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2.5" SAS SSDs from OCZ
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OCZ Editor:- OCZ (ranked #5 in the Top SSD Companies List Q1 2014) designs and makes one of the largest ranges of SSDs available in the industry in a variety form factors and interfaces (including PCIe, SAS and SATA).

OCZ's SSDs use SSD controllers from a variety of sources - including its own designs and those from its new parent company Toshiba.

The info on this page shows only an outline of the company's 2.5" SAS SSDs. OCZ's web site can be confusing because of the way that consumer and enterprise SSDs are mixed up in some of the same overview pages. A useful starting point for navigation is OCZ's enterprise SSD page.

Talos C Series - 2.5" SAS
  • 6Gbps dual port SAS
  • capacity - 230GB - 960GB MLC
  • R/W speeds upto 550MB/s and 375MB/s respectively
  • 54K random IOPS (4K) / 35K random IOPS (8K) - assumes 75% R/W workload
  • uses 2x LSI SandForce SF-2282 controllers
  • 14.5mm height
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A note on terminology:- many other publications blab on about "enterprise SAS SSDs". In fact all SAS SSDs (in the current state of the SSD market) are enterprise SSDs. So the prefix "enterprise" - in front of SAS - is a tautology.

A note on SSD software:- the apps performance which you can leverage from SSDs nowadays is no longer simply dependent on the internal characteristics of the SSD. You can get very useful leverage and flexibility by also looking at what virtualization and caching support is also available.

OCZ has a strong offering in the software space which has been optimized over many years to suit the needs of small to medium size installations. For details see OCZ's software acceleration page.
Editor:- January 21, 2014 - Toshiba today announced some details of how OCZ Storage Solutions (which was based on the recently acquired assets of OCZ Technology Group) will operate within the Toshiba Group of Companies.

The new OCZ Storage Solutions, under the continuing direction of CEO Ralph Schmitt - will leverage Toshiba's cutting-edge NAND and combine it with the company's proprietary controllers, firmware and software to provide both client and enterprise customers with innovative and cost-effective SSD solutions.

OCZ Storage Solutions will continue to maintain its established worldwide sales channels.

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Editor:- June 12, 2013 - Mellanox today announced details of a demonstration it did showing its FDR 56Gb/s InfiniBand running on Windows Server 2012 in a system which uses OCZ's Talos 2R SSDs (2.5" SAS SSDs) working with LSI's Fast Path I/O acceleration software and controllers.


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