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Texas Memory Systems Shows 100 terabyte SSD at SIGGRAPH

Editor:- August 5, 2009 - Texas Memory Systems launched the RamSan-6200 a 40U rackmount SSD with 100TB of SLC flash storage, 5 million IOPS performance and upto 60GB/s throughput - which uses approximately 6kW of power.

Initially designed to meet the specific requirements of a customer with extreme performance needs, it combines 20x RamSan-620s in a single datacenter rack and uses TMS' TeraWatch software to provide unified management and monitoring from a single GUI console.

TMS is showing the new SSD this week at SIGGRAPH 2009 in New Orleans.

PhotoFast RAIDs CFast SSDs

Editor:- August 5, 2009 - PhotoFast disclosed details of its G-Monster Quad Drive SSD which includes 4x RAIDed CFast SSDs in a SATA compatible 100mm x 70mm x 9.5mm module.

Silicon Power Launches Cool DDR3 DRAM

Editor:- August 3, 2009 - Silicon Power launched new server class DDR3 DRAM modules.

They have built-in thermal sensors and are made specifically for servers and workstations. Available in 1333/1066 speeds, they are compatible with Intel Nehalem-based Xeon 5500 platform in tri-channel operation. Unbufferred ECC DIMM are available in 6GB(2GB*3) / 3GB(1GB*3) / 4GB(2GB*2) / 2GB(1GB*2) / 2GB / 1GB capacities for users to choose from.

SSD Guide Pageviews Grow 96%

Editor:- August 3, 2009 - disclosed today that in July pageviews of its most popular article - the Solid State Disks Buyers Guide - increased 96% year on year.

Pageviews of the top 5 SSD articles in July 2009 grew 85% year on year.

Overall site readership across the whole site grew too - in double digits - despite declining interest in topics related to rotating storage.

The top 20 articles and subjects viewed - can be seen as usual on the market research page.

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100 terabyte SSD at SIGGRAPH

PhotoFast RAIDs CFast SSDs

Silicon Power Launches Cool DDR3 DRAM

SSD Guide Views Grow 96%
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