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OCZ Editor:- OCZ offers several different types of SATA SSDs which have been optimized for different applications within enterprise systems.

At the high end of the range (in Q3 2014) is the Intrepid 3000 - rated at upto about 90K / 38K random R/W IOPS (4KB). This family uses Marvell 88SS9187 controllers with OCZ enterprise firmware.

There are 2 different models which use different grades of 19nm flash memory and offer different endurance characteristics.
  • the Intrepid 3600 uses MLC and is rated at 1 DWPD for 5 years.
  • the Intrepid 3800 uses eMLC and is rated at 4 DWPD for 5 years.
The differences between these 2 memory differentiated models is clarified here.

In OCZ's blog - re the consistency of performance in the Intrepid 3000 - OCZ says the new drive is 5x faster for 4K incompressible random writes and upto 2x faster for reads than its previous generation high speed SATA SSD - the Deneva 2.

OCZ says the Intrepid SSD offers a 12x improvement in latency with lower jitter too.

OCZ segments its enterprise SATA SSD offering another step further - with respect to DWPD - with yet another model - the enterprise-class Saber 1000 - which is cost optimized for read intensive workloads in hyperscale, web-hosting and cloud computing environments.
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OCZ does that 3rd generation SSD firmware cloud thing (but gives it a better name)
Editor:- October 16, 2015 - It's no longer just the newcomers to the enterprise SSD market who are doing that 3rd generation / co-operative (whatever you want to call it) SSD controller firmware and host stack collaboration thing.

OCZ this week announced they're doing it too.

It's available in the Saber 1000 (2.5" cloud oriented, read mostly SSDs). And they've got a better name for it too - "Host Managed SSD Technology".

"Our new Saber HMS SSD, together with a software library and API, enable for the first time (in OCZ's product line) software orchestration of internal housekeeping tasks across large pools of SSDs, thus overcoming performance barriers that were simply not possible to address without this technology" said Oded Ilan, GM of OCZ's R&D Team in Israel.

"With HMS APIs, a host can coordinate garbage collection, log dumps, and drive geometry data" (and graphics too) in OCZ's HMS product brief (pdf)
Editor:- March 25, 2015 - OCZ today launched a higher capacity version of its fast enough enterprise 2.5" SATA SSD family. The new Intrepid 3700 SSD - has 2TB capacity, R/W speeds upto 540MB/s and 470MB/s (128KB blocks) and 91K / 13K random R/W IOPS (4KB blocks) .

latency and jitter comparison - OCZ Intrepid vs Deneva

The graph above shows the improvement in latency and access time jitter in OCZ's Intrepid 3000 - compared to its previous generation product - the Deneva 2 - which was aimed at the same market.

See also:- how fast can your SSD run backwards?


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