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KOTA KINABALU, Malaysia - February 21, 2006 - HP today announced additions and enhancements to its range of disk and tape backup systems. HP's StorageWorks 6000 Virtual Library System capacity has increased to 70T by adding support for 500G drives. The new HP StorageWorks MSL2024 tape library offers improved backup consolidation for small and mid-size businesses. Features include:- web-based remote management, an integral barcode reader and removable magazines for bulk loading and offsite storage. The MSL2024 stores up to 9.6 TB in a 2U design. ...HP profile, article:- Virtual Tape: Can You Afford to Ignore It?

MILPITAS, Calif. - February 21, 2006 - Today LSI Logic Corp announced immediate availability of its newest PCI-X Serial Attached SCSI Host Bus Adapters. The newly expanded family now includes the market's first SAS HBAs with hardware-based RAID functionality, and is the only family to address both internal and external storage environments. Specific models now feature Integrated RAID functionality, supporting RAID levels 0, 1 and 1E (enhanced mirroring) for increased system reliability. Integrated RAID provides a significant advantage over software-based RAID, supporting OS independence and not requiring special drivers. ...LSI Logic profile, storage chips, RAID controllers

Sunnyvale, Calif. - February 21, 2006 - Asempra Technologies today announced that the company has secured a second round of funding of $20 million, bringing its total funding to date to $29 million. The financing will be used primarily to fund the expansion of Asempra sales and marketing, customer service, support infrastructure, and product development. Asempra's Business Continuity Server provides transaction-aware continuous data protection for Microsoft Exchange, Windows file servers, and SQL applications. ...Asempra profile, Backup Software, Venture Capital Funds in Storage

MILPITAS, Calif. - February 21, 2006 - Adaptec, Inc. today introduced the Snap Server 500 Series 1U network storage. Adaptec's new NAS systems are powered by AMD's 64-bit Opteron processor and offer configurations that expand from 640GB to 43.2TB of SATA or 26.4TB of SAS capacity. Pricing for the Snap Server 510 (640GB SATA) starts at $3,595 while the Snap Server 520 (1TB or 2TB SATA configurations) start at an MSRP of $4,595 and $6,395 respectively. The Snap Server 550 (1.2TB SAS) will be available in March with pricing starting at an MSRP of $9,995. ...Adaptec profile, Rackmount Storage

SHENZHEN, China - February 16, 2006 - Hitachi Global Storage Technologies today unveiled a new "mega-manufacturing" center in Shenzhen, China which represents the first phase of an estimated $500 million investment in the new facility. Ultimately, Hitachi GST's Shenzhen-based complex will be capable of producing 50% of Hitachi's annual HDD output and will employ nearly 7,000 people. Over 1,000 people already work at the facility today which initially produces 3.5-inch hard disk drives. ...Hitachi profile

SAN DIEGO, - February 15, 2006 - Iomega Corp today announced the latest milestone in the growth of the Iomega REV Drive platform: one million Iomega REV 35G disks have shipped in just 22 months. Iomega's REV family of products was first introduced in April 2004 and has won over 20 worldwide industry awards. A durable, hard-drive based removable storage solution for backup and archiving of critical data for small and medium-sized businesses, the Iomega REV drive is currently shipping in ATAPI, external USB 2.0, FireWire, SCSI, SATA and multi-disk autoloader configurations. To date, Iomega has also sold approximately 200,000 REV drives, for a 'tie rate' of approximately five disks per drive.

Wolfgang Schlichting, Research Director at IDC said, "Iomega REV products are primarily targeting the SMB space, where they are competing with optical drives, external hard drives, and low-end tape products. Iomega's 1 millionth REV disk shipment in its first two years of availability illustrates that a removable cartridge for safe keeping together with hard drive performance is an attractive combination to the small business segment." ...Iomega profile

Editor's comments:- 1 million REV disks is a noteworthy milestone. But Iomega's strategy has met a cool reaction from users. In 2005 the hard disk market grew nearly 20% in revenue, but Iomega recently reported their revenue declined 20% in the same period. This 40% mismatch between market and company momentum was followed by the departure of their President and CEO earlier this month.

Netanya, Israel - February 15, 2006 - Saifun Semiconductors Ltd. today announced financial results for the fourth quarter and twelve months ended December 31, 2005. Revenues were $78.6 million (including $19.2 million of non-cash license revenues) compared to $30.6 million, an increase of 157%. Net income was $44.5 million (including a loss of $5.3 million from discontinued operations).

Commenting on the results, Kobi Rozengarten, President of Saifun Semiconductors said, "In the latter part of 2005, we launched our next generation Quad NROM, which we believe is the only technology that enables the storage of four bits of information in a single cell. Quad NROM is particularly suitable for data flash (NAND) applications and we are currently working on Quad NROM projects with four of our licensees." ...Saifun Semiconductors profile, non volatile memory

ALISO VIEJO, Calif - February 15, 2006 - QLogic Corp today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire PathScale, Inc. Pursuant to the terms of the agreement, the Company will pay approximately $109 million in cash and assume the outstanding unvested stock options of PathScale. The acquisition is expected to close in early April following the satisfaction of customary closing conditions.

PathScale's InfiniBand technology allows users to deploy large clusters of inexpensive rackmount and blade servers running Linux for high-performance applications," said H.K. Desai, QLogic's CEO and president. "This acquisition demonstrates our commitment to entering new, high-growth markets that enhance our ability to achieve accelerated growth."

Based on InfiniBand technology, PathScale designs and develops System Area Network fabric interconnects targeted at high-performance clustered system environments. ...QLogic profile, InfiniBand

CAMPBELL, Calif. - February 15, 2006 - ONStor today announced the opening of ONStor University, an end-user training program that provides hands-on instruction to help system administrators get the most from their NAS gateways. Offered at 6 locations across North America, the initial curriculum includes two courses: a one-day NAS Gateway Administration course and a two-day NAS Gateway Installation course. Both are taught by storage experts in small classroom settings, and feature a combination of lecture and hands-on lab sessions. ...ONStor profile, storage network routers, Storage Training

PARIS, France - February 15 2006 - Arkeia Software today announced its Disaster Recovery for Windows solution. The new solution allows for data recovery after a system failure, in a Windows environment, for companies using the flagship Arkeia Network Backup software as well as Arkeia Smart Backup. A simple procedure makes it possible to carry out an automated backup and recovery, onto a CD, USB or network drive.

With this solution, customers can now restore one machine or a complete network of Windows machines. Even in the event of destruction or theft, the solution is able to re-create all of the lost data onto a new machine. This new product supports Windows 2000 and higher. A free trial (valid for 30 days) is available. ...Arkeia profile, Backup Software, Data Recovery

Fountain Valley, CA - February 14, 2006 - StorCase Technology today announced its new disk-to-disk backup solution. The Data Express DX115 removable drive enclosures support up to 3Gbps SATA host connections and feature Dantz Retrospect backup software. D2D backup solutions are rapidly becoming a preferred alternative to traditional tape backup.

Compared to tape, D2D backup technology offers higher transfer speeds, (performance improvements as high as 200%); lower costs (savings up to 50% over comparable tape solutions); greater ease of use and 100% accuracy for restored data. (Instead of the mere 25% data recovery success rate for tape reported in a survey last year by Asigra- Ed.). ...StorCase profile, article:- Disk to Disk Backup vs Tape - War or Truce?

Seoul, Korea - February 14, 2006 - Samsung announced today that it has developed the world's fastest graphics memory - a GDDR4 graphics DRAM. Designed with 80nm process technology, the device has a 12.8GB/sec processing speed which is 30% faster than the previous fastest prototype (announced by Samsung last October). The 512Mb GDDR4 graphics DRAM comes with 32 I/O pins, each of which transfers data at 3.2Gb/sec. Graphics memory, unlike main computer memory, is installed in desktop PCs and workstations to manage huge volumes of video images simultaneously. The graphics DRAM market is forecast to grow 27% year this year to US$1.9 billion. ...Samsung profile

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