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Waitan designs and manufactures rugged SSD controller ASICs
and solid state drives for military, defense, aerospace and industrial applications.

Located in Zhoushan, a state level economic develop zone near Shanghai, China,
Waitan is committed to take advantage of the most experienced engineering talents and
the most developed supply chain resources in Shanghai metro area so that we can design
for customers, make for customers and serve customers with high reliability rugged SSDs.
military SSD from Waitan
military SSD drives with secure erase
encryption and self-destruct
from Waitan
Waitan - addresses and links
Waitan worldwide heaquarters

Waitan, Inc
138 PingXingGuan Road
Jingying 108 Square Yinzuo, Suite 1611
Shanghai, China, 200070

tel: +86 21 5161 9566

Who's who in SSD? - Waitan - by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - February 2015

Waitan is a new name for me in the SSD market. Its website is only a year old. Nevertheless the company already offers an interesting range of rugged SSD related products for the industrial, military and server markets.

In addition to the standard current form factors you'd expect from many other SSD companies (PCIe SSDs, 2.5" SATA, PATA and SAS, 1.8" micro SATA, and slim MO-297A) the company also offers 2 things I didn't expect to see from a new company:-
  • a rugged SSD controller - with optional fast purge. It's unusual for military SSD makers to offer their controllers as separate products - but I can understand that there may be big projects in which this could be a preferred solution. As it enables even tighter cost control and BOM control than traditional contractual based process agreements.
  • 3.5" FC. This is more often seen in legacy product lines. But it implies there's enough of a niche market for these bigger older SSDs to make it worth pursuing by a new entrant to the market.
Part of answering the question - where did all this SSD design experience come from - can be seen in Waitan's company description which says it was "founded by a team of SSD industry veterans from Mtron and SuperTalent, both of which were recognized as the industrial pioneers and enablers of SSD controllers and solid state drives."
Waitan has embeddable industrial grade ejector for 1.8" microSATA SSDs
Editor:- August 5, 2015 - I wasn't really expecting to see any major product innovations in the embedded 1.8" SSD market - but even long established markets can spawn specialized developments.
Something like that can be seen in the recent launch by Waitan of a patent pending 1.8" microSATA SSD ejector product with dual propel pedals for smooth and even ejection for use on PCBs.

Carina Li, Waitan’s Product Manager says the new connector will enable designers to deploy 1.8" microSATA SSDs with the same ease and serviceability and EMC shielding benefits as 2.5" SATA SSDs. ...more info (pdf)
news image Waitan 1.8 inch SSD ejector
"Waitan designed custom ultra high capacity SSDs for our drilling platforms."
customer story - Waitan PCIe SSDs
zero seconds? or 3 seconds? How much hold up time do you need to make a 2.5" military SSD reliable? This article examines 2 different extremes of thought as implemented in current products.
hold up capacitors in 2.5" MIL SSDs

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"At the evaluation stage of a new black box for our helicopters our testing burned out the SSD in the original box maker's design. It was not easy to find an alternative supplier of SSDs and we didn't have much time because the flight simulation tests had already been scheduled. We learned about Waitan, told them what we needed and recommended them to the black box manufacturer for our tests. Now Waitan is our technology partner for rugged solid state storage solutions."
customer story - Waitan StellaHunter SSDs
SSD ad - click for more info
Waitan launches secure self destructable SSDs for drone and other hostile military zone applications
Editor:- February 19, 2015 - Waitan this week launched a 2.5" SATA SSD with 4TB capacity with special security options to protect and purge data if the SSD gets into the wrong hands - the StellaHunter.

We believe the remote controlled secure erase and self-destruction functions are highly valuable for UAV, drone, and other remote controlled and unmanned systems where data on the systems storage drives is confidential, which needs to be destroyed from afar during accidents or emergency scenarios said James Zheng, Waitans CTO.

Editor's comments:- Remotely triggered data destruction isn't a new idea in secure SSDs - but it hasn't really taken hold in the past due to the disruptive effect of false positives - such as when a security perimeter has been incorrectly set up or when a pacifier signal is lost for a short time for innocent reasons.

For those reasons Waitan's StellaHunter is triggered by 2 or more preset conditions. Users can also choose whether the SSD should be reusable after the secure erase or whether the SSD should have a destructive erase.


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