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Waltham, MA - February 27, 2006 - Archivas, Inc. today announced that it is has successfully completed a third round of financing of $12 million, bringing the company's total financing raised to date to over $28 million. The round was led by original Series A and B round investors, North Bridge Venture Partners and Polaris Venture Partners; with Series B investor Solstice Capital joining this successive round as well. The funds will be used for continued development of its Archivas Cluster (ArC) technology, as well as to extend its market reach and penetration, which will include key distributor relationships with VAR and OEM partners, such as that with Hitachi Data Systems also announced today. ...Archivas profile, Storage Software, Venture Capital Funds in Storage

IRVINE, Calif. - February 27, 2006 - Toshiba topped all manufacturers in consumer electronics hard disk drive shipments for the fourth quarter of 2005, according to research firm IDC. Toshiba's line of 2.5-inch, 1.8-inch and 0.85-inch HDDs are key components in popular consumer electronics and automotive applications. According to IDC, in Q405, Toshiba had a global market share of 31% for all HDDs shipped into CE, and an impressive 50% share in the mobile CE category, which includes all 2.5-inch, 1.8-inch, 1-inch and 0.85-inch drives. ...Toshiba profile, Market research

Editor's comments:- the dominant small form factor mobile storage technology is currently flash and not hard disks. So if you looked at this application segment then Toshiba's market share would be much lower than the figures quoted above for disk. But the interplay between storage technologies (not just here - but in backup and archiving as well) is too complex to spawn simple catchy headlines.

Southborough, Mass. - February 27, 2006 - NSI Software, Inc. today announced the availability of Double-Take Application Manager. Double-Take Application Manager for Exchange is designed to automate the setup and configuration of replication and failover monitoring of Exchange Server. The new solution offers exclusive features such as a protection "Pre-Flight Check" which ensures that the Exchange environment is configured properly for replication and failover. In addition, the new "Configuration Cloning" feature helps to reduce administration effort and minimize configuration errors by automatically configuring the Exchange stores and configuration settings on the secondary server. ...NSI Software profile, Backup Software

Waltham, MA - February 27, 2006 - AmeriVault Corp today announced they have activated a redundant data vault located in Wood Dale, IL, a suburb of Chicago. Designed to ensure uninterrupted backup and archiving services, AmeriVault will replicate its primary data vault in Waltham, MA to SunGard's Chicago mega center in real time. The result is a redundant set of customer data located over 1,000 miles away that is highly available should AmeriVault's primary vault experience an interruption or disaster.

"Natural disasters, such as the recent hurricanes and terrorist threats, are making it increasingly necessary for organizations to have backup data in multiple locations," said Bud Stoddard, President & CEO of AmeriVault. "We have seen disasters strike large metropolitan areas, so by making an additional copy of backup data available outside of our geographic area, organizations can trust that AmeriVault will keep their critical data available." ...AmeriVault profile, online backup and storage

GAITHERSBURG, MD - February 27, 2006 - Idealstor announced today it has been selected by POWDR Corp of Park City, UT to provide secure backup and recovery capabilities for its critical data. An IT team at Park City Mountain Resort, one of North America's top 5 ski resorts and a venue for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, will use Idealstor's FrankeNAS appliance and Ibac data protection software to backup data for the entire family of POWDR vacation resorts including Park City Mountain Resort in Utah, Boreal Ridge and Alpine Meadows in California and Mt. Bachelor in Oregon. Prior to selecting Idealstor, the company had long experienced difficulties restoring from tape, and needed a more robust backup solution to handle increasing amounts of data locally and at their sister resorts. ...Idealstor profile

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. - February 27, 2006 - QLogic Corp. today announced that QLogic ranked #1 in market share for Fibre Channel host bus adapter ports shipped and revenue in 2005 for the second consecutive year, according to the Dell'Oro Group. Dell'Oro reported that QLogic shipped 46.1% of Fibre Channel HBA ports in calendar year 2005, compared to 40% for its nearest competitor. QLogic was also the revenue leader in 2005 with 43.5% market share. ...QLogic profile, ...Dell'Oro profile

ORLANDO, FL - February 24, 2006 - PNY Technologies, Inc. today introduced several, new higher-speed, higher-capacity storage solutions. The company's new 60X Optima CompactFlash and 60X Optima SD memory cards can now capture, transfer and store data at a minimum sustained write speed of up to 9MB per second, and read speed of 10MB per second (66x) while its Optima Pro SD cards are capable of a write speed up to 20MB per second (133x). PNY's new flash cards will be available in Q2 2006 in capacities upto 2GB. ...PNY Technologies profile, Flash

McLEAN, VA - February 22, 2006 - Terrascale Technologies today announced the launch of its Terrascale Storage Blocks. These are fault tolerant configurations of 3, 5 or 9 Storage Bricks with a unique data protection algorithm that provides for continuous data access in the event of system or component failure. Under such circumstances, a dedicated "hot standby" Storage Brick automatically reconstructs data. From the user's perspective, functionality is uninterrupted and integrity is guaranteed. Each Storage Brick is a data server loaded with Terrascale's TerraGrid software. With I/O rates in excess of 10 Gigabytes per second, Storage Bricks are among the fastest clustered storage solutions on the market today. Both Storage Blocks and Storage Bricks support Gigabit Ethernet and InfiniBand network fabrics. ...Terrascale profile

Editor's comments:- IBM also has "Storage Bricks". Their project was previously called "IceCube".

Oslo, Norway - February 22, 2006 - Tandberg Data ASA today announced general availability of its lowest priced LTO tape drive. At a street price of under $1,000, the 220LTO provides 100GB (native capacity) at 16MB/s transfer rate. The 5¼ inch half height drive is available as a bare drive or as an internal or external kit which includes SCSI cable, terminator, tape cartridge, backup application software. ...Tandberg Data profile

Editor's comments:- how many LTO tapes does it take to backup a single 500G hard drive? - Tape backup for SMBs is like "the Emperor has no clothes" story. Why hasn't the crowd noticed that tape backup is more cumbersome, slower and more expensive than disk to disk backup? It wasn't always the case - but it's so now - and the gap is widening. Tape vendors would argue that tape backup is cheaper - if you compare the cost of multiple tapes compared to multiple hard drives. But what about the labor time and cost of changing tapes? - Something which you can only ignore if you have a tape library.

On the plus side for tape is that if you drop a tape - you won't lose your data. Don't try it with your hard disk. But larger disk to disk backup systems backup across a network - so the issue of dropping a hard disk doesn't arise. D2d advocates often point out that since tape backup media is so inherently unreliable (unless lovingly cared for) that most data restores from tape encounter data losses.

My advice is - that if you're already using tape backup - then the lower competitive prices available now from all vendors may help you delay the cost of switching to disk backup. But if you aren't already using tape - don't start now.

IRVINE, Calif - February 22, 2006 - Toshiba Storage Device Division today announced it has produced more than 25 million 1.8-inch hard disk drives since introducing this small form factor in 2000. Toshiba currently offers a full line of 1.8-inch HDDs in 20GB, 30GB, 40GB, 60GB and 80GB capacities. ..Toshiba profile, Hard disk drives

Editor's comments:- 277 million hard disks were shipped in 2005 according to an estimate by Gartner.

Phoenix, AZ - February 22, 2006 - White Electronic Designs Corp today announces the availability of its industrial grade CompactFlash cards in densities from 256MByte to 4GByte that operate from -40C to +85C. The WEDC W7NCF series card family is specifically targeted for high-reliability applications and is compliant to CFA standard 2.1. The CompactFlash cards are constructed with Samsung NAND SLC flash memory devices with a dedicated 32bit RISC controller. The controller allows error checking and sector management to monitor erase counts, prioritize writes and maintain wear leveling. Controller function includes bad-block management which allows the card to have over 4 million program erase cycles.

WEDC's W7NCF card family supports 3.3V and 5.0V operation and meet MIL-STD-810 test methods for humidity, vibration and shock. The RoHS compliant cards are designed as 50 pin connector with Type I form factor. Industrial temperature 1GByte cards are under $100 each in volumes of 1,000 pieces....White Electronic Designs profile, Military Storage, storage chips

Taipei, Taiwan - February 22, 2006 - QNAP Systems, Inc. has recently released the Turbo Station TS-101 9-in-1 NAS Server for SOHO users. The fanless design and hard disk sleep mode provide users a silent environment for work and leisure. Users can finish configuration easily in 3 minutes. TS-101 ports include Gigabit Ethernet, 3 x USB plus an eSATA port for external storage expansion. OS support includes Windows & MAC. ...QNAP Systems profile

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