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Reduxio™ builds a next-generation storage platform that provides breakthrough capacity savings and infinite data recoverability through unique real-time primary storage deduplication and protection technologies called NoDup™ and Backdating™. Our technology combines SSDs and HDDs in a very efficient block-level tiering combined with in-line dedup - which provides SSD performance at an affordable price point for the majority of the storage market.

editor's comments:- January 2014 - Reduxio - which is still in stealth mode and whose web site is due to open later this month - is one of many companies in the SSD software and SSD hybrid array markets.

According to reports in Reduxio, founded in August 2012, had raised $12 million in funding by June 2013.

Reduxio's linkedin page includes links to several introductory articles about the company including:-
Reduxio mentions in SSD market history

In April 2013 - Reduxio said it had raised $9 million in its first financing round from Carmel Ventures and Jerusalem Venture Partners - according to a report in

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"In 2016 you won't need a petabyte of SSD to replace a petabyte of HDD."
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