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Seeking semiconductor SSD REX

4 Semi Kings Joust for 1 Crown... who's going to win?

Zsolt Kerekes, editor - - May 4, 2010
A reader asked me a good question "Between Intel and Samsung do you see one of them emerging as a better player than the other?"

I didn't have an immediate answer. But I had been thinking about writing an article on this very subject. Here it is.

4 Semi Kings want to be SSD-REX

Intel, Samsung, SanDisk and Toshiba have each publicly stated their intentions (recorded at various times in our news pages) to become the #1 leading company in the SSD market (measured by revenue).

There's a lot to play for in this phase of the SSD market bubble but that's peanuts compared to the feast yet to come. All memory makers will be impacted by the SSD market - when it heads towards being a $100 billion / year market at the close of this decade. But a lot can change between now and then - so despite what the analysts might report about today's SSD market share the SSD revenue of these 4 companies today is almost irrelevant in determining their future success. (Some of the biggest future product segments for SSDs don't even exist yet - except as blue sky plans.)

In this article - Seeking SSD Rex - I examine the relative SSD strengths and weaknesses of these 4 companies and I'll discuss what it takes to breed a future SSD tyrannosaurus.

Unlike the hugely popular long running series - the top SSD oems (which is based on empirical data) the new article is an opinion piece - which will use marketing and technical judgements to extrapolate trends from what we know today.

The ultimate goal for any SSD Rex of the future will be to establish their own style of architecture as the standard which works best in their chosen market application segments.

That idea of SSD architecture leadership extends to the point where server designers and notebook PC designers change the way they design their products to fit in with the architectural roadmaps proposed by the SSD market leaders. And when users accept those models and learn to anticipate and buy succeeding compatible product generations without asking too many questions (a business concept proven by 50 years of CPU history ).

Do any of these chip companies have what it takes?

If not - how can they get there?

Or will a fabless SSD company beat them all to it?

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