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Storage news - May 8 - 14, 2004

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Dell Teams with CommVault Systems

Round Rock, Texas - May 14, 2004 - Dell today announced that it has added CommVault software to its portfolio of backup solutions for PowerVault and Dell/EMC storage systems.

To address the needs of smaller organizations and branch offices, Dell and CommVault worked together to develop GalaxyExpress, a suite of data protection software that provides easy-to-use basic network backup and restore capabilities for networks with up to 25 clients.

The CommVault software provides Dell customers with high-performance, low-cost backup and restore capabilities that are easy to use and can scale with increasing data protection requirements. Dell makes it easy to purchase, deploy and manage CommVault solutions with special bundling, streamlined licensing, 3-year upgrade protection and Dell services. Dell and CommVault backup solutions are fully tested and validated with Dell/EMC and Dell PowerVault storage products and support DAS, NAS and SAN configurations, and offer high-performance disk-to-disk and disk-to-tape functionality.

CommVault software is available immediately from Dell with prices starting at $2,495 and is backed by Dell support services. ...CommVault profile, Dell profile

Vision Solutions Announces New Strategic Investors

Irvine, Calif - May 14, 2004 - Vision Solutions Inc. announced today that after more than two years of battling a hostile takeover bid for its parent company (IDION Technology Holdings) DataMirror Corporation called it quits and sold its entire stake in IDION to South African investment house VenFin Limited and other institutional investors.

The divestment by DataMirror ends two years of bitter acrimony between the companies during which DataMirror held as much as 43% of the parent company shares.

"VenFin looks to be a long-term investor in innovative, high quality businesses that have potential as significant global players," commented Dillie Malherbe, CEO of VenFin. "We have been an investor in IDION for nearly two years and have been impressed with its strategic direction, management and market success. We believe this investment is strategic to our portfolio and see it as an opportunity to add value and resources for IDION to grow significantly over the next several years." ...Vision Solutions profile

Gartner Says More than 25% of Critical Data is Flawed

STAMFORD, Conn. - May 13, 2004 - Many major companies are making important decisions routinely on remarkably inaccurate data, according to Gartner Inc.

The research firm estimates that more than 25% of critical data within Fortune 1,000 businesses will continue to be inaccurate or incomplete through 2007. ...Gartner profile

Optimizing Data Protection Article by StorageTek

Editor:- May 13, 2004 - a new 10 page white paper is published today by StorageTek, called - Optimizing Data Protection.

Taking an ILM approach, the article looks into real life cost and performance issues as well as dealing with data protection. The article is right up to date with the medley of technologies and options that are available on storage networks, and provides practical comments about how to compare and prioritize them. the article, ...StorageTek profile

Imation Board Taps Bruce A. Henderson for CEO

OAKDALE, Minn.- May 13, 2004 - The board of directors of Imation Corp. named Bruce A. Henderson as CEO, effective immediately, succeeding Bill Monahan who had previously announced his intention to retire this year.

Mr. Henderson most recently was chief executive of Edgecombe Holdings LLC, a private investment company based in Richmond, VA. He is the former chief executive of Invensys Control Systems, a $3.5 billion operating unit of London-based Invensys plc and a leader in home and commercial automation. Mr. Henderson also served as chief executive of Invensys Software Systems, a $2 billion provider of mission-critical software for e-enterprise and industrial-control applications. The company has retained retiring chairman and CEO Bill Monahan on a consulting basis to assist Mr. Henderson during the transition as required. ...Imation profile

AppIQ Sponsors End User Day at SNIA Symposium

BURLINGTON, MA - May 12, 2004 - AppIQ, Inc. today announced that it will sponsor "Data Storage User Day at the SNIA Symposium" on Monday, May 17 in Boston.

The agenda includes discussion of the fundamentals of object storage, fibre channel and storage network infrastructure design, IP storage technologies, and the Storage Management Initiative Standard. The session concludes with the monthly meeting of's New England SNUG, which will be celebrating its first anniversary with a panel discussion on "The Future of Storage." ...AppIQ profile

EMC Widened Lead in Storage Systems in 2003

Hopkinton, MA - May 12, 2004 - EMC once again led the $12.9 billion information storage systems market in 2003.

According to Gartner estimates, #1 EMC grew its revenue share to capture 20.6% of the 2003 worldwide external controller-based disk storage market. Last month Gartner reported EMC was also the world's #1 provider of storage management software in 2003, leading the $5 billion market with 28.3% revenue share, nearly 10 points ahead of the nearest competitor. ...EMC profile

SBE and PyX Technologies Demonstrate Joint iSCSI

San Ramon, CA - May 11, 2004 - SBE Inc. and PyX Technologies today announced their joint iSCSI storage management solution.

This collaborative solution will be demonstrated at NetWorld + Interop. The SBE/PyX iSCSI solution merges SBE's dual port Gigabit Ethernet TCP/IP Offload Engine board with PyX's fault tolerant, high availability, uniform iSCSI software protocol. Fully compliant with IETF iSCSI standards, this robust iSCSI product delivers multi-path migration and Error Recovery Level Two functionality. Featuring active trunking and aggregation of port bandwidth, the SBE/PyX solution ensures that there is no single point of failure on the storage transport layer between any two iSCSI nodes while simultaneously offloading the network protocol processing from the CPU. ...PyX Technologies profile, ...SBE profile

EVault ProMail Helps Financial Service Organizations

Walnut Creek, Calif. - May 11, 2004 - EVault, Inc. today announced the introduction of EVault ProMail, an outsourced email and instant message monitoring and archiving service.

EVault ProMail enables customers, such as broker-dealers, to ensure that their email communications are maintained in an easily accessible archive compliant with regulatory requirements without having to internally manage a complex and costly infrastructure.

"Email and IM present a huge liability for us because we must monitor and securely retain all electronic messages in order to be properly compliant," said Brian Dennen, chief compliance officer at Redwood Trading, LLC, a broker-dealer in San Francisco. "We selected EVault's outsourced service because it takes these responsibilities off our plate. We pass off the management of the infrastructure, but actually have more control of whether our email and IM are meeting regulatory and our own internal standards. It's the best of both worlds."

The Web-based EVault ProMail service is designed specifically to help companies comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and securities-related regulations, including broker-dealers compliance with regulatory requirements with SEC Rules 17a-3 and 17a-4 and the NASD NTM 98-11 and 03-33 regarding the surveillance, use and permanent record retention of electronic communications. By automatically scanning all inbound, outbound, interoffice emails and IMs for non-compliant language, EVault ProMail significantly reduces the number of electronic communications that must be manually reviewed by compliance officers. In addition, EVault ProMail is equipped with dynamic message retrieval and search capabilities, allowing effortless Web-based message retrieval and flexible message searches based on determined rules, email names or phrases. ...EVault profile

DiskSites Secures Series C Funding

Tenafly, NJ and Tel-Aviv, Israel - May 11, 2004 - DiskSites today announced that it has closed the first phase of its financing round by securing $3.5 million, adding up the amount of funds raised to date to $9 million.

The funds will be used to fuel the company's rapid expansion of sales and marketing efforts, as well as to expand its customer service and business development activities. DiskSites' mission is to reduce both the IT footprint and the total cost of ownership for global Fortune 2000 corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, and other distributed organizations. The company's solution ensures real-time, synchronous access for remote users, while enhancing security and backup of critical corporate data. ...DiskSites profile

BRU Server for Linux

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona - May 11, 2004 - TOLIS Group, Inc. today announces BRU Server for Linux, a client/server-based data backup and recovery solution that delivers robust data protection services across the enterprise.

BRU Server for Linux is an extension of BRU's long-standing Linux data protection heritage and supports organizations of any size. BRU Server for Linux provides robust support of Disk-to-Disk, Disk -to-Tape, and Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape backup strategies. BRU Server's disk stage can be RAID or JBOD-configured, "stacked" to receive parallel client system backup streams to further enhance performance, and each backup to disk can be fully verified for accuracy in an out-of-band operation.

BRU Server for Linux is available immediately and ships in three versions: Basic, Network, and Enterprise, differentiated only by the number of included client system licenses. Pricing starts at $699. ...TOLIS profile

IBM BladeCenter Servers Incorporate QLogic Fibre Down

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., - May 11, 2004 - QLogic Corp. today announced that its switch blades, management controllers and Fibre Down host bus adapters are shipping with the new IBM eServer BladeCenter JS20 server blade, the industry's first blade server based on the POWER Architecture and the new IBM eServer BladeCenter HS40 server blade, a 4-way Intel processor-based server.

QLogic has been shipping storage connectivity components for BladeCenter and BladeCenter T systems for more than a year, including six HS20 2-way Intel processor based models. ...QLogic profile

LightSand FCIP Gateways Certified by IBM

Milpitas, Calif. - May l1, 2004 - LightSand announced today that its i-8100 family of FCIP storage extension gateways has received test confirmation from IBM for extending IBM's San Volume Controller over distance.

With the successful completion of this testing, the i-8100 has been approved for extending IBM's SVC over distance using readily available IP networks. Combined with the previously certified S-Series, which is approved for extending SVC over SONET, DWDM and dark fiber, LightSand is now able to provide an SVC extension solution for deployment over any common WAN/MAN infrastructure.

"SAN administrators around the world recognize IBM's SVC as a leading tool for realizing high levels of functionality and value from their storage systems," said LightSand CEO Philip Black. "Through our partnership with IBM we now enable organizations to break the campus-area limitations of fibre channel and recognize the benefits of SVC for storage resources spread across the entire geographically-dispersed enterprise. Organizations now have the ability to globally secure and share digital assets regardless of physical location. This can result in greatly increased storage utilization efficiency, provide enhanced disaster recovery and business continuance services, and improve enterprise-wide data availability." ...LightSand profile

BiTMICRO's Solid State Flash Drives are Solaris Ready

Networld + Interop, LAS VEGAS, Nevada - May 11, 2004 - BiTMICRO Networks announces the successful acquisition of Solaris Ready certification from Sun Microsystems on both SPARC and x86 platforms for its 3.5" Fibre Channel, IDE / ATA and SCSI Wide solid state disks.

This certification is a major milestone in the company's ongoing commitment to deliver products that adhere to open standards and interoperate in heterogeneous environments; serving as complete "drop-in" replacement for hard drives. BiTMICRO's E Disk SSDs are widely deployed across all major platforms and operating systems. The E-Disk flash drives are being showcased at Booth 340 of the Networld + Interop Exhibition from May 11 to 13, 2004. ...BiTMICRO Networks profile

Editor's comments:- the SPARC Product Directory has reported signs that the Sun SPARC market is growing again, although it has been lagging the recovery in the rest of the server market by 6 to 9 months. See also:- SPARC manufacturers, Solid state disks

Adaptec iSCSI HBA Wins Well-Connected Award

MILPITAS, Calif. - May 11, 2004 - Adaptec, Inc. today announced that the company's iSCSI host bus adapter has won Network Computing's prestigious Well-Connected Award for the networking industry's best products and services.

The award goes to products selected by Network Computing technology editors and evaluated by the magazine over the past year. In a head-to-head evaluation last year, the Adaptec 7211 iSCSI adapter topped two competitors in key performance and usability criteria including installation and setup, data throughput and server CPU utilization to win the magazine's Editor's Choice Award. ...Adaptec profile

EZQuest Launches World's Smallest USB Flash Drive

YORBA LINDA, CA - May 10, 2004 - EZQuest now offers the world's smallest USB flash drive for Macs and PCs.

The EZ-Disk USB 2.0 drive is the length and thickness of two quarters. It measures 1.88-inches by .75-inch by .13-inch, and weighs just four grams. Designed for people who want a fast way to copy, transport and transfer small files, it is very easy to use. You plug it in, an icon pops up on your computer screen, and you drag-and-drop the files you need at speeds up to 950KB/sec. Then, you slip EZ-Disk into your pocket or wallet.
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Nibble:- Storage Market Shows Signs of Record Growth
My annual feature - the Fastest Growing storage companies is due to be updated on June 7, 2004.

In the meantime I thought it would be interesting to recap some of the growth stories that have been mentioned in these pages during the last month. The notes below refer to year on year growth either for the most recent quarter, or in some cases for the full year.

One thing is clear. The growth rates are going to be much higher than in earlier years. In fact there are so many companies reporting high double digit growth rates that I've decided to arbitrarily set the entry level for the article to 35%, coincidentally the figure achieved by EMC. If they can do it (and it's much harder for a multibillion dollar company to do this) then that sets the yardstick for the rest of the industry.

Major storage segments which are already reporting high double digit revenue growth include flash memory, solid state disks, and iSCSI. Probably this list should also include disk to disk backup, although it's hard separating that out from the morass of NAS, SAN, RAID etc. Dell'Oro Group reported that the fibre channel switch and HBA market grew 11% which is also healthy.

But not everything in the storage market will be so successful. The tape backup market will be lucky to see revenue get back to 2002 levels. Freeman Reports said that tape library market revenue declined 13% in 2003.

If you're interested in seeing more market research data then scrolling to the bottom of the 60 or so storage index pages listed on our home page will usually give you a starting point. Otherwise our market research has a directory of every company which tracks the storage market.

See also:- article:- Storage Winners and Losers from the 2000-2003 IT Recession

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The drive is completely bus-powered, is backward compatible with USB 1.1, and is compatible with both Macs and PCs. It comes in three models/capacities: 128MB, 256MB and 512MB. news image EZQuest
"This rugged little drive is ideal for people on the go," said Ebrahim Zmehrir, EZQuest president. "When you want to take a few files with you, you just plug EZ-Disk in and get them. It's faster than burning a CD, it's inexpensive and it fits just about anywhere. I carry mine on my keychain."

EZ-Disk flash drives are compatible with Mac OS 9.0 and Mac OS 10.1 or later, and Win 98SE, Win 2000, Win ME and Win XP. (A driver is needed only for Win 98SE and is included.) EZ-Disk flash drives are available now and MSRPs are: $49 for 128MB; $79 for 256MB capacity; and $149 for 512MB capacity. ...EZQuest profile

VERITAS Broadens Commitment to SMBs

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - May 10, 2004 - VERITAS Software Corporation today unveiled a new solution track for resellers focusing on small and medium-size businesses.

This new segment of the VERITAS Partner Program builds on the success of the company's enterprise and government segments and provides partners with world-class tools, support, training and products to better meet the unique requirements of SMB customers.

According to Gartner Research, VERITAS Backup Exec software is the market leader in server backup software used by small to medium-size businesses. Today's announcement further underscores VERITAS' commitment to SMB customers and establishes a dedicated technical and sales staff to support the sales activities of partners serving this market.

"Thousands of reseller partners have contributed significantly to the long-term success of VERITAS, especially in our ability to meet the specific needs of key industries and customer segments," said Michael Sotnick, vice president, partner sales, VERITAS Software. "We expect that this new initiative will provide considerable benefits to our customers as we equip our partner community with the technology and information to deliver scalable data protection, availability and management solutions to the market and deliver on the promise of utility computing for all VERITAS customers." ...VERITAS profile

SimpleTech's DDR2 Memory Validated for Intel Platforms

SANTA ANA, Calif. - May 10, 2004 - SimpleTech, Inc. today announced that its new SimpleTech DDR2 memory modules have met Intel's qualification requirements and have received validation by Intel on its reference platforms.

SimpleTech will offer DDR2 memory modules in densities ranging from 256MB to 2GB.

"Memory module suppliers, such as SimpleTech, play an important role in providing memory to the worldwide distribution and system builder channel market, which is a significant and growing business for Intel," said Willy Agatstein, general manager of Intel's reseller products group.

SimpleTech DDR2 memory modules achieve a module bandwidth of up to 4.3 Gbps (PC2-4300), and at 1.8V operation, the modules provide low power consumption. Additionally, DDR2 memory modules save space in the system due to On-Die-Termination which improves signal integrity and reduces system cost. ...SimpleTech profile

RAM news, RAM SSDs, DDR3 flash DIMMs

Gigaram Releases Memory Upgrades for New Sun Systems

Irvine, Calif - May 10, 2004 - Gigaram Corporation has announced they are now manufacturing the following new line of Sun Licensed memory upgrades: 2GB memory upgrade for the new Sun Fire B100X Blade, 1GB through 4GB upgrades for the Sun Fire V20Z & the 1GB through 8GB upgrades for the Sun Fire E2900, E4900, E6900, E20K & E25K.

news imageUsing the latest in manufacturing technology combined with superior components, Gigaram has once again kept on the cutting edge of memory solutions for the Sun market. Complimenting this strategy is the fact that each kit is extensively system tested (fully loaded) on a Sun system before shipping and is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

"As our customers look to get the most performance from their Sun systems we in turn strive to engineer & manufacture the highest quality memory at the most competitive price" added President Keller Lee. ...Gigaram profile

Dartmouth College Chooses Secure NAS Storage

Redwood City and Sunnyvale, Calif. - May 10, 2004 - Decru, Inc. and Network Appliance, Inc. today announced a secure storage solution developed for the Center for Evaluative Clinical Sciences at Dartmouth.

The CECS has deployed Decru DataFort E-series storage security appliances with NetApp FAS storage, ensuring the privacy and integrity of over 7TB of sensitive and regulated healthcare data. Dartmouth chose Decru DataFort because of its strong, wire-speed encryption, its reliability, and its ability to transparently integrate with high-performance NetApp storage systems. The Center for Evaluative Clinical Sciences is comprised of scientists and clinician-scholars from Dartmouth's medical and graduate schools who conduct cutting-edge research on critical medical and health issues. The objective of this research is to provide a foundation for measuring, organizing, and improving the U.S. healthcare system.

CECS currently maintains about 7TB of this highly sensitive data in its storage network, containing clients based on Linux, Dell file servers, and networked storage from NetApp. Each Linux desktop communicates to the servers using an encrypted VPN link, securing data in flight. Access to the data is tightly controlled via firewalls and Linux IP tables, so connections to the NFS servers are only allowed from a select group of clients. The data itself is secured using a cluster of Decru DataFort E-series appliances. DataFort appliances combine secure access controls, authentication, storage encryption, and secure logging to provide unprecedented protection for sensitive stored data. By locking down stored data with strong encryption and routing all access through secure hardware, DataFort dramatically simplifies the security model for networked storage.

"Leading organizations such as the CECS at Dartmouth are building security directly into their storage infrastructures, ensuring the privacy and integrity of sensitive patient data," said Patrick Rogers, vice president of Marketing at Network Appliance. "The NetApp and Decru solution provides maximum performance and security, combined with seamless interoperability and simplicity. We're very pleased to support the CECS in its research efforts." ...Decru profile, ...Network Appliance profile

Advanced Media Unveils RIDATA-Brand Flash Cards

Diamond Bar, CA - May 10, 2004 - Advanced Media, Inc. unveiled its line of RIDATA flash memory products at the recent Retail Vision Spring 2004 show.

The line includes CompactFlash, SmartMedia, MultiMedia, and SecureDigital, memory cards as well as a flash memory card adapter, a USB card reader, and a thumb-size USB EZ drive.
RIDATA CompactFlash cards are available in 32MB, 64MB, and the Pro series 52X speed are available in 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB and 4GB capacities. These cards are designed for D-SLR, digital still cameras, MP3 players, notebook computers, and other handheld applications. They comply with all CompactFlash specifications and are compatible with PC card ATA standards.

Advanced Media's SmartMedia cards come in 32MB, 64MB, 128MB capacities. They work in various devices including digital still cameras and MP3 players. These NAND-type flash memory cards comply with all SmartMedia standards as specified by the SSFDC forum.

RIDATA SecureDigital memory cards feature 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB and 1GB capacities with 45X high performance. They comply with all SecureDigital memory card specifications and include cryptographic security to protect copyrighted data and a user-selectable write-protect switch on the card casing.

RIDATA MultiMedia cards offer 64MB, 128MB, 256MB 512MB and 1GB capacities. They are an ideal storage medium for portable battery-powered devices, especially supporting all leading brands of mobile phones. They meet all MultiMedia card specifications and require no special power to maintain stored data. ...Advanced Media profile

Fujitsu Europe Launches imageRAID

UK - May 10, 2004 - Fujitsu Europe Limited today launches its latest storage solution: the imageRAID a fibre channel based storage offering.

imageRAID will be distributed by Headway Technology Group, Europe's premier distributor for specialist document management products. ...Fujitsu (Europe) profile, ...Headway Technology Group profile

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