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SSD & Storage news - July 2010, week 1

HDD market price trends

Editor:- July 7, 2010 - a report in DigiTimes says price quotes for 500GB+ HDDs at the end June (in Taiwan ) were 20% lower than at the beginning of April.

See also:- SSD Pricing - where does all the money go?

2010 Memory market may reach $67 billion - says IDC

Editor:- July 6, 2010 - IDC forecasts that revenues for the semiconductor memory sector (DRAM and flash) will reach $66.7 billion in 2010.

See also:- 2010 in SSD Market History, Can you trust SSD market data?

the Top 10 SSD oems in the 2nd quarter of 2010

Editor:- July 6, 2010 - today published the 13th quarterly edition of the Top 10 SSD OEMs - with new commentaries and analysis - and a 1st time appearance in the top 10 list by OCZ.

Tracking the search volume of millions of SSD readers - the series is designed to alert you to emerging market trends and simplify your process of shortlisting potential partners and suppliers. the article

800 new oems will enter SSD market in next 800 days

Editor:- July 2, 2010 - 800 new SSD oems will enter the SSD market in the next 800 days.

You'll see who they are - and what they do that's different - as always - here on

We've been charting the rise of the SSD market and "leading you to the new storage frontier" for nearly 2 decades. But the most exciting days are still to come. Have a good rest this holiday weekend and recharge your personal batteries. You'll need all your wits about you as the SSD market bubble picks up steam on Tuesday.

5 storage trends at eWEEK

Editor:- July 2, 2010 - an article in lists - 5 key data storage trends at mid-year.

The 3 magic letters "SSD" don't appear (in that order) - but may be implied in a brief note about tiering. See also:- Why I Tire of "Tier Zero Storage"

the shape of SSD searches?

Editor:- July 1, 2010 - listed the most popular SSD form factors sought in June 2010.
1 - PCIe SSDs
2 - 2.5" SSDs
3 - 1.8" SSDs
4 - 3.5" SSDs
5 - rackmount SSDs
...... "Search volume is the best predictor of where the market is heading - unlike financial data which tells you where the market has been - typically 12 to 15 months before" said editor, Zsolt Kerekes. "The advance visibility from search volume data - if sampled and interpreted correctly - can give you a 2 to 3 year look ahead into emerging market trends."
Overall searches for "SSDs" grew 37% year on year. Overall site readership for increased 10% year on year (across all subjects - not just SSDs).

Pageviews of the popular SSD Buyers Guide were 33% higher than a year ago - and 13x higher than in 2004.

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and other questions which divide SSD opinion
More than 10 key areas of fundamental disagreement within the SSD industry are discussed in an article here on called the the SSD Heresies.
click to read the article - the SSD Heresies ... Why can't SSD's true believers agree upon a single coherent vision for the future of solid state storage? the article
SSDs - the big picture
Editor:- was the world's 1st publication to provide continuous editorial coverage and analysis of SSDs (in 1998) and in the 12 years which have followed we've led the market through many interesting and confusing times.
click to read the story about why SSDs are taking up so much time on so many web pages If you often find yourself explaining to your VC, lawyer or non technical BBQ guests why you spend so much time immersed in SSD web pages - and need a single, simple, non very technical reference to suggest - this may be the link they need.
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