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news:- February 2018 - Flexxon recently announced details of its GALAXY Series SATA 2 SSDs (pdf) for secure military grade applications. Among other features the built in self destruct can perform physically destructive protection (high voltage burnout of flash chips) to ensure data is unrecoverable within 2 seconds.

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re the XTREME series SSDs for Industrial, Medical & Automotive apps - from Flexxon

by Zsolt Kerekes - editor - October 2017

As the name "Xtreme" suggests Flexxon's Xtreme range of SATA SSDs which was launched in June 2017 was designed for long term, stable operation in fanless industrial systems and automated machinery.

These SSDs use LDPC and an internal RAID ECC error correction system.

This isn't the first Flexxon SSD which uses special measures to ensure data integrity.

Even the company's low capacity SD cards include a more called Auto Read refresh. This solves a subtle problem which can occur in other embedded SSDs which is that ECC is typically acticated in write mode. Auto Read refresh provides protection so that applications which perform read operations for most of their life and duty cycle do not build up a significant risk of uncorrectable read errors. This type of data healing has been used for over a decade in high end enterprise SSDs but it's unusual to see it in such small form factor drives.

Flexxon's positioning in the SSD market is unusual because they specialize in the unglamorous end of the capacity and performance spectrum and focus (small capacity and long product availability upto 10 years for some medical custo,ers). I wrote about that in an article - who's who in SSD? - Flexxon.

For more info about Flexxon SSDs see:- Flexxon products overview

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