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Link_A_Media Devices

Link_A_Media Devices is a leader in the development of semiconductor SoC solutions for the data storage market. Its mixed signal processing and iterative data recovery technologies enable hard disk drive (HDD) and solid-state drive (SSD) OEMs to increase storage density and reduce manufacturing costs. These advantages enable Link_A_Media Devices customers to continue to meet the growing demand for high-performance and low-cost data storage in consumer, computing and enterprise storage networking applications. For more information, visit

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who's who in SSD? - Link_A_Media Devices

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - - June 2012

Before its acquisition by SK Hynix - Link_A_Media designed a range of flash SSD controllers which can be integrated with its own SATA controllers - or one owned by the customer / designer. In particular LAMD had developed its own adaptive write DSP flash care technology.

For competing products and suppliers see these directories:- storage chips and SSD SoCs.

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Link_A_Media mentions in storage history

In April 2008 - Link_A_Media secured $22 million in Series B financing.

Its error correction technology could improve yields and data reliability in HDDs and SSDs.

Another side effect of their technology may be better performance in flash SSDs.

Link_A_Media says their IOP Buster architecture enables scalability within the controller to address various segments of SSD applications seamlessly. It enables faster Read and Write transfers to achieve prescribed IOP requirements.

In November 2009 - Link_A_Media Devices secured $18 million series C funding.

In February 2011 - Link_A_Media Devices filed a lawsuit against Marvell asserting that Marvell has infringed on Link_A_Media's U.S. Patent No. 7,590,927 ("Soft Output Viterbi Detector With Error Event Output"). This is a technology used in mobile hard drives.

In June 2012 -Link_A_Media Devices launched a fast new SSD controller aimed at the SATA SSD market.

The LM87800 can deliver 90K sustained random R/W IOPS and 550 MB/s sustained sequential throughput using a 6Gb/s SATA host interface.
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Hynix acquires DSP SSD IP company LAMD
Editor:- June 20, 2012 - SK Hynix today announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire California-based storage solution company Link_A_Media Devices.

The reason for the acquisition should be clear enough if you have already read my article about the new generations of adaptive SSD controllers.
SSD SoCs controllers The roadmap for flash memory is dependent on these technologies to enable workable SSDs. And SSDs will account for most of the memory used in the future.
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"If you've ever watched the movie Black Hawk Down - there's a memorable scene in which the 2nd chopper gets hit by an RPG. It's like that in SSDs..."
Surviving SSD sudden power loss
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