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Santa Announces Green Server SSD Initiative

Texas Memory Systems SSD to reduce power consumption and heat at Santa's North Pole Data Center

story by Agnes Lamont, MarketingSage

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At this time of year Megabyte was happy
to forsake dignity and go with the flow.
Storage news
SSDs speed up Santa's Naughty / Nice Lists
December 25th always comes as a complete surprise to me
will Santa be able to land at London-Gatwick this Christmas?
Decloaking hidden segments in the enterprise for rackmount SSDs
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North Pole - December 2, 2008 - Texas Memory Systems and Santa, the world's leading distributor of children's toys, today announced an initiative to replace all monolithic RAID storage at the North Pole with energy efficient and super fast solid state disks by the end of 2009.

This proactive move is expected to reduce the energy required to process the "Naughty or Nice" lists by up to 50%.

As the world population has increased beyond 6.6 billion, Santa has seen a corresponding increase in the demand for his services. With only 32 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, an estimated 154 million toy orders must be processed daily. This means database performance is mission-critical.
"Few people stop to consider just how daunting the logistics of our operation are," said Ms. Elf, senior executive vp of worldwide sales at Santa (Global) Enterprises. "Most orders come from letters. Each letter must be entered into the database, and then cross-referenced with naughty-or-nice lists. With an average of 3 toys for an estimated 1.65 billion children, the old hard disk-based RAID systems just couldn't cope with the number of transactions."

Santa chose the RamSan-500 cached flash solid state device to replace his hard disk drives. The RamSan-500 is up to 16x faster than hard disk-based storage systems and requires only 50% of the power, so it saves energy and runs cooler.
... Santas Data Center - image from Texas Memory Systems  article on storagesearch.com
"The RamSan is fast, but it also runs cooler than hard disk drive systems," said a storage analyst familiar with the deal. "Lower heat emission was an important factor in the decision to use the RamSan because heat from the racks' hard drives, coupled with global warming, was starting to damage the foundations of Santa's North Pole data center. It was getting wet in there."

The switch to the Texas Memory Systems' RamSan-500 SSD is just one of several initiatives announced by Santa to address the global warming concerns expressed about his operation.

In a statement made on the same day as President-elect Obama's "green-collar jobs" initiative - Santa announced that he would no longer distribute carbon-based coal to naughty children. When pressed by anxious parents afraid of losing what little leverage they have over their children, Santa's PR manager said that the coal would be replaced by disabled hard disk drives as part of a "new recycling program." ...Texas Memory Systems profile, Disk Sanitizers, Green Storage - Trends and Predictions

Editor's comments:-
the advantages of SSDs in server acceleration have been well documented before in numerous SSD articles and case studies.
However, the risks / opportunities posed by melting ice in the North Pole region are ambiguous.

In 1912 the famous liner Titanic was sunk as a result of encountering ice packs at night while cruising at high speed. But ask yourself this question... If all the ice had already melted - would the outcome have been better for the passengers?

Much less well known is the strange case of the 18th century pirates who fired a broadside at a nuclear submarine recently when they thawed out (after being trapped in an iceberg for 200 years.)

About Santa

Santa, the world's leading distributor of children's toys, uses proprietary methods to deliver gifts to 1.65 billion children across 24 time zones globally in just one night. Now based at The North Pole, Santa was inspired by the 4th century Saint Nicholas of Myra to give free gifts to all "nice" children.
click to read storyPirate ship in the ice field

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