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2005, August week 1

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Dulles, Virginia - August 4, 2005 - America Online, Inc. today announced that it has acquired Xdrive, Inc. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. The company was previously privately held. Xdrive, founded in 1999 and headquartered in Santa Monica, California, will operate as a stand alone, wholly-owned subsidiary of AOL under the Digital Services business unit and continue to be based in southern California.

Current and future subscribers of Xdrive will continue to be able to utilize the full suite of services, in accordance with the Xdrive 'Terms of Service' agreement.

Xdrive manages an online, centralized storage platform that gives subscribers access to, and protection of, all their digital assets - regardless of location used to access the Internet. Xdrive provides its subscribers with: storage safety and security; and automatic backup of a wide variety of digital assets - such as music, pictures, and video. The Xdrive unit, the Xdrive management team, and its talented, highly-skilled 34 employees will report to Gio Hunt, Senior Vice President of New Business Ventures, AOL Digital Services. ...Xdrive profile, Acquired storage companies

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. - August 4, 2005 - QLogic Corp. today announced that its SANblade Fibre Channel HBAs, SANbox switches, and SANsurfer software now support Mac OS X and the Xsan file system. Now for the first time, administrators with Xserve G5 servers and Xserve RAID systems can deploy a single SAN infrastructure to provision their storage to rack, tower or blade servers running a variety of popular operating systems including Mac OS, Windows, NetWare, Linux and Solaris. And for the large base of customers standardized on QLogic HBAs, Apple servers now can be seamlessly integrated to their SANs using the corporate standard HBA. ...QLogic profile, Fibre-channel HBAs, Firewire Storage

Santa Clara, Calif. - August 3, 2005 - NEC Solutions (America), Inc. introduced two new storage disk arrays, advanced management software and pre-configured bundles that deliver high-end features and functionality to the small-to-medium business market. NEC's new S2400 and S1400 disk arrays provide up to 27.6TB and 13.8 TB of storage capacity respectively, and both are designed to be integrated in a DAS and SAN environment. An updated version of NEC's Storage Manager Software will simplify management by providing real-time monitoring and statistical performance information across all storage devices. NEC's S1400 and S2400 bundled solutions will begin shipping in September, and will be available through Avnet Partner Solutions, Americas and Team 1 Systems. The NEC S2800 is currently now available. The manufacturer's suggested list prices range from $30,000 to $250,000. ...NEC profile, RAID systems

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. - August 3, 2005 - SiliconSystems, Inc. today announced its patent-pending SiBoost technology which doubles the capacity of its SiliconDrive products. Integrating SiBoost technology into its industry-leading 6-bit ECC SiliconDrive PC Card provides the industry's first and highest endurance 32GB flash PC Card.

"By focusing exclusively on the enterprise OEM market, SiliconSystems has taken the distinct advantages of Samsung's SLC NAND flash and enhanced them with its SiliconDrive and SiBoost technologies," said Jon Kang, senior vice president of technical marketing at Samsung Semiconductor. "SiBoost represents a powerful, solid-state solution engineered to take full advantage of the benefits of SLC technology in meeting the system storage needs of the enterprise OEM sector." ...SiliconSystems profile, Flash Memory, Solid State Disks

SAN DIEGO - August 3, 2005 - Overland Storage, Inc. today said that HP, its largest OEM customer, has informed Overland of its decision not to purchase its next-generation, mid-range tape automation product line from Overland. The company expects HP to begin purchasing the first product of this new line from an alternate supplier during calendar 2006. Although HP will continue to purchase the tape automation products currently supplied by Overland for some time, the new product will eventually replace the majority of those purchases. The company cannot predict how quickly this transition will occur, but believes the impact to the company's revenue during its current fiscal year ending June 30, 2006 will be minimal. In light of this anticipated loss in future revenue, the company intends to focus heavily on the delivery of new higher-margin products through its branded channel during fiscal 2006.

Overland noted that its current three-year contract with HP expires in July 2006. Typical of most OEM contracts, it does not commit HP to buy specific quantities of product at any time. It is customary at this point in a product lifecycle for OEMs to plan for the next-generation product and its suppliers.

"Although our OEM business has declined in the last year, our branded business has grown approximately 20% per year in each of the last two years and now represents nearly $100 million in annual revenue," said Christopher Calisi, president and CEO, Overland Storage. "In fiscal year 2006, this higher-margin channel will receive not only additional focus, but several new products to deliver to the marketplace through our worldwide network of distributors, direct marketers and VARs. Although we will have a lower revenue base due to the HP loss, we anticipate a significant increase in our gross profit margin percentage resulting from a higher concentration of branded sales. ...Overland Storage profile

Editor's comments:- in recent years HP's below par performance as a storage distributor has caused severe business problems for some of its suppliers. Against the background of declining revenue in the tape market - HP's decision to switch sources of tape systems is not good news for Overland. But in the long term Overland could do better by selling its own branded products and by working with new partners in related product segments which leverage the main backup system - for example tape encryption or storage search products.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., - August 3, 2005 - PowerHouse Technologies Group, Inc. today announced that the company's entire line of award-winning Migo software products are now compatible with almost all USB flash drives, memory cards, Windows-formatted iPods and mp3 players. A FREE 30-day trial version of the NEW Migo software can be downloaded from the PowerHouse Technologies website. Migo software stores, secures and synchronizes documents, Outlook e-mail and Internet Explorer cookies, favorites, and history, making them available on any PC running Windows 2000 or Windows XP. Migo software also transforms any Windows-based PC into the user's familiar PC environment by carrying desktop icons, wallpaper, and Internet settings from one PC to another, and does so without leaving a trace of any data behind. ...PowerHouse Technologies, USB storage

Phoenix, AZ - August 3, 2005 - Semico says Semiconductor Intellectual Property (SIP) is the next killer catalyst for semiconductor growth. This position taken on the cusp of their IP event in June has gained momentum from their latest research report projecting the market to reach over $4,137.2M with a CAGR of 23.2% by 2009.

There are several trends driving the semiconductor industry towards the use of SIP. Historically, the industry has followed many twists and turns to perpetuate Moore's Law. This has led to outsourcing thereby fueling greater market diversification. Not to mention in an era of increasing mask set costs, lengthening design cycle times, and shrinking windows of market opportunity, SIP has become the biggest confidence builder of the decade.

Semico believes the SIP market will segment between the different types of semiconductor devices that can use SIP. Semico forecasts that Performance SoC (System-on-a-Chip) will be the device type to consume the most SIP over the forecast period, reaching $1,457.6M by 2009, a 21.5% CAGR. The rise of new applications such as MP3 players, Digital Cameras, Cell Phones and other portable consumer devices has been one of the major drivers of the SIP market. ...Semico Research profile, Storage chips

Oslo, Norway - August 2, 2005 - Tandberg Data ASA today announced that IBM will market the Tandberg Data designed IBM 200/400GB half high LTO Generation 2 Tape Drive under the IBM brand for use in IBM systems and other compatible systems. The new drive consumes less power and generates less heat than any other LTO tape drive on the market. This combination, along with the drive's unique airflow design, provides greater reliability and increased MTBF. The smaller size of this drive, the most compact LTO available on the market today, allows it to fit into a standard 5.25 inch half height bay, matching the CD/DVD form factor. ...Tandberg Data profile, Tape backup

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. - August 2, 2005 - SiliconSystems, Inc. today announced the appointment of John Park as VP of sales. news image SiliconSystems - John Park Park brings to SiliconSystems more than 30 years of sales and marketing experience including executive positions at industry leaders Samsung Semiconductor, Texas Instruments and General Electric.

"John will be a valuable asset to our organization as we strive to meet the exponential growth in customer demand for our industry-leading SiliconDrive and application-specific technologies," said Michael Hajeck, CEO of SiliconSystems. "John's proven leadership in cultivating customer relationships and his valuable expertise in developing global sales programs will significantly strengthen our position as the industry leader for solid-state storage technology in the Enterprise System OEM market."

"I am joining SiliconSystems at an extremely exciting time in the company's history in which it is poised to continue its significant growth," remarked John Park.

Prior to joining SiliconSystems, Park was the VP of sales for Samsung Semiconductor Inc., where he had responsibility for North and South America. ...SiliconSystems profile, Storage People, Solid State Disks

MILPITAS, Calif. - August 2, 2005 - LSI Logic today announced that the company has begun shipping full production single- and dual-port 4Gb/s Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters supporting all major operating systems to OEM and channel customers. The single-port LSI7104XP-LC and dual-port LSI7204XP-LC 4Gb/s PCI-X HBAs offer twice the performance of 2Gb/s HBAs at a small premium over 2Gb/s HBAs. Each adapter features 800MB/s full duplex Fibre Channel ports, and is capable of performing more than 160,000 I/Os per second.

"Over the last quarter, the industry has seen tremendous interest in 4Gb/s Fibre Channel technology as users look to move high-bandwidth content more quickly," said Lisa Kimball, product manager for Fibre Channel HBAs at LSI Logic. "With LSI Logic's 4Gb/s HBAs now shipping, users can put in place a complete 4Gb/s infrastructure including arrays and switches, that will serve the performance demands of applications ranging from SANs to clustering, to back-up and recovery to virtualization." ...LSI Logic profile, Fibre-channel adapter cards

BROOMFIELD, Colo. - August 2, 2005 - McDATA Corp today announced the appointment of Todd Oseth as Chief Operating Officer, with responsibility for sales, marketing, services, manufacturing, engineering, quality and information technology. Oseth joins McDATA from EMC, where he was vice president of the Infrastructure Software Group. In that position, which Oseth held since joining EMC in September 2003, he was responsible for the new Invista storage virtualization solution, path management software and high availability product lines.

Oseth has held numerous other executive positions, including vice president of Sony's Information Technology organization, where he brought the Sony VAIO to market; president of Accent software; and president of Ramtron's specialty DRAM division. During his tenure at EMC and in other executive roles, Oseth has earned a strong reputation for operational excellence and bringing new products to market. ...McDATA profile, Storage People

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - August 1, 2005 - NetEx today announced the successful completion of a 60 terabyte email migration project for EarthLink, the nation's next generation Internet service provider. The project leveraged NetEx's HyperIP Data Replication Optimizer to accelerate the performance of EMC's Symmetrix Remote Data Facility over the Internet.

EarthLink's Mail Storage Consolidation project consisted of relocating more than 9 million mailboxes from Pasadena, Calif., to their Atlanta data center during a single overnight window. EarthLink accomplished their migration by implementing a cross-country Gigabit Ethernet solution that combined HyperIP and SRDF to move the data over their production IP/MPLS Internet backbone.

"Incorporating HyperIP with SRDF improved the migration performance over the IP network by 50%, allowing the final migration to be completed within EarthLink's targeted window," said Robert MacIntyre, Vice President, Business Development and Marketing at NetEx.

The HyperIP-SRDF solution sustained effective data throughput rates of more than one terabyte per hour, enabling SRDF to sustain nearly 100% of its theoretical maximum performance in EarthLink's production environment. This data replication technology utilized the allocated bandwidth of 800 Mbps across the Gig-E/MPLS link and minimized the adverse effects of jitter, out-of-sequence packets, varied latency exceeding 100 milliseconds, and packet loss as high as 2%. ...NetEx profile

Ft. Walton Beach, FL. - August 1, 2005 - QStar Technologies, today announces two new products to address ILM needs. MultiStor is for local server data management based on archival retention and deletion policies. Network Migrator adds client side migration strategies to heterogeneous networks. Network Migrator manages data archiving and deletion policies at an enterprise level. Local disk can be extended to storage server disk space and ultimately to long-term archive devices. This tiered architecture makes full use of the network's storage resources without impacting the local monitored file space.

"Corporations are faced with meeting the ever-growing requirements of regulatory bodies and at the same time, reduced spending allocated for IT administration, and a decreased staff for data management", said Riccardo Finotti, President of QStar Technologies. "In basic terms, we help them do more with less." ...QStar profile

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - August 1, 2005 - Infortrend today announced that Medical Informatics Engineering has selected Infortrend's EonStor subsystems for their private communications network that allows physicians, medical groups, hospitals, and insurance companies to securely transmit electronic medical information. With over 85% of physicians in northeastern Indiana subscribing to MIE's MedWeb to securely transmit clinical billing and patient-health information, MIE management and system administrators compiled an extensive list of requirements to make sure their storage platform could reliably handle the high traffic, highly sensitive information. Chief among these were standalone operation, simple and low cost maintenance, and no requirement for a RAID card in the server.

"Other systems we tested had very poor uptime reliability and performance, especially when compared with Infortrend," commented Jason Eicholtz, systems administrator for MIE. "We were looking for a combination of cost, performance, reliability, and build quality. Infortrend offered us lower investment and a simple storage solution. When the host computer needs nothing special to use or see the storage array, that's a huge plus."

MIE has incorporated several Infortrend products into its system, starting with the 12-drive bay SCSI-to-ATA subsystems, and has now standardized on the Fibre-to-SATA models. Infortrend's RAID products are part of MIE's secure data center, as key components of its application services provider digital medical records applications. EonStor subsystems are also part of MIE's Picture Archiving and Communications Systems solutions used in hospitals, imaging centers, and specialty medical practices. ...Infortrend profile, RAID controllers

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - August 1, 2005 - Seagate Technology today announced that it has reached the 150 million mark in unit shipments of its Barracuda 7200-rpm family of hard drives. The shipment milestone comes as Seagate prepares to launch Barracuda 7200.9, the 9th generation of the drive. Barracuda 7200.9 combines a massive half-terabyte (500GB) of capacity with a 3 Gigabit/second SATA interface to deliver a leading combination of storage capacity, performance and reliability for mainstream PCs, high-performance digital video workstations, media PCs and PC gaming systems, and low-cost servers. ...Seagate profile

Editor:- August 1, 2005 - STORAGEsearch reports there was little overall change in readers' interests in July compared to June. The most popular subjects and articles viewed by readers remained substantially the same. Readership grew by 10% compared to the year ago period. Over 1,000 storage companies vie to get into the top 10 company profiles viewed by our readers. In July there were re-entries in the top 10 viewed profiles for Dell, LSI Logic and Texas Memory Systems. For more information and full rankings see Market research

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