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With $2,500 saved from his newspaper route, 14-year old Jeff Thompson founded EDGE Tech Corp in 1986. EDGE Tech Corp, an ISO 9001:2008-certified company, is a leading supplier of DRAM and flash memory upgrades, portable computing products, storage devices and other experience-enhancing technology solutions. EDGE products are available through leading U.S. resellers including CDW, PC Connection, PC Mall, TechDepot (an Office Depot Company), Zones,, and, and through distribution at D&H Distributing, Ingram Micro, and Synnex Corporation. EDGE products are also available through its Web site at

see also:- EDGE's SSD page

Editor's notes:- November 2011 - EDGE Tech markets SandForce based SSDs for the consumer market under the brandname "Boost".

EDGE's product line includes SATA compatible 2.5" SSDs and also an upgrade kit for Mac and Windows PCs which enables consumers to replace their hard drive with an SSD by a standard cloning process.

EDGE Tech also offers mounting brackets to install its 2.5" SSDs into 3.5" slots.

For competing suppliers take a look at these directories:- 2.5" SSDs, SATA SSDs and notebook SSDs.

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What's the best / cheapest SSD?
Editor:- I often get emails from readers who ask the question - What's the best / cheapest SSD?

click to read this article So I wrote an article / faqs page compiled from various emails I had sent to answer the question... of why I can't answer your question - because you need to ask yourself more questions first. the article
the 3 fastest flash PCIe SSDs - list / lists
You know the sort of thing I mean - where a magazine compares 10 SSDs or a blogger compares 2 SSDs against each other. It would be nice to have a shortlist so that you don't have to waste too much of your own valuable time testing unsuitable candidates wouldn't it?

StorageSearch's long running fastest SSDs directory typically indicates 1 main product in each form factor category but those examples may not be compatible with your own ecosystem.

If so a new article - the 3 fastest PCIe SSDs list (or is it really lists?) may help you cut that Gordian knot. Hmm... you may be thinking that StorageSearch's editor never gives easy answers to SSD questions if more complicated ones are available.
the 3 fastest  PCIe SSDs  - click to read article But in this case you'd be wrong. (I didn't say you'd like the answers, though.) the article
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