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Global Unichip

GLOBAL UNICHIP CORP. (GUC) is the Flexible ASIC Leader who provides the semiconductor industry with leading IC implementation and SoC manufacturing services. Based in Hsin-chu Taiwan, GUC has developed a global reputation with a presence in China, Europe, Japan, Korea, and North America. GUC is publicly traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange under the symbol 3443. For more information, visit

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selected Global Unichip milestones - from SSD Market History.

In November 2009 - Global Unichip announced mass-production of its ARM7-based GP5080 series SSD SoC platform for portable consumer electronics products based on 90nm process technology. Its architecture has been optimized to fully utilize the maximum data transfer of NAND flash with minimum operating power. The 4 independent flash channels deliver excellent sequential and random R/W performance and support all major vendors' SLC/MLC NAND flash devices. The SSD data integrity is guaranteed by the on-chip hardware BCH-ECC engine which can correct up to 16 bit errors per 512 byte data.

In January 2012 - BiTMICRO announced that its new TALINO-DE - SSD controller - has just gone through tape-out with Global Unichip.

"The combination of GUC's PCIe, SATA, SAS PHY IP products and the broad scope of their flexible SoC design services, manufacturing capabilities and strong relationship with TSMC gave us no reason to hold back in our designs. From the start, we are confident the TALINO-DE controller will create a huge impact in the storage industry. Backed by GUC's world-class testing facilities, we know they are the most viable option for us," said Rey Bruce, CEO of BiTMICRO Networks.

In September 2014 - GUC announced a new portfolio of low power interface IP and controllers for the SSD market with 16nm macros anticipated for Q4 2014.

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GUC announces new low power SSD IP portfolio
Editor:- September 25, 2014 - Global Unichip today rolled out an expanded interconnect low power IP portfolio for ASICs targeting SSD applications.

The expansion covers ultra low power PCIe 3/4 PHY, DDR3/4, LPDDR3/4 CTRL/PHY and ONFi4.0 IO/PHY. IP based on the 28HPM/HPC processes in the expanded portfolio are available now, while 16nm macros will be available in Q4 of this year.

Among all NAND applications Global Unichip says SSD is the fastest growing with the Data Center and Enterprise segments showing the greatest potential. GUC is meeting that demand with a complete low power IP portfolio for SSD controllers, including NAND I/O (ONFI, Toggle), DDR I/F (DDR3/4, LPDDR3/4) and Serdes I/F (PCIe-3/4, SATA3/SAS3).
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I don't think we've reached stability in reference enterprise SSD designs and use cases.

All the systems in the market today are implementations of transient architectures which are pragmatically adapting legacy installations and infrastructure.
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