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MILPITAS, Calif., - November 18, 2002 – LSI Logic today introduced the LSI5201, a versatile, dual-port 1 Gigabit per second iSCSI host bus adapter (HBA). With the addition of the LSI5201, LSI Logic now offers high-performance and proven interoperable iSCSI, SCSI and Fibre Channel storage adapter solutions for SANs. Employing the iSCSI standard, the LSI Logic LSI5201 uses SCSI block-level storage data over native Ethernet networks, by encapsulating SCSI protocol in standard TCP/IP packets, to deliver the advantages of IP storage. The iSCSI and TCP/IP protocol processing is handled through a combination of hardware and firmware, offloading all iSCSI and TCP/IP processing from the host CPU. As a result, the LSI5201 achieves the high performance, high availability, and reliability, with less CPU overhead, essential in today's networked storage environments. The LSI5201 storage adapter provides versatility and flexibility to system designers and integrators with three possible configurations, including:
  • LSI5201, a dual-port 1 Gigabit per second iSCSI Ethernet adapter
  • LSI5201-S, a dual-port 1 Gigabit per second iSCSI Ethernet adapter with a 2 gigabit-per-second Fibre Channel port that allows access to NAS and SANs through only one PCI slot; and,
  • LSI5201-B, a dual-port 1 Gigabit per second iSCSI Ethernet adapter with an iSCSI to Fibre Channel bridge that enables the connection of Fibre Channel devices to a Ethernet network.
"The ability to deliver the full benefits of IP storage, principally high performance and high availability, through widely used Ethernet networks makes The LSI5201 iSCSI adapter a valued addition to our storage adapter family," stated Bob Anderson, director for the LSI Logic HBA Group. "The LSI5201 is another clear example of why system designers and integrators seeking the best-in-breed turn to LSI Logic as their single source for storage adapters." ...LSI Logic profile

LAS VEGAS, NV - November 18, 2002 - Sharing the podium at the Comdex Recordable DVD Council (RDVDC) press conference today, Andy Parsons, senior vice president for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., and Tony Jasionowski, North American RDVDC managing director, took a "no smoke, just fire" approach to presenting the facts about the new milestones that are driving DVD burner sales. After making their presentations, Parsons and Jasionowski left little doubt that the new DVD drives eliminate the performance, compatibility and price barriers to creating and sharing home movies and personalized videos.

"Products incorporating the DVD Forum standards were available for nearly three years before proprietary formats emerged," said Jasionowski. "The majority of recordable DVD products in use today are based on DVD Forum formats. In addition, the DVD Multi drives are produced by five big-name manufacturers, not just one. And," he continued, "according to IDC reports on the first two quarters of this year, DVD Forum-based products are maintaining their lead. Delivering what we promise, when we promise it and ensuring backward compatibility with earlier format versions have been key factors in drawing new customers and building channel relationships."

Multi-function drives that support the DVD Forum formats are already on retail shelves with street prices below $300, and some media manufacturers are shipping DVD-R discs that retail for $1 or less. With 4x DVD-R support, the new drives can fill a 4.7GB 4x DVD-R disc to capacity in about 15 minutes. The recorded discs can be played by most PC and TV DVD players. Parsons emphasized that the drives he and Jasinowski were talking about are actually shipping and aren't just reference designs. He also noted that DVD-R is the common denominator among the vast majority of DVD writers available now and those that are soon to enter the market. To illustrate his point, Parsons provided attendees with new data showing that DVD-R media represents 75% of all blanks manufactured. IDC has predicted that shipments of recordable DVD drives will increase from more than 3 million drives this year to nearly 50 million in 2006. ...RDVDC profile

LAS VEGAS, NV - November 18, 2002 - During COMDEX this week, ASACA Corporation will debut the revolutionary new FireFly DM series digital virtual library at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. Integrating new Serial ATA disk drives, the FireFly is designed to redefine nearline storage expectations by delivering up to 48TB of data per library. ASACA's FireFly offers much greater performance and economy than some of the industry's leading tape installations.

Harnessing data in the world's first fully electronic, non-robotic, true, random access library, ASACA has expanded the traditional three planes on which data reside; Online, Nearline and Offline, to include a fourth plane of storage:- Virtually Online (V-Line). This new storage level provides high-speed transmission of data on demand, similar to an online RAID, but remains in a quiescent state until needed. As a result, the FireFly is an electronic library based on hard disk drives, offering superior performance and tremendous capacities, without the price tag of traditional online storage.

"The FireFly is rooted in stable, industry-standard, cross-platform compliant hard disks. The same basic technology every computer user has relied on for nearly three decades," said Chuck Larabie, ASACA's vice president of sales. "By incorporating Serial ATA hard drives into a virtual library, the users' long-term storage investment is preserved, enabling organizations to make storage investments today in technologies uniquely capable of supporting their requirements decades into the future."

Part of the innovation behind FireFly is in the incorporation of as many as 192- 200GB or 250GB Serial ATA drives within a single ASACA library. This combination will provide network environments with as many as 48 concurrent streams of data at speeds that will shatter previous nearline storage expectations. The FireFly DM is expected to have a starting price of $100,000. ...ASACA profile

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona - November 18, 2002 - TOLIS Group, Inc. announced today that BRU-Pro 2.0 Macintosh OS X client software is now shipping. Over 17 years of BRU reliability is now available to support Macintosh client systems running OS X in networks supported by BRU-Pro 2.0. BRU-pro's support for Mac OS X provides the performance, functionality, and reliability of our 17 years of Unix backup experience to both the Macintosh and FreeBSD personalities of an OS X system. Full support for mach-o CFM single file binaries and their resource and finder information as well as full Unix-based compatibility are available in a single solution. The BRU-Pro agent for OS X is a daemon process and requires no user intervention once installed, fully automating the backup of the OS X client system by the BRU-Pro server system. BRU-Pro's licensing policy allows the addition of Mac OS X clients with no special work on the part of the BRU-Pro administrator. Since TOLIS Group does not differentiate the client licenses by specific system type or class, OS X clients may be added to an existing BRU-Pro environment as easily as any other BRU-Pro supported client system. ...TOLIS profile

BROOMFIELD, Colo. - November 18, 2002 - McDATA today announced that it will demonstrate an FCIP blade technology within its Intrepid Director at Comdex Fall 2002, in Las Vegas, Nov. 18-22. This demonstration marks the first time in which FCIP, Fibre Channel and FICON data traffic will be carried by a Director-class storage networking product.

"McDATA is continuing to extend its leadership in the storage networking industry by demonstrating the protocol-independent architecture of its Intrepid Directors. Customers want choice and flexibility, and delivering to them a solution that adapts to changing business and technology requirements is a core McDATA commitment," said Mike Gustafson, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at McDATA.

FCIP allows customers to implement more effective disaster recovery plans by connecting remote data centers up to thousands of miles apart. Customers may also use FCIP over cost-effective WAN or MAN telecommunications services to link remote SANs for business continuance services. McDATA's multi-protocol demonstration illustrates the lower costs, increased performance, and improved manageability that will result from the integration of FCIP capabilities and other multiprotocol services into McDATA's Director platforms. ...McDATA profile

See also:- iSCSI and FCIP

Round Rock, Texas - November 18, 2002 - Dell today announced a new line of industry-standard storage systems designed to help small- and medium-sized businesses and corporate workgroups easily add, consolidate and manage information in a variety of network environments. The Dell PowerVault 775N, 770N and 725N NAS systems offer the performance, high availability and expansion features to manage data between applications running Microsoft® Windows® ,Novell® NetWare® , UNIX, Linux, and Apple Macintosh® operating environments. The NAS systems can be set up in as little as 15 minutes with minimal IT expertise, and can be managed remotely from any location using intuitive Web-based management tools.

The NAS systems can accommodate up to 17TB with the addition of SCSI drives, or up to 40TB by connecting to Dell EMC storage either as a direct-attached array or through a SAN. This SAN Gateway allows customers to expand their networks by adding to existing storage resources. Both systems offer I/O slots, redundant power and Embedded Remote Access Management utilities to facilitate fast, powerful and easy configuration of the systems. The rack-optimized, 2U PowerVault 775N and 5U PowerVault 770N for rack and tower environments are available worldwide today for prices starting at $4,999. ...Dell Computer profile

TAMPA, FL - November 18, 2002 - Northern today announces the availability of "Cost Wizard," a free tool that reveals an organization's true storage costs. The Cost Wizard also estimates savings that can be realized from the implementation of an SRM solution that enforces specific storage management policies, i.e., filtering unwanted files, setting mail quotas, etc. The Cost Wizard is a free, stand-alone utility available for download from the Northern website. It can be used in conjunction with Northern's award-winning Quota Server software, or any competing quota management product. According to a study by Gartner Group, the real cost for managing storage, including tasks such as backup/restore operations, inventory operations, configuration, maintenance work, etc is 3.3 times the cost of acquiring the storage hardware.

As the prices of storage devices continue to fall, managers and IT organizations have been content to simply add capacity without considering the costs associated with administration - everything from backup/restore operations to maintenance work. The Cost Wizard factors in all costs to provide an accurate storage "invoice." It then enables organizations to project a return on investment in a solution that efficiently manages their storage resources. The Cost Wizard is consistent with Northern's philosophy of providing easy-to-use, affordable, high performance system tools that maximize valuable IT assets.

The Cost Wizard is simple-to-use and generates fast results. Users are presented with a succession of screens where they are prompted to apply a user quota (i.e., 100 MB), select a folder, then enter the cost per gigabyte. The Cost Wizard generates a detailed report that includes general system information (i.e., disk capacity, free disk space, number of media files, number and type of files over 50 MB, etc.). It also indicates how much space can be reclaimed with disk quotas, specific filtering and select data removal (i.e., of former employees). Finally, it reveals how much capacity efficient storage management frees up, and what this translates to in dollars saved. The Cost Wizard is a perfect complement to Northern's flagship Quota Server software, which enables system administrators to set storage quotas on disk objects such as directories, files, individual user and/or group accounts. ...Northern profile

BALTIMORE - November 18, 2002 - JNI Corporationtoday announced two new dual-port 10 gigabit per second PCI-X to InfiniBand host channel adapter (HCA) modules for use in server cluster applications. The JNI IBX-4x02i-C and the IBX-4x02m-C are built on second generation InfiniBand technology from IBM Microelectronics and Mellanox Technologies, respectively. JNI's InfiniStar™ line of HCA modules are shipped with the industry's only enterprise class software stack and will be featured in demos at the SC2002 Conference, Nov. 17-22 in Baltimore, Md. (JNI Booth #1845, MPI Software Technology Booth# 1903).

The IBX-4x02i is a dual port PCI-X-to-InfiniBand channel adapter based on second-generation InfiniBlue silicon from IBM Microelectronics capable of delivering throughput of up to 20 Gb. The new InfiniStar modules operate at InfiniBand 4x speeds, 4-times the performance of first-generation InfiniBand HCA modules. The IBX-4x02m HCA module is based on second-generation InfiniHost MT23108 silicon from Mellanox Technologies, and is also capable of delivering performance of up to 20 Gb. Both modules can achieve the maximum throughput available in today's x86 servers by using high performance 64-bit/133 MHz PCI-X bus slots. ...JNI profile

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - November 18, 2002 - QLogic Corp. today unveiled a full line of iSCSI products that answer the call from major OEMs for standards-based iSCSI components to power server, networking and storage systems. The foundation of the new product line consists of three single-chip ISP offload engines for TCP, iSCSI and IP security (IPSec), the industry's first state-based offload engines scalable to 10Gb.
  • ISP3010 TCP Offload Engine (TOE) - a PCI-X-to-1Gb Ethernet single-chip TCP offload engine that accelerates the performance of TCP/IP traffic while freeing CPU cycles. The QLogic TOE offloads all TCP/IP and Ethernet functions including out-of-order packet processing. The ISP3010 will be used in place of network interface chips in network adapters, servers and NAS storage systems.
  • ISP4010 iSCSI Offload Engine (iSOE™) - a PCI-X-to-1Gb Ethernet single-chip iSCSI offload engine that accelerates the performance of TCP/IP and iSCSI traffic. The ISP4010 supports mixed network and storage traffic and is used in place of SCSI or Fibre Channel chips in HBAs, disk subsystems, tape subsystems and storage routers.
  • ISPSEC1000 Security Offload Engine (SOE™) - a single-chip security offload engine that accelerates the performance of IPSec traffic. Compliant with the industry standard for IP security, the ISPSEC1000 is a companion chip for the ISP3010 TCP offload engine and ISP4010 iSCSI offload engine.
QLogic has also announced a range of host bus adapters which leverage these new chips and a new version of its SANsurfer Management Suite which includes drivers, management utilities, diagnostics and online documentation. ...QLogic profile

SAN JOSE, Calif. - November 18, 2002 ­ The Dual RW DVD/CD recordable drives recently introduced by Sony Electronics will soon support up to 4X DVD+R recording with a simple firmware upgrade. Owners of the internal DRU-500A or external DRX-500UL Dual RW drive will be able to download the free upgrade from Sony's Web site on or before Dec. 9. The firmware upgrade will add support for up to 4X DVD+R recording and will enhance DVD reading performance, making the Dual RW drives even more appealing to users seeking a high-performance DVD burner that supports all of the leading DVD formats (DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW) as well as 24X CD-R recording, at a reasonable price.

With up to 4X DVD+R recording speeds, users will be able to record a full 4.7GB DVD+R disc in less than 15 minutes. The specification standard for 4X DVD+R recording was recently made available, and utilizing the free firmware upgrade, Sony's Dual RW drives will be the first to support it.

"By offering consumers a drive that supports the most popular DVD formats at the fastest recording speeds available for DVD-R/-RW and DVD+R, we are providing the utmost in compatibility and performance," said Robert DeMoulin, marketing manager for branded storage products in Sony Electronics' IT Products Division. "As initial reviews of the DRU-500A have proven, our Dual RW drives have helped clear the confusion in the DVD-recordable market." ...Sony profile

Editors comments:- last week Verbatim announced the first media which supports the new 4X DVD+R format. See DVD drives for more details.

FAIR LAWN, NJ - November 18, 2002 ­ Maxell Corporation today announced that it has started shipping its full line of DLT and SuperDLT media with a new security seal that protects customers from buying used and recycled media without their knowledge. All Maxell DLT IV and SuperDLT cartridges are now equipped with the tamper-proof security seal on the case that leaves a permanent "void" mark the first time the case is opened and the cartridge is used. The void mark cannot be removed, making it difficult for reconditioned media to be sold as new. The new security seal is Maxell's response to an increasing problem with recycled DLT media being re-sold as new. Used media ­ even when accurately labeled as reconditioned ­ poses special risks for DLT customers. Used media may have been exposed to viruses, been abused, misused, improperly stored or handled, leading to data loss or hardware damage. All Maxell DLT IV and SuperDLT media, including cleaning cartridges, are currently shipping with the new security label feature.

"Losing critical data with sub-par media is a big enough risk, but these used cartridges can also cause damage to DLT drives, compounding the user's problems," said Dawn Wortman, senior marketing manager at Maxell. "This new security technique protects our customers from unknowingly buying and using inferior recycled media and risking their valuable data and harm to their drive hardware." ...Maxell profile

Surrey, UK - November 18, 2002 ­ Source Consulting today announced the appointment of Paul Barry-Walsh as a Non-Executive Director.

Paul's entrepreneurial career has included the founding of Safetynet and Netstore. After experience at Metal Box and IBM, he left to form Safetynet, one of the UK's leading providers of business continuity services, with a colleague in 1986. Paul then formulated the Netstore business plan, launched the business and subsequently successfully floated Netstore with a full listing, after which Safetynet was sold to Guardian iT.

Paul Barry-Walsh said "I am delighted to be involved in such an exciting and rapidly developing business. Data storage continues to be a growth market and Source Consulting's vendor independent services approach is ideally suited to corporate demand. Source Consulting has a sound business plan, good people, market leadership, and a focused approach to business. I very much look forward to contributing to its continued success." ...Source Consulting profile

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - November 15, 2002 - Oak Technology, Inc. announced today that its TL8xx family of high-quality decoders and personal video recorder controllers has been integrated into SONICblue Incorporated's ReplayTV 5000 DVR series. By integrating several components onto a single chip, the TL8xx family helps to lower the overall cost of digital products such as ReplayTV, making digital entertainment a reality for a broader group of consumers this holiday season.

Enabled by the TL8xx product line, SONICblue's ReplayTV 5000 DVR series offers consumers a range of recording capacities and other features, including up to 320 hours of recording time, the ability to choose to skip commercials with Commercial Advance®, and room-to-room video streaming between networked ReplayTVs. By integrating significant functionality such as multiple transport streams, descramblers, demux, CPU bridge, IDE, TV I/O, Local Bus and PCI integrated onto a single chip, the TL8xx product line is able to power certain features in SONICblue's ReplayTV 5000 DVR series at a lower cost.

SONICblue is shipping its low-priced ReplayTV 5000 DVR series to major retailers in preparation for high demand during the holiday season. Many analysts have predicted that there will be a significant increase in the adoption of DVR technology in 2002 and beyond, mainly due to the availability of affordable products. According to the Carmel Group, there will be 2 million DVR units installed in the U.S. by year-end 2002, and more than 28 million by year-end 2008. ...Oak Technology profile
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earlier news (archive)
Megabyte found that RAM gave him the fastest access to what he was seeking.
Nibble:- Faster, Smaller, Cheaper - but the best of these is Faster

uring the last decade the storage capacity of hard disk drives has increased by a factor of x 1,000. If it wasn't for that then the storage in your average desktop PC would take up the space of your entire desk using early 1990's technology. So that's a great improvement. But disk access times in the same period have typically only improved by a factor of x 5. Meanwhile our processor clock speeds have risen by a factor of x 25. So what does all that mean?

Because mass storage access times have been speeding up at a much slower rate than processor speeds, at the same time that storage capacity has been increasing, it means that corporate users are increasingly dependent on technologies like parallel processing, encrpytion accelerators, caches and solid state disks just to stop the average response time of business critical applications getting slower than they were in the mid 1990's.

The real problem is that disk drives are just too slow.

If you asked users what they would like to see in the next generation of disk technology, I'm sure that "faster" would get a lot of votes.

With a disk drive technology that's twice as fast, you don't need so many processors, and the bottlenecks which occasionally cause a network to get stuck in gridlock and reboot will also become more rare. That would be nice.

Naturally a lot of companies are looking at this problem.

On October 24, a new company called Dataslide filed a patent application for a computer hard-drive design aimed at sidestepping a number of key technical barriers in existing hard drive performance development. The company claims that the new technology could reduce access times by many orders of magnitude. That holds out the promise of solid state disk speed, at hard disk pricing.

We ran that news story, but you might have missed it. So here's a chance to see it again.

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