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Storage news - 2002, November week 2

. storage news
I'm too old to do that chimney stunt
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San Jose, Calif. - November 14, 2002 - Alacritech, Inc. today announced that IBM has selected the Alacritech 1000x1 Gigabit Ethernet Server and Storage Accelerator to provide IBM TotalStorage NAS customers with efficient TCP/IP offload. The IBM TotalStorage NAS 200, 300 and 300G products running in conjunction with Alacritech accelerators are designed to provide enterprises with a powerful solution that supports rapid access to consolidated data. Alacritech's 1000x1 Gigabit Ethernet Accelerator is well known as providing industry-leading performance in NAS systems. The accelerator is based on the company's patented SLIC Technology® to offload network processing from host software to silicon to achieve outstanding performance in servers, NAS and iSCSI storage devices.

"IBM's TotalStorage NAS servers were designed to provide customers open storage designed for the rigors of e-business collaboration," said David Vaughn, product marketing manager, IBM Storage Systems Group. "We selected Alacritech server accelerators based on the company's architecture for offloading network processing to improve system efficiency. Our customers can now purchase systems that support better performance and increased efficiency, along with investment protection as they migrate to IP-based storage." ...Alacritech profile, ...IBM profile

Round Rock, Texas - November 14, 2002 - Customers selected Dell's standards-based computer products and services in increasing numbers in fiscal third-quarter 2003, pushing the company to record shipments and revenue and a higher rate of profitability. For the third quarter ended Nov. 1, total revenue was $9.1 billion, up 22% from last year in an industry where sales have otherwise been flat to down.
news image - Dell's results
Dell's 28% year-over-year rise in overall product shipments compared with a 2% increase for the rest of the industry. Company server volumes were 24% higher, nearly five times the rate for the rest of the industry. Revenue from Dell enterprise products - servers, storage systems, network switches and workstations - was up a combined 27%.

Sales of external storage systems increased 73% and continue on an annual run rate of more than $1 billion. Dell ranked second in a recent industry-analyst survey that asked corporate customers which suppliers they would consider for their storage-hardware purchases. ...Dell Computer profile

Wilmington, MA - November 14, 2002 - The QBM Alliance, an international alliance founded by Kentron Technologies, aimed at positioning Quad Band Memory (QBM) technology as an industry standard, welcomes ATP Electronics and Tanisys Technology to the growing membership roster.

The QBM Alliance Program provides its members with sales and technical assistance as well as broad marketing support. With VIA QBM enabled chipsets due to come out in Q1-2003, QBM technology is being widely accepted as the next industry standard solution to follow DDR I. With the delays and higher costs associated with other memory solutions such as DDR II and Dual Channel DDR, QBM has proven to be the most cost efficient and sensible solution in the market.

"As a premier supplier of top quality and reliable memory products, ATP will be instrumental in the production and availability of QBM modules for the PC marketplace," said Joe Capaldo, Kentron's Product Marketing Manager. "Equally as important, as we near the actual introduction of QBM enabled chipsets, companies such as Tanisys can provide high speed testing capabilities for the QBM module solutions."

"As a premier supplier of top quality, high performance and reliable memory products for servers, desktop, mobile computing and embedded systems OEMs and channels since 1991, we are constantly looking for new technology to provide total solutions to our customers" said Danny Lin, Marketing Manager of ATP Electronics, Inc. "By joining the QBM Alliance, we can provide our customers with yet another option for their high-performance memory systems."

"As the leader in DRAM module test solutions, it only makes sense that Tanisys would join the QBM Alliance", said John Bennett, VP of Sales and Marketing, Tanisys Technology. "We are excited about becoming a member and offering our customers support as the QBM technology migrates into production." ...ATP Electronics profile, ...Kentron Technologies profile, ...QBM Alliance, ...Tanisys Technology profile

COSTA MESA, Calif. - November 14, 2002 - Emulex Corporation today announced that it is showcasing the industry's first 10Gb/s Fibre Channel technology demonstration during Fall Comdex 2002. The demonstration features the delivery of 10Gb/s protocol compliant data streams over optical cabling utilizing Emulex ASIC, firmware, and driver technology. Emulex's demonstration was developed in conjunction with member companies from a leading 10Gb/s industry consortium, including Finisar Corporation, Marvell, Quake Technologies and Xilinx.

Ten Gb/s is the next generation technology for both Fibre Channel and iSCSI SANs, providing five times the bandwidth of today's 2Gb/s Fibre Channel SANs, and ten times the bandwidth of gigabit Ethernet-based iSCSI. The 10Gb/s data rate is the only Fibre Channel speed beyond 2Gb/s that is specified to support switched fabrics, which is a critical requirement for SAN deployment. The deployment of 10Gb/s host bus adapters is expected to begin in 2004, and will account for 20 percent of both iSCSI and Fibre Channel HBAs shipped in 2006, according to Gartner Dataquest. The demand for increased SAN connectivity bandwidth is being driven by a number of factors, including the continued increases in server CPU performance, the limited availability of server bus slots, and increases in disk drive density and performance. ...COMDEX, ...Emulex profile

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Editor:- November 14, 2002 - "Storage Area Networks and Return on Investment" is a new 53 page white paper published today on STORAGEsearch by information storage architect company Datalink Corporation.

This white paper should be regarded as the SAN Bible for anyone who is looking at the steps necessary to understand what a SAN is, how it works, how to choose a supplier, and how to identify and estimate the cost benefits of making a major SAN investment. As with previous articles we've published from Datalink, this paper gets right down into the detail and provides insights based on theory and practice on real enterprise systems.

The article begins with a general review of the benefits of SANs, focusing on reliability, lower headcount for administration and better storage utilization. Virtualization is also discussed, and the article goes on to explain why the backup process works better in a SAN than in a directly attached storage environment. Security and internet storage technologies are also taken into consideration. Choosing a SAN vendor partner, implementing a SAN and justifying a SAN take up about half the article. The other half uses a real case study, which is analysed in detail. Even the cost advantages of lower real life failure rates experienced in real systems are enumerated. All the analysis is general in nature and can be applied to storage systems supplied by any vendor.

Previous reference articles from Datalink have been very popular on the mouse site, and this should be no exception. It even includes a detailed index to help you find you way around inside. to read the 53 page white paper (pdf), ...Datalink profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - November 13, 2002 - Adaptec, Inc. today announced it will acquire the outstanding technology assets of Tricord Systems, Inc. through bankruptcy proceedings. Based in Plymouth, MN, Tricord developed unique, patented technology for managing highly scalable, network attached storage systems. Adaptec plans to use Tricord's technology as part of the company's efforts to extend its line of external storage products to include file- and block-based storage systems.

"Adaptec's vision is to make highly scalable, highly reliable networked storage easy to use and manage for mid-size companies," said Ahmet Houssein, vice president and general manager for Adaptec's Storage Systems Group. "Tricord's solution is a powerful extension of that vision, enabling hands-off management, fail-over capabilities and seamless storage expansion - key capabilities for network attached storage solutions."

Adaptec will pay $2 million in cash for the technology assets of Tricord Systems. The purchase, which Adaptec expects to complete on November 15, 2002, does not include liabilities or customer obligations. ...Adaptec profile, ...Tricord Systems profile

POWAY, CA - November 13, 2002 – Promicro Systems, in partnership with Avail Solutions, today introduced a cost-effective backup appliance that provides businesses with advanced data storage, backup and recovery capabilities. Promicro has combined its ProStore NAS server with Avail's Integrity™ backup software and automated tape library, providing the benefits of both disk- and tape-based data protection in one seamless package. The ProStore Backup Appliance offers an abundant 360GB of storage capacity, high-speed throughput with Intel processors, 10/100 Ethernet ports, three PCI slots and up to six IDE drive bays in a compact 2U form factor. The integrated 8-cartridge automated tape library transfers up to 640GB of compressed data at 6MB/s, contributing to fast backup and restore. A powerful backup and recovery feature set is provided by Avail's Integrity data protection software, including dynamic resource allocation, GUI-based monitoring, remote administration, and managed replication and protected data migration. The ProStore Backup Appliance allows users to achieve economical data storage and protection, especially for small companies and departmental users.

Preconfigured to retain backed-up data for up to four days on the NAS unit, the ProStore Backup Appliance can then migrate the data to the tape unit, where it will be retained for up to two weeks. All parameters are user programmable, providing a flexible solution for businesses' specific requirements. In a restoration situation, data is always retrieved from its most readily available location, whether on the NAS server or the tape unit, and sent directly to the requesting client.

"When it comes to storage and backup, the combination of disk and tape technologies provides businesses with the best of both worlds," said Jeff Haynes, president, Promicro Systems. "We are very pleased to have partnered with Avail Solutions, a proven innovator in the field of data protection, to introduce a value-based backup appliance to the market."

"We are delighted to have Promicro Systems as a partner," said Mark Armstrong, president of Avail Solutions. "Their experience in the server appliance market along with their reputation in servicing their customers makes them an ideal source for this low-cost, high feature, backup appliance."

The backup appliance is available for immediate delivery. Starting price is $7,999. ...Avail Solutions profile, ...Promicro Systems profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - November 13, 2002 – LSI Logic Corporation is now shipping its entire family of PCI-X to Fibre Channel storage controllers and HBA solutions, extending to ten years the company's history of innovative product development and technology leadership. The original 33MHz/32bit PCI interface in 1992 had a bandwidth of 132 MB/s. PCI-X 1066 will increase that to 8.5 GB/s, a gain of 64X. The LSI Logic PCI-X to Fibre Channel family of cost-effective, power-efficient controllers and HBAs includes:
  • LSIFC929X, the dual-channel, 2 Gigabit per second PCI-X to Fibre Channel controller that broke the 100,000 I/O per second performance barrier in April of this year;
  • LSIFC919X, the single-channel, 2 Gigabit per second PCI-X to Fibre Channel controller allows system designers to double I/O performance while enhancing host utilization and connectivity;
  • LSI7402XP-LC, the quad-channel PCI-X to Fibre Channel HBA provides maximum connectivity with 4 independent external connectors;
  • LSI7202XP-LC, the dual-channel PCI-X Fibre Channel host adapter provides industry leading 2 Gigabit performance for high bandwidth applications and total bus throughput; a low cost Fibre Channel solution designed, as well, in the low profile PCI form factor; and,
  • LSI7102XP-LC, the single-channel PCI-X to Fibre Channel HBA based upon the LSIFC919X offers a low cost Fibre Channel solution designed in the low profile PCI form factor ideal for 1U and 2U servers.
The LSI7202XP-LC HBA uses the single-chip LSIFC929X, a 2 Gigabit per second PCI-X to Fibre Channel controller, to achieve up to 120,000 I/Os per second for host connections and up to 85,000 I/Os per second for target connections. Both the LSI7202XP-LC and the LSI7402XP-LC reach optimal speeds of up to 400 megabytes per second per channel in full duplex mode. ...LSI Logic profile

Redmond, WA - November 13, 2002 - ADIC announced today that the company's Scalar® 24 entry-level tape library was selected as the Product of the Year in the backup hardware category at the sixth annual Forum Stockage 2002, held last month in Paris. This international conference, which focuses on all aspects of storage and data protection, is the largest European exhibition and conference dedicated to storage and storage management topics. Introduced in September 2002, the Scalar 24 offers the industry's best value for enterprise-class performance and combines easy-to-use, scalable management, a trouble-free upgrade path, the latest SDLT/LTO technology and a complete storage networking architecture to deliver an ideal solution for any business that has outgrown the capabilities of autoloaders or stand-alone drives. Suggested list price starts at less than $12,500 ...ADIC profile, ...Forum STOCKAGE

Munich/Germany and Taoyuen/Taiwan - November 13, 2002 – Infineon Technologies and Nanya Technology Corporation (NTC) have signed final contracts concerning strategic cooperation on standard memory chips (DRAMs). The cooperation will help each partner expand its position in the DRAM market while sharing development costs. The agreement provides for the joint development of advanced 0.09-micron and 0.07-micron production technologies for 300mm wafers. Under the terms of the agreement the companies have also set up a 50:50 joint venture for the production of DRAM chips and will build a new joint 300mm facility in Taiwan. This facility will employ the production technology developed jointly by the companies.

The new 300mm semiconductor facility will be constructed in two stages aligned with the growth and development of the world semiconductor market. The first stage, which is scheduled for completion in the second half of 2004, will give the facility an initial monthly capacity of around 20,000 wafer starts. Completion of the second stage, currently anticipated for mid-2006, will increase capacity to around 50,000 wafer starts a month, making the new semiconductor facility one of the world's largest. The total investment planned in the next three years amounts to around Euro 2.2 billion....Infineon Technologies profile, ...Nanya Technology profile

LAKE FOREST, Calif. - November 12, 2002 - Western Digital Corp. today announced the largest and fastest external hard drive currently available in the market, its new 200 GB FireWire® external hard drive. Combining lightning fast 7,200 RPM spin speed and high performance FireWire interface with massive storage capacity, WD's FireWire external hard drives outperform external hard drives spinning only at 5,400 RPM.

Western Digital's FireWire external hard drives provide additional hot-swap storage that can be easily disconnected from the computer and locked up for security, or shared from computer to computer. The hard drives are compatible with any Macintosh® or PC computer with a FireWire-enabled OHCI compliant port, using either Windows® 98 SE/Me/2000/XP or Mac® OS 9.x or later operating systems. Widespread availability of WD's 200 GB FireWire external hard drives is expected this month. Estimated street retail price is $399. ...Western Digital profile

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. - November 12, 2002 - Nexsan Technologies today rolled out its next-generation disk-to-disk backup technology platform, creating new standards for affordable, high-density enterprise storage with the release of the InfiniSAN™ ATABeast™, a compact multi-terabyte disk array that delivers enterprise-class capabilities in a low-profile, cost-correct package. Nexsan's new ATABeast combines capacity, availability and scalability at a cost that makes it a viable replacement for enterprise-class tape libraries. The ATABeast starts at around $40,000 for a 13.4 TB configuration. Utilizing Nexsan's D2D backup software, ATABeast delivers access to data up to 100 times faster than tape libraries. The compact ATABeast architecture leverages the industry's highest storage density per square inch - 13.4 TB in just 4U of rack space - and can pack up to 134 TB of capacity in a single data center rack. ...Nexsan Technologies profile

Escondido, CA - November 12, 2002 - Avail Solutions has completely reengineered the process companies use to protect their data assets and today announces the release of Integrity, its new data protection software product. As it backs-up network clients, Integrity dynamically targets storage devices based on performance, longevity, and other needs of the data. Upon completion of the initial backup process, Integrity provides fully managed replication and managed migration of the data to other storage devices. The additional devices can be based on any technology and they may be located anywhere on- or off-site. Fully managed replication and managed migration insures that data required for restoration, down to the individual file level, is quickly located, retrieved, and restored directly - regardless of its stored location.

Integrity addresses two major problems system administrators have lived with for years. Most backup products support only one storage device, which must be statically configured to the machines being backed up. Regardless of the data being processed, backup is restricted to one storage target. Integrity can support a number and a variety of storage devices concurrently. It dynamically allocates an appropriate storage device for the machines it is servicing based on the needs of the data as assigned by the administrator.

Also, system administrators have been required to make duplicate sets of their backup media and send them away for long-term safekeeping. Integrity accomplishes this task automatically through its hierarchical data-store management design. Once data is initially backed-up it can be automatically moved and/or copied to other storage devices. There is no limit to the levels in the hierarchy or the types of media used. The system maintains full management of the data regardless of whether it remains on-site or is sent off-site electronically, or even if it is stored off-line. These capabilities combined with Integrity's robust backup and recovery features provide configuration flexibility never before possible.

"When we started designing Integrity, we saw what was already on the market and were determined to build a product that would solve common data protection problems by extending capabilities beyond what is typical in the market," said Mark Armstrong, President of Avail Solutions.

Integrity is currently available for Windows NT and 2000, Sun Solaris 7 and 8, and Linux Redhat 6.8 and higher operating systems. Additional ports are underway and will follow shortly. Prices start at $295.00 for a single server backing-up to an internal disk/tape combination. Pricing varies by configuration. ...Avail Solutions profile

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - November 12, 2002 - Seagate Technology today announced that its scientists have broken new ground in the field of magnetic data storage by demonstrating areal densities of over 100 gigabits per square inch (Gb/in2) using perpendicular recording technology. This "vertical" move has also enabled record performance data rates of up to 125 MB per second. As the areal density growth rate of current longitudinal recording begins to slow, perpendicular recording appears best-positioned to keep pace with the world's growing data storage needs, with the potential for far higher density levels over time than what could otherwise be achieved.

"Perpendicular recording is projected to achieve areal densities as high as one terabit per square inch (Tb/in2), roughly 20 times the density of today's state-of-the-art disc drive products," said Dr. Mark Kryder, Seagate senior vice president of Research. "This is equivalent to storing over one full terabyte (1000 gigabytes) of information or nearly 500 DVD movies on a single 3-inch disc."

Perpendicular recording arranges the magnetic bits vertically on end on the surface of the disc, enabling the head to record and read more information per unit area. Perpendicular recording breaks new ground because today's disc drives use traditional longitudinal recording that arranges the bits horizontally on the disc and therefore also require more surface area to store information. Seagate anticipates implementing perpendicular recording within its products perhaps as early as calendar year 2004. ...Seagate profile
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EMC Showcases Automated Networked Storage at OracleWorld 2002

Arkeia Debuts Automatic Disaster Recovery Module for Linux

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Young Scientists Break CMOS Speed Record

CATC Announces USBMobile Portable USB 2.0 Classic Protocol Analyzer

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DiskSites Delivers First File Storage Consolidation Solution for Consolidating Branch Office File Storage Back to the Data Center

InfiniCon is First to Deliver End-to-End InfiniBand Solution

New White Paper by NeoScale Systems

Imperial SANaccelerator Receives Brocade Fabric Aware Status for Interoperability

Antares PCI-X SCSI Ultra 320 Adapters Achieve Solaris Ready Certification from Sun Microsystems

Amacom Technologies Reduces Prices on Flip2disk Range

earlier news (archive)
Spellabyte's software factory
Spellabyte couldn't afford to hire real programmers until his venture capital check came in. So he was making do with retired hedgehogs.
Nibble:- Faster, Smaller, Cheaper...
but the best of these is Faster
During the last decade the storage capacity of hard disk drives has increased by a factor of x 1,000. If it wasn't for that then the storage in your average desktop PC would take up the space of your entire desk using early 1990's technology. So that's a great improvement. But disk access times in the same period have typically only improved by a factor of x 5. Meanwhile our processor clock speeds have risen by a factor of x 25. So what does all that mean?

Because mass storage access times have been speeding up at a much slower rate than processor speeds, at the same time that storage capacity has been increasing, it means that corporate users are increasingly dependent on technologies like parallel processing, encrpytion accelerators, caches and solid state disks just to stop the average response time of business critical applications getting slower than they were in the mid 1990's.

The real problem is that disk drives are just too slow.

If you asked users what they would like to see in the next generation of disk technology, I'm sure that "faster" would get a lot of votes.

With a disk drive technology that's twice as fast, you don't need so many processors, and the bottlenecks which occasionally cause a network to get stuck in gridlock and reboot will also become more rare. That would be nice.

Naturally a lot of companies are looking at this problem.

On October 24, a new company called Dataslide filed a patent application for a computer hard-drive design aimed at sidestepping a number of key technical barriers in existing hard drive performance development. The company claims that the new technology could reduce access times by many orders of magnitude. That holds out the promise of solid state disk speed, at hard disk pricing.

We ran that news story, but you might have missed it. So here's a chance to see it again.

See also:- Hard drives
BakBone Software
BakBone is a global company that develops high-performance storage software solutions including data backup/restore to tape and disk as well as optical storage management

click for more info

MELVILLE, N.Y. - November 12, 2002 - FalconStor Software, Inc. today announced that WorldCare Inc., a leading provider of global e-health services and solutions, has chosen FalconStor's IPStor to ensure optimal performance, efficient capacity utilization, and fast and secure access to critical information. WorldCare provides international access to high quality U.S. healthcare through the delivery of highly specialized and personalized second opinion e-consultation for the treatment of serious illness. In partnership with premier medical centers in North America, WorldCare utilizes Internet-empowered technologies and FDA approved protocols to transmit medical records and provide referring physicians and their patients with second opinions. With a growing amount of data being handled, including data management and the expert reading and analysis of medical imaging for pharmaceutical clinical trials managed by a wholly owned subsidiary, WorldCare Clinical, WorldCare Inc., wanted to consolidate its storage over a NAS environment. Security and auditing capabilities were other considerations that had to be satisfied, and IPStor met all their requirements.

"FalconStor's solution addressed critical areas for WorldCare, including centrally managing all our resources with security, and generating audit trails for all our documents to comply with HIPPA and FDA regulations," stated Joel Kahn, M.D., WorldCare's Chief Technology Officer. "IPStor allows us to take a much more proactive role in the management of our network and use WorldCare's company resources to our optimum advantage."

To meet WorldCare's requirement to have all its stored documents be HIPPA and FDA compliant, FalconStor created a customized feature for IPStor on NAS that changes the permissions of every file stored from READ/WRITE to READ only. IPStor also journals the changes and produces an audit trail that can be used in reporting to show compliance to Federal law. ...FalconStor Software profile

San Francisco, CA - November 12, 2002 - In a keynote address at OracleWorld today EMC Executive Chairman Mike Ruettgers will discuss how leading organizations are networking their information infrastructure to optimize the management, movement, protection and sharing of their information and to prepare for new applications that will trigger a new wave of demand for information. EMC, the leading storage provider for Oracle environments, is showcasing its Automated Networked Storage technology at this major industry event and is highlighting ways customers can deploy EMC storage systems, software, networks and services with increasing levels of automation for improved effectiveness, efficiency and better management of their Oracle environments.

"IT managers are faced with many challenges today, from intense budget pressures to increasing complexity to managing multi-vendor environments," said Ruettgers. "They have to move, manage and protect growing amounts of information that people want to access from anywhere. Today's smart organizations are meeting these challenges and preparing for new demand by adopting an automated networked storage infrastructure that gives them the flexibility, availability and performance to meet their business requirements." ...EMC profile, ...OracleWorld San Francisco

Carlsbad, Calif. - November 12, 2002 - Arkeia Corporation has released a state-of-the-art disaster recovery module for automatic restoration of lost data. Complementing Arkeia's new version 5, the module offers fast, reliable and easy re-creation of Linux clients or backup servers. The Arkeia Disaster Recovery add-on provides the ultimate safeguard for irreplaceable data, even if a machine is stolen or destroyed. Working with version 5, the module rebuilds a backed up client or the Arkeia backup server from scratch with a simple bootable CD solution. It avoids long, tedious set-up that can take precious hours (or days) of a system administrator's valuable time.

"The results of our research into real-world disaster recovery situations were incorporated into this version 5 add-on," said Arkeia CEO Phil Roussel. "Getting a server back up and running must be automatic, fast and secure, and this is what Arkeia's Disaster Recovery option brings to its users."

The process of rebuilding a client machine is as simple as: Inserting the Arkeia Disaster Recovery CD as a boot disk Entering the IP address of the backup server, the name and the IP of the machine to rebuild (this information can be saved on a floppy from the backup server and inserted into the machine being rebuilt) Arkeia DR will first format the disk with the original partitions and restore the system information, then restore the data included on the hard drive. For disaster recovery of the Arkeia Backup Server, the process is similar except that low-level information and the backup catalog will be retrieved directly from a tape. System level backup, integrated into Arkeia v5, combined with the extremely efficient bare metal disaster recovery, can totally restore a client or backup server in a very short period of time from previous backup tapes.

Introductory price starts at $79 for protection of a Linux client (includes price reduction for purchase in quantity) and $490 for the backup server protection. ...Arkeia profile

Munich - November 12, 2002 - At only 26 years of age, Ph.D. student Daniel Kehrer has established a new speed record in data transmission with an experimental CMOS semiconductor circuit built at the corporate research facilities of Infineon Technologies in Munich, Germany. At 40 Gbit/s (40 billion bits per second), he nearly doubled the all-time high of 25 Gbit/s that had been achieved in February, also at Infineon. The speed-optimized chip will soon enable the production of even lower-cost, higher-performance devices for PC and mobile communication networks as well as for automotive and industrial applications. The research outcome was the result of Infineon's dedicated sponsoring programs for young scientists, as well as the company's excellent microchip technology. In addition to Daniel Kehrer, the High Frequency Research department currently employs five other Ph.D. students. ...Infineon Technologies profile

San Francisco, CA - November 11, 2002 - At the Oracle World Exhibition Hall today, Texas Memory Systems (TMS) announced general availability for the RamSan-220, a solid state disk leveraging 2Gbit Fibre Channel to accelerate disk I/O performance for the most demanding applications. The RamSan-220 is faster than any competing storage device - even other solid state disks. By using SDRAM chips as the primary storage media and multiple 2Gbit Fibre Channel controllers designed by TMS, the RamSan-220 achieves I/O speeds of 200,000 random I/Os per second. This means the RamSan-220 is at least three times faster than the fastest competing solid state disk, and thirty times faster than today's RAID Arrays. During the recent Interoperability and Solutions Demo at Storage Networking World in Orlando, the RamSan-220 was simultaneously pushing over 300MB/second of random data traffic through redundant Fibre Channel fabrics from Brocade and McData.

Like conventional disks, the RamSan-220 is non-volatile. In the event of external power loss, internal batteries keep the unit powered long enough to completely transfer all data to two mirrored built-in SCSI disk drives that store the data until power is restored.

Chris Johnson, Vice President of Storage Systems for Dynamic Solutions International, a TMS channel partner, said "Texas Memory Systems RamSan products have proven very popular with our customers who demand the fastest possible disk I/O performance. The availability of the 2Gbit Fibre Channel interface further solidifies the performance advantages of the RamSan."

Last week, Texas Memory Systems delivered the first RamSan 220 units to commercial customers. Island Computer Products (ICP) purchased a RamSan-210 over a year ago, and is one of the first to receive a new RamSan-220. Paul Fabozzi, Chief Technology Officer of ICP, said, "our RamSan-210 has provided us with over a year of reliability and exceptional performance. We're eager to install the RamSan-220 and take advantage of its 2Gbit Fibre Channel capabilities." ...Texas Memory Systems profile

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - November 11, 2002 - Computer Access Technology Corporation ("CATC") today announced the introduction of the USBMobile Protocol Analyzer, the latest member in its popular family of USB development and test tools. The industry's first full-featured USB protocol analyzer in PC card format, the USBMobile Protocol Analyzer offers engineers a portable, low-cost solution for accurately and efficiently debugging, testing and verifying Full and Low (Classic) speed USB semiconductors, devices, software and systems. Utilizing a compact PC card format, the USBMobile Protocol Analyzer enables users to perform analysis tasks virtually anywhere - extending beyond the lab environment to personal workstations.

The USBMobile Protocol Analyzer is a non-intrusive design verification system that accurately and reliably captures, displays and analyzes USB protocol traffic. It utilizes the proprietary, well-known, CATC Trace data display to show protocol traffic in a color-coded, easy-to-understand fashion. Native On-The-Go (OTG) support automatically detects, decodes, and displays the HNP and SRP protocols, including VBus pulsing. The industry-standard PC card design provides broad hardware compatibility and gives developers, technical support, and sales personnel a powerful and highly portable test solution that can be utilized virtually anywhere.

CATC is now accepting orders for the USBMobile 2.0 Classic Protocol Analyzer, for shipments starting November 19, 2002. Volume and bundled pricing options are available. ...CATC profile

Walnut Creek, Calif. – November 11, 2002 – EVault Inc. today introduced EVault InfoStage, its online backup and recovery software suite designed to mitigate the management complexity and costs of traditional backup systems by leveraging disk-based arrays with EVault's own patent-pending data transport technologies.

EVault InfoStage virtually eliminates risks, such as media corruption and human error, by enabling mid-tier organizations to automatically and instantly transmit periodic backups safely offsite to disk storage. Compared with tape backup, EVault InfoStage minimizes the time required to restore by providing instant online access to backed-up data. In addition, EVault InfoStage reduces the cost of data backup by leveraging existing data center resources at centralized locations rather than requiring an investment in additional hardware. Now available in its product form, EVault InfoStage software already powers business-critical data protection and recovery for more than 800 businesses worldwide.

EVault InfoStage has been specifically designed to address the needs of mid-sized, distributed environments such as regional banking, legal, healthcare and other organizations that need to regularly and securely backup as much as a terabyte of data from branch offices or remote locations – but for whom the cost, risk and time of tape based backup-and-ship tape-based solutions are prohibitive. EVault's software recognizes new files and modified portions of existing files altered since a previous scan. A change file is then instantly created and data is compressed to as little as 2% of its original size thereby shortening the backup window.

EVault offers a broad choice of encryption algorithms including 56-bit Blowfish, 56-bit DES, 112-bit triple DES, 128-bit Blowfish and 128-bit AES. All transferred files are assembled in a System Independent Data Format (SIDF). Accordingly, SIDF files backed up from a server running one supported OS can be restored to a server or device running a second, supported OS. EVault solutions presently support the following OS: Microsoft Windows XP Pro, NT Server and 2000 Advanced Server, Novell Netware, Solaris, Red Hat Linux, IBM AIX, HP-UX ...eVault profile

Santa Clara, Calif. – November 11, 2002 – DiskSites, Inc. today announced availability of W-NAS™, a groundbreaking solution for consolidating branch office file storage. W-NAS was developed by DiskSites to enable companies with file storage in multiple branch offices to simply eliminate the need for such file storage, but letting branch office users work directly with a central file server at the data center. This is done by eliminating the performance problem usually associated with accessing storage over WAN.

W-NAS allows organizations such as financial institutions and government with multiple branch offices, and file storage at each, to dramatically lower the overall cost of managing file storage. Using W-NAS appliances to provide high performance read/write access to storage over the WAN, organizations can now consolidate critical data from branch offices to the data center where the data can be protected and managed from one location

"Compared to other distributed file storage solutions, W-NAS is the only product available and shipping today that facilitates true file storage consolidation by enabling high performance read/write access to storage over the WAN," said Divon Lan, DiskSites' president and CEO. "This kind of product truly makes life easier for IT managers in large organizations, who are responsible for managing a large number of branch offices."

W-NAS appliances run W-NAS software using commodity hardware available from vendors such as IBM and HP. W-NAS includes a zero management, plug & play FileCache appliance that is installed at each branch office and a FilePort appliance that is installed at the data center. End users at the branch offices access files stored at the data center by going through the locally installed FileCache. The result is LAN performance over the WAN when reading or writing files. ...DiskSites profile

King of Prussia, PA - November 11, 2002 - InfiniCon Systems today announced the InfiniServ 7000 - a complete host environment that provides enterprise servers with 10Gbps connectivity to InfiniBand switched fabrics, or existing Fibre Channel and Ethernet networks through shared I/O systems. The InfiniServ 7000 offering includes a dual-ported 4x InfiniBand Host Channel Adapter (HCA) that supports both PCI and PCI-X servers, and the complete software environment - including the InfiniBand-compliant networking stack and a rich array of Upper Level Protocols (ULPs) - to support key business applications such as Oracle9i Real Application Clusters and High Performance Computing, as well as provide seamless access to Fibre Channel and Ethernet resources. The InfiniServ solution enables servers to leverage InfiniBand's benefits transparently, requiring no changes to existing operating systems and applications. In tandem with InfiniCon's recently launched InfinIO 7000 Shared I/O and Clustering System, the InfiniServ 7000 HCA positions the company as the first in the industry to deliver a fully developed, end-to-end InfiniBand solution, providing both hardware and software at the host layer, fabric, and management layers.

To work most effectively, emerging business applications like DBMS clustering require high-speed interprocessor communications, with virtually no latency. For clustering applications like Oracle9i Real Application Clusters, which absorbs server capacity dynamically without recycling database caches, a 500% to 1000% bandwidth boost and up to a 90% reduction in latency over current server interfaces is now possible when implemented on a 4x InfiniBand fabric.

Beta versions of the module are available now, with general availability expected in December. ...InfiniCon Systems profile

See also:- InfiniBand software & systems

Editor:- November 11, 2002 - a new article is published today on STORAGEsearch by NeoScale Systems called "Data Storage Protection Risks and Rewards". The 17 page white paper is written by Scott Gordon, NeoScale's Vice President of marketing.

Summary:- Enterprise storage used to exist in a relatively fixed, centralized, controlled environment where physical security, access controls and known administrative entities satisfied requirements for management due diligence. In the wake of greater demand for storage capacity, application availability and business continuity, most enterprises will migrate to networked storage. Storage implementers must address known SAN security challenges in order to realize the benefits of greater resource utilization and data accessibility. The most costly information technology security losses occur through theft of proprietary data, and backend storage resources represent prime targets. In addition, regulations governing finance, commerce, healthcare and government data use have created obligations to ensure data privacy at all storage levels.

No security system is a "silver bullet." A tiered defense strategy incorporates system and device configuration, testing, auditing and monitoring, access authentication, LUN masking and port zoning, physical access controls, and data storage protection during transport, on the storage subsystem and on the media. To protect backend stored data, block-level data encryption can be employed to eliminate the risk of unauthorized access stored data "in flight" and "at rest." Storage security appliances can be a key part of a storage protection strategy. to read the 17 page article (pdf), ...NeoScale Systems profile

See also:- STORAGE Security

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. - November 11, 2002 - Imperial Technology announced today that its 2Gbps SANaccelerator has been verified by Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. as interoperable with Brocade-based SAN infrastructure in testing conducted through the Brocade Fabric Aware Program, a comprehensive testing and configuration initiative designed to foster end-to-end SAN interoperability in multi-vendor Brocade-based SAN environments.

"The importance of interoperability within open SAN environments cannot be underestimated and we are pleased the SANaccelerator successfully completed interoperability testing with the Brocade family of industry-leading fabric switches," said Robert David, CEO and president of Imperial Technology. "As a member of the Fabric Aware program since 2001, we are also happy to have completed interoperability testing of our 2Gbps interface with the SilkWorm 12000 and SilkWorm 3800." ...Brocade profile, ...Imperial Technology profile

CAMPBELL, CALIFORNIA - November 8, 2002 - Antares Microsystems, a leader in Enterprise quality I/O adapters, today announced that its Dual SCSI 320 Host Bus Adapter, P-0078, has achieved Solaris Ready Certification from Sun Microsystems, Inc.

"In the Sun Solaris direct attach storage SCSI environment, Antares Microsystems continues to deliver the best price/performance. Our customers have recognized our true 64-bit advantage," said Al Basseri, director of business development & marketing for Antares Microsystems.

The Solaris Ready program provides customers with a recognizable symbol for tested Solaris solutions from third-party providers. To receive the Solaris Ready designation, products must complete a rigorous testing process conducted by an independent testing laboratory. Products are evaluated for interoperability, platform support, Solaris platform compliance, ease-of-installation, driver compatibility and product documentation.

The Antares PCI-X SCSI Ultra 320 two-channel, low voltage-differential, wide SCSI host bus adapter allows you to connect up to 30 SCSI devices to your workstations or server at data transfer speeds up to 320 megabytes per second, per channel. The P0078 enterprise-quality HBA supports 64-bit/133MHz PCI-X, and the PCI 2.2 standard. Designed for optimal performance on both Solaris and Linux servers and workstations, the P0078 supports packetized SCSI transfers, grouped commands, messages and status bytes at full data-transfer speeds, reducing the protocol overhead. ...Antares Microsystems profile, ...Sun Microsystems profile

Editor's comments:- no great surprise here. Antares launched the industry's first 3rd party SBus card for Sun workstations way back in 1989. The company was founded by one of the designers of the SPARCstation 1. Nowadays they also sell a lot of cards into the Linux and Wintel server markets.

See also:- SCSI adapters, Sun VARS in the USA

UK - November 8, 2002 - Amacom Technologies has cut the cost of its highly successful Flip2disk range. The price reductions which range from 10% upto over 40% echo Amacom's pledge to offer the most cost effective, innovative back up and disaster recovery solution on the market today. In addition to the substantial price reductions being announced, all Flip2disks will now be supplied with a USB2 cable and Amacom's back up and disaster recovery software - FlipBack - completely free. The Flip2disk range, already offering superior performance, capacity, flexibility and features than any other portable hard drive available, is now the most cost effective solution for day-to-day use and disaster recovery.

John Michael, Managing Director of Amacom Technologies says, "Having seen a large increase in demand for disaster recovery and backup devices since the first Flip2disk was launched last year, we have been able to recover our research and development costs sooner than anticipated. This now means that Amacom Technologies is in a position to pass this onto our customers by creating excellent products at the lowest possible prices." ...Amacom Technologies profile

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