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SSD & storage news - 2008, August week 4

IBM's Misleading Million IOPS SSD Press Release

Editor:- August 29, 2008 - a recent IBM blog posted yesterday seems to be aimed at gullible naiive readers who don't look deeper than headlines.

It provides additional details related to an IBM press release saying that their engineers have demonstrated a sustained rate of over one million IOPS with a response time of under one millisecond using a flash SSD system.

However, if you read the detail - far from proving that IBM is soon to be a world leader in SSD technology - you learn that the "IBM part" of this technology was the server and the engineers who installed a bunch of what appear to be COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) PCIe SSDs from Fusion-io - which you too can buy and deploy on other servers. And there are plenty of other fast SSDs which can be built into scalable arrays too.

This kind of publicity from IBM is what led to the phrase FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) in past decades by the legendary creator of the IBM compatible mainframe market Gene Amdahl. The SSD market has already seen a lot of nonsensical claims and analysis being published in the IT media because most editors don't understand what they're writing about. It looks like IBM is going to add to the smoke and mirrors in an effort to divert buyers until they manage to acquire or badge engineer a credible SSD of their own.

...Later:- in a press release a week later (September 3, 2008) - Fusion-io's CEO Don Basile commented "IBM's choice to use our solution to increase the performance of their world-class storage systems validates our ioMemory technology as the leading enterprise solid-state architecture. We are excited to work with IBM as they develop their next generation storage solutions that will not only increase performance for a broad range of applications and workloads, but also improve the effectiveness and power efficiency of next generation data centers."

Adaptec Acquires RAID Controller Maker Aristos Logic

MILPITAS, Calif. :- August 28, 2008 - Adaptec Inc. today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Aristos Logic Corp in a cash transaction worth approximately $41 million.

Adaptec's president and CEO Sundi Sundaresh said - "Aristos Logic will provide us with a strong ASIC roadmap. Their next generation 6 Gb/s serial RAID controllers will expand our channel offerings and enhance the value of our current lines of Unified Serial SATA and SAS products." ...Adaptec profile, ...Aristos Logic profile, acquired storage companies, RAID controllers

Introducing RunCore SSDs

Editor:- August 28, 2008 - RunCore is a new name in the international SSD market which I only learned about today.

RunCore says it aims to become "the leader in the field of solid-state storage."

Usually such statements are nonsense. But the company's SSDs are already available in an impressive variety of form factors which start at 1.8" and go all the way up to rackmount enterprise SSDs with SAS interfaces and RAID protection. Its broad range of SSD interfaces also place it in the same exclusive club as BiTMICRO and STEC.

Founded in 2006, RunCore has extensive intellectual property based on 10 years of research in the National University of Defense Technology in China. RunCore says it's developing a bunch of high performance SSDs which will be available in 2009 - but the company is already shipping many products now. ...RunCore profile

...Later:- RunCore entered the Top 10 SSD companies list for the first time in Q1 2009

896TB Storage Archive MAID for Global 5000

LONGMONT, Colo. - August 27, 2008 - COPAN Systems has entered into a strategic relationship with Quantum Corp. to deliver a file-based archive data management solution for unstructured data.

This new solution enables organizations to archive up to 896TB of file based, persistent (non changing, fixed or static) data in a cabinet with an industry leading footprint of under 1 square meter. Specifically engineered for government and Global 5000 companies, the combined solution consists of Quantum's StorNext Data Management Software and COPAN Systems' Enterprise MAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks) disk-based storage. ...COPAN Systems profile, ...Quantum profile

Surveillance Video Gets New Archiving Software

Escondido, CA - August 27, 2008 - SoleraTec LLC today announced Phoenix Surveillance Video Management.

Phoenix SVM reduces the costs associated with long-term surveillance video data. It automatically moves surveillance video from primary storage in DVRs and NVRs to archive storage while preserving watermarks, time codes, analytic information, and other surveillance system-provided metadata. Archived video data is continually monitored and is automatically migrated to media that provides the most cost-effective storage that meets the data's storage longevity and access-performance requirements. ...SoleraTec profile

AmeriVault Offers Off-Site Restart & Data Recovery for iSeries Servers

Waltham MA - August 26, 2008 - AmeriVault today announced the availability of an advanced, hardware-free, hosted disaster recovery service for iSeries servers (also known as AS400 or System i) that allows remote access to a virtualized recovery environment following a disaster.

The foundation of RestartIT-VDR for iSeries consists of online backup and virtualized standby recovery servers hosted at one of AmeriVault's secure, world-class datacenters.

Should a client encounter an outage or suffer a disaster, rapid recovery commences: the backup data is recovered to AmeriVault's standby iSeries server – all achieved remotely for the client. With iSeries' compression and with GbE connectivity in AmeriVault's datacenters, the recovery process to AmeriVault's recovery servers can take just a few hours. End users can then VPN-in to resume operations while the primary systems are rebuilt. Full recovery is typically achieved in 10 hours or less.

RestartIT-VDR for iSeries allows clients to remotely access AmeriVault's virtualized iSeries environment for up to 30 days following the declaration of a disaster – for no additional charge – providing plenty of time for a company to rebuild its primary systems following a disaster. ...AmeriVault profile

Editor's comments:-
sounds like a realistRunCoreically designed service. In fact many online backup companies offer engineering assisted data recSTECovery as part of their high end services. For example CRC Data Protection has an enterprise package which includes shipping media for a bare metal restore - if the amount of data would take too long to recover online.

Are RAM SSDs Threatened by Enterprise flash SSDs?

Editor:- August 26, 2008 - in a new update to the discussion article - RAM SSDs versus Flash SSDs - which is Best? - Jim Handy, founder of Objective Analysis shares his thoughts about this subject.

Comparing the application roles for the 2 main SSD technologies in a way that elegantly avoids heaps of IOPS data Jim Handy says - "If a flash SSD can be likened to using dynamite, then a DRAM SSD can be compared to a nuclear bomb." the article

Royal Bank of Scotland's Customer List Sold on eBay

Editor:- August 26, 2008 - the leading story today on the UK's BBC broadcast news was that 1 million bank customer records had been found on a disk bought for $70 on eBay.

This is the 2nd major data security story to hit the headlines in less than a week. The earlier case involved the loss of UK police records containing data for thousands of criminals.

Commenting on last week's incident - George Symons, CEO of Yosemite Technologies said "This is not the government's fault as they provided an encrypted data storage device to their contractors, who then unencrypted and promptly lost another memory disk. Human failure is increasingly the weakest link in an organisation's business processes. In this instance the technology exists to automatically encrypt data as it is sent to storage on removable media like dongles."

The prisoner records are still missing, but the bank customers in today's story can breathe a sigh of relief that the purchaser of the unsanitized disk was an honest citizen.

see also:- Disk Sanitizers, Findings from 1,000 Data Recoveries, Storage Security

Databarracks Unlocks Free Buddybackup

London:- August 26, 2008 - Today Databarracks announced that it is offering refunds to all Buddybackup users who have paid for the full version of its popular Buddybackup software.

The decision comes as Databarracks removes all of the limitations within the free version of Buddybackup, a peer-to-peer online backup software used by tens of thousands of people in over 126 countries around the world.

Buddybackup uses the spare space Editor:- August 26, 2008 - in a new update to the discussion article - RAM SSDs versus Flash SSDs - which is Best? - Jim Handy, founder of Objective Analysis shares his thoughts about this subject. on buddies' computers creating a free storage trade between you and your friends with no costs; all you need is a buddy with internet connection and some free disk drive space to share. Files are backed up in real time and all data is encrypted to military standard so your data can't be accessed or read by your Buddies.

With a number of free or very low cost online backup services failing and leaving many customers without access to their data within the past year, the Buddybackup solution seems to rise to users' expectations. While other backup providers are not able to sustain backup service, leaving users' data irretrievable, Buddybackup users can have multiple copies of their data saved on friends' or families' computers so that they are always going to be able to get the data back. Buddybackup also caters for a number of businesses that use the software to backup their corporate laptops or remote offices back to their own central storage server.

Currently Buddybackup runs only on Windows XP. However,Databarracks says it plans to extend this to other OS's including Linux and Mac ...Databarracks profile, Backup Software

Tandberg Increases RDX Capacity Decreases Backup Window

Oslo Norway - August 25, 2008 - Tandberg Data today introduced RDX FileKeeper software which provides transparent, "always-on" continuous data protection for its removable disk backup systems.

Tandberg Data also announced the availability of the 500GB RDX QuikStor cartridges.

The MSRP of the RDX QuikStor with a 500GB cartridge including all necessary accessories and RDX FileKeeper backup software is $699. The MSRP of the 500GB cartridge is $499.

"Research has shown that 40% of SMB's don't back up their data at all, and 60% of all data is stored on PC desktops and laptops", says Bharat Kumar, vice president of marketing and development at Tandberg Data. "Furthermore, most business users who do have a back-up device do not back up their data on a daily or even weekly basis. A third of computer users lose all files due to events beyond their control, and hard drive crashes occur every 15 seconds. A plug and play, ruggedized device that offers CDP, automatically, will be able to prevent disastrous data loss." ...Tandberg Data profile , Disk to disk backup, Removable Storage

Patriot Memory Speeds Up 2.5" SATA flash SSD

Fremont, California - August 22, 2008 - Patriot Memory today released the 2nd version of their Warp SSD.

Available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities, Patriot's 2nd Warp version boasts read speeds up to 175MB/sec and write speeds up to 100MB/sec.

"SSD technology is growing exponentially" says Jay Meng, Flash Product Manager for Patriot Memory. "With read and write speeds exceeding today's current HDD technology and prices for flash products becoming more affordable, it's easy to see why SSD technology is the wave of the future." ...Patriot Memory profile
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