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Adaptec Relocates European Support and Marketing Resources

MILPITAS, Calif. - April 12, 2002 - Adaptec, Inc. has announced today that it will bring technical support, administrative and marketing resources closer to its major market customers in Europe with the relocation of its operations in Waterloo, Belgium.

Most of the site's positions will be transitioned to Adaptec's three other European facilities in Camberley, U.K.; Munich, Germany; and Voisins Les Bretonneaux, France.

"Over the past year, continued storage market consolidation and the challenging economy have intensified the competitive landscape in Europe," said Robert N. Stephens, Adaptec president and CEO. "Our primary objective, here, is to ensure that the right job functions are in the right places in order for us to best serve our customers." Stephens said Adaptec's largest European customer centers are in France, Germany and the U.K., and that nearly one fourth of Adaptec's annual revenues are generated in Europe. ...Adaptec profile

EMC Files Patent Infringement Complaints Against Hitachi

Hopkinton, Mass.- April 12, 2002 - EMC Corporation today announced it has filed patent infringement complaints with the International Trade Commission (ITC) and U.S. District Court in Worcester, Mass., against Hitachi Data Systems Corporation ("HDS") and Hitachi, Ltd.

According to the complaints, HDS and Hitachi have engaged in unlawful activities in importing into the United States products that infringe six EMC patents. Those patents include four that are the foundation of EMC's market-leading SRDF (Symmetrix Remote Data Facility) and TimeFinder software products. Two other EMC patents, relating to data migration and the storage of mainframe data, are also included in the suits.

After nearly four years of attempting to resolve these issues amicably, EMC is asking the ITC to block importation of Hitachi's infringing software, including those products sold by HDS. The District Court action further seeks damages for patent infringement. The infringing Hitachi products include HORC, HOARC and ShadowImage.

Paul Dacier, EMC Senior Vice President and General Counsel, said, "Like any innovator, EMC's enduring value is our intellectual property. We must protect that intellectual property as a matter of principle. We welcome honest competition on the basis of innovation, but we refuse to compete against infringing imitations of our own inventions. We have invested billions of dollars in research & development to invent the most functional and reliable set of storage products in the world. While the Hitachi products in question do not approach the levels of performance and functionality that EMC SRDF and EMC TimeFinder provide, the principle is nonetheless critically important: They clearly infringe on our core patents. Hitachi has a history of copying technology invented by others and infringing patents. It is a matter of responsibility to our shareholders, customers, employees and business partners, to protect their investments in EMC's most valuable technology assets." ...EMC profile, ...Hitachi Data Systems profile, ...Hitachi profile

JNI Announces Upcoming Change in Board of Directors

SAN DIEGO - April 11, 2002 – JNI® Corporation today announced that John C. Stiska, 60, a director with JNI Corporation since May 2000, will succeed Eric P. Wenaas, Ph.D. as Chairman of the Board of Directors for JNI Corporation.

Wenaas, 60, plans to retire from the Board at the time of the stockholders meeting.

"Eric has been a steady hand through all the changes in the industry," said Neal Waddington, president, CEO and a director of JNI Corporation. "As JNI's Chairman over the past five years, he saw the Company go from a business plan of a few Jaycor executives to a $100 million company during his tenure. I will miss his experience and perspective on the business. At the same time John Stiska has worked closely with JNI Corporation, Jaycor and Dr. Wenaas over the years and will provide governance continuity as our new Chairman." ...JNI profile

New Iomega NAS Servers Now Shipping

SAN DIEGO - April 11, 2002- Iomega Corporation today announced that its new line of NAS file servers is now shipping in the U.S.

The Iomega® NAS A300U and the Iomega NAS P400U, P405U and P410U are the flexible, cross-platform solutions that businesses need for organizing, sharing, and protecting their critical data. Iomega NAS servers have capacities of up to 480GB and models that feature hot-swappable drives, RAID 5 and RAID 5+ hot spare, delivering breakthrough pricing and performance. Iomega NAS "A" and "P" series servers are available in the U.S. through authorized resellers and at Suggested retail price for the NAS A300U with 120GB is $1,099; for the NAS P400U with 160GB, $1,999; for the NAS P405U with 320GB, $2,999; and for the NAS P410U with 480GB, $3,999. (All Prices in U.S. dollars.)

Iomega provides full technical support for the duration of the warranty (one year for "A" class products, two years for "P" class products) at no additional cost. In addition, extended service plans will soon be available which, when combined with the warranty, will provide product and technical support for a total of three years. ...Iomega profile

ATTO ships Ultra320 SCSCI host bus adapter for Mac

AMHERST, NY and MILPITAS, Calif. - April 10, 2002 - ATTO Technology, Inc. and LSI Logic Corporation announced production availability for the ATTO single- and dual-channel Ultra320 SCSI HBA for Apple® MacIntosh® users.

LSI Logic's Ultra320 SCSI controllers, the LSI53C1020 and LSI 53C1030, use Fusion-MPT™ (Message Passing Technology) architecture to deliver double the data-transfer speed of current Ultra160 SCSI technology.

By using the LSI 53C1030, the ATTO ExpressPCI UL4S and UL4D SCSI HBAs offer high-performance solutions for rich-media applications such as digital audio/video, web authoring, prepress and video streaming. ATTO Technology products with LSI Logic architecture are the first Mac-platform Ultra320 SCSI HBAs to be introduced and ship in production volumes.

"Partnering with LSI to incorporate the Fusion-MPT technology onto our new ExpressPCI UL4D and UL4S host adapter has enabled us to not only be first to market with Ultra320, but to be able to offer rich-media content creators the increased performance and functionality they require," explains Dave Snell, Chief Technology Officer for ATTO. ...ATTO Technology profile, ...LSI Logic profile

IEI ships NAS flash SSD to USA

Taipei, Taiwan -April 10th, 2002 - IEI today announced the launch of its comprehensive array of NAS products in the North American market under the brand name "Disk Online Server".

After successful test market periods in Asia and a launch in Europe at the recent CeBIT show in Hanover, Germany, the next focus for Taiwan's largest industrial PC manufacturer is the world's biggest market - the United States. The official launch of IEI's surge in to the US will be at Networld Interop in Las Vegas from May 7th to 9th.

With a product range aimed at all market segments from SOHO right up to Enterprise level, including SMB's, IEI has an aggressively priced NAS solution, which offers the user optimal data storage and RAID facilities that are quick to set up, easy to configure and incredibly reliable.

"With the economy on the upturn in the United States, we felt that this is exactly the right time for IEI to launch our products on to the market," said Simon Hsieh, Chief Strategic Officer for IEI. "The need for network storage solutions and better knowledge management are becoming universal, from Enterprise level right down to the home user. IEI offers affordable prices across the board."

IEI's NAS family starts with a basic, neatly-designed unit (NAS-2000) that can sit nicely on the desktop, or, with use of the included kit, be fitted in to a 19" rack-mount cabinet. For the SOHO markets, storage with an integrated cable/DSL router and switch (NAS-104R and NAS-2108R) offers a complete and compact all-in-one unit, and for those needing high performance and larger storage capacity, such as enterprise level, IEI also has a great solution in the NAS-4000 and NAS-4020.

click for more info - NAS-168F rugged solid state NAS from IEI

There is even a device - the NAS-168F (shown above) - which uses solely Flash Disk technology for industrial environments. ...IEI profile

CNT Supports Genuity's Black Rocket Storage

MINNEAPOLIS - April 9, 2002 - CNT today announced it is providing the Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP) capability for Genuity's Remote Data Replication service, the newest managed storage solution available from the leading Internet infrastructure services provider.

CNT's UltraNet Edge Storage Router enables Genuity's Remote Data Replication customers to replicate data from their site to a Genuity data center in a separate geography more cost-effectively than other existing technologies. Genuity's Remote Data Replication service is the first Internet Protocol (IP)- based mirrored storage solution offered by a service provider.

Genuity's Remote Data Replication service is a key element of Genuity's Black Rocket Storage, a suite of storage solutions that enables users to continuously access critical data during planned and unplanned outages. Black Rocket Storage also includes On-Demand Capacity, Remote Site Failover, and Hosted Storage.

"CNT's UltraNet Edge Storage Router is an important component of our new Remote Data Replication service," said Karl Weintz, Genuity's vice president of product management. "The Remote Data Replication service uses IP to transfer data between separate locations, eliminating the cost of expensive private line circuits used in most in-house implementations. The UltraNet Edge Storage Router is designed to conform to existing and emerging standards, maximizing interoperability with our IP switch network, and providing our end users with the best value at a lower cost than other routing options."

Genuity's Remote Data Replication service includes information storage and mirroring capabilities provided for customers using EMC Symmetrix® Enterprise Storage systems, EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF™) software and CNT's UltraNet Edge Storage Router. As part of this service, Genuity customers install a minimum of two UltraNet Edge Storage Routers - one at the customer site and one at a Genuity data center - along with EMC's information storage and SRDF remote mirroring software. In addition to hardware and software from EMC and CNT, Genuity's Remote Data Replication service includes Genuity's Class A data centers and Tier 1 network, and is completely managed by Genuity certified storage experts. ...CNT profile, ...Genuity profile

Overland Announces Support for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - April 9, 2002 - Overland Data, Inc. today announced that IBM has certified Overland's comprehensive set of data storage devices for the latest release of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, IBM's industry-leading centralized data protection solution.

Customers now have an additional source for automated tape libraries, further supporting diverse IT requirements and budgets with the latest tape technology.

"IBM's certification of Overland products reaffirms our position as a leader in data storage devices. Certification by IBM also underscores the need for flexible solutions that meet a wide range of storage management requirements," said Darin Richins, vice president of marketing for Overland. "We are very impressed with the delivery of the latest features of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager and its ability to conveniently make a duplicate copy of a backup tape. Overland intends to work closely with IBM to ensure that we continue to deliver new technologies with the highest level of support."

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 5.1 will support Overland's enterprise-class Neo Series libraries, mid-range PowerLoaders and industry-standard autoloaders. ...Overland Data profile, ...Tivoli profile

Imperial Technology Announces the SANaccelerator SSD

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. - April 9, 2002 - Imperial Technology today announced the availability of the SANaccelerator™, the first data acceleration device specifically designed to improve application performance in SANs.

The SANaccelerator connects directly to Fibre Channel SANs and is designed to deliver shared capacity to multiple applications and multiple servers in the same way as consolidated disk storage. The SANaccelerator value proposition is therefore similar to a shared disk array, in that shared resources are more cost-effective than dedicated resources and administering a centralized asset is more efficient than decentralized resources.
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Voltaire Enables Real InfiniBand Deployments with nVigor

Fastest SAN Solution for the Rich Media Market

50th anniversary of the semiconductor industry in Germany
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click for more info -  Imperial Technology

SANaccelerator scales from a modest 6GB capacity to 36GB in manageable and cost effective increments. The SANaccelerator is available immediately. A fully configured system ready to be installed into a SAN is available for less than $60,000.

"Fibre Channel is the standard for SAN connections, but even with 2 Gbps speeds, transaction processing applications still encounter performance bottlenecks in the SAN that are storage related," said Robert David, CEO and president of Imperial Technology. "The SAN bottleneck is not the network, it is the inherent limitations of rotating disk drives. The SANaccelerator responds to this problem by creating a performance pool that is allocated to changing application requirements in the SAN which affect performance."

"When the SANaccelerator is connected to a SAN, it becomes a dynamic performance resource for selectively improving application performance when and where it is needed," says Michael Fisch, Senior Analyst, The Clipper Group, Inc. "Storage performance may seem to be an arcane topic at first glance, but when properly understood in the context of modern business, it is exceedingly important. Enterprises are concerned about application performance because it directly affects their bottom line."

"Plug and play operation," said Cooper Cowart, vice president marketing, Chaparral Network Storage of the SANaccelerator. "At Storage Networking World last week, we added the SANaccelerator device to the Interoperability SAN on the fly and it was on-line and available to all the servers in less than 5 minutes." ...Imperial Technology profile

Voltaire Enables Real InfiniBand Deployments with nVigor

SAN FRANCISCO - April 9, 2002 - Voltaire today announced that the first product in its nVigor family of intelligent TCP/IP to InfiniBand routers is available for early adopter deployments.

nVigor has been deployed in lab trials at both vendor and very select enterprise sites, including top Wall Street financial institutions. nVigor is the first in a family of products based on Voltaire's TCP Termination Architecture, which was unveiled in February at the Intel Developer's Forum. The TCP Termination Architecture enables corporate data centers to maximize the benefits of InfiniBand when connecting to IP networks. Voltaire's nVigor, a plug-and-play solution designed for simplicity, sits on the InfiniBand fabric edge and acts as an interface between existing network devices, specifically the TCP/IP infrastructure, and InfiniBand-enabled server and storage devices.

The nVigor router processes and fully terminates the TCP/IP traffic and then passes it to the servers or storage devices using native InfiniBand protocols, offering much better CPU utilization and greater bandwidth compared to other connectivity solutions that simply bridge or tunnel the IP traffic. Voltaire's nVigor is ideally suited for InfiniBand database clusters and when combined with entry-level, commodity servers, it provides IT managers with a powerful and scalable architecture for high volume, high transaction applications such as parallel databases, reducing Total Cost of Ownership of database clusters by more than 50 percent.

"Since our emergence from stealth mode three months ago to today's announcement of product deployment, Voltaire has worked to inform users about the benefits of full TCP termination and has seen significant traction for that approach with large storage and server vendors as well as early adopters" said Ronnie Kenneth, chairman and CEO. "We believe that early adoption is critical to the distribution of InfiniBand throughout the marketplace. The availability and implementation of mature early adopter products, such as Voltaire's nVigor, will accelerate the acceptance of InfiniBand."

Voltaire is demonstrating nVigor in a server blade configuration with Mellanox Technologies Nitro blade technology at this week's InfiniBand Solutions Conference in San Francisco. ...Voltaire profile

Fastest SAN Solution for the Rich Media Market

NAB 2002, Las Vegas, NV - April 9, 2002 - ADIC and Hitachi Data Systems today present the fastest and largest capacity SAN-based video file sharing solution for the video production and digital broadcasting industry.

The new solution demonstrates to customers the ability to successfully manage both anticipated and unanticipated rapid increases in requirements to access stored files 24 hours a day. This directly addresses the problem of performance and capacity short-comings of current NFS and CIFS solutions The solution combines ADIC's high speed file sharing system, CentraVision™, and Hitachi Freedom Storage™ to deliver an extremely high throughput video engine. ADIC's CentraVision sharing layer connects the video production team's individual heterogeneous workstations to the centrally stored video footage, enabling them to work on files at the source. This eliminates the cumbersome task of individuals having to manually copy the piece of video that they want to work on from the central archive and then copy it back once they have completed their work.

Paul Rutherford, ADIC Vice President of Technology and Software, added: "We are excited about our latest, 2.0 version of CentraVision. It has expanded our platform support to include Linux and Sun, included an enhanced, journaled 64-bit file system, and added High Availability capabilities. CentraVision can now support mission-critical applications common in most broadcast and corporate environments. We chose to work with Hitachi Data Systems as we felt the unique performance and storage capacity of their Freedom Storage deliver a superior storage foundation for the intensive application demands of broadcast and video production."
...ADIC profile, ...Hitachi Data Systems profile

50th anniversary of the semiconductor industry in Germany

Munich, Germany - April 9, 2002 – Infineon commemorated the 50th anniversary of Ernst von Siemens' decision to build a separate plant for the production of semiconductors.

At that time it was unforeseeable what developments he would trigger off. It was the start of the semiconductor industry in Germany. Today – half a century later – this sector can look back on incomparable developments in both economic and technical terms. And the plant constructed 50 years ago continues to play a part in this development process as one of its pioneers. But today, it is called Infineon. And the original total of 30 employees has become 30,000.

Between 1954 and 2000, worldwide sales of the entire industry increased 40,000 times over from five million US Dollars to 200 billion US Dollars. In achieving this growth, right from start the semiconductor industry has functioned according to its own rules. Its best-known and, simultaneously, most far-reaching was already formulated by Gordon Moore in 1965. He observed that the number of transistors in an integrated circuit, doubled about every 18 months. 1 GByte of memory, today occupies a module the size of two credit cards, 30 years ago it would have required space of 700 square meters and the electricity supply of an entire village. ...Infineon Technologies profile

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