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Founded in 1995, Biwin is a global leader in flash storage products for enterprise, embedded and client computing. The company has shipped over 100 million flash products to date.

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Editor's notes:- June 2016 - Biwin first came to my attention in March 2012. The company has used a variety of controllers.

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selected Biwin milestones - from SSD Market History.

In May 2012 - Biwin launched a range of SandForce driven 2.5" enterprise SSDs under the NuvoDrive PX brand - that support up to 85,000 random write IOPS and features data loss protection in the event of sudden power failure. These use synchronous MLC NAND flash as a storage medium, and can also be built to order with eMLC or SLC NAND.

In June 2012 - Biwin showed a (slow) prototype PCIe SSD at Computex 2012 - signalling its intention to ship marketable PCIe SSD products.

In June 2013 - Biwin said it used long life, self healing tantalum capacitors in its power fail protection circuits.
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"SSD is going down! - We're going down! If you've ever watched the movie Black Hawk Down - there's a memorable scene in which Super 64 has its tail hit by an RPG..."
Surviving SSD sudden power loss
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Biwin implements "don't snore" mode in new ultrabook SSDs
Editor:- May 30, 2013 - I thought I was already pretty well versed up on SSD related jargon but I learned a new term today from Biwin - although it's been kicking around the ORG set since 2011 - and that is DEVSLP - which is a DEVice SLeeP (pdf) signal for SATA drives.

In the context of low power SATA SSDs - this enables designers to completely shut down the SATA interface "saving more power vs. the pre-existing Partial and Slumber power states".

Biwin have implemented DEVSLP in a new mSATA SSD for ultrabooks - which cuts down the power draw to 3mW - which they say is 100x lower than could be done in idle mode in pre-DEVSLP SATA SSDs. Biwin is showing their new SSD - the M5301- next week at Computex in Taiwan.
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"Even the very best consumer SSDs available today are vastly inferior in performance and reliability to the best SSDs in the enterprise and industrial markets. I'm not trying to put you off. I'm just stating a fact. In that case - you may well ask - what's so great about consumer SSDs? "
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