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Storage news - 2004, June week 4

Megabyte's selection of storage news
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LOUISVILLE, Colo. - June 30, 2004 - Today, at Storage World, StorageTek announced completion of a strategic OEM partnership agreement with Sun Microsystems. Under the agreement, Sun will market and sell StorageTek's StreamLine SL8500 under the StorEdge brand, as well as StorageTek's L-700e and L-180 tape libraries. The agreement gives StorageTek more access to Sun's 6,000-strong sales professionals and opens up new joint marketing and selling opportunities. ...StorageTek profile, ...Sun profile, Tape Libraries, Sun VARs - USA

MILPITAS, Calif - June 30, 2004 - LSI Logic Corporation announced today that the company has been chosen by Lenovo, the largest hi-tech enterprise in China, to be the primary supplier of Ultra320 SCSI RAID adapters. Lenovo will implement the complete family of LSI Logic's MegaRAID Ultra320 SCSI RAID adapters into its servers.

"LSI Logic sees the China market as a key growth area for its RAID storage adapter products. Our relationship with Lenovo allows us to build and grow our customer base, meet the growing demand for RAID in the China market and equip Lenovo customers with leading-edge storage technology, essential for companies to meet todays high-performance computing and data demands," said Siamak Iranpour, Director of Marketing for LSI Logic's RAID Storage Adapter Division. ...LSI Logic profile, RAID controllers

Taoyuan/Taiwan - June 30, 2004 - Inotera Memories, Inc. announces the inauguration of its 300mm semiconductor production facility today. The first DRAM chips using 110nm trench technology are already rolling off the new production site located at HwaYa Technology Park, Taiwan. Inotera's major production volume of memory products will contribute to Infineon Technologies and Nanya Technology and help each partner to expand its position in the DRAM market.

The 300mm semiconductor facility will be equipped in two stages aligned with the growth and development of the world semiconductor market. The first stage has been completed according to schedule and the ramp up of DRAM products has already started in April 2004. By the end of calendar year 2004, more than 20,000 wafer starts per month are planned. The initial production of memory products at Inotera is based on the 110nm process technology; the transition to 90nm is expected to start in 2005. Completion of the second stage is currently anticipated by the end of 2005. The total capacity will then be increased to more than 50,000 wafer starts per month, making Inotera the world's largest DRAM production facility. ...Inotera profile, RAM, Record Breaking Storage

LAKE FOREST, Calif. - June 29, 2004 - Western Digital Corp.announced today that it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Cornice Inc. Filed today in United States District Court in Orange County, Calif., the lawsuit alleges that Cornice is infringing seven Western Digital patents related to disk drive technology. Western Digital is seeking to prevent Cornice from illegally using Western Digital patented technology, as well as seeking to recoup monetary damages resulting from patent infringement by products Cornice has already sold to its customers.

Matt Massengill, chairman and CEO for Western Digital, said, "Western Digital has made significant investments in research and development over its 34-year history, including the last 16 years as a leading hard drive company. We have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to develop our hard drive products. The technical sophistication and outstanding quality of our products is the result of these investments and the hard work of our talented and dedicated team of employees. We will not allow Cornice to unfairly exploit our patents, which are the product of the efforts of our team and the investments by our shareholders. We intend to vigorously protect our valuable intellectual property and keep our rights from being violated." ...Cornice profile, ...Western Digital profile, Hard drives

Editor's note:- this is the second disk patent lawsuit to hit Cornice this month. The earlier one was from Seagate. But with $81 million funding and a future market worth maybe $3 billion a year for embedded consumer hard drives there's a lot to play for.

DES MOINES, Iowa - June 29, 2004 - Accordance Systems today announced the availability of the ARAID 2000, an easy to install and use SATA RAID 1/0 storage solution for businesses concerned with losing critical data. Compatible with popular operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc), ARAID 2000 automatically mirrors data onto a second disk to ensure that data is protected in case one disk dies or gets corrupted. Because all the intelligence is built in the ARAID 2000, users do not have to install controller boards or load any software to use the device.

Not only can users enjoy the high performance and reliability of SATA, they are protecting data at a reduced cost compared to other data backup strategies. Each unit supports disk hot-swapping, LCD status display, independent locking disk trays, audible warning alarms and forced air-cooling. The ARAID RAID architecture utilizes Accordance ASIC technology that performs RAID services in hardware with less than 3% CPU overhead.

"Insert two hard drives into the ARAID 2000, connect the cables and stick it in your computer box. That's all that is required. Start the computer and the ARAID 2000 looks like one S-ATA disk to the system," said Steve Johnson, President of Accordance Systems. "The ARAID 2000 is perfect for data back-up for small to medium size businesses and office networks with RAID1 data continuity. And with just a simple flip of a switch, the ARAID devices turns into a RAID 0 storage throughput accelerator striping data on the two disks. It is perfect for high performance applications such as gaming, pre-press imaging and digital video editing. It's a simple, versatile data storage workhorse."

For larger businesses and enterprise users, the ARAID 2000 can be easily managed via SNMP. List price for the ARAID 1500 and 2000 is $370/each. ...Accordance profile, Disk to disk backup

MELVILLE, N.Y. - June 29, 2004 - FalconStor Software, Inc. today announced that Sony Electronics has certified its SAIT drives and PetaSite storage systems with FalconStor's VirtualTape Library software. The Sony PetaSite series are tape-based storage systems that feature native storage capacities and fast transfer speeds for asset management and consolidation. The FalconStor VTL software enables users to leverage disk to enhance the reliability, speed and availability of their tape media. Together, the two solutions facilitate the consolidation and provisioning of backup resources to lower administrative costs and deliver maximum return on investment. ...FalconStor profile, ...Sony profile, Tape Libraries

Storage World Conference, Long Beach, Calif. - June 29, 2004 - iQstor Networks, Inc. announced the release of their J1200 SATA expansion enclosure, an affordable new SATA JBOD targeted to serve the needs of cost-conscious customers. Each J1200 scales to 6TB per enclosure (using fifteen 400GB SATA drives), allowing the creation of extremely large SAN systems as needs arise. With fully redundant, hot swappable components for disk drives, power supplies, cooling modules and JBOD controllers, the J1200 ensures high availability. iQstor is showing the J1200 SATA expansion enclosure in Booth 320 at Storage World Conference. J1200 estimated end-user pricing starts at $5,880. iQstor Networks, JBODs

IRVINE, Calif. - June 29, 2004 - Pacific Digital Corp. has announced outstanding benchmark results using Western Digital's WD Raptor enterprise-class 10,000 RPM SATA hard drives with Pacific Digital's new Talon controller. Used in workstation and server platforms, the combination of Pacific Digital Talon and WD Raptor hard drives outperforms many 10,000 and 15,000 RPM SCSI drives. Using the industry standard IOMeter benchmark, the performance boost is 1.5 times the throughput of more expensive 10,000 RPM U160 SCSI configurations.

The performance of SATA drives increased dramatically with the introduction of a key performance-enhancing feature, tagged command queuing the overlapped and queued command set. Western Digital's WD Raptor 74 GB hard drives are the first 10,000 RPM drives commercially available implementing TCQ.

"The ability to deliver SCSI-level performance at SATA price points makes the combination of Talon with WD Raptor 10,000 RPM drives an attractive alternative for system builders," said Robert Horton, Pacific Digital marketing vice president. ...Pacific Digital profile, ...Western Digital profile, SATA

Fremont, California - June 29, 2004 - BiTMICRO Networks today introduced the Ace-Disk Module Series, a low-cost plug-in module that offers non-volatile, solid state storage solution in an industry standard IDE interface. Fully compatible with the standard ATA interface and PIO mode 0-2, the Ace-Disk features all the advantages of solid-state disk, including low latency delay, fast seek times and higher shock tolerance than magnetic hard disk drives. This product's modular form factor makes it highly suitable for low-cost embedded storage applications in industrial equipment such as POS devices, vending machines, GPS receivers and security systems. The Ace-Disk Series supports standard 40-pin or 44-pin IDE connectors in both vertical and horizontal orientations. It is completely bootable and requires no device drivers for installation and operation. The solid-state flash disk module has I/O rates of up to 1,600 IOPS, sustained random rates of 4.3 MB/sec on reads and 1.5 MB/sec on writes, with available capacities ranging from 16 MB to 512 MB. It has much better shock tolerance than HDDs (1,000 G operating and non-operating), making it well suited for industrial embedded and mobile applications. ...BiTMICRO profile, Storage chips, Solid State Disks

Nashua, N.H. - June 28, 2004 - EqualLogic, Inc. today announced that it received an additional $20 million in an oversubscribed third round of funding led by new investor Focus Ventures. With this most recent round of funding, EqualLogic now has raised a total of $52 million in equity capital. In the first year of shipping its PeerStorage Array 100E, EqualLogic has captured over 100 customers establishing itself as a leading provider of pure-iSCSI SAN solutions. ...EqualLogic profile, iSCSI, VC funds in storage

SAN JOSE, Calif. - June 28, 2004 - Snap Appliance today announced that its Snap Server 15000 (scalable to 29TB), Snap Server 4500 (scalable to 3TB), and Snap Server 4200 (640GB) have been included on the Microsoft Hardware Compatibility List in the Storage/RAID System category. These Snap Servers are among the first in an emerging class of unified solutions offering iSCSI target support and allowing the storage of both block and file data on a single platform. Microsoft's HCL program aids Microsoft customers in identifying products that deliver a superior Windows experience through its "Designed for Windows" logo. ...Snap Appliance profile, RAID systems

Berkeley, CA - June 28, 2004 - Freecom Technologies compares the storage cost effectiveness of it's external FHD-XS 1.8" USB hard drive to USB stick drives. The trend of USB mobile memory is towards small, light and above all easy to use stick or pen drives. But, while the prices may look attractive, users do pay for the convenience. The average cost of a high speed 512MB USB 2.0 Stick Flash Drive averages at a street price of around $170.00 or 33 cents per MB.

The tiny Freecom FHD-XS external USB 2.0 hard drive, offers the same bus powered plug and play simplicity, plus includes Freecom's one button data sync convenience. The FHD-XS is only a bit larger at 1.8", but this drive can provide 20GB of storage in a shirt pocket for an average street price of approximately $205.00. or 1 cent per MB. The hard drive is 100% bus-powered, so no additional power is required. ...Freecom profile, Hard drives, Removable disk drives, USB storage

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. - June 28, 2004 - QLogic Corp., a designer of storage networking infrastructure components, said Monday that it agreed to settle patent infringement lawsuits with rival Emulex Corp. The companies agreed to cross-license patents in dispute as part of the settlement. Further terms of the agreement weren't disclosed. In December 2003, QLogic filed suit against Emulex alleging patent infringement. In February 2003, Emulex's Vixel Corp. unit filed suit against QLogic alleging infringements of certain Vixel patents. ...Emulex profile, ...QLogic profile, Fibre-channel HBAs, SAN

Fountain Valley, CA - June 28, 2004 - StorCase Technology today announced the upcoming release of the InfoStation 10-Bay 1U SCSI backplane enclosure. The high-density enclosure supports up to ten 2.5-inch SCSI Ultra320 drives and incorporates features that assure flexibility for a variety of configurations. The 10-Bay 1U is designed specifically to support Seagate's new Savvio 2.5" enterprise-level drives. The StorCase 10-bay InfoStation is the first SCSI Ultra320 enclosure available in the market to support this latest drive size and the flexible enclosure is software-configurable to support either single or dual host connections.

"Three 1U 10-bay InfoStation enclosures can be used to create a 30-drive SCSI storage system using only 3Us of rack space, whereas two 3Us would be required to accomplish an equivalent system with traditional 3.5" drive enclosures this is a rack space savings of at least 50%," stated Joel Tang, StorCase Director of Engineering, "The 1U InfoStation also consumes significantly less power than larger 3.5" drive enclosures, conserving energy and also allowing for much cooler and quieter operation."

All StorCase InfoStation enclosures exceed the rotational vibration and heat dissipation requirements for the operation of high performance, high capacity drives. InfoStation enclosures are accompanied by a seven-year warranty (three years for power supplies and fan modules) in addition to StorCase's 24/7 technical phone support. ...StorCase profile, Rackmount Storage, Hard drives

SANTA CLARA, CA and YOKNEAM, ISRAEL - June 28, 2004 - Mellanox Technologies Ltd. today announced that IWILL has selected Mellanox's InfiniHost host channel adapter to provide 10Gb/s Landed on Motherboard connections for the DK8S2-IB server platform. This platform represents the world's first server that provides 10Gb/s network connectivity as a feature that ships standard with every system. IWILL selected Mellanox's solution based on the rapid adoption rate of InfiniBand in clustered server applications as well as price/performance advantages over all other 10Gb/s technologies. InfiniBand, the only industry standard I/O technology that natively supports 10Gb/s performance to each node with remote direct memory access and hardware transport offload capabilities, offers a single converged network for communications, clustering and storage. ...Mellanox profile, InfiniBand

LONG BEACH, CA - June 28, 2004 - Globalstor Data debuted the ExtremeStor-iNAS, NAS/iSCSI server today during the annual Storage World Conference. Incorporating as many as 24, 250GB hot-swappable SATA hard drives, ExtremeStor-iNAS provides IT managers with up to 6TB of scaleable storage and low-cost, high-performance iSCSI file access in a single, consolidated centralized storage management solution. Supporting RAID levels 0, 1, 5 and 0+1, ExtremeStor-iNAS is ideal for today's data-intensive enterprises offering storage pools for both workgroup and departmental configurations. ExtremeStor-iNAS is available now with three-year factory warranties. Prices for the ExtremeStor-iNAS start at $14,000 with (24) 250GB SATA drives. ...Globalstor Data profile

Toronto, Canada - June 28, 2004 - Asigra today announced its emergence in the enterprise data protection marketplace, building upon its success in managed offsite data protection service software. Asigra is set to provide a simplified distributed backup architecture that provides the highest level of accountability to satisfy compliance regulations, while attacking the hard and "soft" costs associated with managing data at hundreds or thousands of remote locations. Asigra can reliably protect all of an organization's mission-critical information, regardless of whether it resides on a single local area network or a geographically dispersed wide area network, and centralizes that data to the primary IT facility. Asigra has the ability to easily and cost-effectively protect global enterprise data residing on servers, desktops or laptops whether these systems number in the tens or tens of thousands without increasing the price of the software.

"Backing up remote sites is a major source of irritation and data exposure among enterprises with heavily distributed business operations. Consolidated backup to a central IT facility provides the highest level of assurance that corporate information is consistently protected offsite," said Michael Fisch, Director of Storage and Networking for The Clipper Group, Inc., technology acquisition consultants based in Wellesley, MA. "Asigra's technology separates itself as a specialist in distributed data protection and is positioned for success in the multi-billion dollar backup/restore market." ...Asigra profile, Web based backup

Leeds, UK - June 24, 2004 - LapiStor today launched the NAS-5100, a Network Attached Storage controller in a compact 1U form factor. Based around an Intel Pentium III Tualatin CPU, the NAS-5100 features a built-in 1GB ECC DRAM and Dual Gigabit Ethernet, for fail-over and load balancing, as well as Dual Ultra 320 SCSI ports - for SCSI HDD/ External RAID Subsystem / Tape Drive.

Features include real time Remote Replication, real time Local Replication and Snapshot facilities. It also includes a 32MB Flash Memory.
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Sony Storage Certified with FalconStor VirtualTape SW

iQstor Debuts SATA Expansion Enclosure

SATA Drives Outperform 15k RPM SCSI

BiTMICRO's Solid State Disk Targets Motherboards

EqualLogic Gets $20 Million to Grow iSCSI Sales

Snap Appliance Receives Microsoft Certification

Small USB HDDs Cheaper than Flash Says Freecom

QLogic Settles Emulex Patent Suit

StorCase Enclosure Supports Seagate's 2.5" SCSI Drives

World's First 10Gb/s on Motherboard Design Win

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LapiStor Launches 1U NAS

Seagate Attacks Cornice

Ontrack Disk Manager version 5.0

Data Transit's 3rd Generation SAS Traffic Generator

MTI Secures $15 Million Investment

US Robotics Offers Firewire and USB Storage

Time Navigator Certified by Network Appliance

Tape Library Market Poised for a Comeback?

last week's news (archive)
CD and DVD burners
CD & DVD burners
Megabyte knew you could use light for communications, but he wasn't quite sure how it worked for storage...
click to read the PyX Technologies interview
New Article on the State of the iSCSI Market
editor:- June 30, 2004 - today STORAGEsearch publishes a new article on the state of the iSCSI market.based on an extensive interview with iSCSI company PyX Technologies

All is not well in the iSCSI market. But despite the problems there is still a lot of optimism.

How does a dedicated iSCSI startup company, without the benefit of venture capital, survive in the diificult early days when the total worldwide number of iSCSI user sites is still measured in the low hundreds?

We asked a lot of hard questions and got some interesting answers.

Here's a short extract from this "must-see" interview....

Q. What are the main risk factors you see for users who start implementing iSCSI today?

. The biggest risk we see is that buyers develop the wrong expectations for the technology and accept sub-standard products as being representative of the entire class of iSCSI enabled devices. There are also a lot of products that simply don't work well or as well as they should when they do work. The expectations being set are well below what is possible and it is slowing the acceptance of the technology.

Further, we really believe the technology is being mis-marketed. Almost all product available today is ERL 0 only and has extremely limited functionality. There is little awareness that iSCSI has different levels for fault tolerance within the protocol or that not all iSCSI-enabled products are fully compliant with the protocol as written. There is little to no mention of standards, it is being sold as technology with limited functionality and there are some performance claims being floated in the market that are mathematically impossible. This is not the way to develop market demand for serious products.

We are seeing some rather seedy marketing of the technology as being a "cheap" solution or "Poor Man's Fibre Channel". While the solution may be less expensive than Fibre, in our opinion the only things that should be referred to as cheap are thrills and liquor. Nonetheless, that has not prevented some vendors of low-end iSCSI enabled products from putting poor out quality product and selling it like they're at the Sunday flea market.

That being said, it sounds like we're the bitter curmudgeon of week. Actually, we're just concerned that the early adopters don't underestimate the technology based on what has been available to date or be deterred from adoption of iSCSI because they have a bad experience with an early implementation that was not correctly developed, engineered or deployed. the article, ...PyX Technologies profile, iSCSI
the Top 10 Company Profiles - May 2004

The top 10 most popular companies (out of more than 1,000 storage companies listed on STORAGEsearch) visited by our readers last month were as follows... Figures in brackets (n) indicate rank the month before.
  1. Dell Computer (1)
  2. Ingrasys Technology (3)
  3. M-Systems (5)
  4. Texas Memory Systems (2)
  5. LSI Logic (4)
  6. Curtis (6)
  7. BakBone Software (8)
  8. Adaptec (7)
  9. Intelligent Computer Solutions (9)
  10. Rave Computer (11)
The new entry to the top 10 list this month was Rave Computer at #10.

Silicon Image dropped one place to #11.
StorageHeaven - providing storage and duplication solutions to the corporate and government markets since 1992.

Mtron flash SSDs 100 megabytes/sec sustained read, 80 megabytes / sec sustained write  click for more info
3.5" and 2.5" PATA SSDs
80MB/s sustained write
from Mtron
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With an embedded Linux OS, it uses a number of Network File Protocols, including Microsoft Networks (CIFS/SMB), Apple (AFP), UNIX (NFS v3), Novell Netware (NCP), Internet (HTTP) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Network Transfer Protocols include TCP/IP, NetBEUI, Apple Talk and IPX. news image LapiStor
Network Security is provided by Microsoft NT Domain Controller (PDC) Authentication. Network Client Types include Microsoft Windows 95 /98 /ME /NT4.0 /2000 / XP, Macintosh OS 7.5 / 8.X / 9.XMac OS X, Linux / Unix, Novell Netware 3.x / 4.x / 5.x.

Up to 32 TB of RAID protection storage can be connected to the network by attaching Datapac RAID solutions to the NAS-500 external U320 SCSi ports. MSRP starts from around $5,600. ...LapiStor profile, Rackmount Storage

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - June 23, 2004 - Seagate Technology today announced that it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Cornice, Inc. in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware. Seagate's lawsuit against Cornice in the U.S. District Court asserts infringement of six United States patents that relate to several areas of disc drive technology. As part of this lawsuit, Seagate is seeking monetary damages and a permanent injunction that bars Cornice from making, using, importing, offering to sell, or selling the allegedly infringing products in the United States.

"We believe very strongly in competing in the marketplace based on the innovation, reliability, performance and quality of our products," said Bill Watkins, Seagate president. "However, we cannot allow the competitive advantage we've established through our long-term investment in R&D to be unfairly attacked by those who would illegally infringe on our technology portfolio and intellectual property." ...Cornice profile, ...Seagate profile, Hard drives

Editor's note:- most of you won't have heard of Cornice before, unless you've been tracking our storage media and VC funding pages. The company has received $81 million funding for its Storage Element which cuts out the legacy PC standardization overhead and other crap you don't need when embedding disk storage into consumer devices. To use a processor analogy:- Cornice's Storage Element does for disk drives what the original RISC concept did for CISC CPUs. It's like a Reduced Instruction Set hard drive which cuts out the unneeded Complexity.

MINNEAPOLIS - June 23, 2004 - Ontrack Data Recovery today announced the availability of Ontrack Disk Manager 5.0, an upgraded version of its popular hard drive installation software. Responding to the fact that today's PC users fill up their hard drives more quickly with larger files including Internet, video, audio and multimedia files, this version now offers support for drives over 137GB in size - overcoming the current ATA 137GB BIOS limitation. This provides PC enthusiasts with more freedom to install drives and configure their system for maximum performance.

With the disk drive industry set to reach a historical cumulative shipment level of two billion drives during the third quarter of 2004, according to Computer Technology Review (April 2004), Ontrack's software upgrade makes installation of these drives easier than ever. Disk Manager software, with its beginning in 1985, is already responsible for more than 150 million installations, or nearly 10% of total drives ever manufactured. Using an improved graphical interface, Ontrack Disk Manager 5.0 intelligently leads PC enthusiasts and computer technicians step-by-step through the entire disk installation process.

In addition to support for drives greater than 137GB, this newest version of Disk Manager includes a Drive-to-Drive data copy feature that allows the user to copy from folder to folder or from partition to partition, and the ability to run from bootable CD for Windows and DOS.

Ontrack Disk Manager 5.0 supports installation of any manufacturers' hard disk drive, including Fujitsu, Hitachi, IBM, Maxtor, Quantum, Samsung, Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital.

Ontrack Disk Manager 5.0 is designed to work on any SATA/ATA/IDE or SCSI disk drive and supports Windows XP Home and Professional, 2000, Millennium, 98SE and DOS operating environments. It is available for $59.95. ...Ontrack profile, Hard disk duplicators

SAS Plugfest, University of New Hampshire - June 22, 2004 - Data Transit Corporation introduces the 3 Gb/s SAS Packetmaker - a third generation SAS traffic generator built on feedback from major storage customers. Previous generations of this product line have been instrumental in supporting the early development of SAS protocol based devices in the storage industry. This sequel in the PacketMaker line of products continues to support all SAS protocols including SSP, STP, SMP and SATA protocols. This product is a valuable tool for test environments ranging from R&D, to manufacturing to production.

SAS PacketMaker II is a 64-bit PCI card that operates in a 32 or 64-bit socket in a Windows based PC. This card can transmit and receive traffic on one or two SAS links with each link capable of emulating a host or device. Links can also be configured to work together or separately for wide port operation. In addition, two cards can be operated together to simulate up to 4 SAS links or ports. This product gives engineers the ability to have synchronized control over multi-lane traffic and simulate real world devices. The card can be programmed to simulate traffic and error conditions such as CRC, coding and disparity errors. SAS Frames can also be altered to change parameters in fields, add additional fields or manipulate data fields with dynamic data. Data Transit is accepting orders for this product and is planning on shipping beginning June 30. ...Data Transit profile, test equipment, Serial Attached SCSI

TUSTIN, Calif. - June 22, 2004 - MTI Technology Corporation today announced that it has raised $15 million, before consideration of professional fees, in a private placement equity financing transaction led by Advent International.

"The proceeds from the Advent investment will be used to support the continued expansion of our sales and professional services organizations," said Thomas P. Raimondi, President and CEO of MTI. "With Advent's strategic and financial support, we believe we are well positioned to focus on sustainable growth and improving the financial metrics of our business. Continued development as a provider of mid-market solutions is an important element of MTI's overall growth plans."...MTI Technology profile, Venture Funds in Storage

CHICAGO - June 22, 2004 - U.S. Robotics' new USB 2.0 + FireWire Storage Drives make it easy to add shared storage to local networks protected by the company's USR8200 Firewall. Announced today at SuperComm 2004 (Booth # 13547 and 13548), U.S. Robotics' storage drives maximize the performance of the USR8200's integrated file/FTP server capability and USB 2.0 and FireWire ports. In addition, a new free firmware upgrade for the USR8200 provides Print Server capability over the USB ports and integrates a powerful content filtering capability powered by SurfControl.

Equipped with 1394 FireWire and USB 2.0 interfaces, U.S. Robotics USB 2.0 + FireWire Storage Drives are easy-to-install and operate. Simply plug the new hard drives into a USR8200 firewall to deliver networked storage that all users on the LAN can access. For dedicated storage expansion, attach the drives to any computer's USB 2.0 or FireWire ports. Moreover, these high-performance external drives run at 7200 RPM and include integrated fans for long life and reliable performance. Pricing:- USR8800-120: 120GB MSRP $249, USR8800-250: 250GB - MSRP $449 ...US Robotics profile, Firewire storage

Editor:- June 22, 2004 - Tape Libraries & Autoloaders have made it back into the top 20 most popular subjects viewed by STORAGEsearch readers after an absence of nearly two years. This renewed interest by storage seekers could spell good news for vendors in this segment who were clobbered by the recession and new competing technologies like disk to disk backup. ...see the top 20 subjects in the last 90 days, Tape Libraries

Palo Alto, Calif. - June 22, 2004 - Atempo Inc. today announced that Time Navigator has been certified for NetApp Data ONTAP 6.5 from Network Appliance, Inc. This certification allows customers using Time Navigator to have full confidence in working with NetApp unified storage solutions running the latest Data ONTAP software. The certification also means that Time Navigator customers can seamlessly integrate the NetApp NearStore and FAS platforms into their backup planning. The combination of Time Navigator and NetApp delivers a highly scalable data and storage management solution that is easy to deploy and manage, while delivering data protection features like synthetic full backup, 1-port firewall backup, multiple writes, and internal and commercial billing for data center. ...Atempo profile, ...Network Appliance profile

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