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Storage news - October 8 -14, 2004

DataDirect's Storage in World's Fastest Computer

Los Angeles, CA - October 14, 2004 - DataDirect Networks has delivered a storage networking system to the Department of Energy's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, enabling the U.S. national lab to build the next-generation scientific simulation environment for its BlueGene/L massively-parallel computer.

The BlueGene/L massively-parallel computer has already supplanted Japan's Earth Simulator machine, the world's former fastest computer, and has brought the lead in world class computing back to the United States. BlueGene/L, when fully assembled at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, will scale to 360 teraFLOP/s peak: nine times larger than the Earth Simulator. More importantly, the Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration laboratories will use BlueGene/L for solving a wide range of scientific problems of interest to the Stockpile Stewardship Program, including: molecular modeling; quantum molecular dynamics; the dynamics of turbulent fluid flow and material modeling.

Once BlueGene/L is fully assembled, DataDirect will be delivering a sustained parallel I/O aggregate Write bandwidth of 112.5 GigaBytes/s to Livermore's scientific applications! ...DataDirect Networks profile

Brocade Rated Top Value SAN Switch Vendor

SAN JOSE, Calif - October 14, 2004 - Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. today announced that TheInfoPro has ranked the company as the top SAN switch vendor in value and the highest ranked SAN switch vendor in a "Fulfillment Index," which combines various important product, support and delivery aspects of SAN infrastructure.

The study, conducted during the third quarter of 2004, also found that Brocade was the company most often described by respondents as a strategic supplier of SAN Switch and Director platforms.

"This was Wave 4 of a multi-year study designed to secure working intelligence of the investment considerations and in-field thinking of corporate storage professionals," said Ken Male, CEO and founder of TheInfoPro. "For this wave, we conducted 152 hour-long interviews at Fortune 1000 organizations, capturing vendor ratings, budgets and spending data, along with technology adoption or avoidance related to more than 40 different types of storage functionality."

The study, which collects, analyses and compares opinions and intentions of storage professionals at six-month intervals, gives Brocade the highest rating among switch vendors in value and ease of doing business. The company also was ranked as excellent in product quality, technical support, delivery as promised, and overall reputation. In the Fulfillment Index, which is a composite of value for the money, product quality, delivery as promised, and technical support, Brocade received the top rating among switch vendors. ...Brocade profile, Fibre-channel adapters

Swissbit Launches Low Cost bit4flash

Bronschhofen, Switzerland - October 13, 2004 - Swissbit today launched a family of low cost USB flash memory products under the trade name bit4flash.
Weighing only 12 grams and with dimensions of 77 x 22 x 14 mm the SLIM bit4flash features a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Controller which reaches up to 7 MB/sec.

No driver is required for Windows 2000 onwards, MacOS 9.0 and Linux Kernel 2.4.0. Warranty is 2 years. MSRP is 14 Euro for the 64 MB version and 20 Euro for the 128 MB version. ...Swissbit profile, Flash, USB storage
Swissbit low cost flash storage

Atempo OEMs DCT's DC-Protect

Storage Expo, London - October 13, 2004 - Datacenter Technologies, Inc. and Atempo Inc today announced that they have entered into a global OEM relationship.

Atempo will license modules from DCT's DC-Protect software. Atempo PC Protect will provide unique content-based technology to enable simultaneous backup of large numbers of desktops and notebooks with minimal network bandwidth and back-end storage. The product will be available for Windows and Linux operating systems, providing a low bandwidth protection and long-term storage system for user data. The core technology licensed by DCT to Atempo is currently used by a major European telecommunication provider to archive and protect data generated by its 5.2 million customers....Atempo profile, ...DataCenter Technologies profile

RIO Xtreme Whizzes at 1,600MB/sec

CARLSBAD, Calif. - October 13, 2004 - Dot Hill today announced that it has released its RIO Xtreme storage solutions, which are optimized for very high sequential bandwidth applications such as streaming audio/video, data acquisition and high performance computing.

Built with enterprise-class fault tolerance, RIO Xtreme storage solutions deliver high availability with redundant, hot-swappable components. The RIO Xtreme storage solution comprises a very high-performance 1U RAID control head and a 2GB Fibre Channel 2U JBOD enclosure that expands to 28TB by adding additional 2U enclosures and drives. Performance has been tested at over 1,600 megabytes per second from cache. In real-life applications from disk, RIO Xtreme's performance exceeds 790 MB/sec of sustained throughput. ...Dot Hill Systems profile

AMCC Continues SATA RAID Leadership

Storage Expo, London - October 13, 2004 - AMCC has announced the availability of StorSave for its line of SATA RAID controllers.

The AMCC StorSave Platform combines firmware and a Battery Backup Unit that maximizes data protection without sacrificing performance. The AMCC StorSave Platform supplies power to the cache memory module in the event of a system power loss and includes exclusive features that utilize a write journaling technique. AMCC is the first company to deliver this ability for SATA RAID. When fully charged, the battery preserves the contents of the controller cache memory for up to 72 hours. When power is restored, cached data is then written to the disk array providing uninterrupted data storage.

Traditionally in RAID 5 environments without BBU, manufacturers recommend setting controller cache to "write-through" and disabling "disk cache." This practice mitigates system and drive resets and/or power failures that may put the data in disk cache and controller cache at risk. However, with "cache off," system performance suffers during standard I/O operations. Disk "cache off" also contributes to lower system performance during RAID 5 degraded mode operations and rebuilds. StorSave enhances performance by enabling "disk cache" to remain on during all RAID operations and also maintains the controller cache setting to "write-back." ...AMCC profile, Events, Serial ATA (SATA), RAID controller HBAs

Iomega Announces Disk-to-Disk Autoloader

SAN DIEGO, - October 12, 2004 - Iomega Corporation today announced the Iomega REV Autoloader 1000 a disk-to-disk backup system designed to replace SCSI-based tape autoloaders in small- and medium-sized business networks.

The new Iomega REV Autoloader 1000, expected to begin shipping during the fourth quarter, debuts this week at Storage Expo in London where it will be displayed at the Iomega booth and the booth of Computer Associates. The Iomega REV Autoloader 1000 debuts in the U.S. at Storage Networking World in Orlando, Oct. 25-28.

The Iomega REV Autoloader 1000 is a 2U single-drive desktop device featuring 10-slots for a native capacity of 350GB (700GB with 2:1 software compression), all managed with the bundled enterprise-strength BrightStor ARCserve Backup Standard Edition r11.1 plus Disaster Recovery Option software from CA. It can transfer data at rates of up to 25MB/sec, outperforming more expensive tape alternatives like DDS-4, DAT-72, VXA, AIT-1, and DLT VS80. MSRP is $2,199. ...Iomega profile, SCSI cards, Tape drives

Nexsan Claims World's Fastest SATA Storage

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. - October 12, 2004 - Nexsan Technologies announced the release of its SATAblade storage system based on 10,000 RPM SATA drives in 1U modules.

Nexsan is offering a bundled SATAblade solution consisting of three SATAblades with 24 high-capacity drives to deliver 9.6 terabytes in a 3U footprint. This SATAblade configuration delivers sustained throughput speeds of 1,048 MB/sec and 125,000 IOPS, making the Nexsan product the world's fastest Serial ATA solution.

According to Steve Duplessie, Founder and Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, "SATA has proven beyond a shadow of doubt to be mainstream IT-ready, and now it's even fast! Any objections people have to this technology are being dismissed one after another, and with performance a non-issue, there just aren't any reasons not to jump on this bandwagon. Nexsan has always made cool, big stuff, but now it's fast to boot. These guys are shaking up the industry." ...Nexsan profile, Disk to disk backup, Serial ATA (SATA), Record Breaking Storage

Breece Hill Packs 15TB D2D2T into 4U

Louisville, Colorado - October 12, 2004 - Breece Hill is answering its customers' data protection and ILM needs with the latest edition to its iStoRA D2D2T family of data management appliances.

By leveraging the latest functionality of SATA disk, and SAIT tape with the powerful and intuitive Integrity data management engine, the iStoRA 4000 provides end users with enterprise functionality at an affordable price point. The iStoRA 4000 integrates a 2.4 TB SATA disk array and a tape autoloader with a choice of tape formats yielding capacities up to 15 TB in a 4U rack mountable, combined-media data protection system.

"At Breece Hill we recognize that every organization can benefit from the sophisticated data protection and storage management capabilities found in high-end products that utilize disk and tape, which in the past, only the largest companies could afford," said Breece Hill¹s Director of Business Development Christopher Stone. "The iStoRA 4000 delivers these high-level features with disk-to-disk-to-tape storage capabilities in an integrated, easy to manage, turn-key appliance that is affordable to small and medium sized organizations as well as departments and remote offices of enterprise companies." ...Breece Hill profile, Tape Libraries, Rackmount Storage

NSI Improves Data Protection for Exchange

Hoboken, N.J. - October 12, 2004 - NSI Software, Inc. today announced an improved set of capabilities for advanced protection of Microsoft Exchange.

The new version of Double-Take 4.4 provides fully automatic failover and failback of Exchange mailboxes and services so users experience minimal disruption during a failure of an Exchange server.

Microsoft Exchange has become a critical business application for thousands of businesses, but due to its dispersed and complex nature, protecting Exchange data and maintaining high availability of its services has often been difficult. NSI Software makes it easy for businesses, with the broadest set of Exchange data protection solutions. NSI solutions range from basic off-site replication, to fully automated failover and failback of multiple Exchange servers, to the creation of geographically dispersed Exchange clusters with its GeoCluster solution for Microsoft Cluster Service enabled environments. Double-Take 4.4 works fast. It can transfer as many as 7,000 user mailboxes to a secondary Exchange server in as little as five minutes.

Double-Take 4.4 is more tightly integrated with Microsoft Active Directory, and its Exchange capabilities follow the Microsoft-preferred method for failover of mailboxes and services through Active Directory. To ensure this seamless coupling of Double-Take with Exchange, NSI worked closely with Microsoft engineers in a testing laboratory to verify integration and performance of the two products together....NSI profile, Backup Software

Sony's DVDirect Burns from VHS Tape

SAN JOSE, Calif. - October 12, 2004 - Sony is unlocking new levels of home video enjoyment with the world's first DVD burner capable of stand-alone, real-time DVD recording, as well as computer-attached burning.

Sony's new DVDirect can connect directly to a camcorder or VCR for transferring tape-based video footage to DVD for playback on most home DVD players and PC DVD-ROM drives. Unlike computer-attached burners currently on the market that require a separate capture card and a computer to perform the same functions, Sony's DVDirect burner features built-in real-time video capturing and hardware MPEG-2 encoding to quickly deliver high-quality DVDs.

"Users can simply connect their camcorder to the recorder, hit the record button, and out comes a DVD disc that they can pop into their home DVD player. Meanwhile, computer-savvy users can attach the DVDirect device to a PC to perform all of the common tasks characteristic of computer-attached burners."

When attached to a PC with a USB 2.0 connection, the DVDirect burner also supports dual-format, double-layer burning. With 16X maximum recording speeds for DVD+R, users can burn a full write-once disc in about six minutes. Sony's DVDirect device comes bundled with video authoring software and DVD/CD burning software. The DVDirect burner is expected to ship in November for an estimated selling price of around $300. ...Sony profile, USB storage, DVD drives

IBM's DS6000 Targets EMC's "Fridges"

NEW YORK - October 12, 2004 - today, IBM introduced data storage systems that bridge the gap between once incompatible high-end and midrange storage classes.

Combining high-end function with the ease-of-use characteristics of a PC, the new IBM systems include a massively scalable storage system and a compatible ultra-dense storage system that provide capabilities found in EMC systems that can be up to 20 times larger and twice as expensive. Packing a multitude of enterprise storage features into a tiny form factor, the DS6000 series can achieve nearly twice the scalability of a refrigerator size EMC DMX800.

Starting at just 580GB and scaling up to 67.2 terabytes, the new IBM TotalStorage DS6000 series helps complete IBM's continuum of enterprise storage products by providing many technologies previously only available in high-end systems and making those capabilities available in a very small form factor. The storage server changes the game and sets a new standard in the industry to help clients more easily manage information over its lifecycle. The DS6000 series can connect to zSeries, iSeries, UNIX, Linux and Intel environments.

IBM's new storage offerings with enterprise class functions reset the bar with minimum configurations starting at half a terabyte and list prices starting as low as $97,000. The DS6000 series and the DS8000 series come standard with a four-year warranty on hardware and software. Systems will be available beginning on December 3. ...IBM profile, SAN

Low Cost IDE RAID Fits in 3.5" Bay

DES MOINES, Iowa - October 12, 2004 - Accordance Systems today announced the availability of the Accordance M100, a low cost EIDE RAID controller supporting 2.5" laptop drives.

Perfect for data back-up and automatic disk copying, the M100 plugs into a standard PC storage bay and uses two 2-1/2" disk drives instead of a single 3-1/2" hard disk. The unit requires no additional software or hardware to run and works with any operating system including Windows, Linux and Macintosh.
The RAID controller maintains two identical copies of data on each drive to provide an immediate back up in the event that one of the hard drives fails. The M100 can automatically copy data when a failed drive is replaced, allowing the user to work while, in the background, data is being transferred to the new disk. Its hot swap capability assures zero down time to replace and duplicate hard drives. In addition, the M100 allows 2.5" disks to be copied on demand, enabling further data security when combined with off site physical disk rotation. The M100 is also perfect for copying of laptop drives for data security and investigative digital forensics. news image RAID from Accordance Systems fits in 3.5" disk bay
"The M100 is the simplest and most affordable way to add RAID storage backup technology to any personal computer or system," says Steve Johnson, president and CEO of Accordance Systems. "Remove your standard single drive unit and replace it with the M100 and now you have two drives keeping two identical images guaranteeing your data."

The device fits into a single 1U bay in a space the size of a CD-ROM drive. Drives are installed in separate locking front-loading trays of the M100 that can be removed for off site data security or virus protection. List price for the Accordance M100 is $399. ...Accordance profile

EMC Acquires Dantz

Hopkinton, Mass. - October 12, 2004 - EMC Corporation today announced the acquisition of Dantz Development Corporation.

The addition of Dantz will help EMC further extend its reach and offer customers products that span the entire backup and recovery market, including the fast-growing SMB segment.

Dave DeWalt, Executive Vice President, EMC Software Group, said, "Dantz is a strategic acquisition in line with EMC's strategy to extend our reach and focus on the fast-growing SMB market of next-generation high-growth customers. While the majority of EMC's offerings to date have been targeted at the enterprise and commercial markets, Dantz represents EMC's first major SMB software entry with purpose-built products targeted specifically to the needs of SMB customers." ...Dantz profile, ...EMC profile, Acquired, dead & merged companies

Sun Microsystems to Resell Solid State Disks

London, UK - October 11, 2004 - Texas Memory Systems today announced a relationship that allows Sun Microsystems UK to sell the TMS' RamSan solid state disk.

Texas Memory Systems' RamSan solid state storage products, paired with Sun's servers, can accelerate enterprise applications like databases and data warehouses up to 2,500%. Typical RamSan users include corporations in the financial, telecom, and e-commerce sectors as well as government, military, and research organizations. ...Texas Memory Systems profile, Solid state disks

Editor's comments:- I predicted that Sun would start selling SSDs as a special supported solution in my August 2003 article could SSDs become a $10 billion market?

Adaptec's Snap Enterprise Data Replicator

MILPITAS, Calif. - October 11, 2004 - Adaptec, Inc's storage systems division, Snap Appliance, today announced the availability of Snap Enterprise Data Replicator, a high-performance, network-optimized data replication and management software suite that allows customers to easily and cost-effectively move, protect and report on their data throughout a distributed enterprise.

Snap EDR allows the replication of data across heterogeneous platforms - Snap Servers, UNIX, Windows and Linux - maintaining all platform-specific security settings and preferences and virtually eliminating vendor lock-in. Snap EDR will be available on October 25th. The Snap EDR software suite also offers additional capabilities including remote office backup and recovery, data asset management and reporting which will be available later this year. Snap EDR pricing starts at $2,699 per server and includes one year of software maintenance support. ...Adaptec profile

NexFlash Ships Densest Serial Flash

SAN JOSE, Calif. - October 11, 2004 - NexFlash Technologies, Inc. today announced availability of the newest members of its spiFlash line of Serial Flash memories.

The NexFlash spiFlash NX25P16 16Mb and 8Mb NX25P80 devices feature the popular Serial Peripheral Interface, the industry's fastest clock speed of 50MHz, and an efficient new Parameter Page feature that can eliminate the need for a separate Serial EEPROM. With the addition of the NX25P16 to the spiFlash line, NexFlash now offers the highest-density Serial Flash memory devices to be housed in an 8-pin SOIC package (less than one-half the space of other 16Mb SOIC packages). ...NexFlash profile, Flash Memory

Finisar & Infineon Adjust Acquisition Value

Munich/Germany and Sunnyvale, Calif./USA - October 11, 2004 - Infineon Technologies AG and Finisar Corporation announced today that they have agreed to modify the terms of a previously announced acquisition agreement.

The terms were modified in part due to the operating results for this business unit during the past six months. The companies have already received the required antitrust clearances in the U.S. and Europe. The acquisition involves the transfer of Infineon's fiber optic development, manufacturing, and certain marketing activities and approximately 1,200 employees. ...Finisar profile, ...Infineon profile

This Week's Storage Events

Editor:- October 11, 2004 - there are 3 main storage events this week.

At StorageTek's FORUM 2004 in San Antonio, Texas on Monday and Tuesday - more than 1,000 StorageTek customers, partners, news media and analysts will have access to more than 40 technology track sessions led by customers, partners and technology experts.

The International Symposium on Optical Memory taking place Monday to Friday on Jeju Island, Korea. On Wednesday and Thursday Storage Expo takes place in London, UK. It's the 4th year of this free to attend UK event. ...Storage Events

Dantz Tips for Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

WALNUT CREEK, CA - October 8, 2004 - Recent industry alerts underscore the need for companies of all sizes, including small and midsize businesses to actively protect customer data in accordance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, report executives from Dantz Development Corp.

The act, which aims to protect private information, affects not just large enterprises but any business that may collect personal or financial information, for example, a retailer who accepts credit cards or a service business that maintains a record of customer names, addresses, and account numbers. Other forms of private information include credit applications, credit reports, fund transfers for automatic payments, social security numbers, and legal matters such as bankruptcies, court summons, or divorces. Dantz offers the following tips for small and midsized businesses ready to undertake a data protection plan.

Back up often Daily is usually best, depending on how heavily computers are used; Murphy's Law generally dictates that disaster will strike just when the most recent backup is days old.

Back up more than just documents Backing up documents is essential, but it's just a starting point. Restoring data can be complex and time-consuming unless all installed software and updates, plus operating system and application settings, are also captured.

Protect all computers Backing up servers is only half the battle. Approximately 40-70% of critical data is located on desktop and notebook computers, and users rarely know where these important files reside, or they forget – or don't bother – to copy them to the server.

Encrypt data Any sensitive information will be doubly protected if backups are done according to the Data Encryption Standard (DES), an advanced form of data encryption that achieves bank-level security. An additional level of protection is provided by instituting password protection for restore processes.

Forget incremental or differential backups These techniques result in flawed restores that return files and folders that were previously deleted, renamed, or moved. Flawed restores jeopardize business operations by returning obsolete information to the system.

Make multiple copies for disaster recovery Guard against a catastrophic loss of your computers and onsite backup media by storing at least one set of backup media offsite. This can be one or more portable hard drives or removable media, as long as the off-site copy is kept up to date.

Don't procrastinate Far too many organizations wait until disaster strikes before implementing a data protection strategy. ...Dantz profile

Editor's comments:- the above handy tips were published just 4 days before Dantz got acquired by EMC. I'm sure that many owners of storage software companies would also like a handy set of tips for how to get acquired by EMC or Sun or Veritas etc.

Seeking Sponsors for iSCSI Market Survey

Editor:- October 8, 2004 - ACSL, publisher of STORAGEsearch, has started talking to vendors about running a major iSCSI Buyer Market Survey in Q1 2005.

The small size of this market in 2003/4 has disappointed many vendors and confounded many analysts' optimistic predictions. Some specific technical and marketing problems in the iSCSI market were cited in an article we published June 2004.

The iSCSI survey will look buyers' perceptions, inhibitors and disinhibitors, brand awareness, needs, applications, budgets and other issues. Vendors interested in sponsoring the survey, helping compose questions or just advertising should contact the publisher by email. ...ACSL profile, ...iSCSI, Market research
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