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Phison Electronics

Phison Electronics Corporation was established in November 2000 at Hsinchu, Taiwan. Started with the world's first single-chip USB flash drive IC, the company is currently a worldwide leader of USB drive and memory card controllers. A NAND flash total solution provider, we also offer system and OEM services for major retail brand names. In 2006, Phison's revenue reached US$380 million. Phison's exceptional engineering strength enables the company to be a major player in industry standard-setting associations. We are the founder of Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFI) group and an active contributor of the Non-Volatile Memory Host Controller Interface (NVMHCI) working group.

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Who's who in SSD? - by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - October 2014

Phison has been in the flash controller market for over 10 years.

In the early years of that period (2004 to 2006) Phison's flash controllers were designed to go into devices such as USB drives, CF drives and SD cards (the latter with PATA interface) - which were not strictly SSDs.

In May 2007 - Phison advertised its intention to target higher performance zones and enter the true SSD market - with a joint news story that revealed it was looking at a high speed memory architecture being developed by MOSAID.

By 2008 - Phison had already established itself as one of the SSD controller companies to watch - as it was being talked about in various speculative stories (in other publications) as possibly being an SSD controller company which Seagate might be looking to acquire.

Today - Phison's SSD related products include controllers for all those earlier flash interfaces and also includes controllers for newer markets too: - such as controllers for SATA SSDs and controllers aimed at tiny SSD form factors such as eMMC, µSSD and BGA NAND.

Phison mentions in SSD market history

In October 2014 - Digitimes reported that Toshiba had ordered "about one million" SSD controllers from Phison for delivery in that quarter.

In August 2015 - Phison announced that its first Gen3x4 NVMe SSD controller, the PS5007-E7 would ship in October 2015. It supports 1Znm SLC/MLC/TLC as well as the latest 3D NAND. The controller supports up to 2TB today consumes less than 5mW in L1.2 low power mode. Phison is the first Taiwanese design-house to release a PCIe Gen3x4 NVMe controller to production.

In August 2016 - Phison's PS5007-E7 PCIe Gen3x4 SSD controller. was inside the fastest 2.5" NVMe flash SSD - launched by Kingston.
The main performance benefit of HMB (use of host memory buffer) in RAMless consumer NVMe PCIe SSDs is random reads (40 to 70%) and burst writes (upto 5x). But multi-level eror checks and protection are needed in the controller to ensure data integrity in the flash SSD in the event of a surprise disconnection from host memory.
Notes from the paper - Improving the Design of DRAM-Less PCIe SSD (pdf) - by Sean Yang, Product Manager - Phison. at Flash Memory Summit (August 2017).
Controllernomics sets the limits to the quality of datasystems latency seen at the server motherboard level no matter how good the raw memory cell R/W times.
controllernomics - is that even a real word?
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Liqid gets seed funding for NVMe related IP
Editor:- May 20, 2015 - Liqid today announced that it has secured $5.7 million in seed funding led by Kingston Technology, Phison Electronics, ABR Capital Management, and additional investments aggregated by DH Capital.

The financing round will be used to advance research and development as well as to help accelerate time to market.
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