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storage news - 2001, May - week 2

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Nibble Re: The changing role of storage resellers
A few years ago there was a lot of speculation that the web would enable manufacturers to bypass most of their channels and that the role of resellers would be redundant. While it's true that this model has worked well for Dell Computer, I pointed out in a recent article that, trying to cut out the channel was probably one of the reasons that Sun's revenue slowed down in the first quarter of 2001. In my view there are good reasons why the theoretical idea of slashing manufacturer costs by going direct to end-users, is now obsolete for the next couple of years in the enterprise storage markets.
  • Technology changes:- and right now it's changing faster in the storage business than at any other time in computer history.
  • End-user organizations are getting even leaner. Their technical people are busy keeping up with demands for web interfaces, CRM, just keeping things running. That old knowledge about how many disk drives you can hang on a SCSI cable isn't very helpful today when they need to decide between iSCSI, fibre channel switches and "optical jukeboxes versus tape libraries".

    Training and conferences can help them understand the challenges they face, but someone needs to put it all together and guarantee that it will work, on time, on budget, and be upgradable next year.
  • No single manufacturer offers best of breed storage solutions across the whole spectrum of user requirements. So users have to choose between less-than-best systems from a single source or, more realistically, go for heterogenous systems.
That's where specialist storage resellers come in. At the low end of the scale, they can offer you memory and disk upgrades typically 40% cheaper than buying direct from the company which made your computer. At the high end, they can advise on complicated issues like whether you should choose a solid state disk or more processors for a server upgrade, whether you should use NAS or SAN in different parts of your organization, and tell you what the real bottlenecks are in using web based storage and how to design round them. That's before we get onto fabrics, network operating systems, buy, lease, ASP or other options.

Or you can just choose to click the shopping cart on the manufacturer's web site for all your requirements...

...that's why I think that good focused storage resellers are still needed.
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VXA-1 FireWire Tape Drives Gain Rapid Acceptance in Mac Market
Boulder, CO - May 14, 2001 - Ecrix Corporation today announced that the VXA-1 FireWire tape drive, announced in January, has garnered significant industry acceptance and is shipping in volume.

Currently 25% of Ecrix's sales are sold into Mac environments. The company expects these sales to rapidly increase with the drive's new availability over the Apple Store.

"Ecrix has been dedicated to the Mac market from the VXA drive's inception. We're excited that VXA has rapidly become the storage medium of choice for many digital content creators and multimedia professionals," said Kelly Beavers, president of Ecrix. "The online Apple Store is a very high visibility sales channel that will allow VXA-1 FireWire tape drives to even further penetrate these markets."

"We are storing irreplaceable vocals on tape that are invaluable. You just can't get an artiste or group to come back and sing it again," explained popular song producers, Andrew Frampton in the UK and Steve Kipner in the US. "If you lose the backup of one song, you could literally lose a whole record."

These producers are using VXA-1 FireWire tape drives and Dantz Retrospect software as primary storage and backup for all of the current songs that they're producing and co-producing for artistes such as Dream, OTown, Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham) and Baby Spice (Emma Bunton). ...Dantz Development profile, ...Ecrix profile

Hard Disk Drives Move into the Consumer Electronics Market:

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., May 14, 2001 - Research from Cahners In-Stat Group suggest that as today's consumers become familiar with products like personal video recorders (PVRs), they are also beginning to understand how the presence of hard disk drive-based storage in the home can enhance the quality of their audio and video entertainment.

According to Cahners In-Stat Group this realization will significantly increase worldwide demand for consumer electronics products that integrate hard disk drive-based storage. Examples of products with integrated hard disk drives include PVRs, digital audio jukeboxes, video game consoles, and even TV sets.

"The proliferation of consumer products that offer local, integrated storage highlights a developing trend in the electronics industry," says Mike Paxton, Senior Analyst with In-Stat's Converging Markets & Technologies Group. "'Pockets of storage' are beginning to appear throughout the home in response to several factors. One of the most important of these factors is that satellite and cable TV operators sense great revenue potential in interactive applications that offer integrated local storage."

In-Stat found that while supplying hard drives to the PC industry is still the primary market for hard disk drive manufacturers, many of these manufacturers are embracing the opportunity to introduce products into a new market segment that exhibits excellent long-term growth potential. While consumer electronic devices will account for less than 2% of total hard disk drive shipments in 2001, In-Stat forecasts that the percentage will rise to 12% by 2004.

In-Stat has also found that: Annual unit shipments for digital audio jukeboxes with integrated hard disk drives are forecasted to exceed 400,000 by 2003.

The report, Hard Disk Drives Move Beyond the PC: Pockets of Storage Emerge in the Home (priced at $2,495), examines the increase in local storage-based products and discusses why it is occurring. The report identifies key product segments and profiles the activities of leading consumer electronics and hard disk drive manufacturers. The report also provides updated worldwide unit shipment and revenue forecasts for PVRs (by type) and digital audio jukeboxes, plus unit shipment forecasts for digital and analog TV sets with integrated hard disk drives. ...Cahners In-Stat Group profile

IP-Based Storage to Reduce Storage Network Management Cost Share and TCO

BOSTON, MA — May 14, 2001 — In a White Paper released today, Aberdeen Group, a leading IT market analysis and positioning services firm, states that IP-based storage networking is disruptive technology that will reduce storage costs, "democratize" storage networking, and ultimately help to converge NAS filer and SAN storage architectures.

"IP for storage area networks is inevitable - users and suppliers alike should prepare to embrace it," says Dan Tanner, Aberdeen senior storage analyst. Today, the network part of the SAN requires specially trained management personnel and uses expensive hardware that may be incompatible among vendors. "Getting both message/file and storage I/O onto the same kind of network will simplify storage network management and lower storage TCO by letting a single group of people with the same set of tools administer all networks."

The White Paper, IP-Based Storage: The Buzz on the Wire, also compares the performance of IP over Ethernet and Fibre Channel (FC) in a SAN. "Although legacy FC does an admirable job and performs well, using IP over Gigabit Ethernet may not require trading off performance," notes Tanner. Tanner insists that IP-based storage will not wipe out FC companies, however. "Many FC companies already support IP storage for long-haul asynchronous SAN remote mirroring and/or 'SAN island' interconnection. They will leverage their storage networking expertise in new market opportunities."...Aberdeen Group profile

Western Digital to Present at Salomon Smith Barney Data Storage Infrastructure Conference

LAKE FOREST, Calif., May 14 - Western Digital Corp. today announced that Matt Massengill, president and chief executive officer, will appear at the Salomon Smith Barney Data Storage Infrastructure Conference in New York on May 16 and 17, 2001.

Western Digital's participation in this event will include a company presentation as well as a panel discussion entitled Components and Drives with executives from Hutchinson Technology Incorporated, Maxtor Corp. and Read-Rite Corp.
  • Components and Drives Panel: May 16, 2001 at 2:30 p.m. EDT
  • Western Digital Presentation: May 17, 2001 at 2:10 p.m. EDT
Live audio webcasts of both the panel discussion and the company presentation will be available on the Western Digital Web site in the Investor section. ...Western Digital profile

Auspex Systems Announces the NS3000 Series

Santa Clara, CA, May 14, 2001 - Auspex Systems, Inc. today announced a new NS3000 series of enterprise data servers offering the industry's highest scaleability, fastest performance, and richest range of data management tools for maximizing end user productivity.

The new systems will scale up to 68 TB of storage on a single server and offer file serving power exceeding 18,000 I/Os and 55 MB per second for a single node for UNIX and Windows environments, respectively. Sequential NFS writes have been measured at more than 70 MB per second. A single server can expand up to three I/O nodes as workload increases in order to provide scalability.
The accompanying software suite includes high availability and data replication capabilities ranging from server clustering with automatic failover providing no single point of failure to high-performance NDMP-based backup and restore, point-in-time snapshots, flexible RAID and file system configurations, and heterogeneous file sharing. Fibre-based LAN-free tape backup, usually associated with SANs, is also offered as a first step in converging NAS and SAN capabilities on the same device for seamless access to all enterprise data assets.

"Our performance requirements are very demanding, and the NS3000 is delivering better than any NAS machine we have evaluated," said Ian Batten, IT Director of Fujitsu Telecom. "With this performance edge and Auspex's robust software offerings, we can pursue a strategy of consolidating our storage on Auspex."

"The market for NAS products continues to exhibit double-digit growth and is expected to top $8 billion by 2004," said Robert Passmore, an analyst with the Gartner Group. "Auspex has been overshadowed by other vendors in recent years, but the NS3000 entry and roadmap signal an intention to re-establish the company's competitiveness in the NAS market that Auspex invented in the late 80s." ...Auspex Systems profile
Auspex Systems - NS3000

Spacedisk Expands to Silicon Valley

San Jose, CA: May 14, 2001 - Spacedisk, Inc., a second-generation Storage and Content Delivery Network (CDN), announced today the company is expanding its North American presence to downtown San Jose, California in the Heart of Silicon Valley.

This announcement is made in conjunction with the appointment of Warren J. Kaplan as President and CEO and member of the Board of Directors.

"San Jose is strategically located for Spacedisk in the United States. By establishing our Headquarters here and maintaining an operations center and sales office in New Hampshire, we are centralized to our partners and customers," said Warren J. Kaplan, president and CEO. "Silicon Valley is very strategic because it is home to some of the leaders in high tech, who are looking for better ways to store, exchange and deliver information over the Internet. Our solutions combine the best of Storage and CDN's to help our enterprise customers to accelerate revenues, reduce costs and improve performance for their end users."

Spacedisk has a global presence with operations in Singapore and India in addition to the United States and a distributed network of EPoPs (Edge Points of Presence) in 5 continents and 22 countries. ...Spacedisk profile

INRANGE Joins DataCore's SANvantage Technical Partner Program

LUMBERTON, NJ, MAY 14, 2001 - INRANGE Technologies announced today that its IN-VSN FC/9000 Fibre Channel Director has been certified by DataCore Software Corporation to operate in SANs with DataCore's SANSymphony storage virtualization software.

The companies also announced that INRANGE has joined DataCore's SANvantage Technical Partner Program, which brings together industry leaders focused on delivering interoperable, open systems SAN technology to joint customers. As a result of joining DataCore's SANvantage Technical Partner Program, INRANGE's Professional Services Group - a global organization of more than 625 direct sales and service professionals, systems engineers, and high-level systems architects - can offer SANSymphony as part of a comprehensive solution to customers building truly open, enterprise SANs. ...DataCore Software profile, ...INRANGE Technologies profile

LSI Logic update on C-Cube acquisition

Milpitas, Calif., May 11, 2001 – LSI Logic Corporation (NYSE: LSI) announced today that it has acquired the majority ownership of C-Cube Microsystems Inc. (Nasdaq: CUBE) bolstering LSI Logic's portfolio of silicon and software solutions for global consumer and communications markets.

The transaction is valued at approximately $850 million. The acquisition was completed through an exchange offer by its wholly owned subsidiary, Clover Acquisition Corp. for all of the outstanding shares of common stock of C-Cube, at an exchange ratio of 0.79 of a share of LSI Logic common stock for each share of C-Cube common stock that was validly tendered and not properly withdrawn.

After the expiration of the subsequent offering period, LSI Logic intends to complete the acquisition of C-Cube by merging Clover Acquisition Corp. into C-Cube, after which C-Cube will become a wholly owned subsidiary of LSI Logic. The transaction is expected to be accretive to LSI Logic's earnings per share before goodwill amortization and other special items (EBG) this year and will be accounted for using the purchase method of accounting.

LSI Logic also announced today that it has elected to provide a subsequent offering period in connection with the exchange offer. The subsequent offering period will begin today at 9 a.m. EDT and will expire at midnight EDT on Thursday, May 24. During the subsequent offering period, LSI Logic will accept for exchange and exchange each share of C-Cube common stock that is validly tendered for 0.79 of a share of LSI Logic common stock, which is the same exchange ratio offered for shares of C-Cube common stock tendered in the initial exchange offer, promptly after such C-Cube shares are tendered. Shares of C-Cube common stock tendered during the subsequent offering period may not be withdrawn.

"This strategic acquisition brings the combined strengths of two technology leaders to the global consumer electronics marketplace," said Wilfred J. Corrigan, LSI Logic's Chairman and CEO. "LSI Logic will now compete in worldwide cable modem, cable set-top box, DVD and other major markets. In turn, C-Cube will have access to LSI Logic technologies, engineering talent and global sales channels. The net effect of this transaction is an enhanced competitive position for LSI Logic in rapidly converging consumer and communications markets." ...LSI Logic profile

US Design Partners with Anteon

May 10, 2001 Columbia, MD - U.S. Design has announced a parnership with Anteon's Product Applications and Service Team offering turnkey solutions and a contract vehicle for high tech government employees and agencies.

All qualified candidates can order U. S. Design Products using the GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contract No. GS-5-35F-4357D. For more details, visit the Anteon Product Applications & Services Team at or call Bill Simpson at Anteon 703 246-0348. ...U.S. Design profile

DataMirror Announces Estimates of Q1 2002 Financial Results

TORONTO, CANADA – May 10, 2001 – DataMirror Corporation (Nasdaq: DMCX; TSE: DMC) today announced preliminary estimates of its financial results for the first quarter of fiscal 2002.

For the quarter ended April 30, 2001, the Company estimates revenue will be approximately $13.3 - $13.5 million and the net loss from operations before equity accounting for DataMirror's investment in PointBase will be in the range of $700,000 to $900,000 (($0.05) to ($0.07) per share). Positive cash flow from operations is expected to exceed $6 million for the quarter ended April 30, 2001.

"Our preliminary results indicate that revenues from North American and Asian operations were in line with the Company's expectations, however revenues in EMEA operations were slightly less than expected," said Nigel Stokes, President and Chief Executive Officer. "Even though revenue from EMEA was lower than anticipated, we are pleased with the overall progress in DataMirror's business during the first quarter and the year over year revenue growth that we were able to sustain. We believe that existing and new customers will continue to adopt DataMirror's products for the competitive advantages they provide," said Mr. Stokes.

DataMirror's actual results for the first quarter of fiscal 2002 are scheduled to be announced on May 29th, 2001. DataMirror will hold a conference call at 8:30 a.m. (Eastern Time) on May 11, 2001, to discuss its preliminary results for Q1 2002 announced in this release. ...DataMirror profile

OTG Software and Maxtor Team to Provide NAS Aggregation

LAS VEGAS/N+I, May 10, 2001 – OTG Software, Inc. and Maxtor Corporation today announced that they have joined together to provide a scalable NAS aggregation solution that combines OTG's DiskXtender 2000 software with Maxtor's MaxAttach NAS 4100 file server.

Aggregation allows additional NAS file servers to be seamlessly added to a network's application storage pools for centralized data access. The combination of the two products will allow multiple Maxtor MaxAttach NAS 4100 servers to be viewed as a single resource by applications to provide central management of the NAS pool.

Optimized for sharing information over networks, the Maxtor MaxAttach NAS 4100 file server provides manageable, interoperable storage that allows Windows, UNIX, Linux, NetWare and Macintosh users to easily share stored data. Based on a Windows powered platform, MaxAttach fully supports Microsoft Active Directory Services (ADS). Maxtor MaxAttach NAS 4100 stores up to 320 GB and costs only about one-third as much as general-purpose servers. It includes features required for high availability and flexible connectivity: RAID 5 data protection, dual 10/100 Ethernet ports, gigabit Ethernet, and a SCSI port for local tape backup.

This new bundle is being demonstrated at the Networld + Interop trade show in Maxtor's booth (#933), using OTG's EmailXtender software as the application that generates data stored on the NAS. ...Maxtor profile, ...OTG Software profile

Jury finds Rambus liable for fraud in Infineon counter

Richmond,Va. - May 10, 2001 – Infineon Technologies today announced that the jury in the Eastern District of Virginia found Rambus liable for fraud and awarded Infineon US$3.5 million punitive damages.

Infineon filed counter claims in response to the lawsuit Rambus filed against the company in August 2000. The counterclaims alleged that Rambus subverted the open standards process rules governing the Memory Standards Committee of the Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council (JEDEC) by not disclosing relevant patents and patent applications.

"We attended the JEDEC sessions with the goal of promoting integration and global interoperability of technology," stated Dr. Ulrich Schumacher, President and CEO of Infineon Technologies AG." The jury's decision reinforces the importance of industry leaders working together in high-tech standards consortia such as JEDEC to develop next generation DRAM technology."

This verdict follows last Friday's decision where Judge Robert E. Payne dismissed all of Rambus' patent infringement claims against Infineon. The infringement claims were filed by Rambus over use of its patents in SDRAMs and DDR SDRAMs manufactured and sold by Infineon in the United States. The judge ruled that Infineon did not infringe Rambus' patents. ...Infineon Technologies profile, ...Rambus profile

StorageTek Delivers on Virtual Promise claims

LOUISVILLE, Colo., and PRAGUE, Czech Republic, May 9, 2001 - StorageTek today announced enhancements to its 9500 Shared Virtual ArrayTM (SVATM) and its suite of companion software, the Virtual Power Suite(TM).

Reaffirming its commitment to virtual disk technology, StorageTek has brought to market enhancements for the 9500 SVA designed for companies seeking to keep, protect and boost their investment in virtual disk. The enhancements offer a compelling alternative for disk users looking for a break in their ever-increasing disk budget.

The latest SVA tools combine SnapShot and PowerPPRC software to increase data protection and business-resumption capabilities while unleashing new ways to create and to move backup copies. The PPRC SnapShot mirroring function allows storage administrators to make multiple copies of data across multiple sites instantaneously, eliminating the need for physical copies on various disk subsystems.

"In uncertain economic times when corporations are examining operating cost structure, we are offering the market more dynamic and cost-effective tools that deliver added functionality, higher availability and enhanced data protection," said Roger Archibald, StorageTek vice president and general manager, Disk Business Unit. "Virtualization is the key growth driver of our disk strategy, and these SVA enhancements are important tools for our customers at a time when access to data is more crucial than ever," he said. ...StorageTek profile

Merlin Engages International Management Consultants

BURNABY, British Columbia May 9, 2001 - Merlin Software Technologies International today announced an agreement with a leading technology, finance, and management company, Angle Technology Group.

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Angle Technology specializes in the development of technology businesses, technology and management consulting and venture fund management. Angle will work with Merlin to help develop strategic relationships and pipelines for the company's new and existing products and will begin to provide exposure for Merlin to strategic investors through their contacts with the investment community in the United Kingdom, Europe and North America. ...Angle Technology Group profile, ...Merlin Software Technologies profile

Editor's note:- if you're a US company trying to figure out a fast way to expand into Europe here are some useful hints, based on this publisher's experience of helping companies develop channels in Europe over many years into the Sun market. You didn't just come here to see the pictures did you?

Up to 10 Times More Storage Managed Using SAN Appliance

BRIDGEWATER, N.J., May 9, 2001 - A just-published report by the Evaluator Group, Inc. finds that the StorageApps SANLink appliance can enable an administrator to manage up to 10 times the amount of storage as compared with data storage directly attached to servers.

This has the potential to greatly reduce the costs of administering data storage.

"The information companies must manage is growing an average of 100 percent annually, and they simply can't afford to keep adding people to handle the load," said Ron Johnson, senior partner, Evaluator Group. "The answer lies in network storage technologies that enable administrators currently managing 800 gigabytes to 1 terabyte of data to now manage up to 10 terabytes, the equivalent of the entire printed collection of the U.S. Library of Congress."

The report, "An Analysis of the StorageApps SANLink Management Solution," notes that "Being early into the market with a product has given StorageApps the opportunity to create a very stable offering that has demonstrable value to the customer in reduction of administrative costs and advanced functionality." Evaluator Group said, "The StorageApps SANLink appliance represents another way to consider implementing a storage network architecture, with changes in the area of storage administration and the implementation of capabilities such as point-in-time copy and remote copy. With the virtualization provided by the SANLink, a great deal more storage can be administered, and the 'symmetrical pooling' approach to SAN management should be able to allow a single administrator to manage 10 times the amount of storage."

The SANLink appliance provides virtualization functionality to eliminate the physical boundaries between specific servers and storage devices and enable users to access information wherever it resides. The virtualization also enables better utilization of existing storage capacity. In addition, the SANLink appliance provides function for security, data migration, data replication and point-in-time images, which enables information to be moved or copied - even instantly - from one storage device to another. This helps ensure continuous operations and access to information, even during system upgrades, equipment failures and network outages. ...Evaluator Group profile, ...StorageApps profile

Overland Renews Vendor Relationship with Compaq for Automated Tape Libraries

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - May 9, 2001 - Overland Data, Inc. will continue to be Compaq Computer Corporation's OEM supplier for new generation mid-range automated tape libraries.

The agreement to provide the next-generation library extends a seven-year relationship between the two companies.

"We are pleased that Compaq, a worldwide leader in both business- and enterprise-class storage solutions, has again selected Overland to provide advanced automated tape technologies," said Christopher Calisi, president and CEO of Overland. "The Compaq relationship is very significant for our company, as it extends the opportunity to provide Compaq customers with an even broader choice of highly reliable, flexible storage automation solutions and products."

The new Compaq StorageWorks MSL5026 Library is available in tabletop and rackmount models, and is upgradeable to the future generation of SDLT enterprise tape drives. The hot-pluggable SDLT drive caddies allow drive replacement and the addition of drives for expansion without interrupting backup or restore functions. Easy to use and reliable, the MSL5026 user interface features touch screen display and provides easy, intuitive control of the library, as well as access to the configuration parameters and detailed history and error log information. The MSL5026 Library comes with 26 media slots and will support one or two Super DLTape drives. It offers 5.72 TB (compressed) of storage capacity, providing the highest density and capacity in its class in a compact 5U form factor. The MSL5026 library is remarkably scalable -- users can expand capacity as needed by combining up to seven units in a rackmount configuration, providing an integrated library system that offers up to 40.02 TB (compressed) capacity. The MSL5026 is qualified with Windows NT and Windows 2000, NetWare, Tru64™ UNIX and Open VMS, and supported on all Compaq servers. ...Compaq profile, ...Overland Data profile

See also:- Tape libraries

Storage Expo: Storage Solutions for the Digital Age

Weybridge, UK - May 9, 2001 -Imago Group announces that the first ever UK "Storage Expo, Storage Solutions for the Digital Age" event will take place at Birmingham's NEC on 17-18th October 2001.

It will provide the UK with its only independent dedicated storage event, bringing together all the major solutions currently available. A series of seminars and tutorials is to run alongside the exhibition, providing users with much needed advice and guidance on the key topics impacting on the storage decision-making and specifying process.

Giles Mallon, Event Director, comments, "Commercial success is increasingly dependent on the ability to store and retrieve critical data. Developing a coherent storage strategy is no easy task, with confusion over storage standards and fears over interoperability."

As demand for storage capacity rapidly increases, network managers are faced with the difficult choice of which system to stake their money on. Storage Expo, will help users from a wide range of industries including telecomms, finance and ISPs find the best storage solution.

See also:- Events & trade shows

InfiniCon Systems Unveiled

Las Vegas, NV – May 8, 2001 – InfiniCon Systems, Inc., a premier developer of InfiniBand-enabled, multi-protocol intelligent system area network fabric and I/O infrastructure products, was unveiled today at NetWorld+Interop 2001 in Las Vegas.

The company is addressing the network and storage I/O bottlenecks emerging in data centers with hardware and software products that support clustering, network connectivity and storage connectivity in chassis-based platforms, enabling higher bandwidth, better data availability and lower administration costs.

InfiniCon Systems was founded by Philip A. Murphy and Todd A. Matters, both of whom have extensive experience in server and storage technology, with a specific focus on the subsystems responsible for network and storage connectivity. Murphy, the company's president and co-founder, was formerly director of I/O Systems at Unisys. He has 21 years of experience in server I/O, is the inventor of six patents related to computer system design, and most recently managed development of a high-performance Fibre Channel based I/O controller. Matters, chief technology officer and co-founder, was previously director of enterprise networking at Unisys. He has 17 years of experience in the development of high-end networking and communications products, and his recent work includes server optimization via distributed TCP/IP architecture.

The company is focused on applying this expertise to the areas of I/O network architecture, design, implementation, and performance analysis to establish InfiniCon Systems as a leading provider of intelligent system area network fabric and multi-protocol I/O infrastructure products, enabled by InfiniBand technology. InfiniCon Systems will work with industry-leading partners to create and implement InfiniBand technology that offers a total system solution focused on Internet and data center issues. In addition, the company plans to distribute these products in conjunction with significant players in the industry. The company's products will be introduced by the end of 2001. ...InfiniCon Systems profile

FlashSSD - Solid State Disk Speeds Applications 100% to 500%

Burlington, MA. May 8, 2001 - Winchester Systems has introduced its ultra-high performance FlashSSD (Solid State Disk) product to complement its family of high performance FlashDisk OpenRAID enterprise storage products.

FlashSSD is a non-volatile solid-state disk product that reliably delivers a sustained and constant 12,000 I/O operations per second and 40 MB per second data throughput. This data rate is consistent for all types of I/O including all reads and writes, all sequential and random transactions and for all large and small block transfers. It is ideal for the typical 1% to 5% of an application's "hot files" that account for 50% or more of all disk requests. By moving a relatively small percentage of these hot files to FlashSSD, disk intensive applications including OLTP, database, e-mail, messaging, e-commerce, streaming video, downloads, financial and manufacturing immediately run 100% to 500% faster with no tuning whatsoever. FlashSSD provides an I/O measurement tool for Oracle database users that pinpoints Oracle's hot files.

"Winchester Systems now offers a variety of SAN-capable, high performance enterprise storage products that can be "mixed-and-matched" to each application to provide the highest possible performance and the highest return on investment for all mission critical applications," according to Mr. Joel Leider, the company's chief executive officer." ...Winchester Systems profile

See also:- Solid state disks

Wind River Launches Integrated Network Acceleration

Networld + Interop Conference, Las Vegas, Nev., — May 8, 2001 - Wind River Systems, Inc. today announced beta availability of Tornado® for Intelligent Network Acceleration (TINA), the industry´s first integrated software platform for the fast-growing LAN and storage networking markets.

Using TINA, OEMs can deliver dramatic performance improvements in their server and storage devices. By offloading network traffic to an intelligent network interface card (iNIC), TINA increases throughput rates in servers, and brings high performance to SANs migrating from Fibre Channel to IP and Ethernet environments.

Networking speeds have been increasing by a factor of 10 every 2 years, outpacing improvements in microprocessor performance. With Gigabit Ethernet becoming common throughout the Internet infrastructure, server and storage devices have been greatly impacted by this increase. As they struggle to keep up with network demand, application performance steadily erodes, to the dismay of IT professionals charged with maintaining productive systems. TINA offers a solution to this dilemma by introducing a specialized architecture that offloads network processing to an intelligent network interface.

"Today´s server and storage products grind to a halt at Gigabit speeds, and 10 Gigabit is right around the corner," said Dave Fraser, vice president and general manager of Wind River´s Networks business unit. The most common approach for dealing with this challenge is to purchase additional, more powerful servers, an extremely expensive solution that will only be exacerbated by current trends. In addition, IT departments will often buy multiple NICs per server, which quickly erodes application performance as the host CPU spends all of its cycles processing network requests. "By offloading the TCP/IP stack with the TINA solution onto an intelligent NIC, servers are able to meet networking performance demands while sparing precious CPU cycles for applications, all in a very cost efficient manner," added Fraser. "Laboratory tests by Wind River have yielded Performance Efficiency Index results of twice that of currently available solutions using traditional NICs."

TINA is also an ideal solution for the SAN market where high performance networking at Gigabit speeds is a necessity. In particular, TINA enables more cost effective and interoperable IP and Ethernet technology to replace the current Fibre Channel transport in the data center. Additionally, TINA is an ideal platform for emerging IP-based storage technologies such as iSCSI. ...Wind River Systems profile


LUMBERTON, NJ, MAY 8, 2001 - INRANGE Technologies (Nasdaq: INRG) announced today it has acquired ONEX, Incorporated (Indianapolis), a technology consulting company whose services include designing mission-critical network infrastructures and implementing e-Business and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

This acquisition increases INRANGE's global direct sales and service organization to over 625 professionals, bolstering the company's capability to address this issue and to tailor technology solutions for its customers, assisting them in the design, deployment, and management of key IT initiatives such as SANs. The consulting and professional services arm of INRANGE's sales and service organization now has more than 200 professionals worldwide.

"INRANGE continues to enhance our ability to deliver the complete solution on a global basis," said Alan Bynder, INRANGE Vice President of Professional Services. "We are delighted to welcome the fine ONEX team to INRANGE. By complementing our IN-VSN‰ family of SAN infrastructure and extension technologies with consulting expertise in SANs and system/networking management, we can directly help our customers and business partners implement leading-edge solutions for managing business-critical data and applications, whether connected to a LAN or web-enabled for 24 x 7 global access. The 175 professionals at ONEX significantly add to our already broad 'delivery' capabilities." ...INRANGE Technologies profile

See also:- Acquired companies

Executive Breakfast Series - "The Future of Storage: IP-SAN"

Austin, Texas - May 8 - 2001 - Times N Systems has announced a series of executive breakfast seminars called - "The Future of Storage: IP-SAN". Running through May and June, the locations include:- Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Miami, New York, and Phoenix. For dates and times click on the link above. The typical agenda includes:-
  • 7:30 - 8:00 Networking opportunity -- Breakfast served
  • 8:00 - 8:10 Introduction by Ted Scardamalia, Chairman and CEO, Times N Systems
  • 8:10 - 8:50 Speaker: Tom Henderson, Industry Analyst, Extreme Labs, "Storage Trends"
  • 8:50 - 9:15 "The Future of Storage: IP-SAN" w/Ted Scardamalia, CEO and Chairman, TNS Enhancement of the SAN/NAS marketplace.
  • 9:15 - 9:30 Question and Answer
...Times N Systems profile

See also:- Events & trade shows

EMC Tailors SRDF Platform For Fast - Growing Data Mobility Software Market

NetWorld + Interop 2001, Las Vegas- Tuesday, May 8, 2001 EMC Corporation today announced major new functionality for the world's most successful data-replication and disaster-recovery software: Symmetrix® Remote Data Facility (SRDF™).

The new software - SRDF-DM, for Data Mobility - is the first storage-based solution tailored specifically to meet customers' fast-growing applications such as Web content distribution, data center migrations, application development, and storage load balancing. Because at its heart it is SRDF, the new solution moves data in any form from where it is created to where it can generate maximum business value, regardless of server platform, operating system, database or application. SRDF-DM provides customers with a single solution for all their data mobility requirements, eliminating the need for multiple DM applications, reducing training time, and enhancing user productivity.

"Data that was in one place last week, last month, or last year may not be in the optimal position today," said Chuck Hollis, EMC's Director of Product Marketing. "Information delivers maximum business value when it is in motion and being accessed, delivered, re-purposed and shared anywhere across the enterprise and beyond. SRDF-DM leverages SRDF's six-year, 9,000-license track record, offering customers a cost-effective, special-purpose software tool for addressing their most business-critical data mobility challenges."

SRDF/DM uses SRDF's patented Adaptive Copy mode to transfer data between multiple Symmetrix enterprise storage systems at high speed using public and private networks. By allowing a specified time lag between the source and target volumes, Adaptive Copy enables applications using that volume to avoid propagation delays while data is being transferred to the remote site. This feature is particularly useful in applications that transfer large amounts of data rapidly, such as migrating data centers or distributing Web content from the core of the enterprise to its edge.

SRDF-DM moves storage data originating from any server platform, any operating system, locally within a SAN or remotely through a WAN while the data is current. Because SRDF is a Symmetrix-based solution, it can be used with some 250 server models, 40 operating systems, 50 cluster configurations, and all the leading database systems. ...EMC profile

Infineon and Saifun Semiconductors Announce Joint Venture To Develop NROM

Munich, Germany / Netanya, Israel - May 8, 2001 - Infineon Technologies AG and Saifun Semiconductors Ltd. today announced that they have established a joint venture, named Ingentix.

The new company will develop, manufacture and market flash memory products based on Saifun's patented Nitrided Read Only Memory (NROM) technology. Ingentix initially will focus on developing MultiMediaCard™ storage products, the world's smallest memory cards. The company expects to roll out an extremely low-cost Flash-MultiMediaCard, with a memory capacity of 64 megabyte (MB), in the third quarter of the year 2002. In the long term, Ingentix intends to apply NROM flash technology to other markets and applications. ...Infineon Technologies profile

POOLE, United Kingdom, May 8, 2001 - BakBone Software, Inc. today announced that it has entered into business partnerships with twelve storage-centric channel partners across the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) marketplace for NetVault(tm), BakBone's flagship backup/restore software product. Across the EMEA marketplace, BakBone has entered into agreements with the following channel partners:
  • IT Data - Netherlands
  • Functional IT - Netherlands
  • DataStore AG - Switzerland
  • TechnoScan - Sweden
  • Alstor - Poland
  • New Knowledge Distribution - South Africa
Selling through two-tier distribution and also through a one-tier system integrator model in the EMEA marketplace, BakBone will build on its success in North America where more than three dozen business partners have been signed to date.

"We are delighted to have signed up twelve of the main storage centric channel players in EMEA. The high-profit model, and faster time-to-deployment capabilities that set us apart from competitors, together with our exclusive SAN/NAS convergence feature set, will help our partners make significant inroads into the network storage market in EMEA. The clearly defined ROI that NetVault brings customers will provide a significant base for our partners to grow their businesses rapidly," commented Tony Cerqueira, BakBone's chief executive officer. ...BakBone Software profile

FileTek Joins SunTone Architectural Council

Rockville, MD - May 8, 2001 – FileTek, Inc., a data management systems provider, today announced that it has joined the SunTone Storage Service Provider (SSP) Architectural Council as a participating member.

The council, operating under the SunTone Certification and Branding Program, is a collaborative effort between e-industry companies and Sun Microsystems to identify best practices and establish standard requirements for SunTone Certification within the SSP industry.

The SunTone Certification and Branding Program, led by Sun Microsystems, strives to make round-the-clock service and reliability the norm for consumer and business web-enabled services. With the SunTone certified seal of approval, customers can now identify suppliers who meet defined high standards for providing quality outsourced services. Providers of web-enabled application hosting (including digital storage services from FileTek) must meet high standards for excellence in infrastructure, operational practice, performance, security and availability.

"We're very excited and honored to participate in this industry best practices council," said Dave Daughters, FileTek's Vice President of Business Development. "FileTek believes that there's a growing need for SSPs, and it's gratifying to know that Sun sees our knowledge of web-enabled storage application hosting services of value to the council. We look forward to contributing our knowledge and insight to this great Sun certification program." ...FileTek profile

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