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Taiwan, Taipei - May 31, 2005 - Thecus Technology Corporation is introducing its latest products and displaying a full line of NAS servers at Computex 2005. The new stand-alone NAS servers are fully featured, fast, affordable, and easy-to-use. Aimed at both expert and novice users, Thecus IP storage products are ideal for the network storage needs of small and medium enterprises, as well as for use in the digital home, education, government, healthcare, and professional IT services.

"Storage has become the major issue in our digital lives," says Edwin Lin, CEO. "Today, the question everyone must answer is: - How do I keep all of my data so that it is easy to reach, yet protected and secure? - Our line of NAS servers provides simple yet powerful solutions, whether it's for the home or for the enterprise"

The Thecus NAS servers on display at the Computex show include the N4100 standalone servers and new Thecus Wireless Control Gateway, and the new Thecus Network Management server. New Thecus products introduced at Computex is the N4100 stand-alone NAS server. Thecus developed both the hardware and software for these servers based on the Intel IOP processor. ...Thecus profile

SAN JOSE, Calif. - May 31, 2005 - Netcell Corporation today announced that Scan Computers has chosen the XFX Revo64 storage accelerator card for its 3XS line of performance PC's. Scan Computers is the UK's leading enthusiast PC company. The XFX Revo64 storage accelerator card featuring the Netcell Revolution storage processing unit delivers a 100% hardware-based RAID engine that powers the industry's only true hardware RAID 0, 1, 3 and JBOD storage arrays. The XFX Revo64 contains 128MB of onboard cache to speed applications and the operating system and is completely driverless by design, making it easy to install and compatible with all applications. If a hard drive connected to an XFX Revo64 storage accelerator card fails, the system does not lose data nor does it suffer performance loss. ...NetCell profile, ...Scan Computers RAID controllers, RAID systems

San Francisco and Irvine, CA - May 31, 2005 - SMC Networks and Nimbus Data Systems today announced that SMC Networks' Gigabit and 10Gigabit switches will be an integral part of Nimbus' new turnkey storage area network solutions. In an effort to simplify deployment of an affordable and fully-tested SAN system, Nimbus is bundling managed and unmanaged Gigabit and 10G SMC switches in densities ranging from 8 to 48-ports into their SAN solutions. The range of switch options provides Nimbus customers with networking choices for SANs ranging from workgroup to enterprise.

Initially, Nimbus will offer SAN bundles that include EZ Switch 10/100/1000 unmanaged switches in 16 and 24-port versions (SMCGS16 and SMCGS24) for workgroup applications and TigerSwitch 10/100/1000 managed switches in 12, 24 and 48-port versions (SMC8612T, SMC8624T and SMC8648T) for enterprise applications. Nimbus IP SAN solutions, bundled with SMC Gigabit switches, start under $6,000 and are available now from its system integrator partners or directly from the company. ...SMC Networks profile, ...Nimbus profile, iSCSI

NEWPORT BEACH, CA - May 31, 2005 - TimeSpring Software Corporation announced today that Microsoft has awarded the company with its ISV/Software Solutions Competency certification. To meet the ISV/Software Solutions Competency certification requirements, solutions partners must pass at least one of the required operating system components and one of four other components of Platform Tests. Microsoft Partners also need to submit at least three verifiable customer references for previously deployed packaged software solutions. TimeSpring shipped the first file-based continuous data protection software for the Microsoft Windows platform in 2004. TimeSpring's software, TimeData, automatically captures all changes to application data in real-time, making it possible to recover from loss, corruption or security breaches within minutes. ...TimeSpring profile

SEOUL , Korea - May 30, 2005 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced that it has begun mass producing the highest density NAND flash device yet to take advantage of advanced 70-nanometer process technology - 4Gb NAND flash memory. The faster technology offers larger storage densities for consumer and mobile applications at more affordable pricing. Samsung's 70nm 4Gb NAND flash writes data at 16-megabytes per second, a 50% enhancement over a 90nm 2Gb device, thereby enabling real time data storage of high-definition video images. According to market research firm Gartner Dataquest, 4Gb size NAND flash will account for more than 30% of total expected sales of $8 billion in NAND flash memory this year. ...Samsung profile

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - May 26, 2005 - According to a recently published report by Dell'Oro Group the SAN fibre channel market grew 10% in the first quarter 2005 over the year ago period. During this same period, port shipments grew 38 %, further indicating healthy demand from companies to network their storage resources. The report shows that the annual growth was equally supported by sales in both the SAN switch and host bus adapter segments of the market.

"The report also indicates that market shares shifted during first quarter 2005. "In the modular switch market segment, Cisco has continued its string of sequential quarterly revenue growth as customers continue to adopt its MDS 9500," said John Carvell, Principal Analyst for SAN research at Dell'Oro Group. "During the quarter, some of the other major vendors in this segment were plagued with one-time issues, such as consumers delaying purchasing decisions in light of uncertainty regarding product plans for McDATA, the leading vendor in this segment, and CNT due to their pending merger." ...Dell'Oro Group profile, SAN

Editor:- May 26, 2005 - STORAGEsearch today published a new article - which predicts the 10 biggest storage companies in 2008. This is the 5th year in which we've published these 1,000 day market forcasts. They are typically the #1 or #2 most popular article read by readers each year. What's the accuracy rate? Well you can see for yourself by checking the links, within the article, to the previous editions - but typically it's around 80%. So if you want to know which are going to be the biggest storage companies (measured by storage revenue) at the end of 2008 there are two ways to find out. You can wait 1,000 days and see what happens... Or you can immediately click on the link and the article.

LONGMONT, CO - May 25, 2005 - InPhase Technologies today announced that it has closed a $32.1 million third round of funding. The new funds (which take InPhase's funding to $61 million) will be used to complete the commercialization of the world's first holographic data storage drive and media. The initial product will hold 300GB of data with a transfer rate of 20MB per second. InPhase is targeting archive needs in commercial markets such as professional video, regulatory compliance, medical imaging, satellite imaging, and scientific applications where the need for long-term, secure and cost effective archives of massive amounts of digital data is a critical issue. ...InPhase Technologies profile, Venture funds in Storage, Optical Libraries, article:- Do CDs and DVDs Have a Long Term Future as Digital Storage?

SAN JOSE, CA - May 25, 2005 - Hitachi GST today announced that it has begun shipping Ultrastar 15K147 hard drives with Serial Attached SCSI and 4 Gb/s Fibre Channel interfaces. The Ultrastar 15K147 is Hitachi's highest-performer, delivering average seek times as fast as 3.3 ms, average latency of 2 ms and upto 93.3 MB/s sustained data transfer rate. The new drives are available in 36, 73 and 147 GB capacities and feature large, 16 MB cache sizes to minimize command overhead and improve average read/write response times. Hitachi is the first in the industry to ship 4GFC drives. Hitachi will continue to offer the Ultrastar 15K147 with Ultra320 SCSI for customers using parallel-based storage systems. While parallel SCSI limited users to 15 drives per controller, SAS architecture supports up to 16,384 connections for much greater scalability. Hitachi offers the only 3.5-inch enterprise-class hard drive utilizing a head load/unload ramp, which minimizes integration induced drive damage. ...Hitachi profile, Hard disk drives, Serial Attached SCSI

CHICAGO - May 25, 2005 - Continuing its efforts to deliver innovative, real-world solutions that meet the needs of today's IT community, FalconStor Software, Inc. has expanded its award-winning VirtualTape Library software solution to include both a traditional tape-based backup model as well as a new continuous disk-based backup model. As a unified disk- and tape-based backup and recovery platform, FalconStor's VTL solution will now offer continuous or scheduled data replication, user initiated backup and file/system recovery, as well as support for remote boot via iSCSI HBA or PXE. The new version of FalconStor VTL will deliver the advanced functionality required by IT administrators to achieve both recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives, including rapid recovery, reduced data loss, and minimal downtime, in a single solution. FalconStor's VTL already addresses the backup window challenge by leveraging the speed of disk while consolidating the management and provisioning of backup resources. The addition of Continuous Disk Backup transforms FalconStor's VTL into a single platform for tape and disk-based backup for rapid, reliable data recovery. ...FalconStor Software profile, Disk to disk backup, Tape backup

Editor's comments:- my initial reaction to this was (as a confirmed tape backup-a-phobe) was - it's like hitching a horse to a tractor, or hoarding candles and matches just in case your electricity has stopped and you can't start the generator. Then I recalled the many occasions when a tractor, with which I am unfortunately all too familiar didn't start and got stuck, and the other times when it proved impossible to start the generator in the barn. When it comes to backup - you can't be too careful. ...Later - turned out I misread the press release! FalconStor isn't adding a real tape backup - but an emulation of a tape backup model.

Storage Decisions, Chicago, IL. - May 25, 2005 - Kazeon today announced it has been selected as one of the five emerging technology companies featured at Storage Decisions Spring 2005 Emerging Technology Showcase. Kazeon's new offering is an innovative, easy-to-deploy information management appliance that delivers advanced data classification, search and control over files distributed across the enterprise. Kazeon's selection as one of the top new companies in the market is further proof that it possesses breakthrough technology and a compelling vision to provide enterprises with new solutions for gaining unified visibility and consistent control for unstructured enterprise information.

"We're very pleased to have been selected as an emerging technology company for the Storage Decisions Spring 2005's Emerging Technology Showcase," said Sudhakar Muddu, CEO and founder of Kazeon. "We're confident that we've created a killer application for enterprises that are struggling to gain control over their unstructured information. The Emerging Technology Showcase at Storage Decisions is an excellent venue for us to preview our solution to a broader audience and to talk about the successes with our early adopter customers."

As companies look to implement information management processes such as tiered storage or corporate governance, data classification is a critical first step. Companies with large amounts of unstructured files need tools to understand what those files are and what information they contain. Armed with a complete picture of a file system infrastructure, companies are able to intelligently index data to make informed business decisions, better manage litigation risks and ensure regulatory compliance. ...Kazeon Systems profile, Storage Decisions, Storage Events

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. - May 24, 2005 - DataCore Software today announced the release of its SANmaestro Utilization and Analysis Suite - a resource analysis-monitoring package for SANs and Windows systems. SANmaestro is quick to set up, easy to operate, and generates useful reports, charts and trend analysis. SANmaestro gathers network-wide instrumentation data in real-time in a central location to improve administrative productivity and decision-making. It enables IT management to review and to take actions based on a multitude of metrics and service levels over variable time periods. Unexpected peaks and bottlenecks visually jump out from the built-in charts, where these anomalies can be associated with specific points in time and critical business events. That helps IT managers troubleshoot what may have otherwise been interpreted as unrelated incidents. With little training, one can quickly isolate unusual patterns over a relatively long period and then drill down to get more granular details. SANmaestro is available today. Pricing for SANmaestro starts at under $15,000 per network site. Site-specific customization is also available. ...DataCore Software profile, Storage Testers & Analyzers

BROOMFIELD, Colo - May 24, 2005 - McDATA Corporation today announced that its stockholders have approved matters relating to McDATA's proposed acquisition of CNT at the Special Meetings of Stockholders held today. McDATA stockholders voted in favor of the issuance of 1.3 shares of McDATA Class A common stock for each outstanding share of CNT common stock. McDATA expects to complete the transaction on June 1, 2005. ...CNT profile, ...McDATA profile, Acquired, dead & merged companies

Phoenix, AZ - May 24, 2005 - NAND was the fastest-growing of any semiconductor market in 2004 according to a newly-published report by Semico Research Corp. Revenues jumped a whopping 80% to $7.2 billion. Even so, NAND continued to trail NOR, which ended 2004 at $9.1 billion. These two flash technologies lead the nonvolatile memory storage market, combining to account for 91% of all nonvolatile memory revenues. ROM, EPROM, and EEPROM revenues each accounted for less than $1 billion in revenues. Samsung led the pack in total nonvolatile as well as in NAND, owing to its dominant 54% share of NAND revenues. This company was able to take $2 billion of the $3.2 billion growth in 2004's NAND market. Spansion displaced Intel for leadership in NOR, despite Spansion's eroding share toward the end of the year. The top spots in ROM, EPROM, and EEPROM were taken by Macronix, Oki, and Atmel, respectively.

"It is just astounding how NAND technology continues to grow, even in a year where it suffered a price collapse," said Jim Handy, Director of Semico Research's Nonvolatile Memory Service. "Although there were only eight NAND suppliers in 2004, their dedication to satisfy the incredible hunger of the consumer markets for this new technology supported this astounding level of growth."

The size of the NAND market came as something of a surprise since WSTS reported lower revenues for the same year of only $6.5 billion. This caused Semico to redouble its efforts, verifying findings with market participants to ascertain the accuracy of the survey's findings. In the end, the solid and rigorous methodology behind the report proved irrefutable, and the larger number was confirmed. This study is available for immediate delivery for $3,500. To purchase, please contact Julie Patch at +1 602-997-0337 or, and reference NV103-05. ...Semico Research profile, Market research, Flash Memory

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.- May 24, 2005 - NetEx announced the release of HyperIP DRO - a Data Replication Optimizer which enables maximum data replication acceleration over existing IP networks and provides an alternative to Fibre Channel over IP technologies. HyperIP eliminates the inefficiencies of traditional TCP/IP-based networks by accelerating leading data replication applications critical to supporting business continuity and disaster recovery compliance and ensuring these applications are consistently completed on time. Data replication optimization substantially improves end-to-end performance and minimizes the risk of non-compliance, compared with costly and complex Fibre Channel WAN products.

HyperIP works with leading data replication application vendors, including VERITAS, EMC and NetApp, to deliver throughput boosts ranging from 3x to 10x depending on the application. No other IP-based data replication product offers comparable application performance, bandwidth conservation and end-to-end throughput than HyperIP DRO. For enterprises choosing iSCSI or TCP-based remote replication, HyperIP DRO benefits these applications by accelerating data replication over any distance, improving link utilization and shielding against the effects of packet loss. HyperIP DRO is available immediately with a MSRP of approximately $20,000. ...NetEx profile

RUTHERFORD, NJ - May 24, 2005 - AXS-One Inc. today announced AXS-One Compliance Platform 3.5. The AXS-One Compliance Platform is an integrated solution designed to securely archive and manage virtually all electronic records, including e-mail and instant messages, regardless of originating platform. The new offering features patent-pending Rapid-AXS search technology that delivers ground-breaking "rapid access" search performance across massive volumes of archived data, leveraging low-cost commodity hardware. The release will be generally available in June, 2005.

Rapid-AXS was designed to take advantage of grid computing architecture to deliver fast and tunable search performance. The technology has demonstrated that it can search through 10 million e-mail records in 2-3 seconds, with no linear or exponential increase in search times with greater amounts of data. In addition, Rapid-AXS offers exceptional low cost of ownership through its ability to scale to deliver the performance required utilising only commodity hardware, rather than the high-cost proprietary servers usually necessary for enhanced performance. ...AXS-One profile

FREMONT, Calif. - May 24, 2005 - BiTMICRO Networks, Inc. and ATTO Technology, Inc. today announced the completion of product certification of ATTO host bus adapters for SCSI and Fibre Channel with BiTMICRO's E-Disk flash solid state disks. When used in conjunction with ATTO HBAs, E-Disk SSDs can be seamlessly integrated into the SAN/NAS in varying configurations and applications. ...BiTMICRO Networks profile, ...ATTO Technology profile, Solid State Disks, SCSI converters

SAN DIEGO - May 24, 2005 - Iomega Corp today announced that the US Patent & Trademark Office recently issued two patents to Iomega for its work with nano-technology and optical data storage, and external storage media. In April U.S. Patent No. 6,879,556 titled Method and Apparatus for Optical Data Storage was issued to Iomega. The patent covers a novel technique of encoding data on the surface of a DVD by using reflective nano-structures to encode data in a highly multi-level format. This technology, termed AO-DVD (Articulated Optical - Digital Versatile Disc), allows more data to be stored on a DVD and could allow future optical discs to potentially hold 40-100 times more information with data transfer rates 5-30 times faster than today's DVDs, and at similarly low costs.

Iomega is working to investigate the commercial feasibility of this format and other nano-structural data encoding formats. One possibility being investigated, termed NG-DVD (Nano-Grating - DVD), uses nano-gratings to encode multi-level information via reflectivity, polarization, phase, and reflective orientation multiplexing. Iomega is concurrently evaluating and developing appropriate partners to leverage this intellectual property for producing commercial data storage devices. ...Iomega profile, Storage Media

SUNNYVALE, CALIF. - May 23, 2005 - AMCC today announced new channel pricing for its 3ware 8500 and 9500 Series four port SATA RAID controller kits. The new lower pricing is available to VARs and system builders through AMCC's leading distribution partners. End-users can also purchase the controllers directly through online and retail stores including CDW, Insight, MA Labs, and Monarch Computer Systems.

3ware four port RAID controllers are designed to provide affordable, high performance, scalable storage to a growing market of targeted network storage environments, including video editing, workstations, home/SOHO, and business-class servers. The value-driven four port controllers also feature support for AMCC's industry-leading StorSave Platform, which combines firmware and a Battery Backup Unit enabling maximum data protection and high performance.

The 8500 and 9500 Series of SATA RAID controllers are available as individual kits or in bulk packaging for large-scale system integration. Prices for the kits are as follows: 8506 4LP Kit - $329 MSRP 9500s-4LP Kit - $359 MSRP. The controllers ship with a 3-year warranty and are compatible with Microsoft Windows 2003/XP/2000, Red Hat Linux, SuSE Linux, and FreeBSD operating systems. ...AMCC profile, RAID controllers, Serial ATA (SATA)

LAKE FOREST, Calif. - May 23, 2005 - Western Digital Corp. today announced it is increasing the capacity of its enterprise-class WD Caviar RE hard drives by nearly 30%. WD Caviar RE drives spin at 7,200 RPM, are equipped with either Serial ATA or EIDE interfaces and are available in capacities up to 320 GB.

WD Caviar RE drives feature Time Limited Error Recovery, which helps prevent drive fallout caused by standard extended desktop hard drive error-recovery processes. Prior to WD's development of TLER, hard drive fallout when using desktop drives in RAID applications was a common experience among systems integrators and storage manufacturers. By addressing the differences between single-user and multi-user workloads, WD Caviar RE drives implement RAID-specific TLER, which improves drive compatibility with RAID controllers resulting in markedly improved system reliability.

WD Caviar RE drives also feature one million hours MTBF, offering systems builders and storage system manufacturers high reliability in high-duty cycle applications, where continuous performance is essential.

WD Caviar RE hard drives are currently shipping in volume. ESP for 320GB capacity with SATA interface (model no. WD3200SD) is $229 and 320GB with EIDE interface (model no. WD3200SB) is $219. ...Western Digital profile, Hard disk drives, Serial ATA

SOUTHBOROUGH, MASS - May 23, 2005 - Cloverleaf Communications today announced the appointments of Richard Bauer to the position of President and Bob Wilson as Vice President, Sales, the Americas. With over 50 years' combined experience in strategic sales and marketing of technology solutions, Bauer and Wilson will focus on increasing the company's presence in the storage networking marketplace with its proven Intelligent Storage Networking system.

With effective team building and leadership skills, Bauer has a proven history of success taking companies from start-up to IPO, and has key global marketing, engineering, operations and sales experience while managing multi-national companies. He joins Cloverleaf from Expand Networks where he served as President. Prior to Expand, he served as President and Business Unit Manager of PowerDsine, Inc. where he was responsible for all global business functions and provided leadership in developing missions and strategic plans for the company. Bauer successfully started the company's U.S. operations from the ground up, and was instrumental in leading the company to a successful public offering. Under his sales and marketing leadership, PowerDsine became the number one global provider of Power over Ethernet solutions. He has also held marketing, product manager and engineer positions with Lambda Electronics and EBASCO Services.

A storage industry veteran, Wilson brings to Cloverleaf extensive experience in sales, marketing, customer service, product development, technical and management. Before joining Cloverleaf, he served as Vice President of Worldwide Channels for Xiotech where he launched a new global channel program and grew their channel to $43MM in his first year. Prior to Xiotech he was Senior Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Business Development for Tricord Systems, a pioneer in clustered NAS solutions. Bob was VP, Sales and Marketing for new ventures of Western Digital - Connex and SANavigator - where he developed the sales and marketing teams from scratch. He was also SVP, Marketing and Business Development at Intelliguard Software where he developed the company's first strategic plan, product messaging/strategies, launched NDMP, and helped pioneer serverless backup on a SAN. ...Cloverleaf Communications profile

Sunnyvale, Calif. - May 23, 2005 - Network Appliance, Inc. unveiled two new midrange storage systems today - the NetApp FAS3020 and FAS3050 - plus a new serial ATA option for primary storage applications. Concurrently, NetApp debuted two new V-Series virtualization engines - the NetApp V3020 and V3050. These new solutions, combined with Data ONTAP 7G software, address three significant customer pain points - high storage acquisition costs, low storage resource utilization, and increasing storage management costs. The new systems also significantly increase NetApp midrange performance.

The FAS3000 series delivers up to twice the price/performance and supports more users per system than previous generation FAS storage systems for greater storage consolidation capability.

NetApp also announced the availability of a new, independent study from VeriTest that compared the usability and performance of the FAS3020 storage system to the EMC CLARiiON CX500 mid-range RAID array.

NetApp - configured with RAID-DP - generated up to 5x better performance compared to EMC when using RAID1/0 with both systems connected via Fibre Channel. When the same test was run using iSCSI on NetApp, the performance advantage was up to 3x better than EMC via Fibre Channel. Using the snapshot process with EMC resulted in a sustained 60% drop in overall performance. There was no sustained degradation in the overall performance of NetApp storage as a result of using NetApp Snapshot technology. ...Network Appliance profile, NAS

Editor's comments:- white box storage OEMs commonly criticise big brand network storage products for their sluggish performance. But most buyers aren't very technical or lack the time and resources to validate rival performance claims. Having enough storage isn't good enough if your response times are slow or your backup window stretches out to days. Therefore it's good to see performance issues being addressed by a leading storage maker.

PALO ALTO, Calif. - May 23, 2005 - Agilent Technologies Inc. today announced the availability of the industry's first 8 Gb/s multirate embedded SerDes core for storage networking OEMs. The new SerDes core was validated in a 90-nm CMOS process and it supports 8, 4, and 2 Gb/s data-transfer rates. Due to the core's superior noise immunity, modular design and low power consumption, storage OEMs are now able to embed as many SerDes as needed onto a single ASIC chip. In tests conducted at Agilent, the embedded SerDes ASIC achieved error-free transmission driving signals over FR4 material (at room temperature) a distance of 40 centimeters (about 16 inches). ...Agilent profile, Storage ICs, Storage Analyzers

Nashua, NH. - May 23, 2005 - Cepoint is now shipping its 12TB Remote access able, security rich Enterprise Storage RAID systems for VoIP, Video and Telephony. While there are many vendor supplied mid-range and low cost NAS systems proliferating from every corner of the market, only very few products can boast of security enhanced features for remote client access, and data replication. Cepoint's Rx524 Sata RAID has built-in encrypted remote data transfer features, manageable from authorized remote client via secure connection implementation that uses RSA SecureID, and IPSec features. The Rx524 iSCSI NAS Storage system is built in a compact 5U, 24-bay rackmount enclosure with 12TB storage capacity and, is powered by a hardware XOR RAID 5 engine that provides true hardware based RAID and intelligent drive management functions.

The system supports RAID levels 0, 1, 10, 5, 50, Single Disk (JBOD), and also equipped with a Fibre-Channel or iSCSI port, in addition to Gigabit LAN ports. Cepoint says its Rx524 delivers more punch and high performance at far less price than similar systems from "big name players" such as EMC, Network Appliance and IBM. Cepoint's R-STOR supports multiple operating systems such as; SuSE Enterprise Linux, MandrakeSoft, Red Hat Linux 6.2 or later, HP-UX 11.0 or later, IBM AIX 4.3.3 or later, Microsoft Windows 2000 / NT4.0/XP/Me, 95/98, Apple Mac OS 8.0 or later, UnixWare 7.1.1, SCO Open Server 5.0.5, SunSoft Solaris 7, making the system a adaptable for most Windows, Linux, or Unix environments. ...Cepoint Networks profile

SEOUL, Korea - May 23, 2005 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., today announced that it has developed a Solid State Disk for consumer and mobile PC applications. The NAND-based SSD is a low power, lightweight storage media for notebook PCs, sub-notebook PCs and tablet PCs. Using the industry's highest density 8Gb NAND Flash, Samsung can build SSDs with a capacity of up to 16GB. The SSD has a power consumption rate less than 5% of today's hard disk drives, enabling next generation mobile PCs to extend their battery life. The NAND-based SSD weighs less than half that of a comparably sized HDD.

Free of moving parts, the Samsung SSD memory has minimal noise and heat emission. Moreover, it is a highly reliable storage media that endures exceptionally well in environments with extreme temperatures and humidity, making it suited for industrial and military applications. The SSD's performance rate exceeds that of a comparably sized HDD by more than 150%. The storage disk reads data at 57 MegaBytes per second and writes it at 32MBps.

Samsung has developed a full line up of SSDs: 2.5-inch type SSDs which provide upto 16GByte of storage and 1.8-inch type SSDs (available in August) with upto 8GBytes. ...Samsung profile, Solid State Disks

Editor's comments:- This is the first time in this phase of the SSD market's development that a multibillion dollar company (Samsung's 2004 revenue was $55.2 billion ) has entered the market. If successful Samsung's SSD business on its own could be worth billions of dollars in a few years.

See also:- article:- Charting the Rise of the Solid State Disk Market

Munich, Germany - May 23, 2005 - IBM, Infineon and Macronix announced today a joint research initiative to explore the potential of a new form of computer memory technology called phase-change memory. PCM is a novel technology that stores data by changing the state of a special material from an amorphous to a crystalline structure, rather than storing data as an electrical charge. While in its early stages, the technology shows potential for high speed, high density storage of data, while retaining data even when power is turned off. Such attributes could be beneficial in applications ranging from high performance servers to consumer electronics. The research work will be conducted at IBM's TJ Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NY and the IBM Almaden Research Lab in San Jose, CA. Approximately 20-25 employees from across the three companies will be dedicated to this project. ...Infineon profile, ...IBM profile, ...Macronix profile

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - May 23, 2005 - Alera Technologies announced today an industry first, the DVD/CD duplicator with LightScribe technology that Laser burns labels directly on DVD/CD discs. The 1:1 DVD/CD Copy Cruiser Pro LS (ESP $399) is the only personal disc publisher that records and duplicates DVDs and CDs and prints custom silkscreen quality labels without a printer - all in a machine that fits easily on your desk. Now you can have professional looking DVD/CD copies for your customers or staff anytime.

"You can record or duplicate DVDs or CDs, create labels with the software included, load the LightScribe media and click "Print". It really is that simple! No expensive ink cartridges, no messy markers or adhesive labels. just amazingly clear labels right before your eyes." stated Perry Solomon, President and CEO. ...Alera Technologies profile, CD & DVD duplication

PALO ALTO, Calif. and PARIS, France, May 23, 2005 - Atempo, Inc. today announced that the European Union Satellite Center has chosen Atempo's Time Navigator as its data protection solution for terabytes of global satellite, aerial images, and collateral data. Located in the outskirts of Madrid, Spain, the EUSC is responsible for strengthening the European Union ability to gather geographical information used to help prevent conflicts, contribute to peacekeeping and deliver aid in cases of natural or human-caused disasters.

The EUSC chose Time Navigator to replace its existing Solstice (Sun Microsystems) based solution that was no longer up to the agency's stringent demands. The EUSC backs up an average of four terabytes of data every quarter. A full backup is conducted every two weeks and several incremental backups are executed daily. Most of data backed up are Tif, Jpeg, FrameMaker and StarOffice files.

"In 1993, a Spot satellite image was representing 50 megabytes, today it is approximately 700 megs to 1 gigabyte or more in size. Because we collect and analyze a tremendous number of images, it is essential that we have a high- performance data protection software solution that can also flawlessly operate in an heterogeneous and scalable environment," said Juan Giner, Head of Technical Division of the EUSC. "We have chosen Time Navigator because of its solid reputation as a high performance backup and restore technology, ease of use and best-of-class support."

The EUSC was recently involved in supporting the European response to the Tsunami disaster in Southeast Asia. When the EU wanted to airlift supplies to the afflicted region they relied on the EUSC's information for logistical support to decide where best to drop supplies and erect support camps. The EUSC 's repository of low, medium and high resolution satellite imagery was critical in providing fast and accurate information that enabled the EU's effective emergency response. ...Atempo profile

Editor:- May 23, 2005 - today published a preliminary directory of selected storage resellers in Japan. This preliminary resource page will help English speaking marketers in US and European based storage OEMS and ISVs locate possible channel partners in Japan. The page has been datamined from thousands of news stories run on STORAGEsearch. The preliminary list is about 50% complete and will be complete later this week. Storage VARs in Japan

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Megabyte was looking for a solid state disk.

Headquartered in Livermore,
Calif., Memtech takes storage
to the extreme with its ultra
rugged and reliable solid state
flash drives.

low profile, high capacity  3.5" IDE military temperature range solid state disks from Memtech
3.5" low profile IDE
mil temp solid state disks
from Memtech

Sun and other Unix compatible DVD burners
Solaris compatible DVD burners
from StorageHeaven

read the serial scsi article by Adaptec
the Benefits of SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) for External Subsystems - article by Adaptec

This introduction to Serial Attached SCSI gives you an idea of the performance, compatibilities, applications and roadmap for this new directly attached disk connection standard. With throughput capability faster than 2Gbps Fibre-channel systems and faster than ultra320 SCSI - the new SAS products not only provide an upward migration path for parallel SCSI applications but also open the door to a new class of high performance high reliability enterprise systems. the article, ...Adaptec profile, Serial Attached SCSI

Nibble:- Predicting the Growing and Declining Storage Segments in 2005

t's too early in the year to be absolutely sure, but it looks like 2005 will most likely be another year of strong double digit revenue growth for many segments in the storage market. However, the overall growth rate will be lower than in 2004.

Some segments are expected to change direction in 2005.

For example the hard disk drive market is now growing. But the RAM market is expected to decline.

The table below, gives a brief summary of some key segments based on recent quarterly results and analyst reports.


Solid State Disks M-Systems 51%
SSD manufacturers were strongly represented in the fastest growing storage companies in 2004. It is likely to remain the fastest growing storage segment again in 2005.

Flash Memory Swissbit 70%
SanDisk 17%
2005 looks like it will be another year of double digit growth for the flash market. This technology is appearing in every type of consumer gadget.

Hard disk drives Seagate 42%
Western Digital 22%
Maxtor 5%
2005 looks like it could be a turnaround year for the HDD market. New markets in comsumer products have helped to balance out the historic tendency of the hard disk drive market to supply the increased capacity demands of the IT market at an ever decreasing overall price.

RAID systems Dell 49%
Dot Hill 21%
EMC 20%
Market research on both sides of the Atlantic indicates that nearly 80% of user organizations plan to adopt disk to disk backup. When that factor is added to high growth rates in capacity demand, 2005 should be another double digit revenue growth year for the RAID market

Storage Software FalconStor 60%
IBM / Tivoli 15%
Gartner predicts the storage management software market will grow 12% in 2005.

Fibre-channel adapters & switches QLogic 23%
Emulex 4%
This market declined in 2004. But the anticipated threat from lower cost hotly hyped iSCSI turned out to be a damp squib. The industry switch to 4Gps later this year will create a new wave of infrastructure investment by users seeking higher performance.

RAM Micron 32%
Semico Research predicts that the RAM market will decline by 3% in 2005. The RAM market has always fluctuated wildly from boom to bust. 2004 was a boom year. The RAM market is expected to grow again during 2006-2008.

Tape backup Qualstar (-31%)
Exabyte (-6%)
The tape market has been declining for years as it has been overtaken in terms of cost, ease of use and speed of backup by Disk to disk backup. Tape backup has no realistic prospects of future revenue growth.

click to read article by SiliconSystems
Increasing Flash Solid State Disk Reliability - article by SiliconSystems

Solid state disks, based on flash technology, have greatly improved in performance in recent years and now compete head to head with RAM based accelerator systems. Flash also has significant advatanges in servers compared to RAM SSDs due to low power consumption.

But if you think that all solid state disks which use flash are equally reliable and enduring then think again.

That's a bit like saying that a Mercedes 300SL sports coupe is as tough as a Tiger tank because both were made in Germany and both are built out of metal. But as Oddball (Donald Sutherland) says in the movie Kelly's Heroes "I ain't messing with no Tigers."

This article by SiliconSystems, shows how their patented architecture cleverly manages the wear out mechanisms inherent in all flash media to deliver a disk lifetime that is about 4 times greater than of other enterprise flash products and upto 100 times greater than intrinsic flash memory. the article, ...SiliconSystems profile, Solid state disks

click to read article click to read article

Serial Attached SCSI - Delivering Flexibility to the Data Center - article by LSI Logic and Maxtor

If you think you already know SAS because you know SATA and traditional SCSI then think again. Sometimes disruptive technologies wear an unassuming disguise. In fiction, Clark Kent, Frodo Baggins and Buffy Summers at first seem harmless, but we see them change into Superman, the Ring Bearer and the Slayer.

SAS too comes cloaked in plain garb - with a physical layer which looks a lot like SATA. But like the Incredible Hulk there are muscles rippling under that shirt - and you would be wrong to dismiss SAS so lightly. There's a lot more inside this interface than it says on the box as this informative article reveals. the article, ...LSI Logic profile, ...Maxtor profile, Serial Attached SCSI

article by Engenio
Disk to Disk Backup versus Tape - War or Truce? - article by Engenio

Will disk to disk backup make tape backup obsolete? That's a question that's been debated hotly here on STORAGEsearch for many years.

At the extreme polarized ends of the argument are tape media makers like Sony, who in an article here made a case for the long term survival of tape, and at the other end of the argument are disk to disk supporters like STORAGEsearch whose editorial view has been that tape doesn't have a viable role the midsize market any more. In the middle of this argument are the moderates who say that maybe tape and D2d can co-exist. This article by Steve Gardner at Engenio takes the middle course line - and says why he thinks there's still a place for both. See if you agree. the article, ...Engenio profile, RAID systems, Disk to disk backup

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