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ELMSFORD, NY - June 28, 2002 - The Computer Products Division of Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. today announced that Quantum Corporation has formally qualified Fujifilm Super DLTtapeTM I media. As a result of this successful completion of qualification, Fujifilm will begin shipments of Super DLTtape I media this summer.

The Fujifilm Super DLTtape I media is designed for a capacity of 320 GB (compressed), when utilized in conjunction with the recently released Quantum SDLT 320 tape drive. The SDLT 320 has 60 percent greater capacity than alternative mid-range tape drives and the highest performance available with data transfer speeds up to 32 MB/s compressed, giving IT professionals the performance they need to deal with growing data storage requirements and shrinking back up windows.

Super DLTtape I media utilizes the Advanced Metal Particle formulation, a derivative of Fujifilm's world-renowned ATOMM dual, metal-particle coating technology, to provide high recording density and to dramatically increase media capacity. Super DLTtape I media also incorporates a revolutionary back coating that contains optical servo tracks, which will enable customers to use the entire magnetic surface of the media for recording data. Additionally, the Super DLTtape I media cartridge has a more rugged cartridge design and is equipped with special structural features to enhance resistance to physical damage. ...Fujifilm profile, ...Quantum profile

AUSTIN, TX - June 27, 2002 - Crossroads Systems reports that Austin Ventures, an early investor in Crossroads Systems, has distributed 750,000 shares of Crossroads common stock to limited and general partners, effective June 27, 2002. According to Austin Ventures, the distribution is being made pursuant to contractual obligations under Austin Ventures' agreements with its partners. Following this distribution, Austin Ventures will hold approximately 3.7 million shares of Crossroads common stock. Austin Ventures has not made any determination as to the timing or amounts of any future distribution of Crossroads stock held by its funds. ...Crossroads Systems profile

June 27, 2002 - TigerDirect has been named the "Seagate Partner - Greatest Growth in Disc Products 2002" at a recent Segate Partner conference. TigerDirect, a leading multi-channel computer reseller, received this award from Seagate in recognition of the sales growth for Seagate Disk Drive products, including hard disk drives and other storage devices.

"TigerDirect believes in bringing the best buy on products to our consumers every day," said Gilbert Fiorentino, CEO of TigerDirect. "Seagate, as a long-standing partner of TigerDirect, offers quality disk drive products for the consumer market. With aggressive pricing, our customers benefit in a quality and value scenario."

TigerDirect offers one of the largest selections of hard drives and other discount components for the "do-it-yourself" customers. Educated and technical PC enthusiasts tend to upgrade their existing systems and build new systems rather than buy off-the-shelf configurations. ...Seagate profile, ...TigerDirect profile

COSTA MESA , CA - June 26, 2002 - CMS Peripherals® today announced the immediate availability of a new 160GB capacity Automatic Backup System Plus (ABSplus) for Desktops on Mac® OS and Mac® OS X. The award-winning ABSplus is a complete backup solution with full recovery, designed for use with desktops and servers, and compatible with any FireWire machine. Available today for the first time in a 160GB capacity directly from the new 160GB capacity ABSplus for Desktops is list priced at $599 USD, with ABSplus and ABSplus for Desktops on the Mac in smaller capacities starting at a list price of $299 USD.

"ABSplus for Desktops makes backing up large files essentially effortless," said Ken Burke , president of CMS Peripherals. "Mac users love how easy ABSplus for Desktops is to use, especially the creative community, educators, and scientists. We are very pleased to provide a 160GB capacity ABSplus for Desktops for the entire Mac community."

The ABSplus for Desktop solution can be used as an additional drive volume with high-speed FireWire providing enough throughput for streaming audio and video files. Setup is a quick install and settings choice of "express" for single machine backup including multiple partitions, or "advanced" for custom settings including multiple drives on one system. Once set up, using the ABSplus is literally as easy as plugging in the FireWire cable. ...CMS Peripherals profile

MILPITAS, Calif.- June 26, 2002 - LSI Logic announced today that its Fibre Channel host bus adapters, the dual-channel LSI44929O and quad-channel ITI7004G2-LC, have been verified by Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. as interoperable with the new SilkWorm 12000 Core Fabric Switch and Brocade-based SAN infrastructure in testing conducted through the Brocade Fabric Aware™ Program The program is a comprehensive testing and configuration initiative designed to foster end-to-end SAN interoperability in multi-vendor Brocade-based SAN environments. LSI Logic's complete line of storage products has Fabric Aware certification with multiple generations of Brocade products.

"We are pleased that LSI Logic's Fusion-MPT™ based Fibre Channel HBAs have successfully completed the Fabric Aware testing with Brocade fabric switches in heterogeneous SAN environments," said Jay Kidd, Brocade vice president of product marketing. "Storage area networks are being deployed worldwide at a rapid rate as a scalable, high performance networking foundation for storage environments. End users are implementing large fabric SANs comprising hundreds of storage subsystems, servers, and networking technologies, all from multiple vendors. The Fabric Aware program is an example of our continued investment in delivering end-to-end SAN interoperability to our partners and their customers." ...Brocade profile, ...list of all Brocade Fabric Aware™ partners, ...LSI Logic profile

Milpitas, Calif. - June 26, 2002 - LSI Logic Storage Systems, Inc. today announced the general availability of TotalNET Advanced Server 7.0 (TAS 7.0), a UNIX-based network interoperability software solution that uses Active Directory and Service Location Protocol (SLP) support to provide a secure and open single sign-on solution and creates a foundation for multi-platform networks. TAS reduces IT administration costs by consolidating functions including file sharing among heterogeneous computers, centralized administration of shared storage, and authentication services. Businesses can also use TAS to create a NAS gateway to a SAN, resulting in a converged NAS and SAN infrastructure that enables seamless access to information regardless of whether it is block or file oriented.

New features incorporated in TAS 7.0 further simplify IT management tasks. TAS 7.0's Kerberos-enabled Active Directory support, not previously available in UNIX environments, helps managers do more with less by providing a secure and open single sign-on solution without client-platform modifications. It also gives system administrators a single point of control, enabling them to reach into the network and manage IT infrastructure for the entire enterprise.

"In the three years we've used TAS, it has proven to be stable, easy to use and install, and is backed by technical support that is second to none," said Barry Young, director of network services, Academy School District #20, Colorado Springs, Colorado. "The addition of AppleTalk-over-IP support in 7.0 will provide even greater support to our students by allowing our OS X clients to discover non-AppleTalk services. TAS allows us to offer the highest level of multi-platform functionality to our district at a reasonable cost." ...LSI Logic Storage Systems profile

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Framingham, MA - June 26, 2002 - GlassHouse Technologies, Inc. today announced the formation of a new Storage Education Services practice area, as well as an increase in its consulting services staff. The company's continued growth reflects an increasing demand for enterprise level, vendor-independent storage strategy, training, and consulting services. The new consultants bring an average 12 years of storage-related experience to the company, with particular skill sets around Veritas, Hewlett Packard, Brocade, Sun, Compaq, Hitachi, Network Appliance, and EMC products and environments.

"Customers need straight advice from a vendor-independent services firm like GlassHouse on how to improve the practice and policies around storage," said Jamie Gruener, Senior Analyst of the Yankee Group. "GlassHouse is ideally suited to help enterprises improve business practices and efficiencies of their storage assets," he added.

The new practice area, born out of a recent GlassHouse engagement comprised of storage administrator training for a multi-billion dollar technology solutions and IT services provider, focuses not only on myriad storage technologies, but also the optimization of existing storage assets, storage policy and procedures, and storage best practices. The practice, while originally designed solely for storage administrators, has grown to include vendor and channel sales forces. For many vendors, the sales challenge around storage consists of understanding the enterprise's operational concerns as they are aligned with business goals, often with a cursory, high-level assessment as the only guide. Rather than vendor-generic training, GlassHouse Storage Education Services will also provide invaluable solutions to end-users looking for training customized to the mix of products in their environment. ...GlassHouse Technologies profile

Editor's comments:- training is one of the few areas which has escaped the ageism prevalent in the IT market. Having a few gray hairs (or no hair) can even be perceived as a plus factor. See also:- SAN training

MINNEAPOLIS - June 26, 2002 - CNT today announced it has successfully completed interoperability testing between its UltraNet Storage Director product and IBM's new Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy Extended Distance (PPRC-XD) disk mirroring software that runs on the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (code named "Shark"). The successful completion of PPRC-XD interoperability testing adds to CNT's substantial experience in delivering solutions that work with the IBM Enterprise Storage Server and the IBM TotalStorage Virtual Tape Server (VTS). CNT's UltraNet Storage Director extends the data replication capabilities of PPRC-XD beyond the metropolitan area to long distances, allowing customers to seamlessly link data centers in separate cities, across the country and even across the world.

"IBM ESS customers have recently expressed an increased interest in storage networking solutions for business continuity applications, particularly when they can utilize an IP network for these applications," said Barry Rudolph, vice president of product management, IBM Storage Systems Group. "CNT UltraNet technology can help our PPRC disk mirroring software extend the protection of customers' critical data beyond the reach of most unplanned disasters."

CNT's compression capability augmented by the PPRC network efficiency reduces the cost of expensive long-distance connections. In some cases, customers can deploy their PPRC solution over their existing IP infrastructure, resulting in even further cost savings. CNT's UltraNet Storage Director is a high-speed switching platform that interconnects storage systems and networks across a wide-area to create enterprise-wide SANs. Its open architecture incorporates industry-standard hardware and network protocols - it is designed to support Fibre Channel, SCSI and ESCON interfaces. It includes management and operating software to provide a tightly integrated, fault-tolerant, and highly manageable platform for use in remotely enabling mission-critical storage applications. ...CNT profile, ...IBM profile

HSICHIH, TAIWAN - June 26, 2002 - AnexTEK today announced the launch of the AccuSTOR NS110 which provides up to 480 gigabytes of storage in a 1U rack-mountable NAS appliance.

"NAS systems have been created to fill the storage needs of small offices and workgroups as well as provide a dedicated storage pool for busy servers," said Chenlin Huang, AnexTEK NAS Product Manager. "Our AccuSTOR NS110 is a slim, mid-ranged NAS system that offers exceptional performance. We've engineered it to simplify storage management, increase data availability, improve workgroup performance and reduce server bottlenecks. We are positioning it to compete with entry-level NAS products on both price and performance." ...AnexTEK profile

Boise, Idaho - June 25, 2002 - Micron Technology, Inc., today announced a net loss for the third quarter of fiscal 2002 of $24 million, or $0.04 per diluted share, on net sales of $771 million. These results compare to a net loss of $30 million, or $0.05 per diluted share, on net sales of $646 million for the second quarter of fiscal 2002 and a net loss from continuing operations of $301 million, or $0.50 per diluted share, on net sales of $818 million for the third quarter of fiscal 2001.

Net sales in the third quarter of fiscal 2002 were 19% higher compared to the immediately preceding quarter ended February 28, 2002 due to 44% higher average selling prices. Although average selling prices were higher for the third quarter of fiscal 2002, prices declined from early April through the end of the quarter due to adverse market conditions. ...Micron Technology profile

Editor's comments:- Micron's semiconductor sales, for the 9 months ending May 30, 2002 were 46% down on the same period a year ago. The company's share price tanked on this news when the markets opened on Wednesday morning. Luckily a lot of the heat was taken off this news by the bigger news of the scandal at Worldcom.

Bethesda, Maryland, - June 25, 2002 - Morris & Ward announces the Patent Pending status of its archival storage technology. To provide the solution for long-term, error-free archival storage of digital data files, the dual problems of backward - read compatibility and of the uncertainty of storage media failure were solved. The invention also provides the solution for accessibility of the archived data files when files are needed for reference or for rebuilding of failed on-line search and retrieval systems. The invention also provides for security of the archived data files to guard against fire, earthquake and terrorist attack. The invention provides the solution for archiving, for 100 years and more, all file sizes, from megabytes to zettabytes. ...white paper & contact info
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Intel Celebrates The Industry's 1 Billionth PC

July 1, 2002 - Intel Corp

When it comes to the PC, science fiction has become science fact. When introduced some 25 years ago, PCs were big and clunky, and performed simple word processing and basic spreadsheet functions. Today, the home PC is a powerful all-in-one digital jukebox, movie studio, photo darkroom and electronic game board. For companies worldwide, the PC has brought unprecedented productivity and efficiency to the way business is done. With a PC connected to the Internet, it's possible for even the smallest company to sell products and provide customer service around the clock and around the globe. In the past two decades, technology innovation and the expansion of the Internet have changed the future of computing - a billion times over.

1 Billion PCs and Counting

Industry analyst firm Gartner Dataquest announced today that the PC industry has shipped the 1 billionth PC. The industry reached this notable milestone in April 2002, roughly 25 years after the debut of the first commercially successful and widely available personal computer, the 1974 Altair powered by the Intel® 8080 chip.

Intel's contribution to the evolution of personal computing began with its 1971 invention of the microprocessor, often referred to as the brain of the PC. From the Intel 8080 chip used in the Altair to the 4.77 MHz Intel® 8088 processor that powered the watershed IBM PC in 1981, this historic path of innovation has brought us today to the era of the Intel® Pentium® 4 processor, the world's fastest processor. PCs based on the Pentium 4 processor at 2.53 GHz deliver higher performance for digital media and enriched multi-tasking user experiences.

Today, PCs are in roughly 60% of U.S. households, followed by 49% in Western Europe and 38% in Asia Pacific. At the end of last year, nearly half a billion people around the world had access to the Internet from their homes. In 2001, more than $615 billion in revenue was generated worldwide from e-Commerce transactions . In its journey to the 1 billion milestone, the PC has profoundly changed the way companies transact business and how people communicate, shop, learn, access information and entertain themselves.

The 1 billionth PC is likely enabling its owner to do a variety of things once thought of as science fiction. Today, people rely on PCs to send e-mail and instant messages, surf the Web, manage a household budget and family calendar, edit home movies and burn them onto DVDs, mix music, create photo albums with narration and mood music, play action-packed games, and engage in a host of other compelling new uses.

Another Billion PCs in Six Years

Gartner Dataquest calculates that the next billion PCs could ship far faster than the ones that came before. In 2008, the PC industry is projected to reach the milestone of 2 billion PCs, with the greatest growth opportunity coming from high-volume emerging markets in places such as China, Latin America and Eastern Europe. ...Intel profile

Editor's comments:-
there's no doubt that the PC, which has brought affordable digital data access to everyone who needs it, has changed the way we work. And PC technology, in DVD players and music players have improved the sound and visual quality of our home entertainment.

But let's not forget the downside...

The hype which led to the dotcom bubble and crash created history's first digitally mastered economic recession.

That the PC is now part of everyday life for most of us is undeniable. It's also inevitable that the amount of storage associated with the 2nd billion PCs will be considerably greater than the first billion. But as processors have become commodities, which any small group of electronic engineers can design to put in a phone or a TV, Intel's continuing dominance in the processor market is less than certain.

Azzurri is Europe's fastest growing technical disti
Azzurri Technology is a specialist supplier and technical, design-in distributor of storage solutions to European OEMs.

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