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Megabyte loved reading news stories about the storage market
Editor:- January 21, 2005 - this is an editorial correction regarding YottaYotta whose company profile had been moved incorrectly into our dead companies list. A reader emailed to say that they are not dead and their website and phone are still working. Their listing has now been restored to our active directory pages.

YottaYotta's web site had been uncontactable for an extended period which is why their profile had been removed and they had gone quiet on email and news activity. We are happy to learn that news of their demise was exaggerated and look forward to hearing something new from the company one day soon.

Sometimes problems happen on the web which may give editors and customers the impression that your company is no longer around, and if they have relied on your website for contact information then they can't confirm that you are still in business. Last summer one of our advertisers moved to a larger office - and they had technical problems which stopped their website and email from working for 2 weeks. But I had their phone number and knew what was going on. The accidental deletion of YottaYotta is a warning to marketers in vendor companies that they should maintain contact with editors and customers by email if their sites are down for an extended period - or run the risk that the wrong inference is made. ...YottaYotta profile, Acquired, dead, & gone away storage companies

London - January 20, 2005 - Arkeia Corporation announced today the release of a plug-in for hot backup of Microsoft SQL Server data. The new Arkeia Network Backup plug-in protects MS SQL Servers in a heterogeneous environment without interrupting running services. Arkeia's MS SQL hot backup plug-in takes full advantage of embedded capabilities in Microsoft SQL Server backup and restore functions. Arkeia developers incorporated Virtual Device Interface technology to ensure a fast, reliable backup in Windows environments with a Linux or Unix backup server. The plug-in supports MS SQL server versions including SQL Server 7, SQL Server 2000 and later versions. Supported platforms include NT4 and NT Enterprise and Windows 2000/2003 Server. The plug-in is priced at $990. ...Arkeia profile, Linux Portals

LAKE FOREST, Calif. - January 19, 2005 - Western Digital Corp. announced today that the company will enter the market for miniature hard drives with a family of 1-inch drives. An increasing number of current applications, such as MP3 players, PDAs, digital still cameras and digital video cameras, rely on 1-inch hard drives. Newly available and future products enabled by innovations in rotating magnetic storage, such as 1-inch drives, have driven demand in the quickly developing market segment that includes combination digital video/still cameras and cell phones.

"The sub-2.5-inch markets, mostly driven by massive demand for MP3 players and, in the future, by multi-function mobile phones, will be the most explosive growth areas for hard drives," said John Monroe, a research vice president at Gartner. "We are witnessing a global cultural revolution in portable digital entertainment. Hard-drive enabled MP3 players are already becoming ubiquitous, and by 2008, at least 8% of mobile phones could contain a hard drive. These are enormous new markets. It now seems likely that 1-inch hard drive shipments exceeded 8 million units in 2004, up from only 903,000 units in 2003. The compound annual growth rate for 1-inch hard drives should exceed 85% through 2008."

WD's miniature drive entry is expected to ship in the second calendar quarter of 2005. The 1-inch hard drive will spin at 3,600 RPM and will be available in capacities up to 6 GB. This new hard drive will be offered with the standard CF II interface and form factor, which enables it to fit into the millions of currently available devices accepting CF II cards, as well as easily integrate into future products. It will feature WD's anti-skip technology that supports uninterrupted audio and video playback. The drive also will incorporate WD's patent-pending advanced power management techniques to enable the longest possible battery life. ...Western Digital profile, Hard disk drives, Mobile Disk Drives

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - January 19, 2005 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced the Sun Compliance and Content Management Solution, a customer-ready system that integrates Sun's storage and compliance products, the expertise of its client solutions organization, and the Solaris Operating System with compliance software from AXS-One to deliver a cost-effective compliance solution for electronic records. This collaboration between Sun and AXS-One helps customers address the growing tide of global regulatory compliance and business governance requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, SEC 17a-4, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and their equivalents around the world.

Sun and AXS-One are collaborating to incorporate capabilities that will supersede Sun's current e-mail archiving solution, Infinite Mailbox. The Sun Compliance and Content Management Solution will replace Infinite Mailbox and seamlessly provide existing and future customers with a single, scalable framework that can archive and manage all electronic records, including e-mail, while addressing storage, compliance, and content management challenges. ...Sun profile

See also:- the recent article:- Storage Security and Compliance - by Cyber-Ark Software

Waltham, MA - January 19, 2005 - AmeriVault Corp. today announced that they have agreed to acquire Certified Backup for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition builds on AmeriVault's mission to provide the entire small business market with disk-to-disk data protection and recovery solutions. Certified Backup, who, using superhero Captain Backup has been effective in the small and home-based business market, will become part of the AmeriVault organization. The Certified Backup platform will be used to power a new AmeriVault XpressVault product offering at a price point of twenty to forty percent lower than AmeriVault's other service offerings. ...AmeriVault profile, Web based backup and storage

Fremont, CA, U.S. - January 18, 2005 - 3PAR announced today that Cbeyond Communications, a provider of integrated voice, data and internet services, has purchased two 3PAR InServ Storage Servers for its mission-critical operational support systems and its test and development environment. The Atlanta-based firm, which serves over 15,000 businesses in major metropolitan areas, selected 3PAR over other storage vendors based on performance, scalability, simplicity and unmatched cost effectiveness.

"We have achieved substantial savings with 3PAR's Thin Provisioning," said Allen Thomas, Senior Director of System Operations at Cbeyond. "3PAR Thin Provisioning allowed us to permanently eliminate the waste associated with unused allocated capacity and has dramatically simplified storage provisioning. Since 3PAR, I can't think of the last time we worried about storage."

Cbeyond is a voice and broadband Internet provider built exclusively to serve small businesses (4 to 200 employees) using Voice over Internet Protocol technology. Cbeyond serves customers in Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Houston and Chicago and delivers an integrated product that offers high-speed T-1 Internet access, local and long distance voice services, web hosting, email, conference calling and VPN.

Cbeyond's prior storage environment consisted of assorted embedded disk, direct attached storage, and filers from a variety of major vendors. This older environment yielded lower performance, unusable islands of storage capacity and overall architectural inflexibility. In the past, Cbeyond's IT staff addressed these inefficiencies manually through a progressively intensive administrative effort, which took time from value-add activities. For its many applications that utilize 3PAR Thin Provisioning, Cbeyond was able to purchase half the capacity required by competing vendors' solutions. Cbeyond was also able to improve the performance over its prior systems and purchase fewer storage arrays by taking advantage of 3PAR's unique asymmetrical virtualization technology, which simultaneously provides high performance for both transaction and throughput-intensive workloads. ...3PARdata profile

SUNNYVALE, CA - January 18, 2005 - AMD today reported record sales of $1.26 billion (5% increase compared to the year before period) and operating income of $20 million for the quarter ended December 26, 2004. For the full year ended December 26, 2004, AMD achieved record sales of $5 billion, a 42% increase from 2003.

"In 2004 both the processor and Flash memory businesses were profitable," said Robert J. Rivet, AMD's chief financial officer. "Total sales increased by 42% compared with 2003, driven by 29% growth in our microprocessor business and 65% growth in our Flash memory business. Fourth quarter sales growth was largely due to a 9% increase in Computation Products Group sales, helping AMD report its tenth consecutive quarter of improved gross margin. AMD64 processor sales increased to 50% of total PC processor sales for the quarter."

AMD reported that its Memory Group sales in Q404 ($504 million) were 11% down from Q403 and were also down 6% from the prior quarter. This was attributed to an aggressive pricing environment, significantly lower sales in Japan, and a delay in qualifying a new product in the wireless segment. ...AMD profile, Flash Memory

LOS GATOS, CA - January 18, 2005 - ONStor, Inc. announced the release of the ONStor Bobcat NAS Gateway, an enterprise-class NAS gateway which offers seamless scalability from 1 to 40,000 terabytes of capacity at a starting cost under $20,000. The Bobcat NAS Gateway allows companies to easily consolidate and simply manage data on multi-vendor storage as if the data was on one NAS device.

"Customers don't have a ton of choices for NAS solutions in the general market. Right now NetApp and to some degree EMC have very little competition in this arena," said Tony Asaro, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "ONStor shakes things up because it can challenge these two major players with an extremely competitive product that has been designed for bread and butter NAS applications. ONStor's Bobcat is easy to manage, has a distributed and very scalable file system, offers great performance for both CIFS and NFS, and has the requisite data management functionality including snapshots and data replication. Additionally, the Bobcat has been designed so efficiently that it brings high-end NAS functionality at a very attractive and compelling price." ...ONStor profile

Editor's comments:- the above quote from Enterprise Strategy Group seems a little odd, because there are nearly 100 NAS companies listed on our NAS page and megatons of choices. But oems often pay market research companies to write reports from which they can extract suitable soundbytes for press releases.

BROOMFIELD, Colo., and MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - January 18, 2005 - McDATA Corporation today announced a definitive agreement to acquire CNT. The all-stock transaction, valued at approximately $235 million in equity and debt (based on net debt as of October 31, 2004), will create a leader in enterprise storage networking. The combination of the companies' complementary products and services will provide customers with the long-term confidence that their strategic requirements for a storage networking infrastructure needed for increased productivity, business continuity and regulatory compliance will be met. ...CNT profile, ...McDATA profile, Acquired, dead & merged companies

Editor's comments:- as IP SANs become more common, this will benefit traditional IP vendors like Cisco, meanwhile the network storage switch and router market based on fibre-channel and other proprietary standards will soon hit a glass ceiling in revenue - so some consolidation in this sector is inevitable. This merger will have little or no impact on the storage market as a whole. Nearly 300 storage companies have been acquired or gone out of business since January 2000, and this merger sits alphabetically between CMD Technology and Cobalt Networks in that long list. Yet despite the toll of gone-away companies, the total number of storage companies is still increasing. On the contrary - the merger of McDATA and CNT should increase confidence in SAN customers - who can now get more from a single source.

FREMONT, Calif. - January 18, 2005 - BiTMICRO Networks today announced it will support the Solaris 10 OS on both SPARC and x86 platforms. Additionally, it has achieved Solaris Ready certification from Sun Microsystems, Inc. for its line of E-DiskSAN Fibre Channel rackmount solid state disk systems. ...BiTMICRO Networks profile, Solid state disks, Sun VARs worldwide directory

SAN JOSE, Calif. - January 17, 2005 - Hitachi Global Storage Technologies today announced that it will donate $75,000 to UNICEF to assist in the relief efforts for victims of the disasters caused by the large-scale earthquake and tsunami is Southeast Asia. The $75,000 contribution will be in addition to donations being collected by Hitachi GST employees worldwide.

"Hitachi employees worldwide are coming together to assist those affected by the tsunami disaster and we hope this additional company contribution will help provide needed relief in the worst hit regions," said Jun Naruse, CEO, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies. "We are encouraging employees to do as much as they can to help the tsunami victims and their families during this difficult time."

Hitachi GST has manufacturing locations in seven countries, including several impacted by the tsunami. The Hitachi GST manufacturing sites were unaffected and their respective operations are functioning normally. Hitachi employees from virtually every Hitachi GST site are assisting the relief effort with additional donations of clothing, blankets and other needed supplies. ...Hitachi profile

Leesburg, VA - January, 17 2005 - Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing has announced a new family of embedded boards based on SCRAMNet. SCRAMNet, which derives its name from Shared Common RAM Network, is CWCEC's multi-platform, replicated shared memory architecture. A SCRAMNet network uses a ring topology that supports up to 256 nodes. The resulting multi-processor system provides host-processor and operating system independence at each node. It's designed for use with real-time fiber optic communication systems and is optimized for the high-speed transfer of small data packets between computers when ultra-low latency data transmission is required. SCRAMNet GT's inherent low-latency performance supports the tight control-feedback loops required by many instrumentation and control systems for applications including man-in-the-loop simulators, range and telemetry systems, flight test, wind tunnels, engine test stands, robotics, particle accelerators, and industrial process control.

The new SCRAMNet GT PMC, PCI and VME boards deliver real-time control and data networking 1,200% faster than boards based on its predecessor, SCRAMNet+, and enable networked heterogeneous computers to function as a single multi-processor system.

Each SCRAMNet GT board features an industry standard 2.5 Gbit per second SFP transceiver and delivers data at throughput rates exceeding 200Mbytes per second. A secondary on-board SFP is available as an option to provide redundancy. The short-wave/multi-mode SFP supports connections up to 300 meters (using standard fiber), while the long-wave/single-mode SFP supports connections up to 30 kilometers (using long-link fiber). Both types of transceivers can reside on a single board. The boards are also designed to support newer types of SFP transceivers (copper, 1500 nm, etc.) as they become available.

SCRAMNet GT is now available on the following busses:- PCI, PMC and VME. A CompactPCI version will be available in the future based upon market demand. Shared memory on each board starts at 128 Mbytes and supports data throughputs surpassing 200 Mbytes/sec. The memory-to-host transfer latency is less than 1 microsecond. The use of shared memory has been adopted by industry in part due to its simple and intuitive user interface. ...Curtiss-Wright Controls profile, Military Storage, Solid state disks

FREMONT, California - January 17, 2005 - Infrant Technologies today announced that the ReadyNAS 600 - the world's first NAS appliance powered by a Network Storage Processor - is widely available from major IT distributors in the United States and Canada. Using Infrant's highly integrated IT1004 Network Storage Processor, Infrant's ReadyNAS 600 offers the most feature-rich NAS capabilities in the smallest form factor available today.

The ReadyNAS 600 is now available from ASI in Fremont, CA, Microland Electronics in San Jose, CA, and Supercom in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, Canada. By integrating NAS hardware functions into a single NSP, it offers many benefits including higher reliability, lower cost, smaller size, lower power consumption, and quieter operation.

With the explosion of data storage requirements, SMB customers are forced to look for the best storage solution for their limited budget. The ReadyNAS 600 offers a four-disk, full-featured NAS solution supporting the most advanced technologies including Serial ATA disks, hardware-accelerated RAID5, Gigabit Ethernet, snapshot technology, and three levels of security.

The ReadyNAS family of products offer plug and play simplicity to any network and are compatible with Microsoft Windows, Macintosh OS and UNIX. The ReadyNAS 600 is now available in three capacities: 480GB, 640GB and 1 TB of raw storage. The suggested retail prices for the three products are $1,195, $1,395 and $1,595 respectively. ...Infrant Technologies profile

Gaithersburg, MD - January 17 2005 - Idealstor LLC announced today that it has developed and released their own disk to disk backup software. Ibac is scalable enough to be used in any environment from a small business to the largest enterprise IT department.

Ben Ginster, Marketing Manager for Idealstor, commented on the release of Ibac. "Over the last few years, we have been working with our hardware clients to install the Idealstor Backup Appliance while using their existing backup software. Although many software vendors claim to work in any environment and can easily backup to disk, we found that most of our customers were unhappy with their backup software in one way or another. The issues our clients were facing ended up being for the most part consistent across the board." Some of these issues were:-
  • Communication errors between remote agent and server licenses.
  • Administrative headaches of having to upgrade and maintain many different backup licenses (Upgrade from version 7.0, 8.0, 9.0…) for all their servers.
  • Expensive agents that were required to backup SQL and Exchange.
  • Unnecessary network bandwidth and server load by backing up files that have not changed since the last backup.
  • Needing a license of backup software to read data that is backed up onto the Idealstor drives.
  • Repeated errors and failed backups when using open file agents
"With this in mind we set out to develop our own software that would simplify backing up to disk and solve our client's problems. Ibac Data Protection Software has all the attributes our clients were looking for and more." ...Idealstor profile, Backup Software

FAIR LAWN, NJ - January 17, 2005 - Maxell Corporation of America announced its new premium line of DVD-RPRO media. Designed to withstand both abuse and contaminants, DVD-RPRO incorporates breakthrough technologies, resulting in the utmost in DVD durability for long-term data protection. Maxell's new 4.7 GB DVD-RPRO media features the company's innovative MAXPRO Hardcoat technology, producing a media surface that is 40 times more scratch resistant and 20 times more dust resistant than standard DVD media.

Maxell has combined a number of technology improvements to ensure long-term data integrity in developing an ultra-durable DVD solution that delivers twice the archival and storage life compared to standard DVDs. The MAXPRO hard-coat surface makes the DVD-RPRO media virtually impervious to scratches that can render data unreadable. DVD-RPRO's anti-static quality is ideal for harsh or dusty environments, and for applications that require frequent media handling and interchange such as jukeboxes. Maxell's new protective coating is also resistant to smudges, water and fingerprints, all of which can be easily wiped off the disc. Additionally, Maxell's high-quality, propriety dye further ensures data integrity and longevity. Maxell's 8X DVD-R Pro is currently available, with 16X DVD-R Pro media planned for availability in March 2005.

According to John Freeman, President of Strategic Market Decisions, the installed base of PC DVD recorders reached approximately 74 million in 2004, with that number expected to double in 2005.

"DVD-RPRO... is media that may outlive us, but not outlive our data" said Steven Pofcher, Senior Marketing Manager at Maxell. ...Maxell profile, DVD drives & systems

NEW YORK - January 17, 2005 - Exanet, Inc. is pleased to announce that storage and IT veteran Rami Schwartz has joined Exanet as CEO. Schwartz previously served as VP and general manager of the Application Performance Management business unit at Veritas. Under his leadership sales grew annually by over 50% year to year. Schwartz takes over the CEO position from Yaron, who served previously as both chairman and CEO. Yaron will continue in his role as chairman. ...Exanet profile

Chertsey, UK - January 17, 2005 - EVault, Inc. today announced its expansion in the European market, with the signing of seven top-tier IT solution providers in the UK. G-Stor, MTI, Plum Data, Redstor, Solid-State Solutions (S3) Sungard Availability Services U.K and Trisys are offering EVault InfoStage backup and recovery software and services to businesses with remote offices, such as legal, banking and professional services that need a secure, cost-effective method of centralising their backup processes. As part of EVault's UK expansion Phil Evans, director of business development (Europe Middle East and Africa), will manage the EVault office in Chertsey and oversee country managers throughout the region. EVault plans to expand beyond the U.K. and into Central and Southern Europe throughout the remainder of the year. ...EVault profile, UK Storage VARs

San Diego, CA - January 17, 2005 - Streamload announced today they are now offering 10 Gb of free online storage to everyone who signs up. Streamloaders can send and receive all of their files from anywhere quickly and easily, move video and music to any device, and optimize and convert digital files to many formats nearly instantly. Streamload doesn't limit file transfer speeds, provides batch uploading and downloading of Megafiles, allows for remote sending, and grows with users as they expand their digital content. Streamload is available through any Internet-connected PC and requires no additional hardware or software investment for users. ...Streamload profile

Editor's comments:- the information about this offer looks confusing. Streamload uses the term "10 GB" to describe the free package. This usage usually implies "10 gigabytes". In fact when I looked at their web site in detail - the only free 10 GB package on offer looks more like 10 gigabits per year. Maybe this is an error in their press release - or maybe their web site isn't up to date with the new offer.

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last week's news (archive)

removable storage
Removable / Mobile Storage
Megabyte knew just the right sort of storage for road warriors.

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Surviving the Solaris x86 Wars - article in the SPARC Product Directory

By the end of 2004, AMD reported that its 64 bit processor sales accounted for 50% of its total PC processor sales for the 4th quarter. Sun Microsystems has been a highly visible partner for AMD's ambitions in the 64 bit server market , but how solid is the Sun Solaris x86 base? Is it more than hype, smoke and mirrors?

In January 2005 it was reported that IBM won't be supporting Solaris 10 for x86 with applications like DB2, WebSphere and Tivoli. Sun failed to convince IBM that Solaris x86 has momentum and would reach a critical mass.

The phony war for Solaris x86 is over. It lasted 18 years and Sun retreated 3 times. The real marketing war will take place in 2005. the article, SPARC Product Directory, ...AMD profile, ...Sun profile, Flash Memory, ICs

Texas Memory Systems
Since 1978, Texas Memory Systems has designed, manufactured, and marketed the fastest storage systems.

1U entry level solid state disk storage from TMS
RamSan-120 - World's Fastest 1U Storage
from Texas Memory Systems

Internal disks for Sun, HP, SGI, Dell
internal disks for Sun, HP, SGI...
from Data Storage Depot

article by Engenio
SATA Raids the Datacenter - article by Engenio

"The debate on duty cycles and MTBF does not mean that SATA hard drives are more prone to crash than other technologies. Engenio's experience appears to suggest that SATA media must first endure an intensive burn-in process. Once accomplished, failure rates are equivalent to those of Fibre Channel and SCSI. This makes it the duty of the storage system manufacturer to ensure a long life for the medium by way of intensive tests and certification." the article, ...Engenio profile, RAID systems, SATA

click to read article click to read article

Serial Attached SCSI - Delivering Flexibility to the Data Center - article by LSI Logic and Maxtor

If you think you already know SAS because you know SATA and traditional SCSI then think again. Sometimes disruptive technologies wear an unassuming disguise. In fiction, Clark Kent, Frodo Baggins and Buffy Summers at first seem harmless, but we see them change into Superman, the Ring Bearer and the Slayer.

SAS too comes cloaked in plain garb - with a physical layer which looks a lot like SATA. But like the Incredible Hulk there are muscles rippling under that shirt - and you would be wrong to dismiss SAS so lightly. There's a lot more inside this interface than it says on the box as this informative article reveals. the article, ...LSI Logic profile, ...Maxtor profile, Serial Attached SCSI


Chewing over 2004 - the Rising Stars of Storage and the Dogs which Failed to Bark

In 2004 - STORAGEsearch estimates worldwide storage market revenue exceeded $70 billion. That's bigger than the worldwide server market - which was about $45 billion but smaller than the PC market which was $250 billion.

If anyone was skeptical about the recovery in the IT market which started in the 3rd quarter of 2003 - the results were clear for everyone to see by the phenomenal growth in the storage market in 2004.

17 of the world's top 1,000 storage companies achieved annual revenue growth rates above 30%. While 3 exceeded 100%.

The fastest growing major segments within the storage market were:-

The Storage Dogs Which Didn't Bark

Some new storage interconnect technologies like iSCSI and Infiniband failed to achieve the market traction which had been optimistically predicted by the venture capitalists which funded their original development. Although growth rates for both these markets were in double digits - the number of user sites remained disappointingly small. Technical compatibility problems were cited as the cause for low iSCSI take up, and STORAGEsearch will be returning to this issue with a market survey in Q1 2005.

The InfiniBand market suffered user neglect for two main reasons. The biggest server companies were hanging on as long as possible to their more profitable proprietary interconnects, and the recession had stymied the threat from potential startup server makers. Another reason was that conventional technologies such as Ethernet and Fibre-channel were getting faster - and in the minds of many users - might make the need for InfiniBand irrelevant.

Compared to the double digit growth in the star segments above, markets which merely achieved single digit revenue growth such as hard disk drives, fibre-channel HBAs and switches and tape backup systems looked like they were flatlining.

In 2004 there was a 75% reduction in the rate of storage companies being acquired, merged or going bust. Only 21 of the top 1,000 storage companies met this fate compared to an average annual 86 companies in the period 2000 to 2003.

Looking ahead to 2005 STORAGEsearch predicts that the solid state disk market will maintain its momentum and grow past $2 billion annual market revenue. Serial Attached SCSI will become the hottest DAS connection technology and will quickly replace parallel SCSI in new high performance systems by the 2nd half of the year. In the storage networking market - 4Gbps Fibre-channel will become the new standard at the high end, while the debate in the Ethernet attached NAS market over the merits of TCP/IP hardware accelerators will be ended by the market accepting that it's a must-have and not just a nice-to-have option.

Stay tuned to our news page to see how this continuing saga unfolds. Or take a look at our storage history pages to see how 2004 compares to the past.

A Happy New Year to You All!

See also:- Silver Blaze - the online short story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle whose Sherlock Holmes first uttered the memorable phrase about "the curious incident of the dog in the night-time."

Solid State Disks are Product Category of the Year 2004

Editor:- December 20, 2004 - It was revealed today that Solid State Disks are the Product Category of the Year 2004 on based on reader pageviews.

The Solid State Disk page was the #1 category (out of more than 70 vertical storage subjects) viewed by readers for 44 of the first 50 weeks in 2004. In previous years - the product category of the year in 2002 and 2003 (2 years running) was SATA.

SSDs which have been around for over 20 years - have the potential to become a disruptive technology in the server market as they can replace faster processors and even whole servers by providing application speedups of x2 to x3 for many common business and scientific applications. The high entry level price of SSDs means that this has mainly been happening at the enterprise server level - but as the technology becomes more familiar outsideof its government market roots this will turn into a $10 Billion Market by 2007.

SSDs are a fast growing market segment. In fact 3 of the world's fastest growing storage companies in 2004:- (M-Systems, SimpleTech and Texas Memory Systems) make solid state disks.

STORAGEsearch has been analysing the factors which will help to disinhibit growth in the SSD market by surveying SSD users during the 4th quarter of 2004 and we'll be revealing important primary data about buyer needs and experiences in a new article in January. One preview from our survey results? Users like the technology. When asked the question:- "If you already use SSDs - how do you rate your experience of the benefits delivered compared to expectations?" - 65% said it greatly exceeded expectations (and they would advocate others to try). Solid State Disks

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