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Howell, NJ — June 29, 2001 — Syred Data Systems today announces the imminent release of SANBlast™. SANBlast is the world's first SAN appliance integrating a "parallel virtualization engine". Syred is well known for its extensive use of mathematic algorithms across its complete product line. These algorithms have made it possible to use multiple Fibre channel ports in parallel. With SANBlast Syred introduces a new technology breakthrough, by providing parallel throughput over 6 to 10 Channels. Additionally, SANBlast addresses the SAN main problematic, which is overall sustained throughput. Syred has developed a parallel virtualization engine that addresses multiple devices simultaneously offering tremendous bandwidth and performance to the SAN. In fact SANBlast provides aggregate I/O bandwidth across a network storage pool that is truly astonishing and unavailable from any other vendor today at any price. Additionally, SANBlast virtualizes heterogeneous storage devices over Fibre Channel or SCSI. This allows users, regardless of platform, hardware, or software, to connect and manage storage resources independently from application servers. Also, companies can seamlessly integrate all their existing storage devices within the SAN making SANBlast the best return on investment possible. ...Syred Data Systems profile

Somers, N.Y., June 29, 2001 - IBM today announced general availability of TotalStorage IP Storage 200i, an industry-leading, open-architecture network storage appliance capable of transporting data and information via standard Internet protocols. IP Storage 200i uses "iSCSI" - the emerging standard for transmitting SCSI storage protocols over IP - which is designed to deliver many of the benefits of Storage Area Networks to users such as medium-sized businesses, departments, and remote branch office sites. With prices beginning under $20,000 and capacities ranging from 108GB up to 1.74TB, the IP Storage 200i is designed to offer customers an outstanding opportunity to gain new value in managing their information assets. ...IBM profile

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - June 28, 2001 - Tricord Systems, Inc. today announced the general availability of its Lunar Flare™ NAS product, the industry's first clustered server appliance. Radically easy to deploy, manage and grow, Lunar Flare NAS allows administrators to add storage with no downtime, no user interruption and nearly effortless administration. Lunar Flare NAS also offers built-in redundancy, providing a high level of fault tolerance at an affordable price point.

Commented Joan Wrabetz, President and CEO, Tricord Systems, "Lunar Flare NAS is designed to address a crucial issue for companies of all sizes - managing growth. By clustering server appliances together and managing them as one resource, Lunar Flare NAS allows for seamless growth and continuous access to content. This not only provides for much easier scalability as a company expands, but also helps to minimize the cost of growth."

A true 'pay as you grow' solution, Lunar Flare NAS is ideal for organizations, workgroups, corporate departments, or e-businesses that are experiencing rapid growth, yet need to keep storage management and equipment costs under control.
Enabled by Tricord's patented Illumina™ software, multiple Lunar Flare NAS appliances aggregate to create a cluster, managed as a single resource. Clusters of up to 16 units provide seamless scalability from 129 GBs of raw capacity up to two terabytes. This unique solution solves critical storage management problems for IS staff by eliminating many of the management tasks associated with managing and growing storage systems. news image - Lunar Flare NAS
Pricing and Availability:- Each 129GB Lunar Flare appliance lists for $5,700.00 - or $ .04 per MB - which includes a 1-year warranty and service contract. Tricord is currently offering a "try-before-you-buy" program to allow qualified customers to try the product for a limited time with no cost or obligation. ...Tricord Systems profile

Vancouver, BC, June 28, 2001 - Merlin Software announced today that they have entered into a develop ment agreement with Tri-Link Technologies of Burnaby, B.C., potentially valued at several hundred thousand dollars, under which Merlin is to design and develop a variety of value added components for Tri-Link's Vortex!" integrated office communications platform. Under the terms of the first phase of the agreement, Merlin's Products Services Group will design and develop a new Attendant Console for the Vortex platform. Additional product development is expected over the next year. The total value of the agreement could be as high as $500,000. ...Merlin Software Technologies profile

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Re: What is the InfiniBand Ecosystem?

by InfiniCon Systems

InfiniBand is a new industry standard for server input/output (I/O) communications. It eases the data congestion among hardware devices by enabling servers, remote storage and other networking devices to be attached in a central "fabric" of switches and links. This high bandwidth, highly scalable, switched serial infrastructure addresses the bandwidth and connectivity limitations facing data centers today without compromising availability.

One of the most remarkable things about InfiniBand is that it enables I/O to be completely removed from the server. Next generation InfiniBand-based servers, some of which may be much smaller than traditional servers, can be connected by a sharable I/O infrastructure that will provide server clustering and integration of existing data center infrastructures. Ultra-dense server clusters connected through stand-alone, InfiniBand-enabled I/O subsystems will soon be deployed to handle heavy-transaction environments. The results will be higher bandwidth, better data availability and lower administration costs.

The InfiniBand architecture delivers three levels of performance with the 1X link technology (500MB/s), the 4X link technology (2GB/s) and the 12X link technology (6GB/s). These performance levels will be commercially available at different points over the next eighteen months. InfiniCon Systems is developing I/O subsystems that will provide InfiniBand switching for clustering applications, as well as the I/O infrastructure for connectivity into existing Ethernet LANs and fibre channel-based storage networks.

The InfiniBand Ecosystem

InfiniBand is already being implemented in hardware components such as Host Channel Adaptor (HCA), Target Channel Adaptor (TCA) and InfiniBand Switch silicon. In addition, InfiniBand subnet management software is being developed to manage the fabric. These components and software management entities will need to be leveraged into complete system solutions to enable data centers to reap the benefits of the InfiniBand architecture.

"With processor speeds increasing to two gigahertz and high bandwidth connectivity becoming more prevalent, the bottleneck of the server I/O complex has to be removed. In order for users to benefit from faster processing power and increased data movement, a new paradigm is required. By moving the I/O complex from the server into an independent, scalable I/O subsystem, users will benefit from higher scalability than previously possible, as well as the ability to connect into existing infrastructures," explained Philip Murphy, president and co-founder, InfiniCon Systems.

InfiniCon Systems believes that InfiniBand will become a major standard in data centers, and that as InfiniBand applications mature, a tier will begin to emerge with increasing degrees of intelligence. As a result of the new InfiniBand technology, data centers will be able to deploy sharable I/O subsystems that enable customers to fully exploit their CPU power without replacing their existing network and storage infrastructure investment. Additionally, more common sharable services will be deployed within the InfiniBand fabric.

"InfiniBand will expand the horizons of enterprise interconnectivity over the next eight years as the intelligent controller has for enterprise storage over the past eight. Evidenced by InfiniCon Systems' choice of the word 'ecosystem,' InfiniBand defines an evolving systems environment," commented John Young, research program director, enterprise storage, D.H. Brown Associates. "This environment is one that expands infrastructure possibilities, stretches data center boundaries, and supports the needs of highly differentiated end-user communities. With InfiniBand, the computing industry takes a giant step towards ultimate responsiveness to user needs."

Additional topics regarding InfiniBand in the data center will be addressed by InfiniCon Systems in future columns.

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INLINE Corporation is a leading independent provider of open systems storage solutions.

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SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 27, 2001 — Silicon Image, Inc. today announced its support of the industry's new "Big Drive" interface initiative introduced by Maxtor Corporation yesterday at PC Expo in conjunction with Compaq Computer Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, VIA Technologies and others. Silicon Image now offers device drivers that accommodate the new 48-bit addressing standard for the ATA interface while maintaining backwards compatibility with drives using 28-bit addressing technology-enabling customers to deploy larger-capacity ATA drives to meet their growing storage requirements. Breaking the 137GB barrier for ATA hard drives, the "Big Drive" standard frees manufacturers to develop large-capacity drives capable of accessing up to 144 petabytes (PB)-more than 100,000 times more data than the current interface standard.

The demand for larger-capacity hard drives continues to escalate to accommodate more storage-intensive applications, such as storing and manipulating digital video, MP3 files and other multimedia content. Evidencing this trend, the first 100GB ATA hard drives are now in production. However, hard drive access to additional capacity beyond 137GB has until now been limited by the ATA interface. The original specification for the ATA interface calls for 28-bit sector addressing, which limits hard drive access to 137GB of storage even with the use of common RAID striping configurations. By upgrading the ATA interface to accommodate 48-bit addressing on a single drive, the new "Big Drive" interface initiative increases the maximum capacity of an ATA device.

"We are pleased to be one of the partners in the 'Big Drive' initiative, which effectively shatters the 137GB barrier for ATA hard drives," noted Michael Kelley, vice president and general manager of Silicon Image's CMD Storage Division. "When the interface doesn't keep pace with other system components, such as hard drive capacity, system imbalances occur. By modifying the device drivers for our Ultra ATA host controllers to accommodate 48-bit addressing, we are enabling customers to fully access larger capacity drives beyond 137GB." Kelley added, "Since many of our customers are using our Medley™ ATA software RAID, our support of the 'Big Drive' initiative will ensure their ability to utilize the full capacity of the RAID set." ...Silicon Image profile

FREMONT, Calif - June 27, 2001 - VA Linux Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: LNUX) today outlined its new strategy focusing on application software, as well as significant restructuring steps designed to immediately improve cash flow and reduce operating losses. As part of this strategy, VA Linux will exit the systems hardware business. Hardware orders will be accepted until July 10, 2001, with the goal of completing all deliveries by the end of the fiscal year, July 28, 2001. Staffing levels will be reduced by approximately 35% from the fiscal third quarter level of 436 employees. The majority of layoffs will occur during the current fiscal quarter, with the remainder over the next several months, as VA completes certain obligations to its customers, primarily in the area of hardware service and support. Moving forward, VA Linux will focus on application software, providing customers with Linux, Open Source and collaborative development solutions.

The financial impact of the new VA Linux strategy will be significant. Historically, VA Linux has generated a significant majority of its revenues from the sale of its hardware products. VA expects its revenue to significantly decline with the elimination of the hardware segment. ...VA Linux Systems profile

Editor's note:- As I've said before, a lot of companies have been attracted into the storage market, but not all will succeed. In March last year VA Linux Systems, Inc. started its plan to become the next Sun Microsystems, acquiring two hardware companies:- TruSolutions of San Diego California (a rackmount SPARC server manufacturer and var) and NetAttach of Santa Clara, California (a storage company). In September 2000 VA Linux introduced the VA Linux 9205 NAS system - an ultradense 2U storage appliance. Now those plans are dust, and the company is going to stick to its knitting as a software company.

TOKYO, JAPAN and MELVILLE, N.Y., June 27, 2001 - NEC Corporation and FalconStor, Inc. today announced an OEM partnership to add IP connectivity, storage virtualization, high availability, and business continuity to the storage infrastructure of e-Businesses worldwide. The two companies will integrate NEC's high performance storage system with FalconStor's IPStor software to realize an IP-based storage infrastructure with enterprise-class storage services.

NEC provides family line of SAN disk arrays - iStorage - and its software that offer a storage infrastructure for e-businesses. FalconStor's IPStor is the industry's first open, secure, highly-available, and high-performance storage networking software that delivers both block level and file level storage access to application servers over IP/iSCSI. The integrated combination of NEC's cost-effective high performance storage system and FalconStor's IPStor software will be NEC's first IP-based network storage that provides an rich Internet storage solution to customers worldwide.

"NEC kept a keen eye on FalconStor's innovative IPStor solution as the excellent storage solution, and studied from various aspect over a period of nearly a year. we are delighted to announce the partnership with FalconStor to realize enterprise level quality by the combined solution," said Kazuhiko Kobayashi, Senior Vice President of NEC Solutions, NEC Corporation. "Through the combination of NEC iStorage and FalconStor IPStor solution, NEC provides a network storage solution that fully leverages the common IP infrastructure. The partnership is reflective of NEC's continuing commitment to meet the surging corporate demand for storage system with high reliability, high performance and high manageability IPStor will be the key product to realize a robust, secure, manageable, and feature rich storage networking solution to the customers."

In a traditional storage area network, Fibre Channel has been the only available, practical, but rather costly technology to connect storage to application servers, delivering only block level access. IPStor utilizes Fast Ethernet and/or Gigabit Ethernet in addition to Fibre Channel that greatly expand the connectivity, allowing data centers to leverage their existing Ethernet infrastructure investment as well as the IT professional's knowledge to deploy a reliable, manageable, and cost effective storage network. In addition to providing IP connectivity, IPStor's intelligent storage engine is designed to aggregate and virtualize storage resources, provision storage in the form of SAN (block level) and/or NAS (file level) over IP, and provide security, high availability, business continuity, and disaster recovery capabilities.

NEC's iStorage products consist of the iStorage S4100 high-end disk array, and the iStorage S2100 midrange disk array. The combined solution will be available in the second half, 2001. ...FalconStor Software profile, ...NEC profile

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - June 28, 2001 - nStor Technologies (AMEX:NSO), an emerging leader in the data storage marketplace, announced today that it had received an offer from a private investor to purchase an approximately 45% interest in the company for $12 million. The offer requires the company to cause all of its preferred stock to be converted into common stock, as well as other conditions. Mr. H. Irwin Levy, Chairman of the Board, stated that the company will evaluate the offer, confer with the holders of preferred stock and respond to the proposal on or before the July 25 deadline provided for in the offer.

In another release today, nStor announced an OEM agreement with NEC Corporation. NEC has selected the NexStor storage systems for use with product offerings it will be announcing later this year. These NEC branded products will be based on the NexStor 1202F and 3250F, and customized to NEC specifications. nStor has already delivered the NexStor 1202F, the world's first 2U, 12-drive Fibre Channel storage solution, to NEC. The system is capable of storing up to 876GB of data in only 2U of rack space when utilizing 73GB drives. The NexStor 3250F is an active/active RAID version of this storage system.

"NEC wanted a state-of-the-art storage solution to match the capabilities of our new products," stated Mr. Koji Iguchi, Department Manager for NEC's Workstation and Server Division. "In our market, space is very much at a premium. The 2U form factor gives us the ability to store 60% more storage in the same rack space as our competition, giving us a strong competitive edge."

"This is an important new OEM customer for nStor, further demonstrating the success of our product in this market," said Jim Habuda, Vice President of Worldwide OEM and Indirect Sales, nStor Technologies. "NEC is the dominant computer systems supplier in Japan, owning in excess of a 30% market share. When production shipments start later this year, this relationship will represent significant new revenues for nStor, and it marks the beginning of a mutually rewarding relationship with NEC. Shipments of the 1202F have already begun for integration into new NEC products that will be announced later this year." ...NEC profile, ...nStor Technologies profile

MILPITAS, Calif., June 26, 2001 - LSI Logic Storage Systems, Inc. today announced that VERITAS Volume Replicator™ has been qualified to provide comprehensive replication services for the LSI Logic MetaStor® E-Series storage arrays. In conjunction with LSI Logic MetaStor E-Series storage arrays, VERITAS Volume Replicator provides a seamless, state-of-the-art solution for remote mirroring of data across any IP network (LAN or WAN) without disruption to continuing online operations. Applications of the remote mirroring technology include disaster planning and recovery, remote backup, backup consolidation, load balancing, and site migration.

"LSI Logic Storage Systems has a long been a pioneer of sophisticated storage solutions for the open enterprise," said Gerard Meluso, director of business development, LSI Logic Storage Systems. "By combining forces with VERITAS, we have created the ability to deliver our customers a high performance, low cost, and open remote mirroring solution that can scale and outperform closed solutions from proprietary vendors."

VERITAS Volume Replicator reliably, efficiently, and consistently mirrors data to remote locations over any business network for maximum business continuity. It supports all commercial database management systems, scales to support 32 secondary replication links for one-to-many or many-to-one scenarios, allows administrative tasks to be performed online and replicates fully consistent data in both synchronous and asynchronous mode. Because the VERITAS Software replication technology is far less sensitive to network latency than some competing solutions, long-distance or even transcontinental replication becomes possible without compromising data integrity, risking substantial data loss or requiring additional proprietary network hardware.
The LSI Logic Systems MetaStor E-Series is a family of Enterprise Storage Systems built for storage area network (SAN) operations. The MetaStor E-Series can be configured for RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5 and 1+0, supports Fibre Channel connectivity to many different host computers, and features family scalability from 32 gigabytes to 16 terabytes of data. news image - LSI Logic Systems - MetaStor E-Series
"VERITAS Volume Replicator's performance, flexibility and openness enable new possibilities for the enterprise customer and make it the premier remote mirroring solution available today," said John Maxwell, vice president of product marketing, VERITAS Software. "Bringing the fully integrated VERITAS Volume Manager™ and VERITAS Volume Replicator solution into a MetaStor E-Series environment produces a solid storage infrastructure capable of delivering complete online management and remote data replication for any mission-critical application."

Qualification of the VERITAS Volume Replicator for use with MetaStor E-Series storage systems is another important element of LSI Logic Storage Systems' strategy to enable medium and large enterprises to reduce the total cost of computing in today's heterogeneous IT environment. This is accomplished by reducing the number of servers and storage systems needed to provide high performance, high availability computing, and by significantly increasing storage and systems administrator span of control. ...LSI Logic Storage Systems profile, ...VERITAS Software profile

BOSTON, MA—June 26, 2001—TD SYSTEMS announced today that it has joined the Brocade Fabric Threads Developer Program. The program is designed to provide SAN hardware and software developers with the tools and resources to create new products and applications and successfully complete interoperability testing with Brocade SilkWorm® fabric switches, the Brocade Fabric Operating System (Fabric OS™), and Brocade Fabric Services. Brocade Fabric Threads Developers include leading providers of SAN hardware and software solutions. These partners leverage the intelligence in Brocade SAN infrastructure to create products that interoperate in Brocade-based heterogeneous storage networks. TD Systems is delivering mission-critical SAN solutions today that interoperate with Brocade SilkWorm fabric switches. The Brocade Fabric Threads Developer Program helps assure continued successful end-to-end interoperability as new products are introduced and enhanced SAN applications are developed.

"We are delighted to welcome TD Systems to the Brocade Fabric Threads Developer Program. Together with our partners, who are leading the way in delivering new SAN capabilities, we continue to expand the options for Brocade customers," said Jack Cuthbert, Brocade vice president of Sales, Marketing, and Support Services. "By utilizing the Brocade Fabric OS and Fabric Access™, our partners can leverage the intelligence in Brocade-based SANs to offer new levels of SAN interoperability and management functionality to their customers. ...TD Systems profile

Hopkinton, MA - June 26, 2001 EMC Corporation today announced a major expansion of its E-Infostructure™ Developers Program, the storage industry's most comprehensive open software integration initiative. The expanded program will now give customers access to additional third party software tools integrated with a full range of EMC solutions through new programming interfaces. The initiative, which began in 1999 with programming interfaces for EMC's Symmetrix® systems and software, now enables developers to customize their software to utilize key management and protection features of EMC's family of CLARiiON® systems and software and Celerra® Network File Servers.

There are now 75 vendors -- ranging from the world's largest database, backup and management companies to specialized data software firms -- utilizing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for EMC's Symmetrix systems and software, such as EMC TimeFinder™ and Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF)™. More than 40 products with EMC-specific features or functions are currently available from these companies.

EMC is now providing access to Command Line Interfaces for its CLARiiON and Celerra systems to ISVs and others who will be able to develop and market versions of their products and applications that can control specific features and functions of these EMC solutions. By sharing its programming interfaces with other vendors, EMC is helping customers take full advantage EMC's leading features and functionality, while eliminating costly, time-consuming application creation or customization and testing.

Don Swatik, EMC's Vice President of Global Alliances, said, "For nearly two years, we've opened up our leading architecture to some of the world's best companies and the end result has been more choice for customers. EMC systems, by design, are the most open in the market today, supporting more operating systems, applications and third-party software than all of our competitors combined. This expansion gives customers even more tools that they can seamlessly integrate into their EMC information infrastructure." ...EMC profile

New York, NY - June 26, 2001 - / PCExpo, Booth #4822 / - Alacritech® Inc. today announced its Alacritech 100 Series Server Accelerators now support the Microsoft Windows 2000 and Redhat Linux operating systems. The Alacritech 100 Series Server Accelerators are based on Alacritech's patented SLIC (session-layer interface card) Technology® to optimize the performance of servers, network-attached storage and iSCSI storage devices and to significantly increase the performance of server-based applications in corporate enterprises.

"Corporations running network-intensive applications like groupware, file serving, Web serving and storage management demand high-performance servers," said Barry Haaser, vice president of marketing, Alacritech, Inc. "Alacritech's innovative server accelerators effectively offload network processing from the server CPU directly to the network adapter, thus accelerating servers, networks and applications cost-efficiently."

Alacritech's SLIC Technology and innovative TCP offload technique is key to enhancing Ethernet performance and dramatically reducing network overhead. As systems and servers are tapped with increasing amounts of network traffic, systems are being forced to process data faster and more efficiently. Alacritech server accelerators use a custom ASIC known as the Internet Protocol Processor (IPP) to offload TCP and packet processing from the system to reduce CPU utilization, boost data throughput and decrease network latency. Server accelerators based on Alacritech's SLIC Technology can deliver outstanding performance for Internet and business applications. ...Alacritech profile

TUSTIN, CA - June 26, 2001 - NewTech Infosystems, Inc. (NTI) has released CD-Maker 5.0 Professional Edition, the newest version of its award-winning CD-R/RW software that records data, audio and video. Concurrently, NTI released FileCD 2.0, the latest version of its high-performance packet-writing software. CD-Maker Professional 5.0 comes bundled with FileCD 2.0 and, together, they turn a desktop PC and a CD-R/RW drive into a high-capacity storage device -- and a virtual recording studio.

"CD-R/RW drives have proven themselves as premier audio, video and data storage devices," said Bill Yao, NTI president and CEO. "Now, both casual and power users are seeking additional features and utility. To meet this demand, NTI has added significant new capabilities to CD-Maker and FileCD."

New features include:-
  • FileCD 2.0 offers reliable support for UDF (an emerging standard for optical media drives), as well as ISO formats.
  • FileCD 2.0 provides the option of recording files to CD-R/RW by using the Windows "Send To" function -- or by dragging-and-dropping from Windows Explorer or the FileCD window.
  • CD-Maker 5.0 supports the "overburn" feature provided in new CD-R/RW drives that allows extra information (beyond standard media specifications) to be burned onto a CD.
  • CD-Maker 5.0 supports Super Video CD (SVCD) which utilizes the higher quality MPEG-2 format (instead of MPEG-1) for recording videodiscs.
  • CD-Maker 5.0 has an advanced cache buffering algorithm that minimizes data buffer under-run errors (which produce unusable CDs). Advanced caching is particularly useful when a high-speed recorder is added to a low-speed PC, or when many background system functions are running during the recording process, stressing system resources and CPU cycles.
  • CD-Maker 5.0 allows recording "Live Audio" directly to a hard drive in WAV format. This enhancement lets the user review the audio, before recording, and "condition" it with CD-Maker's pop/click and hiss filtering features. It also allows a user to store audio on a hard drive before recording it at the rated speed of the CD-R/RW drive. This is important for users of CD-R/RW drives that do not support 1x recording and/or do not have "burnproof" protection.
  • CD-Maker 5.0 supports playlists (M3U files). This allows users to burn their favorite music selections onto a CD by dragging-and-dropping the playlist file onto the audio layout. This feature provides fast, easy, convenient recording of groups of music selections.
  • CD-Maker 5.0 integrates an enhanced version of JewelCase Maker, which now takes CD layout information including CD Text, as input in the design of CD jewel cases and labels. This desirable new feature streamlines the design process, making it easier to create labels based on CD contents.
NTI CD-Maker 5.0 Professional Edition operates in Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP environments. NTI CD-Maker 5.0 Professional Edition is available in retail stores at an MSRP of $69.99. Electronic software download versions are available for $49.99. A free trial version is available for download at A special version is also available to OEMs and includes many of the new enhancements. ...NewTech Infosystems profile

Lowell, Massachusetts - June 26, 2001 - Mission Critical Linux, Inc. and PowerQuest Corporation today announced that they have cooperatively developed a storage protection and recovery solution for the enterprise. The technology incorporates a Linux kernel with PowerQuest's imaging and recovery technology. This advance will allow companies to back-up any server directly to DVD-RAM - enabling more reliable backups and faster recovery than is available with tape backup.

"Partnering with Mission Critical Linux allows us to provide our customers with the most reliable recovery solutions available," said Steve Fairbanks, vice president of strategic development at PowerQuest. "For approximately the same cost as tape backup, businesses can maintain an exact image of their servers on DVD-RAM and enjoy increased reliability and speed for their disaster recovery."

As part of the initial work done under this agreement, Mission Critical Linux has provided PowerQuest with a tested operating system and Linux kernel that will allow users of PowerQuest's Drive Image Pro to recover their critical system information in the event of a catastrophic system failure. The software allows corporate and individual users to write a complete image of their hard drives to a DVD-RAM. In the event of a system failure, the user can load a disaster recovery CD, access critical file-system information stored on the DVD-RAM, and restart the system. The software provided by Mission Critical Linux includes support for both ATAPI and SCSI DVD-RAM drives including the Panasonic 4.7GB DVD-RAM/R drive. This functionality provides a cost-effective means to ensure accurate, efficient system back-up and recovery technology.

"We look forward to working with PowerQuest in future development efforts. We see this initial project as the first step in building a constructive relationship aimed at developing the very best in storage protection and recovery solutions," said Steve Ofsthun, Senior VP of Engineering, of Mission Critical Linux.

PowerQuest will demonstrate the new DVD-RAM enabled version of Drive Image Pro at the DVD Pavilion, Booth 3822, this week during TECHXNY 2001. The DVD-RAM enabled version of Drive Image Pro, designed exclusively for OEMs, will be available worldwide in the third quarter of 2001 through the PowerQuest Global License Program offered by PowerQuest sales associates and VARs. ...Mission Critical Linux profile, ...PowerQuest profile

SOUTHBOROUGH, Mass., June 25, 2001 - Storability, Inc. today announced that it closed $30 million in its second round of funding. Led by Technology Partners and Sprout Group, the round also includes an investment from Lee Munder Venture Partners and additional funding by Storability's initial investors Battery Ventures, Madison Dearborn and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

The new funding will support continued deployment of Storability's breakthrough AssurENTSM Architecture, a unique automated enterprise storage management delivery system that provides storage operation and management services anywhere in the world. The AssurENT Architecture enables Storability to deliver highly customized, highly secure Storage AssuranceSM Services to enterprise customers and service providers.

"Storability's team of industry veterans has developed highly scalable remote storage management technology to address the tidal wave of data washing over enterprises. Using this capability, the company has pioneered the most capital-efficient service model in the industry," said Jason Yotopoulos of Technology Partners, who will join Storability's Board of Directors. "By automating the storage management process, Storability is uniquely able to serve the needs of global enterprises and nicely complement the offerings of partners alike. We're excited about working with the team to take the business to the next level and beyond." ...Storability profile

Editor's comments:- over 50 storage companies have been acquired or otherwise exited the market since January 2001, yet the total number of storage companies keeps rising. Over $1 Billion of funding has been invested in new startup storage companies during the last 18 months, and this will be the subject of my next Squeak! article later this week.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - June 25, 2001 - BakBone Software, Inc. today announced the appointment of Keith Rickard as Chief Executive Officer and President. Mr. Rickard joins BakBone with more than twenty years experience in the software industry, including significant experience in storage management software. He will report directly to BakBone's Board of Directors, and is responsible for driving the company's sales and marketing strategy, as well as determining and implementing an optimum business strategy to promote the future of the company while ensuring maximum value for its shareholders.

"We sought out a candidate with significant blue-chip experience in developing a company to the next level," said Archie Nesbitt, BakBone Software's Board Chairman. "Keith has the documented track record that met our requirements. His demonstrated ability to consistently grow sales, as well as his global contacts throughout our industry, are what we require as we position BakBone for additional progress."

Mr. Rickard most recently served as President of Sterling Software's Storage Management Division, prior to its purchase by Computer Associates. While in that role, his division increased its annual worldwide revenues to US$120 million, improving its operating revenues 137%, and increasing its profit margin 25%.

"BakBone has a tremendous opportunity to become a significant presence in the storage software industry," Mr. Rickard stated. "The technical quality of its software is unsurpassed, and the team has what it takes to produce industry-leading results. I'm excited about the challenge, and look forward to building revenues and profitability, and capitalizing on BakBone's successes."

Mr. Rickard assumes the role of CEO from BakBone co-founder Tony Cerqueira. Mr. Cerqueira has been named Executive Vice President, with responsibility for corporate development, working with institutional and investment bankers, and will continue to participate in product development. He remains a member of BakBone Software's Board of Directors. ...BakBone Software profile

LIVERMORE, CALIFORNIA, June 25, 2001 - Alacritus Software has announced the release Securitus I, the industry's first complete virtual tape library solution. When teamed with a wide range of disk subsystems, Securitus I is poised to become the de facto replacement for tape libraries. This virtual tape library technology handles library sharing and tape drive sharing while making performance tuning unnecessary. Securitus I is more reliable, efficient, and cost effective than tape technology. In addition, Securitus I is positioned to exploit the rapid advances that disk technology is achieving over tape technology.

According to Don Trimmer, co-founder and Chief Strategic Officer of Alacritus, "This highly efficient tape-library alternative will help ensure the highest quality, most cost effective, protection of corporate data assets." Trimmer continued, "Securitus I not only reduces storage management costs, but also sets new standards for capacity, performance, price, and reliability."

Securitus I makes the configuration, management and maintenance of storage management applications much easier. Customers and OEM partners have told Alacritus that they are willing to purchase the virtual tape library immediately and are willing to pay multiple times the cost of their present tape library for this enhanced product. "Not only is Securitus I designed to attack the tape library market," said George Wilson, Alacritus Chief Executive Officer, "but in combination with removable disk subsystems, it will soon also attack the tape media marketplace. Due to continuing price and technology trends, it will be more cost effective, reliable and efficient to have a removable disk in the storage rack than a tape."

Securitus I is more cost effective than tape libraries because it is a disk subsystem that functions as a virtual tape library. Customers are able to copy up to 10 times faster than a typical tape library to other media; gain significantly lower administration cost with simplified backup application configuration and tuning; and make library sharing transparent to the application as well as dynamic tape drive sharing transparent to application. Securitus I is scheduled for beta tests in the third quarter of 2001, with first customer shipment scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2001. ...Alacritus Software profile

Eden Prairie, Minn., June 25, 2001 – Responding to the growing data availability requirements of its global and national customers, XIOtech® Corporation today announced that its customer-focused service model will include enhanced high-availability customer service offerings. XIOtech's new offerings include a proactive monitoring tool, called XPERTcare Active Watch, for the company's MAGNITUDE™ hardware platform and a restructured warranty program that makes 24/7 access to XIOtech customer service a standard feature for new customers. The company has also made significant investments in both equipment and support staff within its service organization.

The hallmark of XIOtech's service model has been to provide customers flexibility in designing a service package that best meets their changing business needs – from a basic service package (for those who wish to perform MAGNITUDE system service and maintenance themselves) to complete 24/7 service and support, or a customized combination of service offerings that best meets the customer's needs. This is a unique service model in the storage industry.

"XIOtech isn't forcing customers to sign up for a Procrustean bed 'one-size-fits all' service model centered on XIOtech's needs," said Dan Tanner, senior analyst for storage and storage management at Aberdeen Group. "XIOtech can offer this fresh customer needs-based approach because its MAGNITUDE product is easy to use and maintain. At the same time, expanding its service organization and offering more high-availability options may attract customers who want 24/7 information access and expect their vendors to respond at once should a problem arise."

"A growing number of our customers tell us they simply cannot afford downtime if they are to remain competitive in their marketplace. Meanwhile, our small and mid-range customers look to us to serve as an extension of their in-house support staff," said George J. Klauser, vice president of services at XIOtech. "We believe our enhanced customer-focused service strategy will help us continue to flourish in the mid-range market while attracting even more Fortune 500 customers. Our announcement today is just a first step in our new storage service strategy." ...XIOtech profile

Mountain View, CA, June 25, 2001 - Legato Systems, Inc. announces the immediate availability of three QuikStartzSM solutions packages, the industry's first flexible, three-tiered, service solutions that provide ease-of-management and valuable asset protection for IT enterprises. The new Legato® QuikStartzSM packages of consulting and implementation services address the customers' enterprise level challenges by providing a three-tiered approach that allows customers to determine the "best-fit" for their current needs while providing the flexibility to grow and expand in reaction to the changes in their enterprise.

"Faced with the growing complexity of managing their storage management environments, IT professionals are faced with a myriad of decisions when it comes to choosing services to support their goals," said Greg Clock, vice president of consulting, Legato Systems. Inc. "QuikStartz allow corporations' lines of business and their IT organizations to aggressively manage both their application availability and their investment in assets by providing them the choice of services solutions directly related to their immediate challenges."

All QuikStartz packages include full configuration diagramming documentation, a site summary report and in-depth knowledge transfer between Legato consultants and the IT staff. The QuikStartz packages, which can be implemented within a one-week window of opportunity, are available for the following Legato solutions:
  • Legato® NetWorker ®- One NetWorker Server implemented on any supported, non-clustered UNIX, Linux, Windows NT or Windows 2000 platform; up to 20 non-clustered NetWorker clients of the same operating system and a tape library with up to 12 drives The package also provides the flexibility for add-on service modules based on the Legato flagship NetWorker products.
  • Legato Automated Availability Manager for WANs (formerly Legato wanCluster) - Four Host nodes with either one Legato Automated Availability Module or one custom application [non-Legato Module]; EMC2 SRDF option; add-on service modules of either additional Legato Automated Availability Modules or additional customer applications
  • Legato Automated Availability Manager (formerly LCE)- Two Host nodes with either one Legato Automated Availability Module or one custom application [non-Legato Module]; add-on service modules of either additional Legato Automated Availability Modules or additional customer applications.
...Legato profile

June 26-28, 2001, Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York City - The Largest IT Solutions Event on the East Coast Showcases Cutting-Edge Technology - PC EXPO/TECHXNY 2001 PC EXPO brings together an unparallel range of business technology solutions for every organization, from enterprise to small business. The event will feature more than 500 exhibitors including: AMD, Compaq, Gateway, Fujitsu PC, HP, IBM, Intel, Iomega, Maxtor, Microsoft, Motorola, Transmeta, and USB Pavilions.

TECHXNY (Technology Exchange Week New York) is a new venture created by CMP Media LLC that is designed to unite companies and associations that are instrumental in shaping today's business and technology solutions. Keynote addresses include:
  • Carl Yankowski, CEO, Palm Inc., speaking on "Handheld Computing: Grass Roots to Corporate Standard," on Tuesday, June 26, 10:30 am - 11:30 am.
  • Michael Splinter, Executive Vice President, Intel, speaking on "New Priorities, New Solutions," on Wednesday, June 27, 10:30 am - 11:30 am.
  • David Gelernter, Chief Scientist, Mirror Worlds Technology, Yale University Professor of Computer Science & Author, speaking on "Living in a Distributed World: Mobile Communicating & The PC," on Thursday, June 28, 10:30 am - 11:30 am
Editor's note:- at the same location, this week, starting today - SAN Summit 2001

22 June 2001 -Plasmon Plc today announced a placing of new ordinary shares to fund the development of UDO drives and media. Plasmon proposes to raise approximately £10.3 million, net of expenses, by way of a Placing and Open Offer, which has been fully underwritten by Investec Bank. The funds raised will enable Plasmon to undertake full scale UDO drive and media development. The development of this technology is a vital part of Plasmon's growth strategy which is designed to ensure that Plasmon remains at the leading edge of the high-end removable data storage market.

Within the optical storage systems market, Plasmon focuses on the 5.25" and 12" market whose overall size is estimated by the Directors to be approximately US$360 million. The size of the 12" optical storage systems market is approximately US$60 million and principally serves high-end financial, insurance and government archive applications. Plasmon is the leading supplier of 12" drive and media in the world. The 5.25" optical storage systems market involves servicing the mid-range document imaging and financial archive applications and its market size is approximately US$300 million.

Within the tape storage systems market, Plasmon focuses on the tape libraries market whose market size is approximately US$2.5 billion and which is forecast to grow by 20 to 25 per cent. per annum to 2003 (Source: IDC, 2001). This market is primarily comprised of automated back-up of primary hard disk storage systems. Plasmon has recently launched a comprehensive range of LTO libraries to enter this marketplace where there are some 8 major competitors. ...Plasmon profile

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