than ever before. ...BiTMICRO profile

San Jose, California - April 12, 2004 - StorCard Inc. today announces the completion of Series C financing to complete development and preparation for volume production of the StorCard platform, an innovative new technology platform. New Enterprises Associates led the investment, with Rembrandt Venture Partners also participating for a total investment of US$8 million.

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Serial Attached SCSI
Serial Attached SCSI on
Megabyte found it difficult adapting to the newer thinner Serial SCSI connections.
Nibble:- Serial Attached SCSI Getting Closer to Reality

First announced in November 2001, the first functioning silicon for this was demonstrated in January 2004 by LSI Logic.

Host Bus Adapters and chipsets supporting this new standard start shipping to storage system designers in April/May 2004 from various companies. But we're not expecting to see any real products which users can get their hands on until much later - towards the end of 2004.

Why is the new standard necessary?

Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) provides a software compatible upgrade for directly attached SCSI storage which provides much higher performance than Ultra320 SCSI. So this is the least pain next step for SCSI users. Although, as with all new technology there is a learning curve.

The popularity of Internet SCSI (iSCSI) protocol products in the second half of 2003 proved that the base of server owners who are familiar with SCSI - will go a long way to adopt new connectivity options which leverage concepts they trust and are familiar with. Asimilar evolution took place with Ethernet, which started as a 3Mbps standard and still looks viable at 10Gbps. Computer users like stuff that is newer faster and cheaper, but we all know that "newer" also means "buggier" if we are the first users. Anything that reduces the amount of new code and risk along the way gets our vote.

SAS will meet the threat (albeit late in marketing terms) from Serial ATA (SATA), FireWire and USB 2. In fact SAS uses the same electrical interface and cables as SATA. That's good news if you're worried about stocking even more types of cables. It also simplifies the rollout of new test equipment - because products designed for SATA can be adapted to SAS more simply (in theory by firmware upgrades.)

20+ years ago, when SCSI started, it suited the clock speeds and cable transmission driving capabilities of the TTL compatible logic which was the standard at the time. SCSI was also easy to connect using standard low technology ribbon cable. Since then, most of the enhancements in the SCSI standard have focused on getting it to work faster, using higher clock speeds, a wider data bus, lower logic levels and differential signals.

Serial Attached SCSI is the first real attempt in SCSI history to lower cost and simplify the physical connection. The new high speed serial SCSI cables should be cheaper than the lower performance parallel SCSI ones which they replace. And you won't have to worry any more about those termination nightmares. It's simpler in a serial system to automatically monitor signal quality and dyamically adjust to the cable and connector transmission characteristics.
M-Systems is a leader and innovator of flash-based data storage products known as flash disks.
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This brings total investment in StorCard to US$14 million to date. StorCard is developing products based on new technologies that combine the best features of flexible magnetic storage, intelligence and security technologies packaged in the ubiquitous credit card format – the industry's first intelligent, portable media. StorCard's patent pending technology provides a convenient way to securely transport, share and manage large amounts of personal or business information, while protecting the data from theft and tampering. news image StorCard internal details
"NEA is very excited about the market opportunities for StorCard," said Peter Morris, general partner, NEA. The platform has great potential to surpass many existing technologies and enable new applications within the government, healthcare, enterprise, and content distribution markets. This is unique and disruptive technology that anticipates the market trends and is a superior solution for many applications beyond other technologies available today."

StorCard offers benefits to our increasingly mobile lifestyles by enabling privacy and accessibility to all our personal information such as pictures, video, music, financial records, documents, etc. across multiple devices such as laptops, PDAs, and smart phones. StorCard evaluation unit availability is expected the second half of 2004. ...StorCard profile

DURHAM, N.H. - April 12, 2004 - The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory has completed the first full-scale multi-vendor interoperability test of the newly ratified IEEE standard for interconnecting systems at 10 Gigabit/sec over copper cable. The IEEE standard, IEEE Std 802.3ak (10GBASE-CX4), was approved in late February. The technology provides an affordable way for Ethernet routers, switches and server clusters located within 15 meters of each other to exchange data at 10 Gb/sec over copper twinaxial cables.

The event ran March 22-26 at the UNH-IOL and included products from: BitBlitz Communications, Broadcom Corporation, Cisco Systems, Fujitsu, LEONI High Speed Cables GmbH, Molex Connector Corporation, Mysticom Semiconductor, PMC-Sierra, Quake Technologies, Spirent Communications, and W.L. Gore. ...UNH-IOL

SILICON VALLEY, CALIF. - April 12, 2004 - For Certance, HP, and IBM - the three technology provider companies for the Linear Tape-Open Program - 2003 was another banner year, with more than 260,000 LTO Ultrium drives shipped in 2003, a 50% increase in unit shipped over 2002. Based on a March 24, 2004 Gartner Dataquest report: Tape Drive Market Shares, 2003, by Fara Yale, Research Vice President, approximately 123,500 Super DLT drives shipped in 2003. According to Gartner Dataquest, the LTO Ultrium format continued to gain share over SDLT during each quarter of 2003. For all of 2003, the report found that drives based on the LTO Ultrium format out-shipped Super DLT by more than 2:1, continuing the LTO drive share lead for the third consecutive year.

The LTO Ultrium format Generation 2 is intended to provide storage capacity of up to 400GB compressed (assuming a 2:1 compression), and data transfer speeds of up to 80MB/s compressed. The LTO Ultrium four-generation roadmap calls for 800GB compressed capacity and up to 160MB/s compressed data transfer speeds in the third generation, and 1.6TB compressed capacity and up to 320MB/s compressed data transfer speed in the fourth generation. ...Certance profile, ...HP profile, ...IBM profile

CAMARILLO, Calif. - April 12, 2004 - Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation today announced its first products aimed at the rapidly emerging Serial Attached SCSI Storage market. Analysts and industry insiders alike expect SAS to replace parallel SCSI within the next three years and become the most widely used protocol for enterprise server and large-scale storage applications. This extensive SAS expander offering – NexSAS – is targeted at both enterprise-class server and storage enclosure applications, and is the latest family in the Vitesse storage portfolio to address the needs of systems OEMs with standards-compliant, feature-rich, high-performance solutions.

Designed to meet the needs of the leading companies deploying SAS-based products over the next 12 months, the NexSAS line of expanders provides a scaleable, non-blocking switching architecture. The platform delivers a common IC solution framework applicable to a wide variety of system configurations and applications, maximizing OEM return on both hardware and software investments. Alpha partner samples will be available on May 14. 2004. ...Vitesse Semiconductor profile

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. - April 8, 2004 - Xtore Extreme Storage today announced its expansion to a larger facility to accommodate significant growth in U.S. business operations. The company has purchased a 14,000 square foot building to house corporate headquarters, including sales, marketing, manufacturing, engineering, service and support. The new building features a state-of-the-art storage networking laboratory for interoperability testing and emerging technology verification. Additionally, Xtore has hired new personnel representing all business areas.

"Xtore has experienced a tremendous 80% increase in business in the past year, with the majority of those sales coming from the white box market," said Duran Alabi, vice president of sales and marketing for Xtore. "This expansion greatly strengthens our presence and capabilities in the US market. " ...Xtore profile

SAN JOSE, Calif. - April 8, 2004 - Intransa Inc. today announced that storage industry pioneer Paul Talbut has joined the company's Advisory Council. Talbut is chief executive of Hardware Planning Services Limited, chairman of the SNIA Europe, and a founding member and four-year chairman of the FCIA Europe. He has more than 30 years of IT industry experience.

"Paul is widely recognized as one of the leading network storage figures in Europe," said Dr. Avi Katz, President and CEO of Intransa. "As the IP SAN revolution spreads worldwide, Paul will leverage his enormous industry credibility to help evangelize and educate the European market on the powerful benefits of the new IP storage technology." ...Intransa profile

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