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editor's notes from SSD Market History.

This shows details of the RamSan-210 as it was featured here on in 2002.


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Texas Memory Systems RamSan-210 There is only one reason to buy solid state disk… performance.

Outside of the RamSan-520, the RamSan-210 is the World's Fastest Storage. The system delivers 700MB/second of bandwidth and 200,000 random I/O's per second.

The RamSan-210 can deliver 200,000 random IOPS to your applications. A single port on the RamSan-210 can provide 100,000 random IOPS. The reason that we stress "random IOPS" is that RAID manufacturers occasionally cite their IOPS performance. Discerning buyers should be aware that these numbers are almost always sequential IOPS performance. The problem with sequential IOPS is that there are almost no applications in the real world that result in sequential small block disk access.
  • peace of mind data persistence:- data writes are mirrored to 2 internal hard drives (as well as battery backed solid state memory)
  • designed to provide 99.999% percent availability. Power supplies, fans and disks etc are hot swappable.
  • capacity from 8GB to 32GB. For customers that need more than 32GB, multiple RamSan-210s can be arrayed.
  • fault tolerant and versatile connections:- supports all three of the topologies available under the Fibre Channel protocol.
  • designed for heterogeneous storage networks.

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