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Renice Technology

Renice specializes in providing NAND Flash solutions.

Renice SSDs and related software deliver high performance
and reliability in mission critical applications in the industrial,
enterprise, embedded, automotive, and rugged computing markets.

Renice has its own controller patents and can provide reliable solutions
which be customized on request to suit different applications with regard
to power protection, encryption support, secure erase and long-term supply.

No matter what your SSD application whether it's high bandwidth, high IOPS,
or harsh environments with high / low temperature extremes we welcome your
inquiries about our OEM products, services and customized solutions.
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Who's who in SSD? - by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - October 2012

Renice Technology, founded in 2008, designs and sells its own SSD controllers, and also uses 3rd party SSD controllers in some of its SSD designs.

The company markets SSDs in the consumer, industrial, enterprise and military markets.

Among other things its SSDs compete in these form factors and interfaces:- PCIe SSDs, 2.5" SSDs, 1.8" SSDs, tiny SSDs, CFast, PATA SSDs and SATA SSDs, and USB SSDs.
selected Renice milestones - from SSD Market History.

In September 2012 - Renice Technology launched a native USB 3 SSD (no bridge chips) using its own controller IP which supports the UAS (USB Attached SCSI) protocol, has SMART and power interruption data integrity protection and R/W speeds of 400MB/s and 320MB/s respectively.
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From the customer perspective - if you've never gone down the customization route for your SSDs - the first thought which might come into your mind is this... Customization? That means doing more. Must mean more cost right?
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Non-Balanced Wear Leveling - a paper by Renice
Editor:- July 28, 2016 - Renice Technology recently published a paper - Non-Balanced Wear Leveling Algorithm (pdf) - which outlines the thinking behind a specific technique in its industrial SATA3 SSD controller - model RS3502-IT - to improve endurance upto 3x compared to traditional methods.

click image to read the article - principles of bad block management in flash SSDs
bad block management
in flash SSDs
This is one of the several techniques used in this controller to overall get a 20x improvement in lifespan when using MLC. the article (pdf)

Editor's comments:- Ever since the first flash devices were evaluated it has been known that some blocks are much better than others.

As an example in this paper Renice shows that in a modern 16GB MLC flash chip - even after just 10 P/E cycles the controller is able to see a 3x difference between the fastest and average program time and over 30% difference between the slowest and fastest read times.

The quality of wear resistance tells you something which can be used to grade blocks.

Renice's non-balanced wear leveling algorithm leverages these naturally occurring process variations so that "the higher wear resistance blocks are selected to be erased more times while the lower ones get protected instead."

Renice announces pSLC military SSD
Editor:- March 22 , 2016 - Renice Technology today announced the imminent availability of a 2TB 2.5" SATA MLC SSD family for the military market. The new X9 R-SATA uses the company's own controller. Interesting aspects of this announcment are:-
  • Renice says the drive can be used in pSLC mode - which halves the capacity but "achieves nearer SLC performance and reliability".
  • the new SSD uses rugged SATA connectors which are work more reliably in high vibration
Editor's comments:- Renice has a completely different view about the efficacy of pSLC in this type of SSD - than Cactus which dismissed the notion that it was worthwhile in a recent blog about memory geometries and ECC.