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Storage History - 2000, October week 4

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Astrum Monitors Storage Availability

Grau Showcases New Infinistore Virtual Disk

STEC Introduces World's Highest Density CompactFlash Card

BMC's Storage Initiative Endorsed by Leading Storage Vendors

Easynet chooses Auspex NAS

Radialogic Offers Upgrade to Storage Master OEM Users

TurboLinux Founders Launch Mountain View Data

ADIC Supports Veritas Vertex Initiave

Merlin Software Technologies engages Rocket Builders

EMC Study Finds Explosive Data Growth

Rave Computer Adds Redundant Disk Array

C-Cube Integrates SPARC Chip

IBM Selects Adaptec HBAs for eServers

Overland's AIT LibraryPro Certified Linux Compatible

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BOSTON, MA, October 31, 2000 —Astrum Software Corporation today announced the release of the StorCast Interconnect Monitor as the latest member to its SRM family.

The StorCast Interconnect Monitor is fully integrated with Astrum's StorCast suite of products, including the StorCast Storage Asset Manager (SAM) and StorCast Reporter.

"SRM is the fastest growing segment in the storage management software market," according to Steve Widen, Research Director for Storage Software, IDC. Widen continues, "Astrum Software's release of StorCast Reporter and StorCast Interconnect Monitor provides organizations with an effective solution to monitor, manage and track distributed storage resources throughout the enterprise. As organizations continue to deploy mission-critical Windows 2000 applications, SRM is no longer an option, but a necessity within the IT infrastructure. SRM is an intelligent defense against rising storage management costs."

The StorCast Interconnect Monitor ensures the availability of all storage devices, storage area network (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS); therefore, securing access to data – an organization's most valuable asset. StorCast Interconnect Monitor not only addresses storage, it verifies availability of network appliances and systems running various operating systems, such as Windows 2000/NT/9x, UNIX, LINUX, HP-UX, OpenVMS and others. A complete solution, StorCast Suite is the only SRM solution that addresses physical storage assets such as NAS and SAN, and logical assets such as volumes, files and applications. The StorCast Suite is an essential software solution for IT staff facing increasing amounts of storage and complexity of the network. ...Astrum Software profile

LOUISVILLE, Colo. ­ October 30, 2000 ­ Grau Data Storage, Inc. will be discussing the company¹s roadmap and showcasing its enhanced Infinistore Virtual Disk (IVD) Network Attached Storage (NAS) server at Comdex 2000, November 13-17 at the Alexis Park Resort in Las Vegas.

An IVD system will be on hand for detailed technical discussions, and key features will be discussed and demonstrated. The company intends to disclose recent developments surrounding complete solutions based on the IVD, and will discuss a family of web-based solutions called "Web Data Center" that include Œpeer-to-peer storage access across the web, web-based storage, and web-based backup. Web Data Center offers several advantages for corporations' internal use and application/storage service providers.

The IVD is a turnkey plug-and-play network storage server combining hard disk RAID storage capacity, an ultra-capacity tape library and integrated storage management software. The design allows users to scale capacity from 2.5 TB to 20 TB while the system can be configured with Fibre Channel, ATM or Gigabit Ethernet connects for performance intensive applications. The IVD's scalable architecture tightly integrates a complete HSM system into a very compact design, consuming less than one-half square meter of floor space. The IVD system is based on a two-tier storage hierarchy, combining up to 200 GB of RAID-5 disk storage and up to 20 TB of capacity using AIT-2 or Mammoth-2 tape storage to deliver a dual level of high-volume data protection. The company is interested in meeting qualified resellers as it expands its channels of distribution. ...GRAU Data Storage profile

Oct 30, 2000---Santa Ana, Calif - Simple Technology, Inc. announced today that it has taken the lead in offering the highest capacity CompactFlash card in the world.

Simple Technology's new 512M bit (64 M bytes) CompactFlash card features:-
  • CompactFlash, ATA, PC Card standards compatibility
  • 32MB to 512MB Capacity (Type I - Type II)
  • Hot swappable, ideal for live system insertion and extraction
  • 5V and 3.3V power supply operation support
  • Data transfer rate of 8 Mbytes/sec burst
  • Compatible with PC card socket services (Release 2.1 or later)
  • Write speeds of up to 3.0MB per second

Simple Technology's 512Mb CompactFlash card has a suggested retail price of $1,599.00 ...Simple Technology profile

STORAGE NETWORKING WORLD, ORLANDO, FLA - October 30, 2000 - BMC Software, Inc. announced today a new way to intelligently manage storage, becoming the first in the industry to add application intelligence to heterogeneous storage environments.

BMC Software's Application-Centric Storage Management™ is a new approach that allows customers to manage storage in a way that optimizes application availability, performance and recoverability by focusing on the application itself to direct storage policies and procedures. Today's announcement of Application-Centric Storage Management received broad industry acceptance and is endorsed thorough partnerships with leading storage vendors including: Brocade, Cisco Systems, Compaq Computer Corporation, Crossroads Systems, EMC Corporation, Emulex, Hitachi Data Systems, Hewlett Packard, IBM Storage Systems Group, JNI, McData, Network Appliance, Nishan Systems, Sun Microsystems Network Storage and VERITAS Software.

"The data storage market is predicted to exceed $160 billion within five years. And while this growth continues to skyrocket, most companies continue to manage it 'on the fly.' BMC Software is changing the rules by providing the industry's first application-focused view of the increasingly complex storage environment," said Max Watson, chairman, president and CEO of BMC Software. "This powerful approach gives our customers the best possible solution for management of all of the data that keeps them in business, whether that information is as simple as the last book someone purchased or a recap of an investor's history of stock purchases."

By implementing Application-Centric Storage Management, companies can optimize storage resources by understanding the relationship between the application and the storage resource layer. This new approach allows customers to discover the application, discover the storage system and logically map the application to the physical storage system. Such detailed storage resource information provides a breakthrough ability to optimize an application's performance allowing heavily accessed information to receive sufficient network resources and optimal placement on disk.

This industry-changing strategy that extends BMC Software's recognized e-business systems management approach to the storage environment, Application-Centric Storage Management, will take full advantage of PATROL's® ability to manage the entire technology stack, including the operating system, database, middleware, network, and even end-to-end web transactions. BMC Software's Knowledge Modules™ (KMs) provide the foundation for Application-Centric Storage Management. KMs discover, capture, store and report physical attribute and event information for storage systems and storage network interconnect devices including disks, bridges, hubs, routers, and HBAs. This information is then combined with the application intelligence available through BMC Software's PATROL solution to associate storage events with business processes.

In related announcements today, BMC Software's storage partners Brocade, Crossroads, McData, and JNI announced KMs in support of Application-Centric Storage Management. ...BMC Software profile

Aldermaston, UK – 30th October 2000 -Auspex Systems announces that Easynet France has chosen the NAS architecture from Auspex Systems to offer its customers the very best in data storage. Easynet Group Plc, a British group of companies, with 1999 turnover of 295 million French francs, has won many awards including 'Best European Business ISP'. Their main storage problem was how to provide access to various types of essential data (messaging service, web service, news service and authentication base) to a wide range of different clients (FreeBSD, Linux, Sun Solaris, and Windows NT).

Pol Watine, Director of Marketing and Development at Easynet France explains: "AUSPEX servers are have enabled us to install a resilient, adaptive and powerful architecture for the essential services we supply to our customers: web and FTP servers, email and authentication."

Auspex provides an architecture optimised for network file delivery and management. This architecture can consist of several nodes, scalable at network, storage and security levels. John Mills, VP Europe at Auspex expands: "Web Attached Storage based on the NAS data infrastructure is an ideal fit for many web based data storage requirements especially for those dealing with heterogeneous islands of data. This is particularly true of ISPs and other service providers in the web arena. ...Auspex Systems profile

PLEASANTON, California, October 27, 2000 – Radialogic announced today an upgrade offer to all users of their popular Storage Master OEM product included with many mass storage peripherals on the Macintosh platform. Radialogic is offering OEM customers the option to upgrade to the full retail version of Storage Master for $39.95 directly through their online store. The primary benefit of upgrading is the ability for users to utilize Storage Master's unique features on all their drives, eliminating all potential for mass storage driver conflicts. In upgrading, OEM customers will benefit from the following additional features offered in the retail version: increased performance, support for virtually all drives on all buses (FireWire, USB, SCSI, ATA, and PowerBook Media Bay), auto-updating, password protection, encryption, speed tests, and Linux and DOS partition support.

"Storage Master is the most comprehensive drive formatting utility available for the MacOS." says Peter Commons, VP of Engineering and Product Development. "Its fully-native, asynchronous PowerPC drivers are truly unique in their ability to control virtually every mass storage device you could think of connecting to your Macintosh. This move today opens the door for hundreds of thousands of users to enjoy Storage Master reliability across all their drives."

Also announced today, Radialogic is releasing a new 1.8.4 version of Storage Master. This new version is Radialogic's latest offering in which users will notice the following improvements: multiple language support (5 languages), FireWire booting, improved support for sleep and deep sleep, improved drive hot swapping, and expanded device compatibility (including hard drives, MOs, Zips, Orbs, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, and DVD-RAMs). ...Radialogic profile

Mountain View, Calif. October 24, 2000 – TurboLinux founders Cliff and Iris Miller, along with industry renown file system and data storage authority Dr. Peter Braam, today announced the launch of a new, global storage service company – Mountain View Data. Leveraging advanced open source distributed file systems and commodity hardware, Mountain View Data will provide ISPs, ASPs, and enterprise data centers with reliable, scalable, high-performance and cost-effective offsite data storage and management solutions.

"Right now there are two major trends that impact our industry: one is the tendency for companies to outsource their IT and the other is the wolf-like appetite that everyone is showing for storage," said Cliff Miller, president and CEO of Mountain View Data. "We will provide highly reliable and scalable storage solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional mainframe-based storage. And our leadership in storage technology will allow us to stay ahead of the pack."

Mountain View Data is developing advanced storage services based upon InterMezzo™ technology. Under development since 1998 by Dr. Peter Braam, Mountain View Data co-founder CTO and EVP of Engineering, InterMezzo is an open source file system capable of tracking file system changes, and reintegrating these to other systems for mirroring, backup and synchronization. With this, Mountain View Data can offer highly robust solutions to manage high-availability file replication, server mirroring, and dissemination of streaming content.

The company will also offer advanced snapshot and versioning file solutions through the deployment of SnapFS™, which makes it ideally suited for data centers and companies in vertical markets, such as financial enterprises, where retention of multiple versions of files and folders is critical. Lastly, Mountain View Data is deploying LinuxDisk™ technology, whereby data centers can leverage a Linux-based, commodity hardware SAN solution. This gives data centers an alternative to mainframe storage capabilities, management and security features, scalability and redundancy at PC hardware prices. ...Mountain View Data profile

October 24, 2000 - Redmond, Washington. Advanced Digital Information Corporation announced today its support for the VERITAS Software VERTEX Initiative. This new initiative includes integrated support for real-time serverless backup with ADIC Scalar® series FibreReady™ tape libraries. By combining the VERITAS VERTEX™ Initiative solution set with ADIC Scalar libraries, IT departments can protect their data, including information in mission-critical databases, without interrupting normal business operations, using high-speed image backup technology over a switched fabric storage network.

The VERITAS VERTEX Initiative is a set of breakthrough alternative backup technologies designed to eliminate the conventional backup window by using a high-speed frozen image or "snapshot" methodology. The VERITAS VERTEX Initiative solution set relies on the creation of this point-in-time data copy through software or hardware implementations that can be backed up either with traditional VERITAS NetBackup architectures or through the use of the VERITAS NetBackup™ ServerFree Agent over a SAN. In a SAN configuration, the snapshot data is written directly from a disk array to a tape library over Fibre Channel to create an off-host, backup copy.

When used in conjunction with ADIC's Scalar SAN-ready tape libraries and their integrated active data-moving agent, the VERITAS NetBackup ServerFree Agent can support serverless backup, where data moves directly from disk to tape without using server resources. ...ADIC profile, ...VERITAS profile

Burnaby, BC, October 24, 2000: Merlin Software Technologies today announced an agreement to engage an experienced team of sales and marketing professionals from Rocket Builders. Merlin develops high quality applications software for the Linux operating system, such as the award-winning PerfectBACKUP+6.2, the most economical, powerful, network backup and crash recovery tool available. It provides backup scheduling and remote backup, recovery, encryption, robotics module, enhanced security and many other features with both a graphical and character interface. PerfectBACKUP+ is available for all major Linux distributions including Caldera (NASDAQ: CALD) OpenLinux, eServer, TurboLinux, RedHat (NASDAQ:RHAT), SuSE, Debian, Mandrake, and the Corel (NASDAQ: CORL) Linux. Merlin's software products are in use at more than 230,000 locations worldwide.

Rocket Builders provides marketing services to help its clients execute, focus, and optimize sales and channel strategies. This engagement of Rocket Builders will help with sales growth and allow Merlin to capitalize on the continued growth of the Linux market. Market research company IDC expects Linux shipment growth to outpace all other server operating systems with an annual compounded growth rate of 28%. Total new license shipments are expected to rise to 4.7 million per year by 2004. Linux revenues are projected to grow at an annual compounded rate of 23%....Merlin Software Technologies profile

HOPKINTON, Mass. — October 24, 2000 — Humankind will generate more original information over the next three years than was created in the previous 300,000 years combined, according to a new study from the School of Information Management and Systems (SIMS) at the University of California, Berkeley. In 1999 the world created about 1.5 "exabytes" of unique information - which is 1.5 billion gigabytes, or the equivalent of 250 megabytes of new information for every man, woman and child in the world. According to the study, that number is expected to double every year for the foreseeable future, even without counting the multiple copies that most information generates.

Sponsored by EMC Corporation, the study "How Much Information?" found that there are currently about 12 exabytes of unique content (print, film, optical, and magnetic) in the world. Most new information created today is "born digital," generated by individuals and organizations in digitized electronic form. According to the study, the vast majority of this information is stored on disk-based technology because of its easy access and continually declining costs.

The "content big bang" will only continue to increase in the future, the study predicts, as many households will have to manage terabytes of information ranging from family medical records to financial documents, photographs and video. Combined with the already rapid growth in business and organizational information, this personalized information boom underlines the importance of robust, reliable information management technology and services.

"The explosion in information will be like nothing the world has seen," said Jim Rothnie, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at EMC. "Individuals, like businesses, will need to manage tremendous amounts of information. And like businesses of today, these individuals will want to share and protect this highly important information. But managing it will be a challenge because people clearly will not choose to store a terabyte of information on a PC. Instead, central repositories of information will give people high-speed access, effective management, and appropriate security and protection of their information assets." ...EMC profile

Editor's note:- we think the answer to storing more may lie in bigger barrels:-)

Sterling Heights, Michigan – October 23, 2000 - Rave Computer Association, Inc. has developed a redundant 4U disk array to provide quality reliable data solutions for today's demanding storage requirements. The Rave Systems Redundant Disk Array is the best choice for applications requiring high performance, fault-tolerant data storage. Integrated into a sturdy 4U rackmount chassis, this storage system is optimized for open system environments such as UNIX® or Windows NT. The Rave Systems Redundant Disk Array features nine (9) drive bays, including eight (8) drive canisters. Each drive canister provides visual SCSI target ID, and has two additional LEDs, one for power and the other for disk drive activity.

The Rave Systems Redundant Disk Array can be configured as a JBOD or for a variety of RAID levels including 0, 1, 3 and 5 via Ultra2 SCSI LVD single or dual RAID controller. These RAID functions can provide the user the highest in data availability and protection using capabilities like automatic drive failure detection, hot stand-by, automatic rebuilding, hot swapping, and on-line background rebuilding. Additional configurations include dual-port or multi-bus SCSI configurations. This system is Ultra160 compliant.

Continuous operation of the system is assured by the system's dual hot-swappable 300-Watt (N+1) current sharing power supplies that have dual power receptacles. Data integrity is ensured by also providing the battery power to the internal cache in the event of power loss. The chassis also has two 80mm 43CFM exhaust fans. Should a fault occur with any of the power supplies, an audible warning is given. Users also have the option of choosing a tower RAID subsystem with the same configurations as the 4U rack. The Disk Array has been developed to provide high performance and high reliability with low integration and technical service cost. Whether it is a rackmount or a tower, this Rave System Redundant Disk Array is a complementary solution to Rave Computer's powerful Rave Systems rackmount servers. ...Rave Computer Association profile

MILPITAS, Calif., - Oct. 23, 2000 - C-Cube Microsystems Inc. introduced the ZiVA-5 DVD system processor. The industry's most advanced DVD solution, ZiVA-5, builds on the company's proven ZiVA architecture - C-Cube has sold more than 10 million DVD ICs worldwide - and integrates a number of new features, including the industry's only full DVD-Audio solution, an MP3 audio codec, progressive-scan output, 2D-multiplane graphics engine, Internet applications, and more.

ZiVA-5 integrates a new high-performance 150MHz 32-bit SPARC CPU that features the ability to simultaneously issue both integer and DSP instructions. With this high-performance CPU, ZiVA-5 provides an ideal platform for software applications, such as DVD-Video navigation, DVD-Audio navigation, intuitive user interfaces, and the Planetweb™ Internet browser. The ZiVA-5 processor also contains a powerful 32-bit, 2-D multi-plane graphics engine, TrueScan™ high-quality field-adaptive de-interlacer, a programmable NTSC/PAL/480P video encoder with interlaced and progressive scan support including Macrovision AGC version 1.03 for 480P, and a flexible bus interface.

C-Cube C-Ware™ Software Development Platform and API ZiVA-5 is fully compatible with C-Cube's C-Ware software API. C-Ware provides customers with a common development and execution environment across all C-Cube SPARC-based products, enabling the ready use of industry-standard development tools, and ensuring the reuse of existing software.

Price/Availability ZiVA-5 is packaged in a 208-pin PQFP and will be available in two versions: ZiVA-5X for full-featured DVD, and ZiVA-5M for mainstream DVD products. Samples will be available Q4, 2000, with volume shipments commencing in the first half of 2001. In volume quantities, ZiVA-5X is priced at $22.50 and ZiVA-5M is priced at $16.50. ...C-Cube profile

October 23, 2000 - MILPITAS, Calif., - Date - Adaptec, Inc. today announced that IBM will be using Adaptec's Compatibility Test Lab to ensure system compatibility between Adaptec's host bus adapters and IBM's eServer xSeries servers for enterprise, departmental and e-business computing. Adaptec's Compatibility Test Lab will provide IBM with an optimal environment for comprehensive compatibility testing of the eServer xSeries systems with Adaptec's products. This includes evaluating how IBM's servers and Adaptec's solutions perform within various configuration scenarios. Testing will encompass multiple configurations of Adaptec host bus adapters, system peripherals and operating system environments such as Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000, Linux, and Novell Netware.

Adaptec conducts rigorous tests on every product candidate for more than 1,800 staff hours to determine compatibility with the leading hardware platforms, operating systems and peripherals including hard drives, scanners, removable storage drives and other devices. Additionally, Adaptec evaluates how these candidates interoperate with other adapters that may share the computer's bus, such as video and sound cards, modems, and network interface cards. Leading applications ranging from desktop productivity to system utilities are also verified for compatibility during this thorough battery of tests. Adaptec receives more than one million dollars worth of systems and peripherals on consignment annually from leading manufacturers for testing. Additionally, the Company delivers over 1,200 detailed evaluation reports to these manufacturers, detailing the overall compatibility of their products with Adaptec's solutions and other system components. ...Adaptec profile

October 23, 2000 - SAN DIEGO, Calif. and PHOENIX, Ariz. Overland Data, Inc. and Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc. (EST) announced today that Overland's AIT LibraryProTM automated backup tape library is certified to run under Linux. EST sponsors and administers the Linux Tape Device Certification Program.

"EST's Linux Tape Device Certification Program gives end users the quality assurance that the Overland product family demonstrated complete compatibility with the Linux Operating System," said Steve Richardson, vice president of marketing at Overland. "Our award-winning automated storage solutions offer the broadest possible range of interoperability and third-party support, extending our commitment to ease of use and installations for the largest variety of users.

"EST is providing a valuable service to the Linux community by creating the tape certification program," said Jon Hall, Executive Director of Linux International. "Their position as Linux backup experts gives them great insight in answering the question: what tape drives work with Linux? This is the program's benefit to Linux users."

Tape drive certification through the program entails the use of a static, open set of test procedures specialized for Linux that are application-independent. This process ensures that the testing is unbiased and that all devices are appraised on a level playing field. Tape drive manufacturers are awarded the use of the Linux Compatible Logo for each product certified. The logo can be used on manufacturer's marketing materials and serves as an indication that they support Linux. As part of the certification program, EST maintains a site at, where the test results of the LibraryPro are posted. The test scripts are also available for download by end users to allow testing of their existing tape drives for Linux compatibility. ...EST profile, ...Overland profile

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