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Storage news - 2001, November week 4

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The Next Decade in Storage
ACSL, publisher of STORAGEsearch celebrates its first 10 years of computer directory publishing in December. As editor, I thought it would be interesting to speculate about what major changes the next 5 to 10 years might bring. We'll be returning to these and other subjects in much more detail in future articles.

Who will dominate the storage market?

Is the storage market going to be dominated by a single supplier? in the same way that the IP switch market is dominated by Cisco, and the Unix market is dominated by Sun?

If you'd asked that question at the beginning of 2000 the bets could have gone either way, and the answer might have been EMC. But in 2001 we've seen the start of some irreversible trends which will shape the market of the future. EMC lost 9 points of market share in the external RAID market this year, and the biggest gainer was that category (which includes hundreds of RAID companies) and which market researchers lump together as "others".

It's clear that even at this early stage of the new storage market that users regard network storage as a commodity, and don't see why they should pay a premium price to anyone for a box of disks with some network ports. Storage will end up looking much more like the PC market, in which there are thousands of manufacturers. It will be difficult for a single storage company to capture even as much as 10% of a market which will be worth hundreds of billions of dollars. No single company will dominate the market.

The end of operating systems?

The increasing use of data network technologies like XML and storage virtualization software in new business applications software will reduce the role of the operating system in the computer market from the primary buying criterion, which it is today, down to a secondary minor role. When you can do pretty much the same things with your data whether your OS was written in Seattle or California, or as an Open Source project, the OS is going to become as irrelevant to most users as the source of their gas or electricity is today. It's only the computer appliance manufacturers who will interface at this level.

Of course, the desktop appliance, which we nowadays call the PC, and the notebooks etc will continue to be mostly Microsoft Windows based products, but as long as they get shipped with all the connectivity they need, users won't really care what the differences are in the internal versions, because, as now, they'll be driving these things from a browser front end. In the long term, we may even see the disappearance of the reset button, but remember I'm talking about a 5 year timeframe here, so the mechanical switch manufacturers don't have to start panicking just yet.

The end of tape backup?

The tape library occupies the same slot in the IT datacenter arsenal today that the ironclad Dreadnoughts did in the Europe of the early 1900's. They're expensive to buy, include a lot of metal, and are seemingly invincible.

Owning more Dreadnoughts became an obsession to navy planners in the UK and Germany in the years leading up to World War I, because they demonstrated superpower status. In a similar way, owning a fleet of tape libraries indicates to the outside world that your company is a massive data owner, such as a media company, a bank, a telco or other corporation which is on the same scale datacenterwise as a government department. So you may get a bit twitchy when someone predicts that you're going to pull the plug on all that investment, especially when most of it hasn't even been installed yet, and is waiting for the next budget period to kick in. Well, remember, I'm not talking short term here, but here are my reasons.

Tape was a good idea as a backup and recovery technology in a disconnected world, when disk drives were expensive, and data security depended on being able to carry your data into a car for off-site backup via sneakernet. Although the density of tape backup has increased, so too has the volume of data which people want to store.

Data weighs a lot, and the average person would not feel comfortable carrying a terabyte of storage for very long. Unfortunately the terabytes are are growing like Topsey. Tape libraries solve today's problem of backing up data networks, but no-one suggests that you're going to unplug your tape library, lift it up using a fork lift and drive it to an off-site location as your secure backup. Get real. The way that tape libraries manage the off-site backup problem nowadays, is they use IP based data replication software to back themselves up onto other tape llibraries somewhere else...

...And that is exactly my point. If you aren't going to pick up the whole damn thing and move it, then there is no particular advantage in using a tape cartridge as the medium for the data replication. It could be any convenient, reliable technology which stores data, such as a RAID system using hard drives or an optical based juke box. So one of the historic arguments for using tape media has already been junked. The internet doesn't care what shape or size the media is at the other end.

I think tape will put up a fierce rear guard action, and remain a factor in the data recovery market for many years, but its days are numbered. From now it will only lose market share, maybe just a few points each year, but the writing is on the wall.

...I look forward to reporting on all these changes and more, in our 2nd decade as a computer directory publisher starting next week.

see also:- storage market analysts, and How the backup market moved from tape to disk and VTLs
"The winners in SSD software could be as important for data infrastructure as Microsoft was for PCs, or Oracle was for databases, or Google was for search."
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Peak 10 Selects ManagedStorage

CHARLOTTE, N.C. / BROOMFIELD, Colo. - Nov. 30, 2001 - ManagedStorage International, Inc. today announced that it is providing Peak 10, Inc., a leading Internet Data Center, with enhanced business continuance and storage solutions.

Peak 10 is a premier provider of broadband services, computer/network infrastructure and offers a full complement of managed hosting services to small- and mid-size enterprise business and technology sector customers in central North Carolina and northern Florida. The company currently operates technology gateways, that function as both Internet data and hosting operations centers, in Charlotte, N.C. and Jacksonville, Fla. Through alignment with ManagedStorage, Peak 10 offers its customers an expanded range of storage management solutions, including data backup, restore and protection services.

"According to the U.S. National Fire Protection Agency, approximately 43 percent of U.S. businesses never reopen after a disaster and 29 percent close within three years, all because of lost data," said Nicholas Kottyan, CEO of Peak 10. "Our business continuity service, including backup and restore, is a cost-effective disaster recovery solution that prepares businesses to cope with events of potentially devastating magnitude."

Peak 10 will leverage ManagedStorage's expertise to extend the storage offerings to its customers, who have come to depend confidently on the company's guaranteed network reliability. The relationship extends ManagedStorage's service to the country's fastest-growing business markets in the Southeast. Peak 10 expects to expand to additional high-demand markets in the near future.

"Customers are rapidly adopting outsourced storage management for backup and restore services that are essential to disaster recovery planning," said Thomas P. Sweeney, III, president and CEO of ManagedStorage. "Leading service providers like Peak 10 leverage our expertise and offerings to meet their end-customers' tremendous demand for complex storage solutions."

Peak 10 and its customers use ManagedStorage's GridWorks application, the interactive and automated storage service platform for managing multi-vendor storage environments that was launched in September. GridWorks provides Peak 10 and its customers a custom branded portal for viewing all available storage capacity, job status, online requests and detailed reporting to assist them in maximizing the use of storage resources. This capability decreases operating costs and often defers the purchase of additional hardware or capacity. ...ManagedStorage International profile, ...Peak 10

Compaq StorageWorks Extends Business Value of Storage Area Networks

HOUSTON - November 29, 2001 - Compaq Computer Corporation announced delivery of the StorageWorks Modular SAN Array 1000.

The first 2Gbps Fibre Channel storage system designed to bridge the gap between direct attached storage (DAS) and the SAN, the MSA1000's DtS (DAS to SAN) architecture enables customers to quickly and easily migrate data utilized by Compaq ProLiant servers to the new SAN-based MSA1000 storage system.

The MSA1000 delivers SAN data migration for customers already using ProLiant servers in minutes, not days. With virtually instantaneous migration, data can be seamlessly migrated from Compaq Smart Array controllers simply by moving the disk drives into the MSA 1000 SAN configuration. With the optional embedded Fibre Channel fabric switches in the MSA1000, servers can plug directly into the SAN further reducing the cost and complexity of implementing the SAN solution. In addition, customers receive next generation bandwidth with 2GB/s (200MB/s) bandwidth. The embedded fabric switches also improve fault tolerance and availability, with the addition of a second switch and second array controller creating multiple redundant data paths from the servers to the MSA1000.

Compaq enables customers to protect their data from loss or corruption by integrating advanced data guarding into the MSA1000. Even if two disks fail simultaneously, no data will be lost. Based on Compaq's ENSA-2 modular architecture, the MSA1000 SAN solution has been specifically designed for customers planning storage or server consolidation to better utilize their overall storage resources. With this simple-to-deploy and easy-to- manage storage system, customers have the choice of adding capacity cost efficiently as their storage needs grow. The MSA1000 is available and shipping to customers at this time. ...Compaq profile

EMC Reshuffles Business Units

Hopkinton, Mass.- November 29, 2001 - Joe Tucci, EMC President and CEO, today announced the creation of three operating units to strengthen the alignment of the company's operations with its business strategy.

Joe Tucci, EMC President and CEO, said, "I am extremely confident that the formation of these operating units will strengthen the alignment of our operations with our open storage strategy, and accelerate both the adoption of our solutions and the extension of EMC's market leadership. These operating units, under the leadership of three of EMC's most accomplished and respected executives, will enable faster time to market for new products, greater manufacturing efficiencies, and even higher levels of customer satisfaction than the world-class standards we have traditionally set."
  • Storage Platforms Operations will integrate all engineering and manufacturing operations for EMC's market-leading storage platforms. David Donatelli has been promoted to Executive Vice President and will lead this unit, which includes the development of EMC's Symmetrix and CLARiiON families of networked storage systems and EMC Celerra NAS systems. Donatelli, 36, is a 14-year EMC veteran who has held senior management positions in nearly every area of the company. Most recently, he served as Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing and New Business Development. During his tenure as head of New Business Development, Donatelli led a team that completed the acquisitions of eight companies, including Data General, and the successful spinoff of McDATA Corporation.
  • Open Software Operations will be responsible for the development and acceleration of EMC's leadership open storage software products and their integration and interoperability with other industry products. Erez Ofer has been promoted to Executive Vice President and will lead this unit, which includes the software portfolio in support of EMC's new AutoIS (Automated Information Storage) strategy, such as EMC ControlCenter/Open Edition and other management software programs, as well as the new EMC WideSky initiative and open connectivity programs. Ofer, 39, has spent the past nine years with EMC, most recently as Senior Vice President and Chief Software Architect. A holder of more than 20 storage-related patents, he has led the successful development of the world's most open storage solutions and software products.
  • Customer Operations is responsible for maximizing the worldwide distribution and support of EMC's industry-leading storage platforms, open software technologies and services, and for ensuring the quality of customers' experience with EMC. Frank Hauck will continue to lead EMC's direct and indirect sales, customer service and professional services organizations in his role as Executive Vice President of this unit. Hauck, 42, has spent the past 11 years at EMC, having held senior management positions leading customer service, manufacturing and R&D, as well the successful integration of EMC's 1999 acquisition of Data General.
...EMC profile

Editor's comments:-
I hope you were paying attention, in the back of the class there, because there will be a test on these names next week!

Reshuffling the business units (aka musical chairs) was a favourite pastime of large computer companies in the early 1990's. Then when Al Gore and everyone else discovered the Internet, and decided that they wanted it NOW! - the IT market started expanding again and there wasn't enough time for those kind of games anymore. Some companies, like Sun Microsystems reorganised so often (does anyone remember the planets?) that even marketers within the organisation didn't know what part they were supposed to be in until friendly journalists told them. The next game, if you are caught sitting in the management chair of a business unit which doesn't perform when the music stops, is called "pinning the tail on the donkey."

Overland Ships New AIT-3 Library

SAN DIEGO, Calif., - November 28, 2001 - Overland Data, Inc has announced the first shipment of its LibraryPro® tape library using Sony's new AIT-3 technology.

Overland's AIT-3 scalable LibraryPro supports up to 15 TB capacity and 200 MB/s throughput, which doubles the product's previous specifications. LibraryPro's scalable architecture is ideal for a vast range of application environments. Smaller configurations of LibraryPro match perfectly for distributed and workgroup applications requiring high performance rackmount or tabletop solutions. When paired with Overland's SanPiper Fibre Channel technology, LibraryPro easily integrates into numerous SAN environments.
"The integration of this new tape drive into LibraryPro has gone extremely smoothly," said Robert Scroop, VP & GM of Overland Data's Storage Resource Business Unit. "Sony's delivery of this next generation drive is a testament to their commitment to aggressively extend the AIT technology roadmap. At Overland, we fully support the Sony roadmap and we are excited to deliver this new library to our customers." news image Overland
"We are excited to be among the first to experience the AIT-3 drive technology," said Stacy Schwartz-Gardner, director of Technical Service, Integrated Archive Systems. "Overland's AIT-3 version of LibraryPro will double the efficiency of our backup and restore capabilities."

Availability: Overland plans for volume production in January 2002. ...Overland Data profile

Sun and Sybase Set Reference Architecture for 25 Terabyte Data Warehouses

SANTA CLARA, Calif. and EMERYVILLE, Calif. - Nov. 28, 2001 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Sybase Inc. today introduced a jointly designed, integrated, tested and tuned, 25-plus terabyte raw data input iForce Enterprise Data Warehouse Reference Architecture.

The offering provides a blueprint for deploying next-generation, high- performance data warehousing. Key hardware elements of the architecture include Sun[tm] Fire 6800 Midframe servers and Sun StorEdge[tm] 9900 storage systems. Software for the Reference Architecture combines SybaseR Adaptive ServerR IQ Multiplex[tm] software running on the Sun Solaris[tm] Operating Environment. Nielsen Media Research is the lead customer for this architecture, which was designed, tuned and validated in Sun's iForce Ready Center. The Reference Architecture substantially reduces data warehousing total cost of ownership (TCO) by reducing storage requirements by as much as 75%, delivering query speeds 10 to 1,000 times faster, and reducing installation and set-up time by as much as 80% compared to conventional data warehouse implementations.

"IQ Multiplex provides the necessary query speed and query flexibility along with user-scalability so that thousands of simultaneous users can access information," said Eric Miles, senior vice president and general manager of the Sybase Business Intelligence Division. "It's also economical because of the way it allows companies to reallocate storage to other IT systems. The combination of Sybase and Sun technology in the framework provided by the Reference Architecture makes projects much less risky and creates a new breed of high-end data warehouse solutions."

Specific proven performance highlights for the iForce Enterprise Data Warehouse Reference Architecture include:
  • Scalability - Largest known data warehouse benchmark - 25 terabytes, 56 billion rows
  • Storage cost reduction - 25 terabytes vs.100 terabytes if stored by other databases.
  • Faster query speed - 10 to 1,000 times faster than traditional databases.
  • Reduced deployment time - 25-plus terabyte data warehouse set up in days rather than weeks.
...Sun Microsystems profile, ...Sybase profile

ImageState Chooses Scale Eight to Store Its Digital Library

SAN FRANCISCO - November 27, 2001 - Scale Eight, Inc. announced that ImageState, a global e-commerce media content provider, is using Scale Eight's Global Storage Service as its file storage infrastructure.

ImageState will use the Scale Eight Global Storage Service to store and manage its digital library of video, music and image files. The company needed a cost-effective and flexible solution that could not only standardize file storage and distribution, but also allow access to the same files from its offices in London, New York and Seattle.

"We were looking to increase our levels of efficiency and service to customers through the creation of a single repository and distribution channel for all our digital assets," commented Stephen Harvey-Franklin, ImageState Europe's Managing Director. "Scale Eight's solution will allow us to further improve the way we share digital content with our partners and customers."

ImageState is an e-commerce provider of contemporary rights-protected and royalty-free imagery serving TV and film companies, graphic designers and ad agencies throughout the world. It provides flexible file formats ranging from 1 MB to 60 MB to meet the requirements of virtually any print, Web, or multimedia project.

"As media files continue to get larger, companies like ImageState drive demand for terabytes of storage," said Patrick Rogers, executive vice president of Scale Eight. "Our unique Global File System (8FS) technology allows these companies to effectively store these large files and share them between offices." ...ImageState, ...Scale Eight profile

Crossroads 8000 works with Legato

Austin, TX - November 27, 2001 - Crossroads Systems announced today that Legato Systems, Inc. has qualified the Crossroads® 8000TM storage router as interoperable with Legato NetWorker®, Legato NetWorker SAN Storage Nodes, Legato Celestra® Power, and the Legato Celestra® Data Mover.

The Crossroads 8000 works with NetWorker, NetWorker SAN Storage Nodes, and Celestra Power and reduces customer's implementation time, enabling them to build a seamless SAN solution. NetWorker and NetWorker SAN Storage Nodes deliver centralized, automated, LAN-free data protection in heterogeneous SAN environments. Adding Celestra Power frees application servers from the impact of backup operations through serverless backup over the SAN, eliminating the need for a backup window. With its embedded Web server and Crossroads Visual Manager software, the 8000 offers easier installation and ongoing manageability so customers benefit from reduced service and support costs.

"The Crossroads 8000 offers increased value-added software functions to provide greater ease of use and connectivity throughout the SAN," said Rich Lautzenheiser, vice president of marketing at Crossroads Systems. "Certification with Legato greatly reduces the testing effort of our tape automation OEM customers to integrate Crossroads storage routers in their tape library solutions." ...Crossroads Systems profile, ...Legato Systems profile

OTG Software Launches Federal Program

ROCKVILLE, MD - November 27, 2001 - OTG Software, Inc. announced today its new initiative to capture a strong position in the federal market.

Building on the success of existing relationships with several federal agencies and local municipalities, OTG has dedicated resources with federal expertise to drive this targeted program. With this initiative, OTG will enable federal agencies to better manage and access mission critical data - across a variety of departments or agencies - through the use of the Company's XtenderSolutions® product suite. Answering this call will help in the building of a robust homeland defense strategy, as the government looks to strengthen its overall IT infrastructure.

OTG has recruited industry veteran Tom Simmons, as director of federal sales, to spearhead the program. Prior to joining OTG, Mr. Simmons helped develop the federal business program of Compaq Computer Corporation, seeing federal revenue grow more than twenty-fold over seven years to $1.2 billion.

Today, federal agencies need better ways to not only protect data, but also to access it. OTG's federal team will focus on providing solutions that help users avoid, and quickly recover from virus attacks, data loss and security risks. The Company's XtenderSolutions products help thousands of organizations worldwide reduce costs and boost productivity by storing, managing and accessing data more efficiently. Through this comprehensive data protection and accessibility strategy, agencies can protect all of their digital assets. ...OTG Software profile

Quantum and Benchmark Team on Tape Automation

MILPITAS, Calif. - Nov. 27, 2001 - Quantum Corp. and Benchmark Storage Innovations, Inc. today announced the addition of Benchmark's ValuSmart Tape80 to Quantum's PowerStor L200 and L500 library systems.

The partnership provides DLTtape technology's first half-high, 5.25-inch form factor and offers 80 GB of compressed capacity and a 6 MB/second compressed transfer rate. This announcement furthers Quantum's commitment to building on its existing tape automation leadership by delivering a range of reliable, cost-effective solutions.

"The ValuSmart Tape 80 gives us the opportunity to offer an exceptional option to our customers,'' said Stephen Burrows, product manager of modular and workgroup libraries with Quantum's Data Protection Division. "The combination of industry-standard DLTtape technology, half-high form factor, high performance, and extraordinary value that ValuSmart Tape 80 provides, is an outstanding choice for our customers.''

"We are delighted that Quantum has joined us as a distinguished automation partner,'' said Steven Berens, vice president of marketing, Benchmark Storage Innovations. "I am confident that the unique quality and value found in the ValuSmart Tape 80 will seamlessly complement Quantum's PowerStor L200 and L500 libraries.''

The PowerStor L200 and L500 with ValuSmart Tape 80 are available immediately, with a manufacturer's suggested list price of $5495 for the L200 with a single drive, and $6995 for the L500 with a single drive. ...Benchmark Storage Innovations profile, ...Quantum profile

LSI Logic Storage Systems Provides First 2Gbps Fibre Channel System

Milpitas, Calif. - November 27, 2001 - LSI Logic Storage Systems, Inc. today announced that it is expanding the company's commitment to the Imation Storage Networking Laboratory in Oakdale, Minnesota by providing it with the new MetaStor® E4600 system.

LSI Logic Storage Systems had previously provided MetaStor E2400 and E2400 storage systems to the Imation Storage Networking Lab, but the E4600 is the first two gigabit Fibre Channel storage system installed at the facility. The MetaStor E4600 is currently available for testing at the lab. The Imation Storage Networking Lab analyzes the risk of SAN installations by offering end users access to an environment that has been built for hands-on interoperability, performance, and proof-of-concept testing. In conjunction with the lab, Imation Storage Professional Services provides independent consultation and recommendations to end-users on their storage requirements and procurements. ...Imation profile , LSI Logic Storage Systems profile

Court Protects Infineon in Patent Case

Richmond, Va. - November 27, 2001 - Infineon Technologies today announced that the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia said it will issue an injunction barring Rambus. from asserting its fraud-tainted U.S. patents against any of Infineon's SDRAM and DDR SDRAM products manufactured according to open industry standards.

The Court's entry of a permanent injunction affirms the August 2001 decision of Federal District Judge Robert E. Payne to uphold a Virginia jury verdict that Rambus committed fraud in connection with the SDRAM standardization process of the Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council (JEDEC).

"As the Court noted in August, the fraud committed by Rambus affected an entire segment of the semiconductor industry," said Dr. Ulrich Schumacher, President and CEO of Infineon Technologies AG. "This is a very important decision both for Infineon and for the entire DRAM industry, and we are very pleased with the court's action."

In actions taken during and as a result of the litigation, Judge Payne dismissed all of Rambus' patent infringement claims related to both Infineon's SDRAM and DDR SDRAM products. Judge Payne also ordered Rambus to pay Infineon more than $7 million in attorney's fees and expenses incurred by Infineon as a result of the suits heard by the Court. The Court based the payment order on its finding that the patent infringement claims of Rambus were "baseless, unjustified and frivolous," the seriousness of the fraud, and Rambus' conduct during the litigation. ...Infineon Technologies profile, ...Rambus profile

NS Solutions and FalconStor to Provide Services

SNW, TOKYO - November 26, 2001 - FalconStor Software, Inc. and NS Solutions Corp today announced a partnership to incorporate IPStor into NS Solutions' portfolio of IT offerings.

NS Solutions will provide their customers with a cost-effective family line of multi-function storage disks, with IPStor embedded to provide network-based storage services such as snapshots, remote disaster recovery, synchronous/asynchronous mirroring, fast backup/restore enablers, and centralized, virtual storage capacity management.

"NS Solutions thoroughly tested and studied FalconStor's IPStor with various disk models from various manufacturers throughout the year. IPStor's mission-critical storage management and consolidation features play a key role in the enterprise level quality of the combined solution," said Toshiyuki Sengoku, senior executive director of NS Solutions. "This relationship reflects NS Solutions' continuing commitment to meet the growing corporate demand for storage systems with high reliability, performance and manageability. We are pleased to partner with FalconStor."

"NS Solutions' extensive experience with mainframe and open system backup solutions gives them the expertise to build their new storage business," said ReiJane Huai, FalconStor chairman and CEO. "The partnership with NS Solutions provides customers with an easy way to purchase, implement, and support new or existing enterprise SANs, while helping to contain the associated storage management costs."

NS Solutions is focusing on IDCs, SSPs, and organizations with large or medium-sized systems, with an eye towards starting another practice to help customers set up a cost-effective backup center to protect against disasters. NS Solutions will also recruit and provide training to resellers, and will make highly trained engineers available to business partners for product installation and maintenance as well as for customer visits, and sales and technical support. ...FalconStor Software profile, ...NS Solutions profile

Industry leaders form Serial Attached SCSI working group

MILPITAS, Calif., Nov. 26, 2001 - LSI Logic Corp, Compaq Computer Corp., IBM, Maxtor and Seagate today announced the Serial Attached SCSI Working Group, as an independent, open, industry consortium to develop a new interconnect specification for SCSI.

The mission of the Serial Attached SCSI Working Group is to lead the industry in defining a new serial point-to-point enterprise device attach interface, leveraging the SCSI protocol set and supporting a wide range of price/performance storage products. The Working Group is an open forum and is actively encouraging participation and contribution from additional technology companies towards developing the new specifications.

In addition, Adaptec, Fujitsu, Hitachi, QLogic, ServerWorks, and Western Digital announce their support for the Serial Attached SCSI Working Group initiative.

"Serial Attached SCSI is the logical evolution in the growth and development of better mid-range storage technology for internal and direct attached storage customers. This solution has its roots based on the same proven, robust, reliable, and high performing SCSI technology that has been in the storage arena for more than 20 years," said Harry Mason, director, Serial Attached SCSI Working Group. "The important opportunity for Serial Attached SCSI is to meet critical customer needs for industry standards, common cabling and compatibility with other serial devices."

Serial Attached SCSI will leverage industry standards from parallel SCSI and Serial-ATA technology, to deliver an interconnect solution that will provide IT managers and integrators the flexibility to seamlessly run a wide range of serial-attached storage devices together. The final specification for Serial Attached SCSI will be determined by a wide representation of industry partners in the Working Group and appropriate industry standards organizations. The specification will be based on meeting the requirements to deliver more flexible storage I/O systems with a continued focus on reliability and cost-efficiencies. Industry participation and collaboration will be critical towards shaping the new specification for both interface and device technologies. The intent of Serial Attached SCSI technology is to complement the evolution of ATA-based technology in the entry-level server market, as well as the continued deployment of Fibre Channel in advanced storage configurations such as SAN and NAS solutions. Serial Attached SCSI products are estimated to be available to the market in 2004. ...Compaq profile, ...IBM profile, ...LSI Logic profile ...Maxtor profile, ...Seagate Technology profile

Editor's comments:-
this announcement includes support by half of the world's top 10 storage companies, so it's a safe bet the new standard will fly. The argument probably goes something like this... if the SCSI protocol can be implemented over the internet using iSCSI, then it should be easy to do something useful via a directly attached serial cable. Serial Attached SCSI will meet the threat (albeit a bit late in market terms) from Serial ATA and FireWire.

...Later:- see also SAS SSDs

Fujitsu Softek to Improve Data Migration Services with HP

London, UK - November 26, 2001 - Fujitsu Softek today announced that its Softek TDMF™ Open Systems and Mainframe Edition data replication and migration software will be used to assist Hewlett-Packard Company customers in migrating their business-critical data --outage-free - onto new HP storage systems.

The worldwide licensing agreement calls for Fujitsu Softek to provide software and training to HP's services professionals, in preparation for a global rollout to assist HP customers.

Softek TDMF Mainframe Edition is the de facto standard for software migration and replication in the mainframe space with approximately one half the Global 1000 as customers. The software ensures that an organisation's business-critical applications experience absolutely no interruption when data is being migrated or replicated. It is completely transparent to end-users, operating in any mainframe-compatible environment, regardless of the storage hardware manufacturer. TDMF Open Systems Edition, launched in June of this year, extends these market-leading capabilities into the Open Systems market, providing enterprise replication and migration support to HP-UX and Solaris environments. This expanded offering allows HP to help its storage customers worldwide with the replication and migration of large amounts of data across storage platforms, all while experiencing little or no system downtime.

Erich Flynn, Fujitsu Softek Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, called the new agreement significant in that it will allow HP to offer customers a highly available, reliable method to migrate or replicate data across a variety of operating systems and storage platforms across the enterprise. "Fujitsu Softek's mission is to offer products that simplify and optimise storage environments," said Flynn. "TDMF plays an important part in this strategy by providing a cost-effective solution that allows data to move easily and confidently from one hardware platform to another without the traditional business interruptions. Our products help companies such as HP provide services and support to a heterogeneous mix of storage environments."

According to Gill Rickards, General Manager of HP Worldwide Storage Support Services, enterprise customers increasingly face the challenge of managing massive amounts of data within multi-vendor storage environments. "Services play a key role in HP's Federated Storage Area Management strategy by allowing customers to optimise their current storage infrastructure when integrating and migrating data. This expanded offering takes advantage of HP's expertise in designing, integrating, managing and maintaining enterprise storage systems and Fujitsu Softek's expertise in data migration software. Using Softek TDMF software, HP has taken another step forward to offering our customers open networked storage solutions." ...Fujitsu Software Technology profile, ...HP profile

Source Consulting Opens City Of London Office

UK - November 26th, 2001 - UK based Source Consulting, a vendor independent storage consultancy, today announced a 40% year on year growth of revenues for its quarter period, August to October 2001.

In a market where revenue forecasts are downward, Source Consulting is pleased to announce that it continues to show solid growth of its range of vendor independent storage consultancy services that focus on fact not assumption. Source Consulting believes it is bucking the trend of downward revenues of many storage vendors and broader IT consultancies by taking a holistic approach to storage.

Jason Rabbetts, Commercial Director, explains "We take an all encompassing approach to our customers projects, not just a technical one. First we audit the data, that usually gives a more revealing insight as to what the customer really needs rather than assuming it's just more storage." Rabbetts continues "We are pleased that more and more IT Directors see the true business and financial value in our approach. In many cases we unlock months, and sometimes years of capacity for customers that otherwise would have spent millions on buying and managing extra storage. ...The increased focus by customers within the City of London on data and storage management has led to us opening our first regional office to serve customers needs with local consultancy and project management resource."

Rackspace Selects Time Navigator for Backup and Restore Services

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - November 26, 2001 - Atempo, Inc. today announced that Rackspace Managed Hosting has selected the Time Navigator backup and restore platform to provide value-added backup services to its customers around the world.

Specifically designed for corporate data centers and service providers, Time Navigator enables service providers to offer new management tools for enhancing quality of service and delivering new value-added storage services. Rackspace customers will have access to Time Navigator's best-in-class backup and restore solution, regardless of server platform.

"Before selecting Atempo, we researched the field of backup and restore solutions thoroughly," said Robert Miggins, vice president of sales and product development for Rackspace. "Traditional backup and restore solutions tend to have difficulties handling the data volume involved in today's server applications, but Time Navigator is powerful enough to back up an entire network on any of the server platforms we offer. Atempo's software platform enables us to customize backup solutions to meet our customers needs and allows them to implement an essential data protection strategy."

Rackspace is a pioneer in the field of managed hosting and has earned a reputation for speed, flexibility and its own unique brand of 24 x 7 Fanatical Support. With locations in San Antonio, Texas, and London, UK, the company currently manages over 4,000 servers for customers in more than 80 countries and leads the industry in customer satisfaction and speed of deployment. The Rackspace network is home to all types of Web sites - from Fortune 1000 companies such as Microsoft to other emerging e-businesses such as or

"Rackspace's decision to select Time Navigator is another validation of Atempo's strategy," said Manuel Montalban, chief operating officer of Atempo. "We are aggressively expanding our footprint among service providers as well as corporate data centers by providing the most comprehensive, highly secure backup and restore software platform available on the market. Time Navigator allows service providers to offer new value-added services while enabling its customers to deploy a powerful backup solution." ...Atempo profile, ...Rackspace Managed Hosting

SENCOR Supporting JVC Libraries For Medical Archival

Chicago, IL - November 26, 2001 - SENCOR has announced their medical storage software - SENCOR Medical Archive (SMA) supports JVC's full line of DVD-RAM automated libraries.

SMA enables medical facilities to concurrently manage DICOM data on any number of local or distributed RAIDs and automated libraries from multiple vendors utilizing multiple media types. With SMA, medical facilities can store, query and retrieve an unlimited number of digitally stored radiology images (e.g., MRIs, CTs, Ultrasound, X-Rays, etc.,).

Hospitals, radiology centers and other medical facilities benefit from using SMA for a number of reasons.
  • Scalability- The ability to store data on any number of RAIDs and automated libraries allows users to store an unlimited amount of data.
  • Redundancy- Users can easily keep redundant copies of data at remote locations (automatic media failure rollover and/or disaster recovery).
  • Flexibility- Support for multiple manufacturers and media types enables users to add JVC DVD-RAM libraries to existing systems.
  • Efficiency- SENCOR's volume spanning support ensures nearly 100% of each volume is used.
  • Cost- SMA outperforms other radiology storage systems and is extremely competitively priced. In addition, digital storage is less expensive than traditional film and reduces human error (e.g., losing files or folders containing film).
SENCOR is currently demonstrating SMA with JVC libraries at booth #2176 at the Radiological Society of North America's 86th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting (RSNA) in McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois. ...JVC profile, ...SENCOR profile

Overland Data's Neo Libraries Facilitate Non-Stop Operation

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - November 26, 2001 - Overland Data, Inc. has announced dual-path capability for it's embedded Fibre Channel Neo series automated tape libraries.

Overland's LXN2000 and LXN4000 Neo series tape libraries lead the industry in delivering the highest possible availability through their non-stop operation features. In a modularly scalable tape library, the Neo series now leads in Fibre Channel performance and connectivity by providing the first built-in 1 or 2 Gb/s native Fibre Channel interface with dual-path connection capability. Mission-critical applications can now take advantage of Neo's ability to support host connections through both a primary and secondary path, increasing overall system reliability and availability.

"We are excited about enhancing our ability to deliver the highest availability possible in a tape automation system. Dual-path Fibre Channel is a natural extension of our non-stop library architecture which is able to tolerate numerous component level failures without taking the system down," said Dave Morton, director of product management, Overland Data. "The marketplace demands this level of mission critical performance and 100% uptime. By providing two independent Fibre paths to a single library, Neo further reduces the risk of failure adding a new level of data protection for mission-critical systems."

Overland's unique distributed card approach provides two independent Fibre Channel access paths to any Neo series embedded Fibre library. This input path independence increases system availability and bandwidth and further eliminates potential points of failure. Traditionally, libraries have offered a single, dual-ported Fibre Channel input. These connection facilities are subject to single points of failure that can disrupt a host data path and make the tape library inaccessible to the system. Neo's on-board remote library management tool (WEB TLC) makes it easy for system managers to configure a non-stop, dual-path Neo system. The redundant dual-path architecture ensures that no physical cable reconfigurations are necessary to invoke dual-path failover. Neo's Web TLC remote management functionality further ensures that dual input paths can be configured locally or remotely over a LAN or the Internet. ...Overland Data profile

Customers Validate iSCSI Virtualization with SANRAD Switch

SAN Europe, Munich Germany - November 26, 2001 - SANRAD announces first customer installations of the iSCSI V Switch.

Gadi Erlich, VP of R&D for SANRAD, will give a presentation at SAN Europe in Munich Germany, November 27, 28, 29. His talk will focus on Wydeband, who recently deployed the iSCSI V Switch within their WySP solution, a value added services management platform for broadband access. The presentation will cover the storage management issues Wydeband wanted to resolve and why they selected the iSCSI V Switch solution.

Mr. Erlich will step through the selection criteria, installation, SAN integration, and use of the iSCSI V Switch and how it has provided Wydeband with a new storage architecture that addresses their current storage issues and provides them with a platform for easy scalability.

The iSCSI V switch is a network centric, storage management and virtualization solution. It includes the iSCSI V Switch 3000 and a browser based management GUI. The iSCSI V Switch supports standards based iSCSI TCP/IP storage protocol in addition to the existing fibre-channel protocol. This provides iSCSI and FC networked hosts with secure and trusted access to a variety of logical volumes residing on diverse storage systems within a SAN architecture. The iSCSI V Switch operates in the data-path of a storage network, independent of hosts and storage. It provides a single, easy to use, multi-port connectivity and management platform for IT professionals responsible for administering small to enterprise class storage resources. The iSCSI V Switch storage management and virtualization features gather all physical storage resources (SCSI, iSCSI and FC) into a single pool. Network administrators can define new logical volumes from these pooled resources independent of physical barriers such as enclosures, physical disks, protocols, and distance. ...SANRAD profile, ...Wydeband profile

AnexTEK forges alliance with Roots Innovation Partners

HSICHIH, TAIWAN - NOV. 26, 2001- AnexTEK Global Inc., a storage networking solutions provider, and Roots Innovation Partners Ltd., a Singapore-based storage solution provider, announced that they have formed a strategic alliance.

Under the agreement, Roots will distribute AnexTEK's full-range of storage networking products throughout its sales channels in South East Asia.

"We selected Roots Innovation primarily because of their expertise in the storage industry and their focus on service," said Alex Kuo, President of AnexTEK. "With their pool of experienced personnel and their timely business model, Roots Innovation will provide a tremendous amount of value add to our products and solidly support our AnexTEK brand throughout the ASEAN region."

Mr. K. S. Neo, Director, Roots Innovation commented, "We have no doubt about AnexTEK's strength as a storage networking provider. With their broad product range and the fact that their parent company is one of the leading manufacturers of computer equipment in Asia, they are well positioned to become a formidable force in the storage networking industry in this region. We are definitely very pleased to be partnering with AnexTEK." ...AnexTEK profile, ...Roots Innovation Partners Ltd

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IDX's venetix aimed to change the way images are stored

BURLINGTON, VT - Nov. 24, 2001 – IDX Systems Corporation will unveil its new vnetix solution for integrated enterprise image and information management at the 2001 Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) trade show, on November 25 – 29 in Chicago.

The vnetix solution from IDX -- a web-based, single database system -- combines enterprise access to diagnostic quality images, seamless integration of associated patient and exam information, and secure online storage. vnetix includes iSyntax technology from Stentor, Inc., which has jointly developed electronic medical image management systems with IDX, bringing together IDX's industry-leading workflow technology and Stentor's unique image distribution technology.

"We believe we have a significant competitive advantage with vnetix. It will be difficult for anyone attending this year's RSNA show to identify competitors on the same playing field as IDX and Stentor," said Walt Marti, vice president and general manager of the Radiology and Imaging Solutions Division at IDX. "We will demonstrate to the industry that not only is our approach to enterprise image and information management visionary, our currently deliverable solution can fundamentally change the way images and information are interpreted, distributed, and stored."

The three components of vnetix from IDX include an enterprise web distribution system, diagnostic reading station and online medical image archive....IDX Systems profile

STMicroelectronics Introduces USB flash Development Kit

Geneva - November 22, 2001- STMicroelectronics has introduced a turn-key development kit that offers designers a solution for rapid development of low-cost flash memory-card writers that plug into a PC's USB port.

The resulting card writers can have single or multiple card slots and need no ASIC or external program or data memory.

The ST92163-DEMO/MS kit is based on the ST92163 12 Mbit/s USB microcontroller (MCU) and includes device firmware, a demonstration board and schematic diagrams. It offers OS kernel driver support for Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP and Macintosh PCs. The reference design interfaces to the most popular flash card formats: Compact Flash, SmartMedia, Secure Digital (SD) and Multimedia (MMC), Sony Memory Stick, as well as NAND flash chips. Products developed using ST92163-DEMO/MS can serve as USB-based PC peripherals that accept popular flash cards-non-volatile mass storage media-for writing or reading electronic images, digital music files, programs, and data. The need for such peripherals has exploded with the popularity of digital still cameras, MP3 music players, cellular phones, personal digital assistants, and other handheld devices that use flash memory cards for non-volatile storage. Because the peripherals look to the PC like removable drives, these flash memory cards can also provide back-up storage for conventional programs and data.

The ST92163-DEMO/MS kit and has been fully plug tested by the international USB Compliance Workshop and is included on the list of USB software integrators. The solution is available now and key OEMs in USA, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore are already producing card writers using this platform. ...STMicroelectronics profile, SSD controllers
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