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Attorn - (circa 2007)

Attorn, established in 2002 and based in the Netherlands, manufactures the HyperDrive4 solid state disk - a high performance IDE connected accelerator for PCs and servers.

Research and development on the HyperDrive4 technology started in 2000. In 2006 the HyperDrive4 was ready for production. In 2006 steps were taken to support capacity expansion in production of the HyperDrive4. With customers from the Aviation industries and major Defense- and Security Agencies.

Customers have typically reported application speedups from x2 to x5 using the HyperDrive4 instead of RAID systems populated with 15K RPM SAS hard drives.

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editor's comments:- December 2013 - Attorn's HyperDrive4 RAM based SSD was once (in 2007) the fastest PATA SSD listed on It's not remotely fast by the standards of the fastest SSDs today.

Attorn's SSD website has ended. I assume the company is no longer doing business.
Attorn mentions in SSD market history
In March 2007 - Attorn launched a faster version of its HyperDrive4. You can see the specs and what it looked like by clicking here.

In July 2007 - Attorn was listed in the the Top 10 SSD OEMs - 2007 Q2

In August 2007 - Attorn launched a rackmount version of their HyperDrive4. At that time I commented - "With a price of around $250 per GB the HyperDrive4 product line offers the lowest published price for a RAM based solid state drive."
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internal view - HyperDrive4 is the fastest SSD in 5.25 inch form factor
HyperDrive4 5.25" PATA SSD
44.000 IOPS - from Attorn

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