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editor's notes from SSD Market History.

In the period 2007 to 2008 - 2.5" SSDs created a stir in the market by offering performance faster than the fastest hard drives at prices that were a low multiple of the equivalent HDD storage capacity (instead of being justified by server replacements as described in the SSD CPU equivalency segment of the SSD market adoption model). Although the fastest 2.5" and 3.5" SSDs changed many times during that period - it was interesting to see that products from 2 companies - Mtron and then Memoright captured the interest of our readers - and were in the most popular SSDs viewed list. Memoright hit the #1 spot in the top 10 SSD companies list - in 2008 Q2.

Below you can see details of various Memoright SSDs - featured here on in 2009.

2.5" SSDs

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2.5"   flash SSDs  from Memoright
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Memoright ESSD

Memoright's ESSD (Enterprise Storage Solution) is a 2.5" SATA SSD with balanced performance of 120MB/s sustained Read /Write.

Its IOPS performance is 10,000 random read IOPS and >800 random write IOPS.

An internal "In-Drive" UPS guarantees all data is written from cache to the flash array in the event of a power failure.

Available with upto 128GB capacity Memoright says its ESSD provides lower cost per IOPS than many other flash SSD brands.

Memoright's ESSD uses 3 layers of internal wear leveling to ensure long media life, fast operation and reduced degradation of performance which occurs in many other SSD drives - because of inadequate garbage collection.

An important feature of this product is - constant speed (no degradation with time). Unlike our competitors, MemoRight SSD has 100% constant speed, at all times, regardless of application or environment. We use proprietary block mapping technology to access the NAND flash, so that the performance is kept stable at all times.

Memoright MR25.1-64G

This product from Memoright provides high performance and more capacity.

  • Interface options:- UltraATA/133, SATA
  • Capacity:- 2.5" 32G up to 128GB
  • Burst Read/Write:- 133 MB/sec
  • Sustained Read:- 120 MB/sec for 32G/64G GT(100MB/S for 128G GT)
  • Sustained Write:-120 MB/sec (100MB/S for 128G GT)
  • I/O performance:-
    >10,000 random read IOPS
    >800 random write IOPS
  • Access Time:- less than 0.1 msec

Reliability & Endurance:

  • MTBF- 1,100,000 hours
  • Write endurance- 200 years@100GB write/erase per day
  • Wear-leveling algorithm
  • 4-bit ECC(Error Correction Code)
  • Data Retention- 10 years
  • Power consumption:- sustained R/W - 2.5/2.5 watts
  • Operating temperature
    Commercial 0 to 70 degrees C
    Industrial -25 to 75 degrees C
    Military -40 to 85 degrees C
  • Shock (operating) 2 msec 200G
  • Shock (not-operating) 1 msec 800G

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