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Burlington, MA. October 11, 2001 - Winchester Systems announced a new low cost "SAN-In-A-Box" solution to SANs, eliminating the expensive fibre-channel infrastructure that prevents many organizations from adopting SANs. The FlashDisk SAN-In-A-Box effectively slashes the entry price for implementing a SAN while delivering higher speed by using 160 MB Ultra160 SCSI instead of 100 MB fibre-channel.

The company's unique FlashDisk SAN-In-A-Box provides an ultra-high performance FlashDisk OpenRAID disk array with six Ultra160 SCSI host ports to provide a shared storage pool for up to six servers simultaneously. These servers can be any mix of brand or operating system. This approach permits IT managers with 24 servers of any variety, for example, to create an enterprise-class SAN with just four FlashDisk SAN-In-A-Box units. SAN-In-A-Box scales easily in capacity and is managed independently of the host servers with the company's FlashConsole secure management workstation. A single 82" Data Center Cabinet holds nine FlashDisk SAN-In-A-Box systems, with up to 13 TB of total storage, that supports up to 54 servers. Each FlashDisk SAN-In-A-Box unit delivers up to 13,000 I/O operations per second for random access applications and 117,000 per cabinet. It also delivers up to 121 Mbytes per second sustained data throughput per unit and up to 1.1 GB per cabinet.

FlashDisk employs new slim and ultra-flexible SCSI cables no thicker than Ethernet cables to eliminate SCSI cable tangles. Each FlashDisk SAN-In-A-Box unit is an OpenRAID disk array that supports RAID 1, 3, 5, 10 and 15. SAN Functionality FlashDisk SAN-In-A-Box provides true SAN functionality. It provides the ability to consolidate servers with an easy to manage, shared storage pool. Data partitioning and access security is granted and controlled by each SAN-In-A-Box unit and administered on the centralized FlashConsole. Multiple servers can be clustered using any cluster operating system including Veritas, Microsoft, Solaris, UNIX, Steeleye or Mission Critical Linux clustering products to provide business continuance despite hardware failures. SAN-In-A-Box also provides a platform for creating disk-to-disk backups, snapshot backups plus remote mirror and disaster recovery images using today's popular backup and replication software tools including Falconstor, Veritas, Microsoft and others.

FlashDisk SAN-In-A-Box with eight 7,200-rpm disk drives of 181.4 GB each that stores 1.45 TB is priced at $62,580 - about four cents per MB. This provides 242 GB per server for each of six servers at a low cost of $10,430 per server. For higher speed requirements, using more and faster spindles, FlashDisk provides twelve 10,000-rpm disk drives of 73.4 GB each to store 880.8 GB and is priced at $51,153 -- only $8,526 per server. Delivery is two to three weeks. ...Winchester Systems profile

October 11, 2001 – according to an article in, manufacturer Maxoptix has abandoned its OSD optical project, and has decided to exit the 5.25-inch magneto-optical drive and library market. Click on the link to see the article about this. ...Maxoptix profile

Minneapolis, MN, - October 11, 2001 - Plasmon Plc today announced it has entered into a non-exclusive agreement with Exabyte Corporation to purchase design and manufacturing licenses for a range of Exabyte-designed tape autoloaders. Plasmon will establish manufacturing capabilities for the products at its Colorado Springs facility and expects to begin production by the end of 2001.

Plasmon has had an OEM supply agreement with Exabyte since October, 2000 and currently markets the 10 and 21 cartridge autoloaders with LTO tape technology. The new licensing agreements will also enable Plasmon to manufacture versions of the products employing Sony AIT and Quantum Super DLTtape technologies. Autoloaders are compact and affordable, and present an ideal first step into automated data storage applications including unattended network backup, remote storage, automated archiving, imaging and hierarchical storage management. Plasmon autoloaders are certified by all the major backup software vendors and provide up to 2.1 terabytes of native capacity in both rack-mount and standalone versions. Prices start as low as $10,000. Plasmon already designs and manufactures tape libraries for LTO technology with native storage capacities ranging from 3 to 50 terabytes.

"Plasmon is a world leader in 5.25-inch MO, DVD, and 12-inch optical libraries and now offers a full range of tape autoloaders and automated tape libraries that leverage over a decade of automated optical library manufacturing experience," said Nigel Street, chief executive, Plasmon Plc. "The Exabyte license acquisition will enable us to update the autoloader's specifications and features in line with our own products to create a class-leading range of tape libraries." ...Exabyte profile, ...Plasmon profile

Amherst, NY - October 11th, 2001 - ExaDrive Networks, LLC today announced that its Diamond Series ATA-RAID Storage Array has successfully completed the Fibre Channel Industry Association's (FCIA) SANmark qualification program. Receiving the SANmark certification signals that the Diamond array has passed a comprehensive suite of interoperability tests with other SANmark products in a SAN environment. The goal of the FCIA's SANmark qualification program is to promote multi-vendor compatibility in typical network configurations.

ExaDrive Networks' Diamond Series ATA-RAID Storage Array is an enterprise-class, modular storage solution that provides superior performance, reliability, scalability and full-Fibre Channel connectivity while using ATA disk drives. The company states that unlike other enterprise class storage arrays that use expensive SCSI or Fibre Channel disk drives to achieve high performance, the Diamond Series ATA-RAID storage array uses ADXTTM technology to aggregate and bridge the performance of twenty four 80GB ATA disk drives to redundant Fibre Channel host interfaces, all in a single 3U enclosure. ...ExaDrive Networks profile, ...FCIA profile

Aldermaston, UK - October 11, 2001 – Auspex Systems are running the UK "Storage Expo" Grand Prix at the NEC on the 17th and 18th October. The Auspex stand is equipped with head-to-head racing simulator, where attendees can compete in races, with the fastest time daily winning Champagne. All visitors to the Auspex stand can receive a free copy of the 72 page Storage Architecture Guide, described by as "a classic" reference tool for any one who is serious about storage. At Storage Expo, Auspex will be announcing solutions developed with technology from key vendors.

Driving down TCO with a NAS/thin client solution - Auspex and Citrix technology combined to reduce the total cost of ownership:
  • 100% application availability
  • Lower implementation costs for applications
  • Optimised network infrastructure
  • Centralised management of applications, storage, security and costs
Shifting up a gear with E-mail archiving – Auspex with e-mail archiving specialist Essential Computing provide solutions that offer easy to manage archiving and fast retrieval of e-mail based information. Benefits include: reduced expenditure on software license & costly servers and a 50% reduction in storage capacity needs.

Paul Sleep, European Marketing Director comments: "The co-operation around thin client and e-mail management is important from an end user perspective. Storage is not about isolation but about consolidation of information and the applications that use that information." ...Auspex Systems profile, ...UK Storage Expo

FREMONT, Calif., October 10, 2001 — Today IBM announced the availability of an advanced software suite for its line of Mylex® AcceleRAIDTM and eXtremeRAIDTM PCI RAID controllers. These enhancements are designed to increase system stability and fault tolerance by delivering data access, even during controller and hard drive replacement.

The combination of PCI Teaming and PCI Hot Plug provides redundant paths with active/active and failover/failback capabilities in a host-based RAID system. System administrators may now replace a failed PCI RAID controller with the same or upgraded model without interrupting the data or shutting down the system. Mylex's software suite provides the only such combination currently available in the non-captive RAID marketplace.

"With a feature set like this now available, mid-market storage customers can benefit from levels of fault tolerance previously enjoyed primarily at the enterprise level," said Joseph Rigoli, Senior Research Analyst, IDC Storage Systems Research Program. "The combination of dual active controllers and PCI hot plug can help optimize performance, while minimizing both planned and unplanned downtime."

"We provided these enhancements in response to requirements from our OEM and reseller customers, who have to deliver the highest levels of data availability and manageability in order to satisfy their customers," said David Walling, vice president of marketing for OEM RAID and storage systems at IBM. "The ability for a system administrator to replace a failed device as part of routine maintenance or during normal business hours clearly helps reduce the cost of managing data, a key issue in every IT organization these days." ...Mylex profile

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Florida - October 10, 2001 - Driven by the increasing demand for managed storage, 80% of external storage will be networked by 2005, according to Gartner, Inc. The future of storage is being discussed at Gartner's flagship conference, Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2001, taking place October 8-12 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Gartner analysts said most enterprises expect their storage capacity to double every year. For many Internet data centers, the growth is even more dramatic, as they report a doubling in capacity every quarter or sooner. The current installed terabytes of storage increase 50 to 100 percent per year. Businesses are having to adopt network storage strategies to avoid considerable staff growth.

"Most of our clients report that they can afford to buy storage, but they can't manage it," said Nick Allen, vice president and research director for Gartner. "The main reason for this shortfall is that storage management tools have not yielded sufficient productivity gains to cope with such high growth rates. Gartner's view is that none of the large, established storage management vendors will be able to provide such gains."

Gartner therefore expects businesses to adopt strategies that entail new storage architectures and new vendors. According to Gartner, winning strategies and vendors will be those that help the user scale storage tenfold without the need to add staff.

"Enterprises should demand that vendors provide a cost-saving estimate for their SAN or NAS offerings that includes both acquisition costs and total cost of ownership," Allen said.

Gartner maintains that storage networks must consist of two tiers. The first tier, the storage plumbing tier, provides connectivity between nodes in a network and transports device-oriented commands and status to at least one storage node. The second, or software tier, provides value-added services that operate over the first tier. According to Gartner, to qualify as a storage network, a configuration must provide separate value via software that operates across connected nodes. ...Gartner profile

TORONTO, CANADA, October 10, 2001 - Increasing its global presence, FalconStor Software, Inc. today announced its formal entrance into the Canadian market with the addition of business partners Bell Microproducts Canada and Legacy Storage Systems Corp., and the appointment of Mira Sharma as FalconStor Country Manager for Canada. Large and medium enterprises ––including Government departments, hospitals and educational institutions–– that share the need for data center consolidation, 24x7 operations, reduced total cost of ownership and advanced data management services can now obtain IPStor™ through FalconStor's Canadian channel partners.

IPStor centralizes, virtualizes and provisions storage as SAN or NAS over Fibre Channel, iSCSI, SCSI and IP, while working seamlessly with industry standard hardware. This allows enterprises to fully utilize their existing storage network infrastructure, regardless of vendor or platform, and existing IT staff skills, to maximize their return on investment.

Bell Microproducts Canada, Markham, Ontario, a leading value-added supplier of storage, computer and semiconductor products and solutions, and Legacy Storage Systems Corp., also a Markham, Ontario-based mass storage manufacturer and reseller, will respectively promote and market IPStor software to key resellers, integrators, business partners and end users throughout Canada.

As Canadian Country Manager, Mira will be responsible for sales and marketing, channel partners and strategic alliances. Mira most recently managed strategic alliances with system integrators for Cisco Canada. Prior to that, she held various sales and marketing positions at Compaq and Digital Equipment. ...FalconStor Software profile

Wilmington, MA - October 10, 2001 – Kentron Technologies today announced that CMTL (Computer Memory Test Labs), a leading independent memory module testing laboratory that performs motherboard compatibility testing and certification for memory module vendors in the computer industry, has certified Kentron Technologies as a qualified vendor for Intel's STL2 (Tupelo) motherboard.

Kentron's 1.2-inch, 1GB Registered, PC133 ECC memory module, part number KT12872SRN3R-14V8 is the lowest profile, non-stacked, 1GB memory module available in the market place today. It is the only non-stacked, low profile, 1GB module to be approved by CMTL on Intel's server motherboards.

CMTL has one of the most stringent memory qualifications in the industry. Modules tested by CMTL must pass a strict incoming inspection before testing begins, including caliper measurements, PCB inspection and documentation, and insertion tests. In order to pass these precise standards, memory modules must maintain the highest manufacturing procedures and pass a battery of tests. CMTL tests modules under extreme conditions, which include high and low temperatures and high and low voltage in a test known in the industry as "Four Corner Testing". Testing is performed with equipment and procedures defined by each desktop, server and workstation manufacturer.

"CMTL has validated what Kentron and our customer base already know, if you are looking for high density in a small profile, FEMMA technology is the right solution" said Joseph Capaldo, Product Marketing Manager at Kentron Technologies. "FEMMA once again proved to the industry that it is the only non-stacked, high density solution that provides industry wide compatibility and excellent thermal characteristics." ...Kentron Technologies profile

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Guest Nibble

Maxoptix Abandons OSD Optical Project

from Jean-Jacques Maleval Editor of StorageNewsletter

Plans for high-density digital disks, based on hybrid technologies combining optical and magnetic technology, have had the wind let out of their sails after gobbling mountains of dollars for very little results. TeraStor has given up, while Seagate no longer makes any mention of its Quinta technology, although it continues to file the odd patent.

And now it's Maxoptix's turn to throw in the towel on its OSD (Optical Super Density) disk drive. Hardly any projects are left, with the exception of UDO (Ultra Disc Optical), in which Plasmon and Sony have invested in the hopes of attaining 20GB per side on a 5.25-inch phase-change optical platter, with a launch set for 2003. OSD was originally meant to integrate a 40GB removable disk with a 30MB/s transfer rate.

"We have completely stopped," confirmed Brian Blanchard, Maxoptix's European VP. "We couldn't get the disk media from Mitsubishi [Chemical] up to 13GB." The cessation of this activity will result in cutbacks of some 40 employees, Blanchard further revealed.

The company also exits its historical 5.25-inch magneto-optical drive and library market. Consequently, Maxoptix's business will now be primarily focused on tape automation products, thanks to its acquisition of Breece Hill at the beginning of the year.

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