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Storage news - 2007, March week 3

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SSD Myths and Legends - new article

Editor:- March 29, 2007 - published a new article today called - "SSD Myths and Legends - write endurance."

Does the fatal gene of "write endurance" built into flash solid state disks prevent their deployment in intensive server acceleration applications? It was certainly true as little as a few years ago. What's the risk with today's devices? This article looks at the current generation of products and calculates how much (or how little) you should be worried. the article

Fastest Storage Certified "Solaris Ready"

HOUSTON, TEXAS - March 28, 2007 - Texas Memory Systems, Inc. today announced that its 400,000 IOPS RamSan-400 solid state disk has successfully completed the Solaris Ready certification process.

That makes it the fastest storage solution certified for Sun servers to date. Solid state storage systems are typically deployed alongside traditional storage devices to allow IT managers and database administrators to increase the number of concurrent users and simultaneous transactions without resorting to additional servers, associated licenses and management overhead. ...Texas Memory Systems profile, Solaris news, Solid state disks

InfiniBand Storage Powers Moviemakers

Los Angeles, CA - March 27, 2007 - DataDirect Networks announced today that Academy Award winning Ascent Media Creative Services has selected its technology (incorporated in SGI's RM660 and Infinite 6700) as the primary storage solution supporting 4K, 2K and HD post production and digital intermediate workflow.

SGI's RM660 and Infinite 6700 systems are based on DataDirect Networks' Silicon Storage Appliance technology and is an ideal storage solution for creative environments. The S2A technology, with up to 3GB/s of sustained real-time throughput and up to 960TB of storage capacity, can easily scale to handle the bandwidth and capacity intensive requirements needed in the digital intermediate space, empowering true real-time collaborative workflow in digital post-production. ...Data Direct Networks profile, ...SGI profile, InfiniBand

Samsung will Soon Ship Faster 64G SSD

Taipei, Taiwan - March 27, 2007 - Samsung today announced it has developed a 64G 1.8" flash SSD.

The read (64MB/s) and write (45MB/s) speeds of the new SSD have been increased by 20% and 60% respectively over the 32GB SSD which Samsung introduced last year. Samsung plans to start mass production of the 64GB SSD in the second quarter of this year. ...Samsung profile

Editor's comments:-
although there are many SSDs which already offer much greater performance and capacity (albeit in a 2.5" form factor) than Samsung's 64G product - its imminent availability will bring down the floor price of larger capacity devices.

Silicon Image Ships New Storage Processors

SUNNYVALE, Calif - March 26, 2007 - Silicon Image, Inc. today announced the general availability of its second generation SteelVine storage processors.

Key features include eSATA- based capacity expansion that allows users to add capacity as their needs grow by simply adding more drives. eSATA-based and hot-pluggable, capacity expansion allows additional hard disk enclosures to be cascaded in "daisy chain" fashion to increase the size of an existing disk. Using currently available drives, customers can add up to 3T of storage to a single system. eSATA's 3Gpbs interface ensures speedy access to all drives in a cascaded array. The SiI5744 processor, designed for digital home and small office storage appliances, delivers additional power through advanced RAID functions, including RAID 0, 1, and new modes SAFE 33 and SAFE 50 at a competitive cost. ...Silicon Image profile, storage chips

Gear6 Readies Aim at Oracle Acceleration Market

Mountain View, CA - March 26, 2007 - Gear6 today announced that it has joined the Independent Oracle Users Group and will showcase its centralized storage caching solutions at Collaborate07 next month in Las Vegas.

Gear6 is introducing a new solution for improving storage performance through centralized storage caching. This uses high-capacity, high-speed, memory-based caching to dramatically reduce response times and increase IOPS for existing NFS-based storage systems. ...Gear6 profile, Storage Events

Moonwalk Enters U.S. Market

Milton, Australia - March 26, 2007 - Moonwalk Inc. today made its U.S. debut with the introduction of its new Moonwalk 6.0 software suite.

Moonwalk software combines user-defined classification and migration policies for data management with metadata-level precision for all information on network storage, servers and clients. Developed to manage the movement of data between primary storage and lower-cost devices, Moonwalk solutions also provide data classification and intelligent management of all enterprise files irregardless of file type across all major file systems, including Windows, Unix, Linux and Netware.

Beyond HSM Moonwalk 6.0 migrates, copies and moves data according to user-defined rules and policies based on criteria such as age, size, file type, file name, file creator and many more granular classification rules. Moonwalk dispenses with tiered or hierarchical storage approaches and SRM applications that merely provide visibility into storage usage.

It is not intended to displace enterprise backup and recovery software, and is compatible with every leading backup solution. With Moonwalk, applying even one simple rule of moving all files one year or older onto secondary storage can typically result in an immediate halving in primary storage. A more tightly managed structure, consisting of a combination of common rules, and/or very precise rules relating to specific user attributes delivers significantly higher capacity savings in the order of 70 to 90 percent. ...Moonwalk profile

Dataram offers 8GB memory upgrades for HP servers

Princeton, NJ — March 23, 2007 — Dataram today announced the immediate availability of a new 8GB memory upgrade for HP's ProLiant DL145 G32 servers.

"With the addition of these new 8GB memory upgrades, Dataram is continuing its successful development and introduction of high-end memory products for HP servers and cementing its position as the vendor of choice for HP compatible memory upgrades," stated Jeff Epstein, NA Sales Manager. ...Dataram profile, RAM, HP ProLiant servers
SSD Myths and Legends - new article

Fastest Storage Certified "Solaris Ready"

InfiniBand Storage Powers Moviemakers

Samsung will Soon Ship Faster 64G SSD

Silicon Image Ships New Storage Processors

Gear6 Readies Aim at Oracle Acceleration Market

Moonwalk Enters U.S. Market

Dataram offers 8GB memory upgrades for HP servers
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Top 20 Storage Searches
The top 20 most popular storage categories on in February 2007 were as follows... Figures in brackets (n) indicate rank the month before.
  1. Disk to disk backup (1)
  2. Hard drives (2)
  3. Solid state disks (3)
  4. NAS (4)
  5. RAID systems (5)
  6. Removable Storage (6)
  7. iSCSI (13)
  8. Flash memory (7)
  9. Boxes & enclosures (9)
  10. Serial ATA (SATA) (8)
  11. Market research & analysts (15)
  12. Serial Attached SCSI (10)
  13. Optical Libraries (14)
  14. Backup software (11)
  15. Data Recovery (12)
  16. SAN (16)
  17. USB storage (17)
  18. Acquired, dead, renamed etc (19)
  19. RAM (18)
  20. RAID controllers (20)
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