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Demartek focuses on industry analysis and lab validation testing of server, network, storage and security technologies, for the small and medium business (SMB) environment and the large enterprise. Demartek conducts research and lab testing resulting in white papers and product comparison reports.

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Who's who in SSD testing? - by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - June 2013

For many years now - Demartek has done performance testing and published related reports for leading SSD companies.

SSDs have become a bigger part of their test mix - which prior to that was focused on traditional network storage.

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"Read/Write "Flip" in SSD cache ...After the cache is completely full, we have observed a higher total I/O rate on the back-end storage system than without the SSD cache."
...from:- page 31 - Demartek SSD Deployment Guide (pdf) - (April 2012)
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real-world performance of flash systems
Editor:- July 23, 2014 - Editor:- July 23, 2014 - How does flash storage perform in the real world? - Demartek aims to provide some answers by reporting on the performance tests which it has carried out on SSD and hybrid systems from many of the leading enterprise SSD companies in a session next month at the Flash Memory Summit (August 5).

Demartek says attendees will come away with reasonable estimates of what they can expect in practice and the results also reveal additional advantages of flash-based storage, with what Dennis Martin, President - Demartek calls "happy side effects".

Editor's (later) comments:- see Dennis's paper - Real-World Performance of Flash-Based Storage Systems (pdf)
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Adding SSD software into the architecture mix brings its own product multiplying factors. What does a server node look like? How is it clustered or scaled? Is the server node part of the storage? Is the server node a building block for all the storage? Where should the storage live? How should it be tiered?
Decloaking hidden segments in the enterprise for rackmount SSDs
Demartek's buggies blog
Editor:- June 3, 2013 - Since the 1990s - millions of SSD readers have gotten used to seeing the image of a stagecoach - dragged by choppers and driven by mice - at the top of web pages talking about the SSD market.

And in past graphics and articles I've often used transport analogies and metaphors as part of the narrative of heading towards the new storage frontier.

A more conventional graphic of a coach with horses appears in a new blog today - Horses, Buggies and SSDs - by Dennis Martin, President Demartek who believes "that the computer storage industry is in a similar transition period to the one experienced in the transportation industry between 1900 and 1930, particularly as it relates to hard disk drive and solid state storage devices." Demartek's article
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