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Phison Electronics

Phison Electronics Corporation was established in November 2000 at Hsinchu, Taiwan. Started with the world's first single-chip USB flash drive IC, the company is currently a worldwide leader of USB drive and memory card controllers. A NAND flash total solution provider, we also offer system and OEM services for major retail brand names. In 2006, Phison's revenue reached US$380 million. Phison's exceptional engineering strength enables the company to be a major player in industry standard-setting associations. We are the founder of Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFI) group and an active contributor of the Non-Volatile Memory Host Controller Interface (NVMHCI) working group.

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Phison controller inside Chromebook
Editor:- November 14, 2013 - Phison Electronics today announced that its PS3109 controller is being used in an SSD inside the C720 Chromebook launched recently by Acer.

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