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Storage news - 2002, November 1-7

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Nibble:- Faster, Smaller, Cheaper...
but the best of these is Faster
During the last decade the storage density of hard disk drives has increased by a factor of x 1,000.

If it wasn't for that then the storage in your average desktop PC would take up the space of your entire desk using early 1990's technology. So that's a great improvement. But disk access times in the same period have typically only improved by a factor of x 5. Meanwhile our processor clock speeds have risen by a factor of x 25. So what does all that mean?

Because mass storage access times have been speeding up at a much slower rate than processor speeds, at the same time that storage capacity has been increasing, it means that corporate users are increasingly dependent on technologies like parallel processing, encrpytion accelerators, caches and solid state disks just to stop the average response time of business critical applications getting slower than they were in the mid 1990's.

The real problem is that disk drives are just too slow.

If you asked users what they would like to see in the next generation of disk technology, I'm sure that "faster" would get a lot of votes.

With a disk drive technology that's twice as fast, you don't need so many processors, and the bottlenecks which occasionally cause a network to get stuck in gridlock and reboot will also become more rare. That would be nice.

Naturally a lot of companies are looking at this problem.

On October 24, a new company called Dataslide filed a patent application for a computer hard-drive design aimed at sidestepping a number of key technical barriers in existing hard drive performance development. The company claims that the new technology could reduce access times by many orders of magnitude. That holds out the promise of solid state disk speed, at hard disk pricing.

We ran that news story, but you might have missed it. So here's a chance to see it again.

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Ramtron Licensing and Development Agreement Leads to World's Highest-Density FRAM Memory Chip

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – November 7, 2002 - Ramtron International Corporation said today's announcement that Texas Instruments (TI) has produced a 64-million-bit (Mb) ferroelectric RAM (FRAM) chip further validates Ramtron's patented FRAM technology as a foundation for next-generation nonvolatile memory.

With integral on-site development support from Ramtron's process and design teams, TI has produced the highest-density FRAM to-date on a standard CMOS logic process with only two additional mask steps. The development promises to move cost-effective high-density FRAM memory products into the mainstream. FRAM memories are new high-performance memories that hold data without power and merge the benefits of many memory technologies into a single device.

"Working with Ramtron is key to our successful development of high density embedded FRAM arrays," said Hans Stork, senior vice president and director of TI's silicon technology development. "We have looked at a number of options for an ideal embedded memory and FRAM clearly wins from a cost, performance and manufacturability perspective. In addition, we expect FRAM to be used in a variety of innovative applications in the future."

Ramtron's development teams have been working with TI since August 2001, when the companies entered into a multi-million dollar FRAM licensing and development agreement. In addition to licensing and development fee revenue associated with the partnership, Ramtron has the right to use the jointly developed ferroelectric technology to design, produce and sell its own high-density, stand-alone, FRAM memory products. Ramtron's high-density, stand-alone memory products could be available as soon as 2004. ...Ramtron profile

M-Systems Expands Its Leading USB Keychain Product Line With The DiskOnKey® Pro

FREMONT, Calif. - November 7, 2002 - M-Systems today announced the introduction of the DiskOnKey Pro, the latest addition to the DiskOnKey family line of USB keychain storage products.

Based on the DiskOnKey Technology platform, the new device enhances the line by offering the same computing power only in a smaller and sleeker form factor at roughly half the size of the original DiskOnKey design. The DiskOnKey Pro will initially be available with storage capacities of 16, 32, 64 and 128MB, with 256 and 512MB capacities expected soon.

The DiskOnKey Pro measures 3-inches in length and when the cap is removed the USB portion is approximately 2.5-inches, with a maximum depth of a quarter of an inch, and the width measuring three-quarters of an inch. While capable of being produced to meet a partner's specifications, the DiskOnKey Pro is currently offered in a gray hue with removable colored side panels and a capacity identifier on the USB-drive portion. A unique feature of the DiskOnKey Pro is the moveable keychain fob that allows the owner to decide what section they would like to attach to their keys, the cap or the body. The device has been developed using the new DiskOnKey Technology platform with smaller internal components and the power of a 32-bit ARM7 CPU allowing applications such as KeySafe security, automatic boot, Winlogon and the MyKey personalization application.

The DiskOnKey Pro will be offered with 16, 32, 64 and 128MB storage capacities with an MSRP of $34.99, $44.99, $69.99 and $114.99, respectively. ...M-Systems profile

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Qualstar Reports: Revenue Flat but still Profitable

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. - November 7, 2002 - Qualstar Corporation (Nasdaq:QBAK) today reported financial results for its first quarter of fiscal 2003 ended September 30, 2002.

Revenues were $8.8 million, identical to revenues reported for the same quarter of the prior fiscal year. Gross margin for the quarter was 36.1%, a decline of 180 basis points compared with 37.9% in the year-ago quarter. Research and development expenditures (R&D) increased 77.6% to $833,000, or 9.5% of revenues, from the fiscal 2002 first quarter's $469,000 or 5.3% of revenues, reflecting the Company's first full quarter of expenses associated with its Advanced Development Group. Sales and marketing expenses were $856,000 or 9.7% of revenues compared to $505,000 or 5.7% of revenues in the same quarter last year. General and administrative expenses for the quarter were $897,000, or 10.2% of revenues, compared with $832,000 or 9.5% of revenues in the first quarter of fiscal 2002. Net income was $502,000, or $0.04 per diluted share, compared with $1.2 million, or $0.09 per diluted share, for last year's first quarter. ...Qualstar profile

Editor's comment:- there are very few companies which are not loss making in today's market. Qualstar's results suggest that the tape market, which was a very successful segment a few years ago, is getting more competitive with lower pricing, but is still a good business.

See also:- Rave Computer - a Qualstar distributor in the US, Tape drives

Verbatim First to Launch 4x DVD+R Write-once Media

CHARLOTTE, NC - November 7, 2002 - With today's announcement of 4x-speed DataLifePlus® 4.7GB DVD+R media, Verbatim Corporation becomes the first media manufacturer to offer DVD+R that supports 1x, 2.4x and 4x write speeds.

At 4x speed (44 megabits per second or about 36x CD-R performance), a 4.7GB DVD+R disc can be filled to capacity in about 15 minutes. Verbatim has already provided its new media to major drive manufacturers and will coordinate media shipping with the arrival of the first drives that support the new 4x DVD+R speeds. The drives are expected to be available in December.

"Verbatim works directly with leading drive manufacturers to co-develop next-generation DVD+R/+RW solutions," said Tim Clatterbuck, Verbatim's director of optical storage marketing. "These co-development efforts and our extensive R&D capabilities have helped Verbatim strengthen its reputation for being first with new disc technologies. Our customers benefit because we've already provided 4x +R drive manufacturers with Verbatim 4x +R media for testing and certification."

Consumers will benefit from the broad compatibility of the DVD+R format. Data and video recorded to Verbatim DVD+R discs can be read by the vast majority of DVD set top players and computer DVD-ROM drives in use today. Broad compatibility, a low storage cost and high-speed recording make the discs ideal for sharing computer data, home videos, photos, and music. With write-once security, Gigabytes of capacity, and a 100-year data life, Verbatim DVD+R media is also an excellent storage solution for data backups and archiving of personal memories. ...Verbatim profile

See also:- DVD drives

SimpleTech Announces the PC3200, at 400MHz, the Fastest DDR Memory

SANTA ANA, Calif. - November 7, 2002 - SimpleTech, Inc. announces the immediate availability of the PC3200 low-profile DDR DIMM modules, the fastest DDR technology available on the market today.

Designed to provide the ideal solution for the high-end PC market, the PC3200 operates at 400Mhz, offering a transfer rate of 3.2GB/sec.The PC3200 modules are offered in capacities of 256MB, part number S256M3NKK1, and 512MB, part number S512M3NKK1. Current list prices are $117 for the 256MB module and $222 for the 512MB module.

"The demand for high-performance components continues to increase in a broad range of applications, in a variety of industries and markets. Gaming applications in particular require ever-faster processing power, and the PC3200 is a cost-effective, reliable solution that is compatible with all of the popular desktop computers," said Kavous Vakilian, DRAM product manager for SimpleTech, Inc. ...SimpleTech profile

Overland Storage and ATTO Technology Announce Joint Strategic Development Agreement

SAN DIEGO - November 7, 2002 - Overland Storage, Inc. and ATTO Technology, Inc. today announced a joint strategic technology development agreement.

The companies will collaborate on future interface technology applications that bring greatly-increased operating speeds to today's SANs.

"Overland is constantly evaluating the best technology from the best companies that will benefit end users of our tape automation solutions," said Robert Scroop, vice president and general manager of Overland's storage resource business unit. "ATTO's strong expertise in productizing today's emerging interface technologies will enable Overland to better satisfy our customers' needs across a wider range of network applications."

"Through our partnership with Overland, ATTO's technical expertise will accelerate the development of network interface technologies that help ensure Overland remains a prime choice in tape automation suppliers," said David Snell, chief technology officer for ATTO. "Our common goal, with this technology partnership, is to enable IT operations to protect and transport their valuable data with unprecedented speed and ease." ...ATTO Technology profile, ...Overland Storage profile

See also:- SCSI to FC routers, SCSI converters, Tape libraries

Brocade stock falls on Rhapsody deal

November 7, 2002 - The all-stock purchase of Rhapsody Networks by Brocade Communications Inc. led to a steep decline in Brocade's share price Wednesday according to an article today in The Daily Review which discusses the deal.

Since its founding in June 2000 Rhapsody had secured more than $62 million in total funding. ...Brocade profile,...Rhapsody Networks profile

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Cisco Systems Reports Sales Up 9%

SAN JOSE, Calif. - November 6, 2002 - Cisco Systems, Inc. today reported its first quarter results for the period ended October 26, 2002.

Net sales for the first quarter of fiscal 2003 were $4.8 billion, compared with $4.4 billion for the first quarter of fiscal 2002, an increase of 9%, and compared with $4.8 billion for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2002. Net income for the first quarter of fiscal 2003 on a GAAP basis, was $618 million or $0.08 per share, compared with net loss of $268 million or $0.04 per share for the first quarter of fiscal 2002, and $772 million or $0.10 per share for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2002.

John Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems commented - "I spent the last month traveling to eight countries and 17 cities and I visited with thousands of customers and government leaders, whose message is clear - the network is a long-term strategic investment for driving productivity. As business turns around, spending will return. Cisco is well positioned in both traditional and new growth markets such as network storage, security, wireless LAN and IP telephony." ...Cisco Systems profile

See also:- Fibre channel switches

ActionFront completes Ten Thousand Recoveries; Releases New Guide for Data Gurus

Atlanta, GA – November 6, 2002 – ActionFront Data Recovery Labs today announced that they had completed their ten thousandth data recovery.

To mark the occasion, the company has released the new "Data Emergency Guide - IT Professional Edition" to assist technicians responsible for network servers and backups.

"I am very proud of the fact that hundreds of customers turn to ActionFront every month to resolve their data emergencies. I just hadn't realized we'd saved 10,000 butts!" states ActionFront President Nick Majors. Over 700 of these recoveries involved servers and backups.

The new "Data Emergency Guide - IT Professional Edition" is focused on advice for data center professionals gleaned from these complex recoveries. The original guide provides comprehensive information about the causes and prevention of data loss, as well as advice about how to cope with and resolve a data emergency.

So why do data storage professionals need data recovery?

Christian Sorensen, VP of Technical Operations answers, "Fault-tolerant data storage systems are generally reliable and well managed. When these systems do fail, it is a rare event; often the first time the operator has been faced with these circumstances. It can be beyond the training and experience of most of the technical community, let alone the unlucky systems administrator. Under the stress of a data emergency, even the best technicians can make mistakes when in unfamiliar territory, whereas our data recovery specialists deal with these situations every day and they are well qualified to address the problems". ...ActionFront Data Recovery profile

See also:- Data Recovery Services

IDC Report Says Rainbow's Sentinel is the World's Leading Hardware Solution for Software Security

November 6, 2002 - IDC's recently published report "Worldwide Hardware and Biometrics Authentication Market Forecast and Analysis" reported that Rainbow Technologies' Sentinel software security token is the worldwide market share leader for software licensing authentication tokens (SLATs) with a 42% share.

IDC's report estimates the SLAT market will grow to $150 million by 2006. Rainbow has sold nearly 30 million smart tokens to date, securing more applications for more users than any other company in the industry.

As software security protection transitions towards the USB form factor, we believe Rainbow is best positioned to help software developers around the world effectively secure their applications while preventing application-level software piracy," said David M. Lynch, vice president of worldwide marketing, Rainbow Technologies. ...IDC profile, ...Rainbow Technologies

See also:- Security

BakBone Software Announces 76% Revenue Growth

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - November 5, 2002 - BakBone Software announced today financial results for the second fiscal quarter ended September 30, 2002.

BakBone reported consolidated revenues of US$4.0 million for the second quarter, an increase of 76% over the same period in the previous fiscal year. Net loss for the second quarter was US$2.0 million, or US$0.04 per share, compared to US$4.1 million, or US$0.11 per share, for the same period last year.

"I am pleased to see our continued growth in all regions worldwide," said Keith Rickard, BakBone's President and CEO. "Our growth is coming from winning new licensing deals and gaining market share, an accomplishment that is not common in the current market. As we enter our third fiscal quarter, we are seeing strengthening pipelines and increased interest in our products throughout the market." ...BakBone Software profile

See also:- Backup software

Oak Makes Significant Equity Investment in XIOtech Corporation

November 05, 2002 - XIOtech Corporation today announced that Oak Investment Partners has made a significant equity investment in the Company, with the goal of accelerating the growth of XIOtech.

Oak has 25 years of experience financing and nurturing companies to be market leaders. XIOtech Corporation, already the fastest growing SAN company in the world for 2000 and 2001 according to IDC, will use the partnership with Oak to target continued growth in the storage market.

"The investment by Oak will assist in creating greater opportunities for XIOtech," said Kathy Snouffer, XIOtech's CEO. "Oak's longstanding history in bringing companies to market leadership will help us drive to capture greater market share and build on our strong, global foundation. Oak's experience investing in the storage industry and their extensive strategic and technical expertise in the field will help us innovate and meet the needs of our expanding customer base." ...Xiotech profile

CreekPath Systems® Closes Oversubscribed Series B Financing; Secures More Than $16 Million

Longmont, Colo. - November 5, 2002 - CreekPath Systems today announced the closing of its oversubscribed Series B financing with total commitments of more than $16 million, bringing the total raised funds to more than $36 million.

CreekPath's second round of equity financing was led by top-tier investment firm New Enterprise Associates with participation by A.G. Edwards Capital and original investors TeleSoft Partners and Sequel Partners. The capital raised in this round of funding will be used to expand the company's global sales and marketing efforts, as well as to increase product research and development to enhance the CreekPath AIM™ Suite

"CreekPath has addressed the critical business problem of escalating storage management complexities and decreasing budgets by developing an advanced, active storage resource management solution in the AIM Suite," said Dennis Grant, Chairman of the Board, CreekPath Systems. "Our ability to attract top-tier investors despite challenging market conditions is a strong testament to our ability and commitment to delivering real value to our customers in an area of significant importance."

CreekPath's software suite reduces capital and operational expenditures through an integrated, policy-based infrastructure. The CreekPath AIM™ Suite includes the AIM Platform and CreekPath Process Automation Modules. This solution is the industry's first storage management solution that incorporates policy-based management, as well as workflow scenarios across a heterogeneous environment. ...CreekPath Systems profile

See also:- Venture funds in storage

MTI Becomes Brocade Professional Services Provider

Anaheim, Calif. - November 5, 2002 – MTI Technology Corp. announced today that it has joined the Brocade Professional Services Provider (PSP) Program.

The program is designed for qualified consulting firms and systems integrators that are committed to delivering professional services in the area of SAN solutions. Joining the PSP program is the latest milestone in MTI's long, successful relationship with Brocade, which includes being a valued Brocade OEM partner and participating in Brocade Fabric Aware, an interoperability program that facilitates deployment of heterogeneous SANs in enterprise environments.

"MTI has designed and implemented hundreds of storage topologies in the field, and we've been able to maintain – on an ongoing basis – what we've sold," said V.S. Venkataraman, MTI's Senior Vice President, Customer Service. "In the storage solutions we provide, MTI has long offered Brocade's excellent line of fabric switches. Our joining Brocade's PSP Program is a natural extension of our growing emphasis on MTI Professional Services." ...Brocade profile, ...MTI Technology profile

CRAY to Use ADIC Stornext File System as SAN Foundation for new Supercomputer

Redmond, WA. - November 5, 2002 - ADIC today announced that Cray Inc. will deliver ADIC's StorNext® File System as the primary SAN file system in its new Cray X1™ supercomputer.

The file system, which is being made available through a long-term source license agreement, will be configured for Cray's UNICOS™ operating system and will be delivered with every Cray X1 system.

The StorNext File System (StorNext FS) is the core file system technology in ADIC's StorNext Management Suite (SNMS), a scalable, high performance, data management solution that ensures the long-term safety and recoverability of data in SAN environments, while optimizing the use of storage resources. StorNext FS provides high-performance, shared access to centralized disk storage for heterogeneous clients. Because it gives multiple clients simultaneous access to the same files sets, StorNext FS eliminates the need to move large files over the LAN and to store duplicate file copies. The result is increased storage efficiency, improved productivity, and reduced network bottlenecks.

"Cray is the world leader in high-performance computing. The new Cray X1 system will not only set new industry standards for computing speed, but also for storage management," said Bill Yaman, ADIC Software Vice President and Business Line Manager. "We are pleased that Cray has selected ADIC software as the basis for its storage infrastructure and believe that ADIC customers in other open systems environments will benefit from the kind of performance, scalability and resiliency that we demonstrate by supporting Cray's intensive computing environment."

The ADIC/Cray alliance will also make the entire SNMS available through Cray's sales organization, which will provide direct support for Sun Solaris, SGI IRIX, Windows, and Linux-based platforms. SNMS provides automated policy-based placement of data on different media types to provide Total Data Life Management. With SNMS, data- throughout its lifetime-is always accessible and protected based on levels of service defined by users. In addition, the alliance will make the ADIC family of storage networking tape libraries available through Cray. ...ADIC profile, ...Cray profile

Silicon Image Drives SATA Market with New SATALite Interface Standard

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - November 5, 2002 - Silicon Image, Inc. today released SATALite™ 1.0, a new specification designed to help speed the industry transition to Serial ATA.

Complementary to the Serial ATA 1.0 specification, SATALite defines a flexible, cost-effective and scalable Serial ATA interface between a chipset and an external two-port Serial ATA PHY. Several leading chipset manufacturers, including ATI Technologies Inc., NVIDIA Corporation and VIA Technologies, Inc., have announced their support for SATALite, which is available to licensees on a royalty-free basis.

SATALite is a high-performance solution that simultaneously supports two Serial ATA ports operating at the full Serial ATA bandwidth. SATALite provides a seamless upgrade path to Serial ATA Generation 2 speeds of 3.0 Gigabits/sec. (Gbps). In addition, SATALite fits nicely within the parallel ATA bus due to its low pin count, enabling chipset vendors to support either an extra two parallel ATA or Serial ATA devices with the same chipset.

The newest addition to Silicon Image's SATALink family of Serial ATA products, the SiI 3012 is the first Serial ATA PHY compliant with the SATALite specification. It features two Serial ATA ports for support of two Serial ATA devices at a 1.5 Gbps data rate. The SiI 3012 is available in a standard 80-pin TQFP package and is based on the design of the industry-leading, high-performance SiI 3112 PCI-to-SATA host controller. The SiI 3012 is sampling now, with production scheduled for Q1 2003. ...Silicon Image profile

See also:- Serial ATA

SAN Solutions and FalconStor Enable European Co-location Company to Offer On-Demand Storage and Backup Services to its Customers

MADRID, SPAIN - November 5, 2002 - FalconStor Software, Inc. today announced it has teamed with SAN Solutions to deploy FalconStor's IPStor as the network storage infrastructure at Europe's most advanced neutral co-location company, to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery for itself and its hosted customers.

IT requirements that needed to be met by the chosen storage solution included a mandate for nonstop access to database and messaging data stores, user files, a pressing need to execute a comprehensive solution for high availability and disaster recovery, and the ability to leverage the existing storage equipment already in place. SAN Solutions looked for a solution providing mirroring, replication, remote backup, database and messaging application snapshots, storage capacity on demand, virtualization and the ability to seamlessly run on both TCP/IP and Fibre Channel. SAN Solutions concluded that IPStor met every criteria for the co-location company, and deployed it in their SAN infrastructure across international data centers.

"The co-location provider had to fill a dual need of a sound disaster recovery initiative and high data availability not only for itself, but as a service that it could provide for its customers," said Jose A. Guerrero, CEO of SAN Solutions. "IPStor's storage services gave them exactly what they were looking for, while increasing their ROI by leveraging their existing storage IT infrastructure, with the bonus of an additional revenue stream from providing these new services."

Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, SAN Solutions was created in 1992, and specializes in the design and implantation of high reliability SANs. ...FalconStor Software profile, ... SAN Solutions

See also:- Web based storage and backup

STMicroelectronics Debuts World's Most Advanced Smart Card Memory Technology

Geneva - November 5, 2002 - STMicroelectronics, the world's third largest semiconductor supplier, today announced the world's most advanced smart card memory technology, Page Flash.

Page Flash will, in the future, remove the need for EEPROM in high memory density smart card chips. A smart card technology demonstrator, which combines a sophisticated 32-bit secure microcontroller with 1Mbyte of Flash memory technology, is being used to validate the concept. The demonstrator offers 768Kbytes User Flash memory for storing program code and 256Kbytes of Page Flash memory that replaces the traditional EEPROM.

EEPROM is widely used in smart card chips because it offers fast program/erase speeds (a few milliseconds) and excellent granularity i.e. a single data byte can be altered without affecting any other data stored in the EEPROM. However, EEPROM technology requires a relatively high voltage (18V) to be applied during the write process. As each new technology generation reduces the size of the transistors used to make the memory, it becomes increasingly difficult to design devices that can withstand 18V and therefore scalability of EEPROM becomes limited. Thus, while EEPROM sets the performance reference for today's applications and will remain important for low memory density products, it will not be suitable for high density product generations beyond 0.18-micron.

Page Flash is a derivative of Standard Flash technology. Page Flash offers the same fast programming time as Standard Flash but also allows individual data words (32-bits) to be erased in a few milliseconds and rewritten more than 100K times, thereby providing all the functional benefits of EEPROM in a future-proof technology. The two types of Flash memory can be mixed on the same silicon chip at no additional cost and without any modification to the standard Flash manufacturing process. ...STMicroelectronics profile

See also:- Flash Memory

Snap Appliance Continues Strong Presence in Europe

SAN JOSE, Calif. - November 5, 2002 - Snap Appliance, Inc. today affirmed a continued strong presence in Europe and commitment to its European customers and channel partners.

The company asserted it will continue to offer its award-winning Snap Server and Guardian products to the European market via established distribution and reseller channels and to provide world-class service and support to the installed base.

"Snap Appliance's commitment to Europe underscores the importance of the European channel in the NAS market," said Program Director Claus Egge of the industry analyst firm IDC. "The European NAS market itself is predicted to grow to $1.16 billion by 2006, and Snap Appliance is well positioned to take advantage of this growth with a strong product portfolio and channel focus."

To illustrate the wide success of Snap Appliance products in Europe, the new Guardian 4400 NAS server recently won awards from three major European publications: PC Pro (U.K.), PC Professionale (Italy) and PC Expert (France). In a move that further strengthens its position in Europe, Snap Appliance announced it will partner with NavaStor S.A., a Geneva, Switzerland-based provider of customized sales and marketing support for data storage companies.

Commented NavaStor Director Elisabeth Harth: "NavaStor looks forward to helping to expand the success of the Snap Server and Guardian product lines. We are committed to providing the European channel with the highest degree of support on behalf of Snap Appliance." ...Snap Appliance profile

See also:- Storage Resellers in the UK

Ingrian Networks Announces Network-Attached Encryption Solution to Safeguard Sensitive Application Data in Storage

REDWOOD CITY, CA - November 4, 2002 - Ingrian Networks today announced the availability of its Network-Attached Encryption™ (NAE) solution, empowering customers with a standard method to protect sensitive information stored on corporate application servers, databases, and other storage devices.

The breakthrough solution provides a means for any enterprise application supporting the Java™ Cryptography Extension (JCE) framework to implement a wide range of cryptographic functions on selected data in a cost-effective, scalable, and secure manner. With the Ingrian NAE solution, any type of customer information - whether it is a credit card number stored in a database, a user-id and password, or an entire file stored on a backend server or file system - is secure from theft, defacement, tampering, and unauthorized viewing.

"Many customers mistakenly believe that SSL provides adequate host-based security, when its primary value is protecting data in transit," said Glenn Gabriel Ben-Yosef, President & CEO of Clear Thinking Research. "Ingrian's secure networking platforms are unique because they address both requirements - protecting data in transit with SSL, and now securing data in storage with its new NAE solution. As secure storage becomes increasingly important to customers, this solution should play well in the market."

The Ingrian Network-Attached Encryption solution is available immediately, supported on all Ingrian platforms, and administered by Ingrian's management application. The solution is also offered in a high availability (active-passive failover) configuration to ensure non-stop performance. Pricing starts at $29,995. ...Ingrian Networks profile

See also:- STORAGE Security

Spectra Logic Announces New Spectra 20K AIT-3 Tape Library

BOULDER, Colo. - November 4, 2002 – Spectra Logic Corporation today announced worldwide shipment of the Spectra 20K library, the latest in Spectra Logic's family of AIT tape libraries.

The library delivers enhanced storage density at an affordable price, which enables customers to easily absorb explosive data growth in an era of flat IT budgets. The Spectra 20K library improves upon Spectra Logic's already high storage density library design by offering 67% more capacity. The library manages up to eight tape drives, 200 AIT tape cartridges and stores up to 20 TB of uncompressed data (52 TB compressed) in 14U of rack space. The Spectra 20K library delivers three times the storage density than competing libraries in its class, giving customers superior return on investment while maintaining rich, enterprise features.

The Spectra 20K library also introduces Spectra Logic's second-generation Gigabit Ethernet quad interface processor (G2 E-QIP) with dual port connectivity. The dual port G2 E-QIP ensures added connectivity, redundancy and significant performance increase of up to 60 MB per second; which approaches Fibre Channel speeds while leveraging existing LAN architectures. The G2 EQIP can also improve redundancy and space efficiency in Spectra Logic's other AIT tape libraries.

"Today's storage administrators are challenged to operate on restricted budgets while assuring business continuity in the forefront. The criticality of assured data protection has remained steady in our current economy," said Sharon Isaacson, Spectra Logic's product manager for the Spectra 20K library. "Low to mid level enterprise customers who require the combination of high storage density, performance and reliability at the right price can now find it in our Spectra 20K library with Gigabit Ethernet."

The Spectra 20K library is also equipped with a virtualization feature called Shared Library Services (SLS). The virtual library operating system allows the library to be partitioned from two to four logical libraries. SLS provides support for heterogeneous platforms, backup applications, tape drives (includes any mix of 8mm technology), media and multiple interface technologies - all within the same library. Backup of multiple servers running different operating environments can be consolidated onto a single, scalable library resource, yielding investment protection, operational savings and streamlined administration that substantially reduce the total cost of ownership. The Spectra 20K tape library ranges in price from $40,000-114,000. ...Spectra Logic profile

Australian Department of Defense Standardizes Enterprise Storage with Network Appliance

SYDNEY, Australia - November 4, 2002 - Network Appliance, Inc. has been selected by the Australian Department of Defense Information Services Branch, the entity responsible for managing the majority of the Department's IT infrastructure, as the preferred storage supplier to standardize storage technology across the organization.

The deal is for a total storage solution comprising hardware, software, and services, with implementation to be phased over three years for an anticipated 150 sites across Australia. This is the first time Australian Defense has had a standard solution across all areas of the Information Services Branch for any IT solution and there are plans to adopt this approach in other areas.

Previously, Australian Defense's sites had installed a myriad of different storage solutions, meaning that it had no economies of scale in terms of infrastructure, management, pricing, training, or support. Although the different storage suppliers were similar in terms of the services they offered, Australian Defense faced a number of problems and additional expense from dealing with multiple vendors and believes this new approach will remedy these limitations. ...Network Appliance profile

See also:- Military Storage, Sun VARs in Australia

LSI Logic delivers high performance ATA RAID solution with enhanced fault tolerance capabilities

MILPITAS, Calif. - November 1, 2002 – LSI Logic Corporation today announced availability of its MegaRAID® ATA 133-2 RAID storage adapter – an easy-to-use, cost-effective RAID alternative for boosting performance and reliability of storage environments.

The inherent fault tolerance features and design of the MegaRAID ATA 133-2 provides a simple to install, simple to run solution ideal for desktops, workstations and entry-level servers using the fastest ATA/133 drives. The LSI Logic MegaRAID ATA 133-2 is delivered in a low-profile PCI (MD2) form factor for tight enclosure environments and supports 48-bit Logical Block Addressing for use with 137 Gigabit and higher hard drives. The fault tolerance features of the MegaRAID ATA 133-2 adapter include configuration on a disk, error monitoring and correction, and automatic data consistency capabilities.

"The MegaRAID ATA 133-2 is the ideal for cost-sensitive storage environments. With higher demand for affordable, easy-to-use RAID solutions, the MegaRAID ATA 133-2 is a timely and powerful solution," said Siamak Iranpour, director of marketing for the LSI Logic RAID Storage Adapters Division.

LSI Logic is the leading third-party supplier of host-based RAID to the global PC and server markets with nearly two million RAID solutions shipped worldwide....LSI Logic profile

VERITAS Software Corporation CEO to Present at Upcoming Conferences

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - November 1, 2002 - VERITAS Software Corporation today announced that Gary Bloom, President and Chief Executive Officer of VERITAS Software, will give a keynote presentation at the Goldman Sachs Software and IT Services Retreat conference in Dana Point, CA on November 4, 2002.

In addition, Gary will also keynote at the Merrill Lynch Software Conference in Monterey, CA on November 7, 2002. These presentations will be available through a live and archived webcast of each event. ...VERITAS Software profile

Farewell to the Fading Lunar Flare and Tricord Systems

MINNEAPOLIS - November 1, 2002 - Tricord Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:TRCDQ) today announced the execution of a definitive Purchase Agreement to sell substantially all of its assets.

The pending transaction includes the sale of Tricord's technology, consisting of the Lunar Flare technology, Illumina clustering software and other related assets. Tricord has been operating under Chapter 11 of the Federal Bankruptcy Code and the Purchase Agreement is subject to Bankruptcy Court approval. ...Tricord Systems profile

Editor's comments:- if any company has got a good support plan for the handful of people who actually bought these products, just email me a press release with the details.

Software Pursuits, Inc. Announces Disk-to-Disk Archiving For Real-Time, Tapeless Backup

San Mateo, CA - November 1, 2002 - Software Pursuits, Inc. today announced the release of a tapeless backup and archiving feature within their SureSync product line.

The archiving feature provides real-time and versioned backups to disk media that can be restored easier and faster than traditional tape backups. The archiving option will provide companies, and individual users, a method to backup mission-critical data as it changes, creating multiple version of files that can be restored to a specific point in time.

Software Pursuits' President and CEO, Larry Salveson, says, "The new archiving feature within our SureSync product-line introduces a revolutionary new way to protect and recover information within your enterprise. With traditional tape backup methods, your backup tape contains only one version of a file. With SureSync's Archiving feature, users have control over how many versions will be stored in the archive, providing instant access to any desired version of a file."

SureSync administrators can leverage real-time replication and file versioning technology to maintain protected copies of data, as changes are made, ensuring data can be recovered from the last update or from last week's update. This greatly improves the process where backups only captured changes on a daily or sometimes weekly basis. The Archiving feature will improve data availability and protection while eliminating scheduled backups normally associated with traditional backup methods. With the dropping cost of disk media, a tapeless backup and archiving solutions becomes very feasible. Additionally, the ability to instantly recover a file to a specific point-in-time will greatly help end users when data has been deleted, corrupted, or simply needs to be reverted back to an earlier date.

SureSync has the ability to backup and archive data locally or in a remote location. Additionally, SureSync can be scaled from a single workstation to an entire enterprise, providing a backup solution for both individual users and organizations. Software Pursuits, Inc. offers a fully functional, 30-day trial and white paper describing the Archiving concept. ...Software Pursuits profile

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