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2001, July - week 4, Storage news

Megabyte's selection of storage news
Megabyte was thinking that a week is an awfully long time in the storage market

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Chicago, IL - July 27, 2001 - dataMate Products, a division of Methode Electronics, Inc., announces the arrival of the industry's first pluggable SCSI Voltage Spike Suppressor. The Voltage Spike Suppressor contains a series of clamping diodes designed to protect the controller chips found on a SCSI bus. Positive and negative voltage spikes can often occur on a SCSI signal line during hot swapping (the adding or removing of devices while the system is operational). These voltage spikes have the potential to damage sensitive SCSI controller chips and/or corrupt data. The Voltage Spike Suppressor alleviates this problem by limiting positive voltage spikes to less than 4.15V and negative voltage spikes to greater than –1.2V @ 50mA.

The feed-through Voltage Spike Suppressor offers effective protection to controller chips for stand-alone SCSI applications, such as the JBOD. Simply plug the Voltage Spike Suppressor in-line between the controller chip and the source of the transient voltage spikes. The Suppressor remains virtually invisible to the system under normal operating conditions and only becomes active when it detects a voltage spike on a data line. The Voltage Spike Suppressor is a fully shielded device with low static power consumption, no external power requirements, and no SCSI ID requirements. Pricing is under $20 in100k lots. Product availability is in 3-4 weeks. ...Methode Electronics profile

See also:- SCSI terminators

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — July 27, 2001 — nStor Technologies (AMEX:NSO), an innovative provider of information storage systems, announced today that it has received a modification to the previously announced proposal from a private investor.

"The investment offer has increased from the original $12 million to purchase an approximately 45% interest in the company, to $16.4 million to purchase an approximately 49% interest in the company," stated H. Irwin Levy, Chairman of the Board, nStor Technologies. "In addition, the investor has agreed to extend the deadline to accept the offer from July 25 to August 7." ...nStor Technologies profile

FREMONT, Calif., July 26, 2001 – Vicom Systems, Inc views yesterday's announcement by Hewlett Packard as a major milestone in the rapid adoption of virtualization technology by enterprise customers. The storage market is largely captive with large server companies attaching their own brand of storage subsystems. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), captive sales account for about two-thirds of disk storage subsystem revenue (2000 estimate). Virtualization technology allows enterprise customers to manage storage resources provided by different vendors and also allows storage suppliers to sell into environments that do not use their brand of servers.

"HP's acquisition of StorageApps for $350-million should give a tremendous boost to the adoption of storage virtualization technology. This is the first major validation of this kind of technology, which is also developed by Vicom Systems. It raises the bar for the other storage system suppliers because HP has significant storage system market share and may now have a 'first-mover' advantage that allows them to further penetrate non-HP accounts," said Samuel Tam, President and CEO of Vicom Systems.

"Today the storage system market is dominated by Compaq, EMC, IBM, Sun Microsystems, HP and Dell. There are about 50 other companies who would like to grow their market share. SANs and virtualization represent a 'killer-app' that could shakeup the market," Tam continued. "Virtualization allows enterprise users to manage more storage with fewer resources. This is significant when the cost of managing storage can be 5 to 10 times the cost of buying storage. Virtualization technology, like Vicom's Storage Virtualization Engine, allows the user to protect their current investment by connecting what they have with what they want. Virtualization allows storage system builders to differentiate their products and enhance margins. They can sell profitable storage systems into heterogeneous environments with different brand servers, different operating systems and different types of storage devices already in use." ...Vicom Systems profile

Editor's comment:- 24 hours is a long time in storage. Click here to see the HP release, which we reported earlier.

REDMOND, WASHINGTON - July 26, 2001 - ADIC® today announced that StorageTek Corporation has filed a lawsuit in Colorado state court against ADIC and Lynn Jacobs, ADIC's Vice President of Engineering. In May 2001, Lynn Jacobs, one of the best-known technical leaders in the data storage industry, choose to join ADIC and end his more than a decade of employment by StorageTek, most recently as Vice President of Tape Drive Engineering.

The lawsuit, which also names as a defendant another ADIC team member who left StorageTek almost two years ago, alleges, among other things, that Mr. Jacobs will inevitably exploit StorageTek's trade secrets and proprietary information in the performance of his duties for ADIC. It is significant that Mr. Jacob's former responsibilities primarily related to StorageTek's tape drive products, whereas ADIC's business strategy specifically excludes the design, development and manufacture of tape drives. In the lawsuit StorageTek is seeking injunctive relief, monetary damages, attorney's fees and other damages.

ADIC Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Peter van Oppen, commented, "We take confidentiality obligations very seriously and we expect all team members who join us to fully honor their obligations to former employers. We also believe in an individual's right to work for the employer he or she chooses, as long as the individual has not signed any non-competition agreement. We were aware of Lynn's proprietary rights agreement with StorageTek before he joined us, and have taken appropriate steps to ensure that there is no violation of those obligations. Lynn has not violated that agreement, which does not contain any non-competition obligations, and we remain confident that Lynn can fulfill all of his ADIC job responsibilities without disclosure or use of any confidential information that he may have obtained during his tenure with StorageTek."

"We hired Lynn because of his general technical capabilities, management experience, industry perspective and vision, which we expect will significantly enhance our ability to continue delivering innovative and reliable software and hardware products to our customers," stated Chuck Stonecipher, ADIC'S President and Chief Operating Officer. "While StorageTek was no doubt displeased by Lynn's decision to join ADIC, we are disappointed that they have filed this lawsuit, which we believe is anticompetitive and without merit. We will vigorously defend this lawsuit and take any additional actions we deem necessary to protect our interests in this matter."

Lynn Jacobs added, "I decided to join ADIC because of ADIC's strategic direction and market opportunities, and my belief that ADIC offered me better career opportunities than StorageTek. I have fully honored my legal obligations to StorageTek, and will continue to do so. I am very disappointed and frustrated that StorageTek has filed this lawsuit, which I view as a personal attack on my integrity." ...ADIC profile, ...StorageTek profile

Editor's comments:- I don't know any of the facts in this case, only the information in this press release. However it highlights a problem which is worthy of more discussion. In a free society individuals must have the right to choose where they work and the type of work they do. It's also important to protect intellectual property, without which companies would be unwilling to invest in developing new products. I believe that if people who work in development are prevented from working in another company in the same product area, that restricts more than their personal freedom. It stifles innovation. In that case, you would never get startups, and the pace of technological change would slow down.

Unless a company plans to exit the market it's in, a company will always get a revolving flow of new people coming in, which balances the loss of its own employees going out the door. But, if a company gets stodgy and doesn't seem to be moving fast enough in the right direction, it shouldn't be surprised to see the stars in its organisation leave. That's how Intel was started, and Sun and many others. It's part of evolution in a competitive market. The right fix is to change the culture in the company that's losing talent, not to issue lawsuits. An exception to this general priniciple, is if someone has paid you a lot of money as part of a severance contract in which you agree not to work in a specified area for an agreed time, but that's entirely different.

ROCKVILLE, MD - July 26, 2001 – In a strategic technology transaction, OTG Software, Inc. has acquired UniTree Software, Inc., a provider of advanced technology for UNIX and Linux-based data storage and database storage management. Under the terms of this acquisition, OTG has acquired privately held UniTree for approximately $20 million, through a combination of $6 million in cash, common stock and promissory notes. With this acquisition, OTG believes it has effectively doubled its addressable market by penetrating the UNIX and Linux storage markets.

According to Gartner/Dataquest, the market for UNIX-based storage software is expected to grow at a 32% CAGR to $8B in 2005 and IDC estimates the growth rate of the Linux storage management software market at a 60% CAGR.

With the UniTree database technology, OTG believes it will be first to market with its transparent database storage management solution for Oracle and IBM DB2 databases. This new solution intelligently segments and migrates data to less expensive storage media while uniquely providing seamless access. With the tremendous growth in data warehousing, CRM, ERP and other database-centric applications, OTG will now have new opportunities to target enterprise customers and significant alliances.

OTG believes that UniTree's product set also encompasses the broadest reach among any similar technologies today, addressing 70% of the UNIX market with support for Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Compaq TRU64, SGI IRIX and Red Hat Linux.

"UniTree has seven years of technology development in its UNIX-based storage software, which complements OTG's nine years of product and channel success in the Windows environment," said Richard Kay, president and CEO of OTG Software. "With our recent acquisition of Smart Storage, we added UNIX storage technology primarily for the departmentally focused CD/DVD market. ...OTG Software profile

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. — 25 July 2001 — Seagate Technology LLC today announced that it will deliver the Cheetah X15 36LP for implementation into Compaq Computer Corporation's market-leading ProLiant™ servers, AlphaServer systems, and StorageWorks enterprise storage solutions. Compaq is first to adopt Seagate's Cheetah X15 36LP disc drive, which will provide its customers with enterprise-class systems that will allow the highest transaction processing performance available for all business applications.

The Cheetah X15 is the world's fastest winchester disc drive, operating at 15K RPM and delivering high transaction processing performance for servers and professional workstations. With its low 3.6 msec seek times,latencies of 2.0 msec, and the ability to deliver up to 69 Mbytes/sec formatted transfer rates, the Cheetah X15 36LP sets new enterprise performance standards. The Cheetah X15 36LP is offered in Ultra160 SCSI, Ultra320 SCSI and 2-Gbit Fibre Channel interfaces.

"Compaq has been a strategic partner in developing the 15K RPM technology and was a pioneer in creating the market for 15K RPM disc drives," said Brian Dexheimer, executive vice president, Global Sales and Marketing, at Seagate Technology. "Their role in this market has established them as the clear leader in volume shipments of 15K RPM drives that has ultimately enabled IT operations in companies worldwide to provide systems with faster response times and greater efficiently." ...Seagate Technology profile

HOUSTON, July 25, 2001 - Compaq Computer Corporation (NYSE: CPQ) today reported second quarter 2001 revenues, for the quarter ended June 30, 2001, totaled $8.5 billion, and net income from operations of $67 million. In the same quarter last year, Compaq reported revenue of $10.1 billion and net income of $388 million. ...Compaq profile

LUMBERTON, NJ, July 25, 2001 - Inrange Technologies Corporation (Nasdaq: INRG) today reported record revenues, for the quarter ended June 30, 2001, of $69.4 million; a 33% increase over the second quarter of 2000, and a 9% sequential increase over the first quarter 2001. This was the best second quarter for revenues in the company's 33-year history. The company reported its 38th consecutive profitable quarter, with net income of $3.1 million excluding the effects of the amortization of goodwill and other intangibles as well as restructuring and special charges relating to the exit of the telecommunications business.

To leverage the continued success of its storage networking business, the company restructured its operations and will exit the telecommunications business by December 31, 2001. This allows the company to concentrate on its storage networking business, the highest growth area of the business, led by the company's bellwether offering, the FC9000 fibre channel director. Transition plans include the transfer of certain telecommunication product lines, such as 7-View, to core business partners, subject to completion of final agreements. The company will continue to fulfill its customer obligations under maintenance and support arrangements for the respective telecommunications products for a minimum five-year period. ...INRANGE Technologies profile

Editor's comments:- this is the same quarter in which Compaq reported 15% year on year revenue decline, and the same quarter in which Sun Microsystems reported 20% year on year revenue decline. The IT recession is not hitting all types of products equally. If you're a reseller trying to work out how to get more business, it's worthwhile looking at the companies and products which are still growing in this market. They're the easy ones to sell, because there's customer demand. End-users are lighting the path to the market of the future, by choosing products which, while intrinsically complex, help to reduce systems support costs and the cost of ownership. This recession is speeding up the adoption of helpful new technologies, which would have taken longer to penetrate in a booming market.

PALO ALTO, Calif., and BRIDGEWATER, N.J., July 25, 2001 - Hewlett-Packard Company and StorageApps today announced the companies have reached a definitive agreement under which HP will acquire StorageApps, a leading provider of storage virtualization solutions, in a stock-for-stock transaction. Under the terms of the agreement, HP will acquire all of the capital stock of StorageApps for HP common stock with a value of $350 million. Completion of the transaction is subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory review. The transaction is intended to be structured as a tax-free reorganization and accounted for as a purchase. Upon completion of the transaction StorageApps will become a wholly owned subsidiary of HP.

"The addition of StorageApps' technology extends our leadership position as a complete networked storage solutions provider," said Nora Denzel, vice president and general manager, HP Network Storage Solutions Organization. "StorageApps virtualization accelerates our FSAM momentum and allows customers to more quickly and efficiently take advantage of new technology while protecting their legacy investments. This gives customers freedom of choice to mix and match storage technologies from many vendors, allow storage devices to be connected to the network as they are needed and move data between different vendors' storage devices." ...HP profile, ...StorageApps profile

Munich, Germany – July 25, 2001 – Infineon Technologies today announced the availability of sample quantities of its 128-Mbit Mobile-RAM. Designed specifically for use in battery-powered, handheld electronic products, the Mobile-RAM is a very low-power SDRAM mounted in a space-saving FBGA package that is fully compliant with the new JEDEC standard. Compared to standard TSOP mounted SDRAM, the form factor of the Mobile-RAM is reduced by more than a factor of three. Power consumption of the Mobile-RAM is reduced by up to 80%.
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Terrorbyte wanted to publish his autobiography. He knew Megabyte was an editor of some publication or other so he took him out to lunch and asked for his advice.

Re: Shopping Days Till Christmas

Did you realise there are less than 160 shopping days till next Christmas?

The reason I mention this, so early in the year, is that in previous years the seasonal craze for Playstations, plastic characters from movies like Toy Story, or fads like Pokemon has meant that demand outstripped supply, and many would-be purchasers were left empty handed. And you know how embarrassing it can be explaining why you had to make a last minute subtitution. So, if you've got your eyes set on a nice tasty storage company to acquire it's better to get in early before all the best ones have gone.

We notice a lot of things here at the mouse site, which are too dull for most of you to worry about, but when we start to see patterns, we'll try and let you know.

Now here's an interesting calculation for you, if you're planning to close the year with some more assets under your corporate belt. I think "assets" sounds so much better than "scalps" in a mergers and acquisitions context, don't you? At the time of writing, about 5 storage companies every week are being acquired, change their name or go out of business. I expect this trend to accelerate, because the market conditions in the US mean that the whole IT market is a lot more competitive than it used to be, with everyone chasing after an endangered species, called "customers". Also banks and venture capitalists have been feeling the squeeze themselves, and are not so likely to let a company trade on for another 3 months or so in the hope that "things will get better". If you also factor into this calculation that around a third of the venture capital backed storage startups funded since January 2000, will probably have to be acquired or do IPO's to keep their investors happy, then my estimate is that over 130 storage companies will have disappeared from the shopping cart between now and Christmas, so now's the time to start looking at them, while they're still fresh.

What sort of companies are available? Well storage software companies, RAID companies and VARS seem to head the list, based on historic spending patterns. But really the selection is as wide as the whole industry, and includes semiconductor companies, adapter card companies, fibre-channel switch makers...

No product category is imune.

Now the storage market is in a lot better shape than the PC market. You'd have to be nuts to buy a PC company right now, and we assume that most of them will be left on the shelf and probably end up being recycled as cheap DVD players or buried in the ground as landfill.

You may be thinking:- this is not the thing for you. And who buys all this stuff anyway?

Well companies, which have bought a lot of storage companies recently include:- INRANGE Technologies, LSI Logic and Sun Microsystems. But even staid old EMC has bought a couple. Companies which are profitable and have a lot of cash are the most likely shoppers. You can't use your credit card for this kind of transaction.

If your company may be on the block shortly, you can take a look at who's been buying what in our acquired companies list. Remember they might not want two the same. And if you're planning a bit of empire building before the recession ends and prices go up again now's the time to start looking, before the rush.
And for the rest of us, who are more interested in buying a disk drive than a disk drive company? It will just have to remain a spectator sport.

But the end result will be better products from suppliers who will still be around in the long term. And that benefits everyone.
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Network Technologies, Inc - manufacturers of computer peripheral products since 1984: KVM switches, video switches, video splitters, keyboard/monitor/mouse splitters, computer classrooms and cables to 500 feet
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Axel Hahn, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Infineon's Memory Product Division said "We are excited about offering the most advanced memory solution to the handheld market. The Mobile-RAM represents a quantum leap in efforts to maximize battery lifetime and minimize size, weight and total system cost of the next generation of Personal Digital Assistants, Smart Phones and Digital Still Cameras." news image - Infineon Technologies - Mobile-RAM
Dick Lawrence, Strategic Marketing Platform Architect at Intel's Wireless Communication & Computing Division comments: "We are counting on industry-standard Low-Power DRAMs like Infineon's Mobile-RAM to reduce power in our customers' products. And, because of the open-standard JEDEC approach, customers will have a choice of compatible parts from multiple suppliers."

Low power SDRAMs are expected to be widely used in a variety of handheld, battery-powered applications such as Smart Phones and PDAs. "The worldwide PDA and handheld device market continues to look promising," says Kevin Burden, Program Manager Smart Handheld Devices of International Data Corp. (IDC). "Worldwide shipments of PDAs and related handheld devices are projected to be 19.6 million this year, and will grow annually 39 percent to 70.8 million units in 2005." ...Infineon Technologies profile

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 25, 2001 - Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. (FCPA) today announced the qualification of its MAJ family of enterprise hard drives by Silicon Image's Storage Division, a leading provider of robust, high-bandwidth semiconductors and subsystems.

As part of the Silicon Image Titanä RAID Qualified Components List (QCL) program, the MAJ series from Fujitsu is pre-qualified as industry-available building blocks interoperable with RAID storage solutions. By participating in the QCL program, Silicon Image and FCPA provide OEMs, channel partners, VARs and end-users pre-tested solutions to efficiently meet customer demand. The relationship advances the commitment both companies have made to expedite product requests and enable streamlined component integration for their customers.

"We are pleased to have qualified the Fujitsu MAJ family of disk drives for our Titan Interoperability Program," stated Steve Garceau, product marketing manager, storage products, for Silicon Image. "Our customers see real value in integrating high-availability storage solutions based on Fujitsu enterprise class disk drives protected by Silicon Image RAID controllers."

"Participation in Silicon Image's RAID interoperability program, and the addition of our enterprise hard disk drives to Silicon Image's Qualified Components List, further strengthens the position of Fujitsu drives in the market," said Lorne Wilson, vice president of channel sales, Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. "Our customers will continue to benefit from FCPA's commitment to working with industry leaders such as Silicon Image to promote industry-wide storage interoperability."

The Silicon Image Titan QCL program includes extensive functional testing of the key components required to build high-availability Titan-based RAID subsystems. The program has been widely embraced by customers and viewed as a key competitive advantage as it reduces the time and effort typically associated with high-level RAID subsystem integration and virtually eliminates all major component interoperability risks. Silicon Image, through its recent acquisition of CMD Technology, provides a broad range of RAID storage products that provide key components for constructing storage area network storage solutions. Silicon Image's portfolio of SAN RAID products provide the highest-performing and most technologically advanced storage solutions on the market -- and offer OEMs, system integrators and resellers a true competitive advantage in the marketplace. ...Silicon Image profile

UK - July 25, 2001 - Hammer plc plan to replicate their UK success as a focused, specialised storage distributor in Ireland. Offices in Dublin, will open in September this year.

"We already do business in Ireland and we understand that to be more active and effective in this territory - having a presence is essential. We are recruiting local staff with expertise and knowledge of the market to grow the operation and meet our aggressive targets," said Paul Sangster, managing director of Hammer. All products Hammer currently distribute in the UK, will be available to resellers in Ireland.

Vendors working with Hammer are thrilled to hear about this expansion. Martin Vine, Sales Manager for Seagate Technology Ltd, gave this response "Seagate are very supportive of this initiative from Hammer, our leading European Enterprise Distributor - Having a local distribution presence in Ireland is an exciting prospect." ...Hammer Distribution profile

San Francisco, CA - July 24, 2001 - The Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA) today released its second round of conformance test definitions and associated test suites supporting its SANmark Qualified Program. This industry landmark, open standards compliance program, proactively resolves key protocol and multi-vendor integration challenges, promoting mainstream compatibility and consistency across heterogeneous Fibre Channel-based SANs. ...FCIA profile

MINNEAPOLIS, July 24, 2001 - CNT® has announced the availability of the UltraNet Edge Storage Router, models 1000, 1001 and 1100. This newest addition to CNT's UltraNet® family of IP-based storage networking solutions builds on CNT's expertise in supporting Fibre Channel over IP networks (FCIP), and is engineered to comply with existing and emerging storage standards. The UltraNet Edge Storage Router is designed to reduce the total cost of ownership of enterprise-wide storage networking solutions by leveraging the lower-cost bandwidth offered by IP networks and the performance improvements provided by Fibre Channel.

"Companies today face a number of challenges as they select a storage networking solution," said Mark Knittel, group vice president of product operations, CNT. "With the advent of FCIP, iSCSI and Infiniband and the adoption of new industry standards, some customers worry about choosing a product that will quickly be rendered obsolete. That's why we designed the UltraNet Edge Storage Router with the capability to grow and adapt to a company's needs, keeping up with protocol changes and emerging standards."

The first release of the UltraNet Edge Storage Router - a compact, intelligent, user-friendly storage networking platform - supports FCIP, allowing customers to leverage IP infrastructures and Fibre Channel investments to interconnect "SAN islands" for the creation of enterprise-wide storage networks.

Now in early customer shipments, the UltraNet Edge Storage Router will be generally available in September 2001 in the following configurations: one FC x one 10/100 Ethernet with compression, two FC x two 10/100 Ethernet with compression, and one FC x one 1Gig Ethernet. Upcoming releases of the UltraNet Edge Storage Router will support two FC x two 1Gig Ethernet, ATM/Packet over SONET (PoS), and 2Gig FC. The UltraNet Edge Storage Router is software-upgradable to support iSCSI environments, providing investment protection of the purchased hardware. ...CNT profile

Santa Clara, CA, July 24, 2001 - Auspex Systems, Inc. today announced a new modular design that allows its recently released NS3000 series of enterprise data servers to fit in a standard rack and support dual AC power supplies while continuing to deliver industry-leading single-node 19,755 IOPS file serving power and maximum 68 TB capacity. The new configuration, which will replace the traditional Auspex chassis in August, simplifies deployment and also lays the architectural foundation on which Auspex plans to build a universal data serving solution permitting data to be accessed from any kind of enterprise storage subsystem.

The new modular design separates the Auspex system into components that can be rackmounted independently or installed in a rackmountable cabinet. This is achieved in part by upgrading the disk packaging to eliminate the need for a special case and also provide built-in dual redundant power. Customers can now purchase the Auspex I/O nodes, disk arrays, RAID cluster controllers and power distribution unit separately, with or without a cabinet, and deploy them in the manner that best suits their environment.

The smaller footprint and rackmount design extend the value of the Auspex system to telcos, ISPs, corporate computer rooms, and other organizations that must fit their data storage equipment into racks. The modular configuration will also reduce costs in colocation facilities, permit deskside use in offices, and give VARs and system integrators the option to integrate clients' storage subsystems into their own cabinets or existing racks. The new modular architecture also sets the stage for Auspex to separate data retrieval and delivery operations from the data storage subsystem. Over the long term, the new design and related modifications are expected to enable Auspex data servers to retrieve data from third-party direct-attached storage and SANs, thereby allowing the convergence of today's major storage topologies.

"Our new modular system will be a flexible enterprise data storage solution that delivers the fastest performance on the market, and it will also pave the way for future innovations that promise to play an important role in improving the way enterprises manage their data," said Jim Garvey, Vice President of Engineering for Auspex Systems.

The new system will be available in both SCSI and fibre-based versions to address the needs of different organizations. The fibre version is scheduled for September release and will include LAN-free tape backup capabilities, enabling users to reap the data sharing benefits of the NAS architecture while enjoying one of the key advantages of the SAN topology. ...Auspex Systems profile

Editor's comments:- rackmount is the fastest growing segment in the computer market, fuelled by the need to reduce the cost of ownership. Auspex will have a winner with this new product.

See also:- Storage Boxes, rackmount SPARC systems

FREMONT, Calif. - July 23, 2001 - BiTMICRO NETWORKS today unveiled E-Disks™ SUD35 and SCD35 with up to 75.7 GB in 3.5-inch form factor -- the highest capacity and the fastest Solid-State Flash Disk in the world. Rated at 9500 random I/Os per second (IOPS), 48 usec random access time and 34 MB/sec sustained random read and write transfer rates, the solid state E-Disks SUD and SCD are ideal for "Hot Files" caching.

"Hot Files" usually comprise less than 5 percent of application's database but account for more than 50 percent of I/O waiting time. By adding the SUD/SCD E-Disk as an architectural solution, overall system performance will improve significantly.

In general, the E-Disk SUD and SCD solid state storage devices are great I/O and throughput performance booster for DAS, NAS and SAN architectures and RAID configurations - by either replacing the hard disk drives used or acting as a cache or parity disk.

"Using the new generation of 15K RPM HDDs in NAS environment as baseline, Netbench 6.0 Random Performance Test results demonstrate that our Ultra Wide SCSI E-Disks dramatically improve random access throughput by more than 1,000 times," said Dave Bultman, VP of Engineering and Operations. "The test results are consistent and the random write throughput improvement becomes even more significant as the number of users increases," Bultman added.

The E-Disk brand storage devices are fully compatible with Linux, Solaris, Windows, MacOS and LynxOS using standard drivers. It also supports AIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, IRIX, NetBSD, OS/2, QNX, VxWorks, SCO Unixware and OpenServer, Solaris x86 and Tru64. ...BiTMICRO NETWORKS profile

LAKE FOREST, Calif. - July 24, 2001 - Western Digital Corp.has received Computer Reseller News' (CRN) prestigious "Channel Champions" award for the eighth time. Western Digital scored higher overall than any other hard drive manufacturer included in the survey, ranking No. 1 in four of eight criteria and placing second in the four remaining areas. The Channel Champions award has been conducted by the publication for nine years, and Western Digital is the only manufacturer to have received the top honor every year the desktop hard drive category has been recognized.

For the Channel Champions award this year, more than 9,000 phone interviews were conducted between February and April 2001. Solution providers rated vendors, chosen according to CRN staff recommendations and market share data, in 21 product and service categories. Solution providers first considered and rated the relative importance of each criterion, then rated their level of satisfaction with vendors for each. ...Western Digital profile

Fremont, Calif. - July 23, 2001 -- Plextor Corp. today announced the immediate availability of the 3-in-1 PlexWriter™ 24/10/40A drive.

The new internal drive with E-IDE interface, features 24X CD-Write, 10X CD-Rewrite, and 40X-max CD-Read, making it one of the fastest CD-RW drives available on the market today. The PlexWriter 24/10/40A is the industry's first CD-RW drive to feature PoweRec-II™ technology. This sophisticated media-writing strategy guarantees recording results across a broad base of certified media. A unique feature calibrates the drive to each disc to ensure the highest quality write operation using Zone-CLV servo positioning. This process not only produces the highest quality written disc possible, but it also increases recording performance. As a result, the PlexWriter's 24X CD-Write speed leaps over conventional 16X CD-R speeds, enabling users to record an entire 74-minute compact disc in just under four minutes (233 seconds).

"PoweRec-II technology combined with BURN-Proof reliability puts the PlexWriter 24/10/40A several generations ahead of other CD-RW drives," said Howard Wing, vice president of sales and marketing for Plextor. "The Zone-CLV servo positioning actually increases recording speeds by approximately 25 percent, while guaranteeing that recorded discs can be read back later on any drive. We don't believe that our customers should have to sacrifice excellent recording quality for faster recording speed - or vise-versa - so the new PlexWriter 24/10/40A delivers on both speed and quality."

PlexWriter 24/10/40A Drive The versatile PlexWriter 24/10/40A CD-RW drive lets users write, rewrite, and read compact discs at a variety of speeds, including 24X CD-recording, 10X CD-rewriting, and 40X max CD-playback. With a data buffer capacity of 4 MB, average random access time is a very fast 140ms. Burst transfer rates are 33 MB/sec (Ultra DMA Mode 2) and 16.6 MB/sec (PIO Mode 4/DMA Mode 2).

The internal PlexWriter 24/10/40A with E-IDE (ATAPI-4) interface is currently shipping to OEMs, resellers, and distributors with a $289 manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP). All retail packages include unlimited toll-free technical support and one-year full warranty. ...Plextor profile

Los Angeles, Calif., July 23, 2001 - More than 50 top storage networking companies, along with numerous presenters, will converge on the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, California, on September 14th for the first annual Storage World Conference. The conference will feature keynote addresses from some of the industry's leading companies, including Michael Brown, Chairman/CEO of Quantum Corporation; Mark Leslie, Chairman of Veritas Software Corporation; Tom Porter, CTO of Seagate Technology, Pat Martin, President, Chairman/CEO of StorageTek and Gregory Grodhaus, President/CEO of INRANGE Technologies Corporation. Panel discussions on strategic issues facing the industry and moderated by some of the industry's most celebrated analysts, end user case studies and an exhibits area showcasing the latest in storage networking technologies will also be a part of the conference.

"This far-reaching, one-day must-attend event will give attendees the critical information needed to stay competitive in the fast evolving storage industry," noted Daniel Delshad, Chairman of the Storage World Conference. "The conference, with more than 50 top companies participating, will bring together many of the industry's most respected and well known visionaries and analysts to discuss technological breakthroughs and trends impacting the storage and storage networking sector."

Fred Moore, President of analyst firm Horison, Inc. concurred, saying, "The upcoming Storage World Conference will offer the most comprehensive single day event in the storage networking industry. The event will present a forum for key industry leaders to address the most significant current issues and future directions that lie ahead. This event is a must for those who want to maximize their time and understanding of the dynamic storage networking business."

The Storage World Conference boasts an impressive list of sponsors, speakers and exhibitors, including: 3Ware, BlueArc, BMC Software, Brocade, Computer Associates, DataCore, Dell, EMC2, IBM, Legato, LSI Logic, Managed Storage, Maxtor, Net Convergence, Network Appliance, Nishan Systems, OTG Software, Overland, Procom Technology, Quantum, Quantum/ATL, Seagate, Storability, StorageApps, Storage Networks, StorageTek, Storage Way, Sun Microsystems, TrelliSoft, Tricord, Veritas and YottaYotta. Conference topics include:
  • The Future of SAN/NAS Storage Virtualization
  • Storage on the Edge - Companies to Watch
  • The Future of Storage Services
  • The Future of Storage Connectivity
  • The Role of Software in the Storage World
  • Disk/RAID Outlook
  • Tape/Automation Outlook
  • Case Study: "End User Perspectives on the Exploding Storage Networking Industry"
Storage World Conference is the premier one-day event that brings together some of the most prominent leaders from every major company within the storage industry. The conference is designed to discuss the most current topics of interest to the storage community, along with bringing together many of the leading IT and Storage companies in one venue. For registration and exhibitor information please call 310-491-0822 or visit the Web site.

Editor's note:- the mouse site, STORAGEsearch, is a media sponsor for this independent event. So take a look at the Storage World Conference web site and see how it can help you.

Sunnyvale, CA - July 23, 2001 -- Churchill Insurance has become the first UK company to install an enterprise Content Delivery Network (CDN) using Network Appliance™ Center-to-Edge™ solutions.

Network Appliance's complete Center-to-Edge solution will significantly improve its multimedia network performance, enabling Churchill to push content closer to the edge of the network—keeping frequently requested information close to the location where they are accessed rather than solely in one data center.

"Like most companies, we are seeing a distinct increase in the number of multimedia files being accessed across the network, which could cause performance problems," commented, Paul Hocking, Head of Strategic IT Engineering at Churchill. The installed CDN will provide all users with the same quality of service in multimedia applications—regardless of how far they are from the data center. It will also make the sites more independent, giving users resilient access to business critical data."

Tim Pitcher, Managing Director for Northern Europe at Network Appliance stated, "Implementing a CDN is simple way for companies to optimize their network performance. As Internet usage increases and content-rich technologies such as video on demand become more widely adopted, making intelligent use of existing network bandwidth is crucial for companies who want to retain their competitive advantage." ...Network Appliance profile

Denver, Colorado - July 23, 2001 - The Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA) today announced the results of the 2001 board of directors election. The board is the governing body of the FCIA, responsible for the creation of programs to increase awareness of the multiple benefits of Fibre Channel. The FCIA is also responsible for driving hardware device interoperability through testing programs such as the SANmark(tm) Qualification Program and Plugfest.

The 2001 FCIA Board of Directors
  • Dave Allen, LSI Logic
  • Peter Dougherty, McDATA Corp.
  • Mark Hamel, Compaq Computer Corp.
  • Tom Hammond-Doel, Vixel Corp.
  • Michael Hoard, IBM
  • Skip Jones, QLogic Corp.
  • Gordy Lutz, Seagate Technology
  • Marc Oswald, BROCADE Communications Inc.
  • Ed von Adelung, Infinity I/O
  • Paul Talbut, FCIA-Europe
  • Yuichi Arai, FCIA-Japan
  • Chris Lyon, executive director FCIA
The twelve-member board is comprised of nine elected directors from member companies, one from FCIA-Europe, one from FCIA-Japan and the executive director charged with managing the organization. ...FCIA profile

SAN DIEGO, Calif., July 23, 2001 - Overland Data, Inc. together with Chaparral Network Storage, Inc., today announced a strategic partnership to provide the industry's first native 2 Gigabit Fibre Channel SAN tape library. Overland's LibraryXpress Neo Series extendable tape libraries incorporate cPCI option bays allowing for plug-and-play integration of the Chaparral developed 2-Gigabit Fibre Channel Option.

Overland's Fibre Channel Option for the Neo Series provides connectivity to Fibre Channel SANs and offers the latest SAN-enabled features including auto sensing of clock rates and fabric or loop topologies. Supporting a sustained data transfer rate of over 180 MB per second and nine concurrent Extended Copy commands per interface, the Fibre Channel Option gives users a new level of configurability and performance in a native Fibre Channel library. Up to eight Fibre Channel Option cards can be installed into a fully configured multi-module Neo Series library rendering an unprecedented 5.2 TB per hour of sustained data rate meeting the needs of current and future tape technologies.

"Chaparral's technology leadership in SAN functionality - including serverless backup, advanced interconnectivity, and extremely high data transfer performance - enables us to work with companies like Overland to develop world-class products," said Greg Mangold, vice president of marketing, Chaparral Network Storage, Inc. "SAN connectivity options and 2 GB per second support, together with extensive interoperability testing make the Chaparral/Overland combination an excellent choice for backup in a SAN environment."

Overland's Neo Series capacity scales from 1 to 22.9 TB, with a native transfer rate scalable from single module 21.6 GB/hour up to 634 GB/hour in the multi-module system. ...Chaparral Network Storage profile, ...Overland Data profile

SAN JOSE, Calif. - July 23, 2001 - SANavigator Inc. today announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with Ingram Micro Inc. to make its innovative Java-based storage management application, SANavigator, available to Ingram Micro's distribution channel. SANavigator will initially be distributed through Ingram Micro U.S.

"SANavigator is an innovative storage solution that is easy to deploy, manage and operate," said Jodi Honore, vice president, general manager software, Ingram Micro U.S. "This broadens Ingram Micro's storage area network offerings for our reseller customers, allowing them to target SAN end users that want platform-independent, centralized management software."

"We are dedicated to allying ourselves with partners such as Ingram Micro to fully leverage our entry into national distribution channels," said John Casalaspi, vice president of sales for SANavigator Inc. "SANavigator's ease of use, combined with its significant return on investment potential, makes it an optimal solution for managing complex storage networks. We believe that our alliance with Ingram Micro will bring these benefits to more resellers and end-users who have been looking for a real solution to their storage management nightmares."

SANavigator's innovative approach to SAN management dramatically reduces the effort and complexity of storage network management. SANavigator replaces cryptic telnet sessions and table dialog boxes with an intuitive interface and powerful point-and-click functionality. Through its informative display and monitoring of the complete SAN topology, administrators at all levels can visualize and manage their storage networks with ease. ...Ingram Micro profile, ...SANavigator profile

SAN JOSE, CA — July, 23, 2001 — Gadzoox Networks today announced that Slingshot 4218 will be available to the open market on July 31, 2001. Leading the industry in the adoption of the third generation of SANs, Gadzoox Networks achieved another industry milestone by being the first fibre channel switch vendor to announce shipment of more than 200 2Gb switches worldwide.

"Since the introduction of Slingshot in April, we have had tremendous interest in our 2Gb fabric switch. We believe that Gadzoox Networks has shipped more 2Gb open fabric switches than any other vendor in the industry," said Clark Foy, vice president, marketing, Gadzoox Networks. "In addition, we have participated in ten public switch-to-switch FC-SW-2 interoperability demonstrations with Slingshot. With extensive customer, partner, and demonstration experience with Slingshot, we are leading the charge to standards-based 2Gb SAN switching with a mature, widely supported fabric switch. In order for any SAN product to be successful in the open market, it must first be certified by other industry players and qualified by major channel vendors."

"Gadzoox Networks has been working hard to get their Slingshot 4218 to market with vigorous testing and a robust set of certifications," said Eric Sheppard, a senior analyst with IDC. "Their efforts are evident in the long list of Slingshot 4218 partners."

The Slingshot family of switches is currently being evaluated or certified by over 30 potential customers and partners, including Agilent, BMC Software, Chaparral, Computer Associates, Dell, Emulex, Hewlett Packard, IBM, JNI Corporation, LSI Logic Storage Systems, Rorke Data, StorageTek, and XIOTech. ...Gadzoox Networks profile

Munich, Germany – July 23, 2001 - Infineon Technologies AG (FSE/NYSE: IFX) today announced results for its third quarter ended June 30, 2001, with revenues of Euro 1.28 billion, a decrease of 30% and of 23% from the previous quarter of this fiscal year. Revenues declined in the Wireline and Wireless Communications, Security & Chip Card ICs and Memory Products businesses compared to the previous quarter. Weaker demand, lower product prices and order cancellations affected each of these segments, while Infineon's Automotive and Industrial electronics business remained strong.

EBIT (earnings before interest and tax) decreased to a loss of Euro 598 million, down from a positive EBIT of Euro 366 million in the same quarter last year and down from a positive EBIT of Euro 10 million in the second quarter of this year. ...Infineon Technologies profile
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