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Los Altos,CA - June 30, 2003 - Rambus Inc. today announced that Samsung has signed a licensing agreement to incorporate Rambus' Yellowstone technology into its next-generation DRAM products for use in low-cost, high-speed applications.

"Samsung and Rambus have enjoyed a great partnership for a long time - adopting the Yellowstone interface into our product portfolio ensures we are providing our customers with a reliable and high quality interface," said Soo In Cho, executive vice president of Samsung Electronics' memory division. "Samsung believes Yellowstone-enhanced DRAMs are an ideal solution for high-performance, low-cost consumer, graphics and networking applications."

Yellowstone offers a quantum leap in performance in memory signaling while lowering system cost through pin-count reduction and support for low-cost, high-volume PCBs and packages. The flexible architecture enables customers to meet challenging power and cost targets. Yellowstone is expected to achieve data rates of 3.2 to 6.4 GHz and beyond, enabling up to 100 GB/sec of memory system bandwidth.

"Samsung continues to be a very strong and valuable partner for Rambus," said Dave Mooring, president of Rambus. "Having Samsung as a Yellowstone DRAM partner ensures adequate supply to the industry of high-speed products for the next generation high-volume applications."

The Yellowstone architecture brings flexibility, simplicity and savings in memory system design through a number of innovations. FlexPhase circuit technology is one of these innovations - it enables precise, on-chip alignment of data and clock, minimizing the need for PCB trace length matching and strict PCB timing constraints, resulting in a significant breakthrough for memory systems. The Yellowstone architecture also enables pin-count reduction and elimination of external termination resistors, further lowering overall system cost. ...Rambus profile, ...Samsung Electronics profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - June 30, 2003 - NeoScale Systems, Inc. today announced that the NeoScale CryptoStor™ family of storage security appliances have achieved OpenReady tested status with McDATA. This enables the NeoScale line of products to become part of the McDATA SANtegrity Ecosystem of partners to deliver solutions for securing storage networks. The NeoScale CryptoStor family complements McDATA SANtegrity Suite by adding strong access control and data confidentiality.

SANs are no longer closed environments. Controlling access to networked storage resources and data can be complex due to the growth of more distributed storage, external entry points, system redundancy, replication technologies, managed services, and extensive administrative rights. Furthermore, unintentional exposures, internal security breaches, storage media access, and mounting privacy legislation place storage defenses as a "must do." This requires a balance between connectivity and protection to enable companies to prevent the loss / theft of sensitive information or disruption of their business processes. Enterprise storage security is evolving to enable organizations to apply a layered defense model within their storage infrastructure.

"Just as manageability affects an enterprise's return-on-investment for storage, SAN security can support an organization's operational efficiency and reduce the potential for liability," said Arun Taneja, founder and consulting analyst, the Taneja Group. "McDATA and NeoScale's progressive efforts to advance access control and confidentiality capabilities prove that an integrated solution is the best approach – SANs must be able to enforce a security policy for protecting storage processes and data access regarding consolidation, remote backup and privacy compliance applications." ...McDATA profile, ...NeoScale Systems profile

Hopkinton, Mass.- June 30, 2003 - EMC Corporation today unveiled a new multi-tiered channel partner program that increases its ability to attract and support partners. EMC's new Velocity Partner Program combines certification, training, sales, marketing and technical support with financial incentives to make it easier for resellers and integrators to offer EMC Automated Networked Storage solutions to end user customers. Partners will be classified as an EMC Velocity Reseller, EMC Velocity Partner or EMC Premier Velocity Partner based on their qualifications, such as number of EMC-certified personnel and revenue performance. The Velocity Partner Program will also offer additional incentives as EMC works with channel partners to address new and underserved market segments with EMC's market-leading portfolio of products and services.

Frank Hauck, EMC's Executive Vice President of Customer Operations, said, "The new Velocity Partner Program is designed to better help our partners integrate their unique value with EMC's industry-leading networked storage solutions by providing more training, marketing programs and EMC resources than ever before. We want our partners to invest in the EMC relationship and EMC is committed to investing in the relationship with partners."

As part of its ongoing multi-million dollar investment in its channel strategy, EMC also introduced its new Channel Express online configuration, price, quote and order system. This new tool, developed in conjunction with partners, will help ensure that end user customers are getting the right solution for their needs, in the most efficient manner and at the most competitive price. ...EMC profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - June 26, 2003 - Industry leaders LSI Logic and Seagate Technology concluded early testing and validation of Serial Attached SCSI interoperability today, further advancing the infrastructure which will support migration to the new interface. Using the Fusion-MPT architecture to simplify and speed development, the effort moves product development closer to marketplace reality as the two industry leaders collaborate to bring customers a market-first Serial Attached SCSI solution.

"This development milestone takes us a step further along the path to silicon deployment," said Bill Wuertz, vice president and general manager for the LSI Logic Storage Standard Products division. "Our market-leading position with Ultra320 SCSI provides us with a significant advantage as we leverage our engineering experience into SAS silicon. We're excited to demonstrate the industry's first true implementation of Serial Attached SCSI."

Using Seagate hard disk drives, LSI Logic becomes the first SCSI vendor to validate Serial Attached SCSI interoperability. Lab testing validated full protocol transfers (write, read, compares) between the LSI Logic controller and Seagate's SAS drive at 1.5 Gb/s speeds. This is the first validation of interoperability between two fully compliant SAS devices as well as the first step toward the move to 3 Gb/s speeds planned for production SAS devices. ...LSI Logic profile, ...Seagate Technology profile

Simi Valley, Ca. - June 26, 2003 - NovaStor Corporation introduces NovaStor Virtual Tape for the users of their popular NovaNET 8.5 backup software to enable network administrators to leverage the disk storage installed on their networks for faster backup and restore speeds. NovaStor Virtual Tape emulates a tape library on the users' NAS system or DAS. By emulating a tape library, the user is able to handle any of the standard backup rotations, like basic 5-tape and Tower of Hanoi.

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SMART Modular Technologies, Inc. Offers Low Latency DDR Modules for High Performance Computing and Server Applications

Tandberg Data announces availability of Branded Media for SLR, DLTtape, SDLTtape and DLTtape VS

LSI Logic/Maxtor Extend Testing of Serial Attached SCSI Prototypes

Infineon Introduces and Demonstrates Cutting-Edge Fiber Optics Solutions at fibercomm 2003

HP Partners to Win Contracts Totaling $45 Million with Hungarian Government

Chaparral Network Storage and Vixel Announce Certification of Virtualized Storage Solutions for Mac OS X

Seoul National University Hospital Accelerates PACS Performance with Procom NetFORCE NAS Filer

Seagate Works with Intel to Offer Serial ATA for the Price of Parallel ATA with Intel Desktop Boards

XOsoft Unveils New Data Rewinder for Instantaneous Recovery from Data Corruption

BT Expands SAN Connectivity Service with Nortel Networks Equipment

StoreAge and Zycko Provide Storage Virtualization Management Solution to Future Publishing Plc

BMC Software Acquires DGI

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The vaporware at 40,000 feet smelled clean and fresh. Megabyte's personalized balloon was the last remaining asset from his VC funded "lighter than air" storage company.

Nibble:- Why you need a Panic! button to stop the next scheduled backup

ost of the propaganda you'll read on this and other storage publications, extolls the virtues of doing backups. But there are times when starting a backup can make things worse for data stewards.

If your backup processes are automated, then now might be a good time for you to think about installing a panic button which will prevent all future backup processes from starting until the panic is over and you can reset it. The panic button doesn't have to be a switch. It can be an icon that you click on your screen. But make sure it's password protected. If you do decide to use a real physical switch, then think about a keyswitch. If you want to feel important you can wear the key around your neck like they do in those films about nuclear submarines. Managing your organization's backups is important. Maybe the company should buy you a silver chain to go with it.

If your backup is initiated manually, then think of the panic button as a mental decision to put off doing the backup until later.

If you are one of those people who never do a backup, then you can congratulate yourself that on some of those occasions when you didn't do a backup, then it was absolutely the right thing to do.

I started thinking about this article a few days ago when we had thunderstorms. Although our web servers are located in datacenters in the US, all the original data for our websites comes into this office which is located in an old farm in Hampshire in the UK. Our telecoms lins and power come in via overhead lines which pass through hundreds of trees along the route. Postponing the backup, shutting things down and unplugging our phone lines was an automatic process for me.

At worst a lightning bolt in the wrong place can zip right through your phone lines into your computers and wreck an ongoing backup, and the backup drive itself. At the very least glitches from lightning bolts can bypass your UPS through other connected equipment and potentially crash your computers, resulting in an incomplete backup which you may have to start again. It's not worth taking the risk. At the farm here, I have a generator in the barn, so once the storm is over, I can restart a backup safely from a reliable supply, even if the incoming power lines are down.

But there are other times too you may want to hit the panic button.

Bomb scares and fire alarms are a good time to hit Panic!. When you evacuate the building you don't know how long it will be before you get an "all clear" and can return to normal. If the alarm is due to a genuine incident then you may need to use a data recovery service. But data recovery on the clean complete backup which you did yesterday, will generally be more successful than on the incomplete backup which starts while you are waiting outside the building in the car park. One exception to this was neatly illustrated in the second TV series of 24. When CTU got the delayed message that they were the target of a terrorist bomb, they started an off site backup. If you use web based backup or iSCSI then the rules base for your panic procedure will be different compared to locally stored backup media.

Another time to hit the panice button is when you discover a computer virus in your network. If you don't stop backup processes as soon as possible you may end up having to detect and disinfect files twice. Once in your live system, then again in your backed up media. Sometimes the virus will already be in your backup, and when you restore data you'll start a new infection. But the panic button is the best you can do to dampen down the spread.

Another time you may want to think about hitting the panic button is when your server starts behaving unreliably, and you've just put in a call to a service engineer. A flaky server could result in a flaky backup. Don't take the risk of overwriting and trashing good data.

And when you've done all that... make sure that a process is set in motion to remind you that backups have been suspended. Otherwise when the panic's over you could be in the same situation as the people who don't do backups at all.

ActionFront Data Recovery
ActionFront Data Recovery Labs recovers lost information from downed or inaccessible computers and backups and corrupted or deleted file sets.
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Virtual Tape supports up to 1,000 slots and 4 drives. NovaStor Virtual Tape allows the user to manage multiple tape magazines in the virtual library allowing the user greater flexibility of a larger backup rotation scheme without the added cost of the physical media.

"With many of our users adding NAS storage systems on their networks, we saw the need to take advantage of those systems as a part of a user's backup safety net. NovaStor Virtual Tape gives the user the benefit of a super-fast disk backup with incredibly quick restores, while maintaining data integrity with removable, offsite tape", comments NovaStor Founder and CEO, Peter Means. "We have responded to an increasing demand of our users."
news image - NovaStor
The Virtual Tape plug-in integrates NovaStor's own TapeCopy technology to allow any virtual tapes to be migrated to physical tape media for remote restoration or off-site archiving. This capability utilizes the speed and accessibility of hard drive storage to shrink the backup window while still allowing the convenience of tape storage for archival purposes.

NovaStor Virtual Tape supports Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, 2000, 2003 & XP and is priced from $799 to $1,099 based on the number of virtual drives supported. Supporting additional virtual drives will incrementally improve backup speeds. ...NovaStor profile

ALISO VIEJO and CARLSBAD, Calif. - June 26, 2003 - QLogic Corp. today announced its entire line of award-winning 2 Gb/sec Fibre Channel switches, including its new SANbox2-64 switch has been certified for use with the SANnet II Fibre Channel storage solution from Dot Hill Systems Corp. Also certified is SANblade QLA2340 Series of 2Gb/sec PCI/PCI-X-to-Fibre Channel HBAs. ...Dot Hill profile, ...QLogic profile

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - June 25, 2003 - SanDisk Corporation announced today that it has filed a complaint for declaratory relief in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California against Infineon Technologies AG. The complaint seeks a declaratory judgment that SanDisk does not infringe United States Patent No. 5,726,601 (the "'601 patent") and that the '601 patent is invalid. SanDisk believes that its products do not infringe the '601 patent, as alleged in a letter received from Infineon. The Company believes Infineon's correspondence was motivated by Infineon's announced intention to become a flash supplier. Infineon is not a SanDisk patent licensee. ...Infineon Technologies profile, ...SanDisk profile

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – June 25, 2003 – Avail Solutions today introduced Integrity™ 1.4.5, the latest version of its backup and recovery solution. Integrity 1.4.5 provides information technology professionals with seamless management of disk and/or tape backup methodologies in a single storage environment. Integrity is unique in its ability to choose from a wide variety of storage devices, based on the specific performance and longevity needs of the data being backed up. This extends the capabilities of users, allowing them to create systems based on their unique data protection requirements.

Integrity 1.4.5 offers new features and enhancements, including adaptive file transmission technology, automatic file grooming, and FreeBSD server support. Based on file attributes, Integrity 1.4.5 automatically determines the best available data transmission protocol to use, substantially improving backup speeds. Offline data grooming works in conjunction with Integrity's managed replication and protected data migration features, which enable data to be backed up to an initial storage device, then moved or copied to other storage devices in the network. With the addition of offline data grooming, protected files can now be moved to, and stored in, different media sets for superior consolidation and management. Integrity 1.4.5 is also more user-friendly, with an enhanced GUI, and improvements in documentation and installation procedures. Redundancy and failover are built in to ensure continuous data availability.

Pricing for Integrity 1.4.5 starts at $850.00, but varies by configuration. Integrity supports a variety of operating platforms, including Windows, Sun Solaris, Linux, and others. ...Avail Solutions profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - June 25, 2003 - LSI Logic Storage Systems today announced that Compagnie Générale de Géophysique (CGG) will use the company's technology to store up to 1.7 petabytes of critical seismic data this year. As one of the largest seismic data processing companies worldwide, CGG supplies seismic information to oil companies that rely on the data for oil exploration activities. CGG chose LSI Logic Storage Systems after the company's technology performed best during extensive comparative product evaluations and testing. CGG initiated the testing because it expects to reach a level of 1.7 petabytes of stored data in 2003 and needed storage technology that could accommodate the increased storage capacity and deliver data rapidly.

"Storing and accessing data as quickly and reliably as possible is critical to our day-to-day business," said Guillaume Cambois, Executive VP of Data Processing & Reservoir Services at CGG. "Following rigorous product evaluations and testing, LSI Logic Storage Systems came out on top. We have a great deal of confidence in LSI Logic Storage Systems as a result of the evaluation process and because of the strong working relationship we have forged since 1999 when they first began providing our standard storage platform."

The six categories that LSI Logic Storage Systems and its competitors were evaluated on included: price, performance, reliability, support, ease of use and corporate strength. ...LSI Logic Storage Systems profile

PITTSBURGH, PA - June 25, 2003 - Spinnaker Networks today announced SPEC SFS benchmark results, which show its SpinServer 4100 to be the highest performance and most scalable NAS solution on the market. Industry leading single server and cluster performance coupled with complete functionality, including a global namespace, NFS, CIFS, server failover, and open support for industry leading storage subsystems, make Spinnaker the best choice for enterprise-class NAS applications.

Last October the SpinServer 3300 posted record-setting SPEC results for NAS server performance. Today, just eight months later, Spinnaker broke its own industry records with its latest product, SpinServer 4100. The new SpinServer 4100 postings demonstrate:
  • Single server performance of 40% higher than Network Appliance's fastest appliance, the top of the line FAS960
  • Single file system performance of 134,385 IOPS, more than 5 times Network Appliance's best
  • Highly available and flexible server failover capability, enabling 1+1, N+1, and other more robust and efficient failover configurations
"Spinnaker's single server performance advantage over NetApp is a significant and simple measure of the technical leadership of the SpinFS global distributed file system," said Jeff Hornung, Spinnaker Networks' Vice President Marketing. "However, the true power of the Spinnaker architecture comes with the scaling of a file system across the performance and capacity of many servers. In this way, Spinnaker customers can manage and scale enterprise-wide NAS installations in a simple and efficient manner without the need to artificially break up the file system to fit on the NAS islands sold by other vendors." ...NetApp profile, ...Spinnaker Networks profile

POWAY, Calif. – June 24, 2003 – Promicro today announced the ProStore Serial ATA storage system. The ProStore offers cost-effective, multi-terabyte storage capacity for data-intensive applications, including clustering, bioinformatics, petroleum exploration, CAD, digital content creation, and scientific visualization. Based on new Serial ATA technology, the ProStore provides higher performance and scalability, at a lower total cost of ownership.

The ProStore's patent-pending, high density design packs 36 Serial ATA drives into a 4U chassis. As data needs grow, the system is easily and cost-effectively scalable to 9 terabytes. The ProStore is also available in other form factors and capacities tailored for specific applications and storage needs. The ProStore utilizes 200 GB Serial ATA disk drives.

"We have seen a tremendous demand from our customers for high capacity, low cost near line storage," said Joseph Keith, director of business development for Promicro. "The ProStore directly addresses these requirements, combining an innovative design with Serial ATA technology and 3Ware's advanced switching architecture."

The ProStore features the Intel E7501 chipset, dual Intel Xeon™ 3.06 GHz processors, and up to four 3ware Escalade 8500 Serial ATA RAID controllers. With 3ware's point-to-point packet switching architecture, each disk drive has its own dedicated port, increasing throughput and performance while enhancing reliability.

"The enterprise storage market is looking for highly flexible, cost-effective storage solutions," said Barbara Murphy, Vice President of Marketing at 3ware. "By combining 3ware's StorSwitch packet switching architecture with the ProStore RAID storage system, Promicro delivers compelling price/capacities without compromising performance."

Additional ProStore features include hot-swappable hard drives, power supplies, dual 10/100/1000 Ethernet interfaces, and RAID support for reliability and redundancy. The ProStore supports both Linux and Windows platforms. The ProStore will be available in Q3' 2003....Promicro Systems profile

SANTA ANA, Calif. - June 24, 2003 - I/OMagic Corp. today announced that it has launched the next edition of CD Duplicators into its optical storage line-up - the 52x24x52/54x CD Duplicator with LCD Display and USB 2.0. The new I/OMagic 52x CD Duplicator is a stand alone, easy-to-use device that copies a full 700MB CD in less than three minutes. Its features include a backlit LCD panel that monitors disc status and percent complete, and USB 2.0 to allow for faster burn speeds. The I/OMagic 52x24x52/54x CD Duplicator has an introductory price of $279 and is currently available at Circuit City and Best Buy Canada. ...I/OMagic profile

FREMONT, Calif. - June 24, 2003 - SMART Modular Technologies, Inc. now offers low latency PC2100 registered DDR memory modules targeted to increase memory speeds for high performance computing and server applications. Certain industry reports suggest that as memory bandwidth increases, latencies become the limiting factor in overall system performance. This observation appears consistent with the trend towards low latency memory modules contributing more significantly to higher overall system memory performance. SMART's lineup of PC2100 low latency registered DIMMs featuring a 2.1GB/sec data throughput rate and CAS latency timings of 2-2-2 (CAS delay, RAS-to-CAS delay, precharge) are currently available. Intel has validated SMART's low latency PC2100 registered DIMMs on Xeon-based Prestonia server reference platform featuring the Plumas-533 chipset (533MHz FSB, front side bus).

"Latencies are an important performance factor for the CPU cache, the HDD, the PCI bus and main memory," said Mike Rubino, SMART's vice president of engineering. "SMART is targeting the HPC memory market with variety of high-density, low latency DIMMs to support the latest 1U and 2U dual Xeon, Itanium, Athlon and Opteron-based servers." ...SMART Modular Technologies profile

Oslo, Norway - June 24, 2003 - Tandberg Data branded SLR5-100, DLT IV, DLT VS160 and SDLT1 media is now available throughout Tandberg Data's global sales channel network. Channel partners and end-users will benefit by having a complete range of data storage products available from Tandberg Data including data cartridge media, Tape Drives, Tape Automation products and Disk based storage solutions - including NAS solutions with RAIDn Secured.

Tandberg Data guarantees the highest level of reliability and usability for its entire range of newly branded data media products. In addition each data cartridge includes a special offer on data recovery services in the event of media damage or data corruption occurring during the media life cycle. A new colour code for the Tandberg Data branded cartridges helps customers to easily identify which data cartridge(s) to use in their tape drives.

"Offering a complete line of Tandberg Data SLR and DLT data cartridges to our customers is one more key step in our strategy to become a total data storage solution provider," said Knut Aulund Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Our channel partners will benefit from our complete product range offerings coming from a single source, including the disaster recovery services we offer with our data media products". ...Tandberg Data profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - June 24, 2003 - LSI Logic and Maxtor Corporation announced plans today to collaborate on extended Serial Attached SCSI testing and prototype development of LSI Logic silicon and Maxtor Atlas hard disk drives. The project will make use of LSI Logic Fusion-MPT architecture to simplify and speed the development.

"Maxtor and LSI Logic share a vision that the new SAS technology and products will deliver exceptional customer value and deployment flexibility. Our market and technology leadership in the Ultra320 SCSI space enables us to quickly and reliably leverage our engineering experience as serial silicon evolves," said David Steele, director of product planning and management for the LSI Logic Storage Standard Products division. "Engaging early with leading hard drive manufacturers such as Maxtor will enable interoperability and a reliable product launch."

Using a Maxtor prototype drive and an early LSI Logic SAS development platform, the two companies will validate packet data exchange, throughput, and product compatibility. The collaboration is a valuable step in furthering the product and support infrastructure required for a new technology launch. ...LSI Logic profile, ...Maxtor profile

See also:- Serial Attached SCSI

Munich - June 24, 2003 - Infineon is highlighting its extensive portfolio of fiber optics products and solutions at the fibercomm trade show taking place this week in Munich. Infineon is demonstrating the first member of its 10G XFP transceiver series, a family of high-performance, low-cost TRX modules for serial optical data communication applications. The new modules allow manufacturers of communication equipment to build standards-based high-bandwidth systems for 10GBE, 10GFC, SONET/SDH OC-192 applications such as switches, network interface cards and host bus adapters. The 10G XFP modules are available in a short range version (up to 300 m over multi-mode fiber) using an 850nm VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) and as long reach modules (up to 10 km over single-mode fiber) using a 1310 nm DFB laser.

Infineon is shipping 10 Gbps 850 nm VCSEL-based transceivers in both XFP and XPAK MSA form factors, giving its customers a single source for standards-compliant 10G optical products. The Infineon 10G XFP transceiver series modules meet all specifications of the XFP MSA (Multi-Source Agreement). Included in the modules are such features as a dual Clock and Data Recovery (CDR) function that supports trace lengths of up to 12 inches and an "intelligent" interface that gives access to module operation status information. ...Infineon Technologies profile

See also:- GBICs & SFPs

LONDON - June 24, 2003 - HP today announced its market leadership and customer wins in Eastern Europe. HP is working with customers across the government, manufacturing, financial services and telecommunications sectors to drive global best practice and best return on IT investment. HP is the #1 IT company in Eastern Europe with an estimated share of 12% of IT market spending.

"With a growth in IT spend of 94% between 1995 and 2000, and estimated market growth at 12% annually, the Eastern European region continues to be a strategically important market for HP," said Kasper Rorsted, managing director Enterprise Systems Group, HP EMEA. "As the eight Eastern European countries prepare for accession to the European Union in 2004, we will continue to deliver technologies that enable the transformation of governments and businesses to help accelerate future growth opportunities."

HP Hungary signed frame contracts totaling $45 million with the Hungarian Government to supply products and services to 1,000 Government Institutions during 2003. The contracts include products and services from across HP's server, storage, PC, and imaging and printing products and its consultancy and services portfolios. ...HP profile

Editor's comments:- in the west we refer to Hungary as being in "Eastern Europe", but they hate that term and refer to themselves as being in "Central Europe". While on the subject of what we call things, I heard an interesting new term the "Ring countries" to describe the countries in Europe outside the stagnant central core of France and Germany. I wonder if future marketing managers will have titles like "European Ring Countries Manager?" Seriously, marketers in storage OEMs can learn valuable lessons about European growth opportunities from this HP press release.

WWDC, San Francisco, CA - June 23, 2003 - Chaparral Network Storage and Vixel Corporation today announced the certification of four virtualized storage solutions for Mac OS X under Chaparral's CustomerCare Program at Apple's World Wide Developers Conference. Chaparral and Vixel have qualified four storage configurations to ensure seamless interoperability. Scalable storage solutions ranging from 2.5TB to over 440TB provide affordable virtualization coupled with the Mac's legendary ease of use. The certification provides multiple solutions based upon the capacity and disaster recovery needs of Apple customers. Solutions ranging from a low-cost entry point through a heterogeneous, fully fault-tolerant solution gives virtualization customers the flexibility and expansion required to satisfy their demanding storage growth.

Combining Apple Xserve RAID, Vixel's InSpeed SAN Storage Switch Model 335 and/or 9000 Series Fabric Switches, Chaparral RIVA or RIO Storage Solutions with Chaparral's RAIDar Provisioning Services (powered by FalconStor Software) brings a powerful virtualized storage solution to the market. Compared to other solutions available in the market, Apple's virtualized storage solutions provides an incredible value.

"Xserve and Xserve RAID have brought the power and ease of use of the Mac to a whole new audience," said Ron Okamoto, Apple's Vice President of Worldwide Developer Relations. "The combination of storage solutions from Chaparral, Vixel and Apple allows Apple customers to rely on a strong and easy-to-use virtualized storage solution for data management and recovery." ...Chaparral Network Storage profile, ...Vixel profile

IRVINE, Calif. - June 23, 2003 - Procom Technology announced that a Procom NetFORCE NF3500 NAS filer with 17 terabytes of storage capacity has been installed at Seoul National University Hospital, Korea's largest teaching hospital. The NF3500 is a key component of the hospital's new picture archival and communication system (PACS) implemented by Marotech, Inc., the leading PACS provider in Korea.

According to Daniel Lee, Marotech's vice president of research and development, the Procom NF3500 will be used for short- and long-term storage of medical images from MRI, CT, PET (positron emission tomography), ultrasounds, and more than 100 different modalities. "The speed of the NetFORCE NAS filer will allow doctors to retrieve and view medical studies within three seconds," said Lee. "NetFORCE also provides the scalability needed for storing increasingly data-intensive medical images."

Speed and scalability limitations were major issues for Seoul National University Hospital and its PACS. To meet the hospital's expanding storage needs, Lee converted its direct-attached storage system, servicing more than 600 workstations, to a Procom NAS solution, which allows users to access the data directly through the network.

In addition to on-demand modular scalability, high-availability and high-performance data access, the NetFORCE filer combines data sharing across heterogeneous platforms and advanced backup and restoration. Features include a Fibre Channel back end, dual active-active RAID controllers, and a Web-based graphical user interface. Also provided is hardware support for four Gigabit NICs, which allows ports to be aggregated into a single Internet protocol address – an important functionality for the Seoul National University Hospital PACS solution. ...Procom Technology profile

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - June 23, 2003 - In an exclusive offer to their respective resellers, Seagate and Intel are offering Serial ATA hard drives for the price of Parallel ATA hard drives with the purchase of eligible Intel Desktop boards. Seagate makes the industry's only Native Serial ATA hard drives, and its Barracuda 7200.7 is the industry's only second-generation drive to incorporate the interface. Intel has led the industry by incorporating Serial ATA support into its latest Desktop boards.

When resellers purchase any of the eligible Intel Desktop Boards from a participating distributor, they are eligible to purchase a Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 hard drive with Serial ATA for the price of a Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 hard drive with Parallel ATA. This reseller discount will occur at the time of the purchase, and is subject to the combined purchase of an eligible Intel Desktop Board with an equal number of Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 hard drives and purchased on the same invoice. The promotion is in effect until July 25, 2003.

"Intel is working with Seagate to help system builders utilize the advantages of Serial ATA today," said Joel Christensen, Director of Marketing for Intel Desktop Board Operations. "Seagate and Intel have worked closely to develop the Serial ATA architecture and deliver its advantages to customers in real products. We are pleased to help broaden the adoption of Serial ATA technology as the latest design and performance improvement for the PC platform."

"Seagate and Intel agree it's important to enable our reseller partners to adopt Serial ATA now - Serial ATA is faster, simpler to integrate and provides a new level of reliability for system builders," said Brian Dexheimer, Seagate executive vice president of Worldwide Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. ...Intel profile, ...Seagate profile

New York, NY - June 23, 2003 - XOsoft announced today the release of its Data Rewinder software solution for instantaneous data recovery, and version 3.5 of its WANSync product suite. Both products provide complete protection against any type of disaster, including common data corruptions through patent-pending Rewind and global replication technologies. Data Rewinder is a state-of-the-art data recovery software solution that allows enterprises to "undo" application and database server corruption and return their data to a consistent state quickly and easily. Rather than take periodic snapshots, the software continuously captures application or database-specific transactions and modifications, and journals them for recovery purposes. Should corruptions occur, Data Rewinder may be used to instantaneously rewind corrupted data resources to their latest consistent state. The software utilizes existing hardware infrastructure, and requires no additional software licenses.

"The ideal data recovery solution should support a fast recovery process independent of data size, and must be tailored to specific application and database servers, ensuring negligible data loss in case of corruptions," says XOsoft founder and CEO Leonid Shtilman. "With Data Rewinder, whether you are recovering single Megabyte or multi-Terabyte databases, affected servers may be brought back to a fully consistent state, with close to no loss of data, in a matter of seconds."

Data Rewinder comprises a comprehensive suite of data recovery solutions (supporting both Windows and Sun Solaris platforms), precisely tailored to industry standard application and database servers, including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL and Oracle. Data Rewinder Exchange is priced at $995 for a Standard Server and at $2,395 for an Advanced Server. XOsoft's pioneering Rewind technology may also be customized for applications and database platforms of any type, and may be licensed for integration into any data recovery solution on an OEM basis.

While Data Rewinder is a server-based point solution for data corruptions, WANSync serves as a global business continuity platform for disaster recovery and ensures high availability of mission critical data and applications. WANSync synchronizes entire critical information servers to remote replicas, and keeps them fresh and available with continuous, real-time replication. ...XOsoft profile

LONDON - June 23, 2003 - BT has signed a frame agreement with Nortel Networks for optical metro DWDM equipment as a response to customer driven demand for SAN connectivity. BT's broadband point-to-point data networking division, Short-Haul Data Services (SHDS), will use the equipment for its Wavestream Connect service.

Nortel Networks OPTera Metro 5200 Multiservice Platform is being used to initially offer enterprises SAN and Consolidated Server Cluster interconnect. The BT Wavestream Connect Service is already being deployed for a large financial institution with Nortel Networks equipment.

"The combination of probably the best fibre reach in the UK from BT with our leadership position in the SAN connectivity market is a wonderful opportunity for UK enterprises," said Peter Newcombe, president, Optical and Wireline Networks, EMEA, Nortel Networks. "Fortune 100 organisations were the first to embrace storage connectivity to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery, but now we're also seeing heightened interest in the important smaller enterprise sector."

BT SHDS Wavestream Connect service offers dedicated optical fibre links with Nortel Networks OPTera Metro 5200 equipment at either end of a fibre link into which enterprises directly connect their LAN, WAN and SAN equipment. Nortel Networks was one of the first vendors to offer enterprises SAN extensions over DWDM technology, and led the market with a 45% share in 2002, according to a May 2003 report from industry analyst group IDC. ...Nortel Networks profile

Cirencester, UK - June 23, 2003 - StoreAge Networking Technologies today announced the recent deployment of its Storage Virtualization Manager at Future Publishing Plc, a leading UK-based publishing house with offices across four countries. The deployment was effected in cooperation with Zycko, StoreAge 's distributor in UK, through its reseller partner Genisys. Future Publishing selected StoreAge 's solution for its proven ability to lower administration costs, improve the level of data protection and maximize data availability.

Nick Harvey, Network Manager at Future Publishing, explains the decision to implement the StoreAge SVM solution, saying: "The older system was failing to cope as a result of the increasing business demands being placed upon it - our needs had simply outgrown the existing infrastructure in terms of scalability and resiliency. An added problem was that, as with most storage systems, our solution was incredibly inflexible and also needed a great deal of time-consuming, 'hands-on' management... The StoreAge solution itself actually does a lot more than I thought it possibly could. The path failover and load balancing capabilities alone could prove to be absolutely essential. It has been one of those 'too good to be true' situations that makes you think, 'no, it simply can't be that easy', but in this case it really was." ...StoreAge profile, ...Zycko profile

HOUSTON - June 23, 2003 - BMC Software, Inc. today announced it has acquired DGI, the industry leader in performance management tools for IBM DB2 Universal Database. The acquisition further strengthens BMC Software's SmartDBA data management solutions by providing the capability to deliver broader DB2 UDB distributed solutions more rapidly. The Company will also benefit from the extensive DB2 UDB expertise gained through the addition of Scott Hayes to the BMC Software Enterprise Data Management team. DGI is a privately held corporation founded by Scott Hayes, one of the most widely recognized experts in the industry on DB2 UDB performance management. DGI supplies industry-leading performance management tools for DB2 UDB on UNIX, Linux, and Windows operating system platforms. DGI has a proven track record for providing very quick ROI and significant results. ...BMC Software profile

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